Queen of Kings, Ch 5.
Published Aug 9, 2012

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Queen of Kings: Chapter 5

Queen of Kings: Chapter 5 ~A door to Freedom~ "How is there a way out of this? I'm sorry Vivi but I think he has us well and truly trapped"

"There's a way. I know a place, somewhere he doesn't know about. We have to go now, just follow me, time is critical. Do you trust me Morris?"

"Of course, you know I do"

"Then let's go"

"Lead the way Viv"
“I can’t believe this plan is actually coming together, it’s running like clockwork. For months I’ve been concocting this. And now, right now I have Morris where I want him. The ship to his new home, if you can call it such will be docking any second now. Uel of Soltz will hopefully be hot on its heels any day now. Everything is falling right into place, and best of all my Father cannot do a thing about it!” Grantley boasted to the messenger.

The pair shared a conceited glance, displaying all the greed and self interest that lay within- and how utterly ugly it was.
“Morris, oh Morris, time to go..... " Grantley called out into the cold empty dance hall, the same one that had been filled with so much laughter and crowds just minutes ago, now perfectly still and uninhabited. "Morris? Morris! MORRIS!!!"

He screeched in disbelief.

"I don't believe this! He's gone! How could he have escaped from a room with no windows! How has this happened! Find him! Find them both or I am going to look the utter fool!” Grantley roared, “Well don't just stand there looking at me! Alert all the guards! Get to it at once!” "Vivi where is this place? Where are we going?" Morris whispered quietly, making sure that his voice didn't echo through the huge corridors.

“On the ground floor at the back of the scullery there is a door, it's the cooks entrance. It leads outside and backs onto the forest.

Deep into the forest and hidden by the trees there’s a small waterfall. If you follow it for long enough it leads to the Lockheart River and into the city.

All we need to do is leave through that door and make it into the forest and we’re free..."
"Now you, you and you! Go the west gate of the Palace!" Grantley barked as he instructed the last of the guards on their way.

"They are in this Palace somewhere! They have to be! And it is your job to find them!"
"Excuse me Sir, did you look in the dance hall? Perhaps they are in there?" one young guard suggested. "Did I? Did I look? Did I look in the DANCE HALL?" Grantley shrieked with sarcastic laughter, "Did I look in the dancehall??" "You mean the place where they went missing from? OF COURSE I looked in the dance hall!!

Now get out of here and go look for them instead of wasting your time proposing such stupid ideas to me you brainless bunch of buffoons!"
"Come on, the scullery is just down these stairs, watch the empty ale barrels" "Okay, this is it, are you ready? All we need to do is creep along as discretly and quietly as we can. Twenty seconds will take us down the path. Twenty seconds and we're free. That is all there is between us and freedom, a simple twenty seconds" "Vivi. Before we run for our lives I just want to know you're the bravest person I know. All this, it takes a lot of guts"

"That's good Morris, I'm glad you think so cause I've just noticed there are at least three guards lined up outside. Cowardice isn't an option right now. Ready?"

The guards chatted amongst themselves about trivial matters, they complained of being cold even though it was mercifully the mildest winter in recent years. They laughed and joked and talked loudly, which was of course their downfall.

And why? Because they heard nothing, nor did they see anyone, nor did they sense any movement.

With a dollop of good fortune and timely chance escape was not only possible but incredibly simple.
"Captain. You've arrived. Welcome to..."

"Yes I've arrived! I've been kept waiting and I am not happy. Where is this lad that I am supposed to escort from here? Where?"
"Well, if you just let me explain that. We're having a bit of a situation"

"No no no! Is he here? Yes or no? I have bags of oats and wheat in my ship to deliver to five other provences, this isn't the only place I stop. I don't have time to be messed around! Do you hear? I agreed to take him away on my ship for a sum of money in return while I went about my business of delivering these things. You wanted him taken away, I agreed, but he is not here and I will not have my business interfered with. I have places to be, I do not like to be messed around!"

"If you would just wait a few more hours!"
"Who are you anyway?" the Captain snarled.

"Who am I? What do you mean 'who am I'? I'm the King!...For now anyway"

"You are not the King! I expected the real King, you are not him! I may not be from this region but I know that King Nathaniel is not a youngster like yourself who can barely grow a moustache! I have a feeling you are that wayward son of his we have all heard so much about. I hope I have not fallen victim to another of your absurd plots!"

"Morris will be here, alright! Honestly"

"You are fortunate that I cannot leave here until tomorrow then, we are experiencing an increase of strong currents due to the wind so I have no other choice. But if he isn't here by then, I am going! GOING!"
"Ugh what a moron. Well he's going nowhere, not without Morris. I will see to that, and I always get what I want!" Grantley seethed to himself.

"Morris is going to Boggingstein Island with all the other exiled nobodies to do hard labor for the rest of his life and that's final!"
The guards continued to chatter and jest to one another, absolutely oblivious to what had just happened behind them.

Grantley had been outsmarted, his plans were crushed and his control lost.

The darkness stretched on for what seemed like an eternity and the wind blew fiercly, was there ever going to be an end to the dense forest Morris silently wondered. Was daylight ever going to show its face? Yes. Night time eventually gave way to day, as the laws of nature demand. After darkness there must be light. The air was still once more.

"We're here Morris. This is the place I told you about, the waterfall"
"Look at it, isn't it so beautiful?" "A little piece of Paradise. Have you ever seen anything quite like it?

Let's rest here for a little bit before we make our way onwards towards the city"
"It sure is a little piece of Paradise, why have you never mentioned this place before?"

"Well I haven't been here for a long time, not since I was a small child in fact"
"You see, I used to come here with my Mother when I was just a little girl.

We'd take the horses out here and once we arrived we'd have a picnic and look for fairies, chase butterflies, paddle in the river, you know, just us girls.

We'd leave at dawn and return at dusk, it was magical. This was our secret hideout away from the rest of the world, just the two of us.

But day there was only me, and I never returned, I couldn't.

Not until now"

"Oh Viv, look at me, I'm sorry. It's my fault you had to come back here. I don't want you to be upset"

"Morris, no, don't apologise. Don't you see? This is a place where I always felt safe, I spent some of the best days of my life right here... "

"...listen, I'm glad I've got to share this place with you, my Mother wouldn't have wanted me to stay away, not from a place I loved so much. I realise that now. We're here together and we're safe and nothing's gonna get me down, alright? You could be half way to who-knows-where right now and I could be getting ready to get married! Considering all of that nothing is going to upset me today!" "You still could get married Vivi"


"Married to me. Not to Uel of Soltz, to me.

Get married to me"
"Morris...! Are you proposing to me?"

"I am, yes. I have no diamond ring or anything else to offer you but last night when I thought I was being sent being away it was the first time I'd ever contemplated my future without you in it and I realised I simply cannot bear that.

As soon as your Father returns and its safe to go back to the Palace I want us to be married, bound together for the rest of our lives, never again to face the threat of separation that we faced last night.

What do you say? Will you be my wife, Princess Vivienna of Hoxley?"
"Crikey, Morris, you have no idea how long I've been wanting you to ask me that question.

And my answer is yes, needless to say it - Of course I will!"
At the Palace there were questions to be answered, Lord Arbington had arrived and wanted to know everything.

“What on earth went on here last night, Grantley?” he demanded as he entered the room.

“Arbie, good afternoon to you too. Can’t you see I am at my lunch?”
“Excuse me while I take a seat. There's just something that is bothering me. I have heard there were hundreds of guards around this Palace last night, I want to know why. They were looking for Morris, why? Your sister is nowhere to be seen, why? Your Father has gone up North, why? I’m sorry young man but I find this all highly suspicious. Something smells fishy” "I had mackeral as a starter" “Don’t be smart with me, what is going on?” Arbie jumped to his feet and pointed his finger sternly.

“You want to know, do you? Too bad" Grantley said in a quiet rage, refusing to look up from his plate.

"Oh I fear I already do know!" Arbie replied, "You wanted Morris and Vivienna gone from your life out of sheer spite and jealousy and you sent your Father up North to get him out of the way while you executed this cunning plan, didn’t you? Didnt you!!"

"Ugh I don't have to listen to this" "You will answer my questions!" Arbie insisted as he bolted around the table and stood in front of him.

"Look, would you get out of my way Arbie? I haven't got time for this!"

"I am not just your Father's most trusted advisor, I am his most trusted friend. He takes off suddenly into the night and I haven't been informed. It doesn't work like that, something isn't adding up. What is going on?"

“My Father left because there is a war brewing up North, he went up there to try to pacify them! To try to encourage reconciliation!”

“There is no war there! You are a liar! You wanted him gone for a while so you could get underway with your vengeful acts! But now it's all backfired on you cause they've escaped and you don't know what to do, do you? You foolish...”

“As of this minute I am your KING! You will not speak to me like that!”

“Don’t make me laugh. You will never be half the King your Father is, you fraud!”

"Oh just get out!"

"Bailey, come on girl. We have to reach the King before he rides any further north!"


To be continued.

Will Lord Arbington reach the King before Grantley causes any more mischief and will Vivienna and Morris make it to the city?

Watch this space :)

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Its very cute! I love the outfit she's wearing

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Great part \:\)

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looking for the next chapter.....\:rah\:

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I'm so curious if that spoiled prince will be exiled.

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nice and cute !

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