The Bachelor - 5
Published Aug 15, 2012

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Hey Folks! Thank you for the comments and the support!

I am glad to know that you are enjoying this story.

Let's go!

CC Credits:

- Danielle's dress at the beginning: transparent dress - by melisa_inci

- Danielle's blue butterfly earrings: Christmas earrings - by Steadyaccess

- Circus: by Wimmie

- Jackie's dress at the party: semi-transparent dress by laupipi

- Danielle's dress at the party: Cut out pencil dress by melisa_inci

Hey Folks! Thank you for the comments and the support!

I am glad to know that you are enjoying this story.

Let's go!

CC Credits:

- Danielle's dress at the beginning: transparent dress - by melisa_inci

- Danielle's blue butterfly earrings: Christmas earrings - by Steadyaccess

- Circus: by Wimmie

- Jackie's dress at the party: semi-transparent dress by laupipi

- Danielle's dress at the party: Cut out pencil dress by melisa_inci
The next day at the Rucker Household didn't go easy on me. It was time to brush up on the last details, make sure everything necessary was purchased and of course...time to deal with some unexpected surprises.

And I highly dislike surprises.
" What do you mean the invitations have not been printed yet? I yelled at the woman on the other side of the line. I specifically stopped by yesterday and you gave me your word that they would be sent out yesterday afternoon!!.....No you listen to me! I don't care if you have to go and purchase the ink in China yourself, but you better book that flight now if it's what it takes, because I want those invites printed out and distributed before noon!.... No, you have a good day!" I brutally hanged up the phone.

" Hello Dear, Jared greeted. You seem a little tensed today. Is everything okay?

- Oh Jared, I wish it was. I sighed, relieved to seem him. You don't wanna know.

- Here, let me do something about it."
He gently turned me around and started to delicately massage my shoulders. Seems like that was exactly what I needed.

Jared: now stop thinking about everything that is going left, and tell me about what went right so far.

Kevin appeared out of no where...
" Hey Kevin~! I greeted. Didn't see you there.

- Of course you didn't, he replied

Why the sarcasm? I wondered.
His face depicted some level of anger, not too much but enough to be noticed.

" Is everything okay? I questioned.

- You tell me. He replied, fixing his eyes on me as if he expected me to confess something.

- Oh well... I started - I have looked around town for the Plasma Punch Gyroscopic Conductor you asked, but it's nowhere to be found and...

- ( he interrupted) Maybe if you focused more on doing your job, this wouldn't have happened. I want it, so get it.
" Come. I know a place where we can find it. Jared came to my rescue. I sat quietly in the car and we departed.

We drove a long way ( for about 45 minutes) heading to Port A Party Warehouse. Noticing my silence, Jared decided to break the ice.

Jared: I know Kevin is not being easy on you. He's a difficult guy to satisfy.

- Tell me about it."
"Since organizing a birthday party is so freaking hard, for my birthday I will settle for a cake and a bottle of wine." I vowed.

- No, you deserve more than that. Jared consoled. I chuckled, at least he made me smile.

- What is that gyroscopic thing anyways? I inquired.

- You'll know soon enough!" He replied.
" Holy Cow! Somebody gets me off this thing!" I screamed, as the machine kept spinning and spinning around.

I could hear Jared laughing from the outside, he seemed to enjoy the show. Shake my head. Oh, I forgot. My head was already shaking!
" What is this place?" I inquired, literally astonished by its grandeur and all the lighting inside of it. It seemed well decorated and very resourceful.

" Welcome to the Starlight Shores Circus! Here we will find all the remaining decorations we need, or anything else that we don't have yet. It's a real gold mine.

- Waow, impressive! How come I've never been here?

- There's a first time for everything, beautiful! Let's dig! We don't have much time."
Finally, the day of the party arrived, and I started feeling the pressure even more than before. " What do you mean we need an extra dozen of eggs to make the Creme brulee? What happened to the two dozens I bought?

- One of them was already spoiled, and we can't use it unless we want to give the guests food poisoning!

- Oh my goodness, I exclaimed desperately.. The party is ruined!

- Relax Child, the cook comforted. I'll figure something out."
It was 6:00 PM when the celebrity guests started arriving. They were oddly on time for celebrities, I thought. Seems like they had been looking forward to this party after-all.

The theme of the party was " Shades of Blue", Kevin's favourite color.
" I hope everything goes well." I prayed, hiding behind the living room curtains and trying to see how many of them were already there. As the guests kept arriving, Jared helped entertaining them while I was busy serving the appetizers inside. The party really started bopping when " Barkeley the Magician made his grand entrance. For some reasons the people of Starlight Shores love magic ( or being lied to), and Barky's magic shows always enthralled the audience. The crowd really seemed to enjoy itself.

Even Jackie ( after begging me incessantly to get her an invite) was having a ball of a time!
Several other guest performers were invited... ...And everyone seemed to be having a blast, including Kevin's new Girlfriend. Entertainment was even provided for the most introvert guests who couldn't care less about mingling with others.

They were having their own fun.
Speaking of not mingling, Kevin Rucker had been doing just that for the entire night.

From afar he had been watching with saddened eyes all his guests being entertained, but him. Why was everybody having so much fun at his own birthday party but not him? What was it that he was missing?
He repeatedly made trips back and forth to the pool bar; by then he had probably had a taste of all the whiskey combinations served that night. Alcohol was just not the solution ( and it has never been), he knew it was just an illusion. But what the heck? He could use some more, he thought. Shontelle stepped out, looking for him. She was probably feeling guilty of having so much fun alone.

" Honey, you've been out there alone for the whole night, aren't you having any fun?"
With a staggering gait he walked up to her and tried to kiss her on the lips, but she pushed him away.

" Are you drunk? She asked, a little bit upset.

- Do I need to be drunk to kiss my girlfriend?

- Do you? She reinforced the question. You've been avoiding me all night, as if you were thinking of someone else. Is there anything I should know?
" Come on, babe... He comforted with a soft voice mixed in an alcoholic breath. You're the only one I love, and there's no woman as beautiful and as special as you are to me.

- Aww... Sweetie! She giggled. That makes me feel so much safer!"
I just needed a moment alone. My feet were burning in these 500 Simeleons heels and I was already starting to have a headache.

Upstairs was alone and quiet, ideal for me to take a good breath before heading back to the party.
" Hey you! I've been looking all over for you. That's where you've been hiding, huh!

Jared had just interrupted my peaceful moment.

- Oh, I just needed some time alone, I replied. How is it going down there?

Jared: your party is the bomb! Everybody is having a blast, with no exception! And that's why I came to get you. Let's dance!

- Come on, Jared.... I retorted. My feet hurt like crazy...

- Then remove the shoes, and I promise I'll give you a foot massage after. He winked.
" Alright, fine! I gave in. Just this one time, but I am warning you, I am not a good dancer!

- Well that makes two of us."
And so he dragged me on the dance floor. And I didn't feel so bad about my lame dance steps because there were people worse than me! I was really enjoying the music. I graciously moved my hands up then down, with Jared's hands on my waist that was rhythmically moving to the beat. He held me tight: he was a great dancer.

Then suddenly, the Dancefloor cleared as if an hurricane was coming.
" Hey! You! Off limit! Kevin vociferated like an enraged bull, externalizing his obviously well-hidden anger. Jared's eyes opened wide. Yes, you heard me! Kevin continued.

- What's the matter Bro? I ain't doing a thing wrong!
" Oh yeah?! You think am a fool? I've seen you flirting with her all this time behind my back!

- You said you didn't like her, Jared retorted. It shouldn't bother you!

- I guess it does now!" Before I knew it Kevin jumped on Jared and started a fight. Nobody saw that coming, but the paparazzi didn't intend to miss it!
" Guys, stop! I shouted. But they were too steamed up to take me on. All of a sudden I saw Jared's shirt flying up in the air! In the action, I got a light slap myself for being too close to those wolves!

Or did I deserve it for being the object of that fight?


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annarose16Aug 16, 2012

Aw, I really like Jared and Danielle together. Kevin is only mad because he wants what he can't have, and she's more into Jared! :P

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