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Plumbob Pictures Presents Ch1
Published Aug 13, 2012

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Welcome Back to "Drama on TV"

Bob and Blaze Plumbob set out on adventure. Bob hopes that by producing a reality television drama show it will save his failing movie studio. Blaze sets out to find the Sims to take part in the show.
The Intro is here:

Welcome Back to "Drama on TV"

Bob and Blaze Plumbob set out on adventure. Bob hopes that by producing a reality television drama show it will save his failing movie studio. Blaze sets out to find the Sims to take part in the show.
The Intro is here:
Blazentine Turner married Robert Plumbob straight after Drama Arts school. She
fell hopelessly in love with Bob with the hope of reaching the “big screen stardom” status. However, that never came, so she accepted the role in the background; Bob’s mortar to his bricks as it were, she kept it all together.

Bob saw in Blaze the opportunity to have someone do all the work for free. Though it wasn’t as free as Bob thought it was.
It was early morning, she sat in her favorite comfy chair pondering where she should start. Bridgeport was not a big city but it held a mix of all kinds of life. The life during the day and the life at night; equally as different as night and day. She enjoyed this time of morning; it was her own, until Bob got up. “What are you still doing here?” Bob asks over slurping his coffee. “Shouldn’t
you be out hunting.”

“Yes, I suppose I should” was all she said while listening to him slurp..slurp..slurp. It made the hair on her neck stand up.

Placing in her contacts and checking her appearance in the mirror. She sets out for
her day of watching and gathering information of the city folk.
Her first stop is the park and there she notices the handsome Vamp go by.
~Hmmm..~ she thinks to herself ~Mama always told me to beware of
nocturnal creatures that come out in the daytime. They might be sick. I wonder if this one is sick, maybe he has rabies.. or something~ He walks on by. ~Best to find a Vamp at night, not that I want to be out at night.. maybe dusk would be better.~ The sound of music reaches her ears from across the street.
Here she got lucky. She had found her first wannabe rocker. ~Yes, this one will do~ There wasn’t anyone at the grocery store. ~Hmm. I guess Sims don’t eat in this town.. well maybe not food anyway.~ Checking her list ~Ah.. Yes, I need a gold digger. Where can I find one of those… Ah, yes, The Art Museum, perhaps?~ Blaze found her right off the bat. The woman seemed quite caught off guard. A little jumpy too. ~She will do just fine~ Two down and four to go. The bookstore produced a young fellow who looked impeccably out of place. ~Yes, I like him.. the way he’s dressed, perfect~ The day wore on. A few more stops. ~What’s this? Now here is a guy I -really- want to be in the show. And what is he doing? He looks like he might be a cook. And is he singing? Wonderful. A Diva. Yep, I want him. He is definitely in.~

At City Hall she found the cutest young woman feeding the pigeons. ~Yes, lets adds some something sweet to the bowl.~ Blaze only needs just one more contestant: The Vampire. With night coming on, the time was near. Having been on her feet most of the day she needed a refreshment. She stopped by a small out door pub ordered her drink and then asked the bar tender if he had any suggestions on how to meet a vampire. His response was that she could visit Plasma 501 “it’s where they hang out” he said, but then he gave her some advice “eat some garlic before you go. It will help keep them away.”

“Sure, sure I will do that.” Somewhat on the nervous side, she thanked him for his advice.

“Oh ma’am.. there’s a dress code so be sure to wear something nice.”

“Yes, yes thank you.” Heading home to change and show Bob her choices so far.
“Oh Darling Katelyn, yes my bumbkin and I you too….I know, I'm sorry, I couldn't make it to the Museum.. oh hey I hear the door. I gota go baby..shhhhh.. don’t you worry about a thing sweets, she won’t find out. She doesn’t even suspect anything. Yep , not a clue. Yes and I you too, talk soon.” “Hi Bob, oh you’re alone. I thought you had a client with you. Who were you talking to?”
“No one, Peach, no one, just some sales person.”

“Oh ok, I got some shots for you.”

“Ok baby, load em’ up on the DF and let's see what you got.”
“Well the first young lady seems to want to be a rocker and the next fellow looks like a computer geek and then there’s a cook who’s a diva and then her, she’s sweet, was out feeding the pigeons.”
“And I caught this one out looking for her millionaire.”

“Oh.. no.. nononono. We can’t use this one-she’s… She’s too.. uh.. too.. ummm. Something…” Bob’s voice trails off.

“Why? She’s perfect. Bob??? Bob, what’s the matter with you? Actin’ all weird, like you’ve seen a ghost. I think she's perfect, and so she stays. Now, I have one more to go find, so I better be getting ready.”

In a huff Blaze retreats to get ready for the night of her life. She just doesn’t realize that her life was about to change.
Fetching a clove of garlic out of the fridge, well two exactly. One can’t be to careful. Taking her very first step into Plasma 501. Appearing cool and confident and looking
outright stunning. Her heart was pounding, her blood running to catch up.
William sat at the bar on the 2nd floor. He saw her, not saw, really, it was more like he smelt her. The minute she set foot in the room he knew someone new had walked in.
Someone to his liking. Very much indeed.
Approaching her, he read her mind to get a feel of what she was like. Sassy, beautiful and oh so much garlic. Sensing the vampire’s presence she shouts “I WARN you! I ate GARLIC! Lots and lots of garlic.”
“Garlic? Really? Love, been reading one too many vampire novels have we?”
His voice low and oh so pleasing it made her pulse speed up and William knew it because he could hear it as well as feel it and in doing so it sent his instincts on edge.
Blaze was backing away when his arm barely brushed up against her and his fingertips just underneath her chin. “Oh my, my beautiful lady, garlic has no effect on me.”

Blaze could not hear past the rushing sensation in her mind. Her nerves reacted as they became alive with sparks. She became weak in the knees.
She was falling, she couldn’t stand, her legs went noodle and she was on her way down When he reached out and held her up. cold. The warmth from her face filled him with pure desire. Her body on fire and his needing and wanting that fire.
“Now, Beautiful, tell me what brings a girl like you into a place like this?”
Not looking William in the eye she mutters “My husband is doing a show for TV and he wants a Vampire. I think you would play the part very well.”

William almost growls out “TV! NO, no I cannot do that. You best be on your way Miss.” His cool breath flowing over her cheek.
William, what blood he did have turned cold. If he had a heart that beat, it would be smashing against his chest breaking the very ribs that contained it. Closing his eyes, willing his emotions back in check. He liked this girl, alot he did. He wondered if he could let her walk out of here and never search for her, never see her again. Then her voice soft as silk floated in. “I’m sorry sir, I did not catch your name but I am Blazentine Turner. If you should reconsider please call. I am in the book.” Trying to control her own emotions and stop the rushing blood from flooding her heart. She turns and walks away. The darkest hour was upon them. Blaze was heading home and suddenly from out of nowhere, a whisper touched upon her neck.


Her heart skipped a beat or two.

(((Holly))) thank you
Thank you for reading and commenting.
Stay turned as more Drama on TV comes on a station near you. :)

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mitz011Aug 18, 2012

Love the start to this story. It will be interesting to see just where you take it next..

fabrizioammolloAug 14, 2012

It's brilliant, a masterpiece! \:rah\:
Bob is such a perfect dull middle-aged, so fool to believe Katelyn's love...
And Blaze is so unaware of her husband affair, the attentions lavished by the attractive vampire could be exactly what she needs, too bad she is afraid of vampires. \:\)

fredbrennyAug 14, 2012

Loving this story already! You are really funny (((sis)))! Bob... Blaze... I am enjoying it!!! Enjoying!!! \:rah\:

jarletAug 14, 2012

What a brilliant story...!and awesome shots with handsome vampires in addition...btw her husband is fat, old and disagreeable go ahead blaze \:\)

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