College Life - 7 - Part 2
Published Aug 26, 2012

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Part two of chapter 7.. I hope you like it! :D

Two more chapters until College Life is over... [I might do a Graduation special, if you want to see it.]
But don't worry, I have a new story that will include characters from College Life, and what happened after College.. ;D

Part two of chapter 7.. I hope you like it! :D

Two more chapters until College Life is over... [I might do a Graduation special, if you want to see it.]
But don't worry, I have a new story that will include characters from College Life, and what happened after College.. ;D
"Wh-What?" I said to myself.

"Madison, can I talk to you? Privately?" I walked into the kitchen, ignoring the fact that everyone was staring at me.
"What are they doing here?" I asked sternly.

"What do you mean what are they doing here? Do you know them?" She asked me, confused.

"Yes, I know them. We go to college, together. I don't particularly like them.."
"Well you're going to have to get used to 'em," she firmly stated.

"Why? Are they staying? Wait, how do you know them?"

She smiled at me. "Well, Cody and Baylee are my children. The other guy is Baylee's boyfriend." I cringed at the word boyfriend.

Did you know that your daughter is a boyfriend stealer and that your son is a manipulative liar? I wanted to say, but I just stuck with "Oh."
"Why didn't you tell me? You knew we were going to the same college."

"Well, you're all studying different things. I thought they had special dorms for that kind of stuff, ya know?"

I looked at the ground. I can't stay here. I can't be here with the very people who pretended to be my friends, when they just wanted what I have.
"Madison, I'm going to have to leave." I said.

"Now, why would you go and do a foolish thing like that?"

I sighed.
"I know Baylee, because she stole my boyfriend from me. Her 'boyfriend,' the one leaning on your couch in there, was my boyfriend just a few short months ago. She knew it would hurt me in the end, and she didn't care. "And your son, well, he knew about it and he didn't even tell me. He just went along with everything. Flirting with me, doing assignments with me. He acted like nothing was going on."

Madison just stared at me for a minute. I wonder what she's thinking. I wonder what she thinks of me. I really wonder what she thinks of her children.
"Well. I have to say, I'm not proud of my children for what they've done to you. But what's done is done. The only thing left to do is forgive."

Forgive? How could she tell me that I need to forgive them? WHY should I forgive them?
"I'm sorry, Madison, but I'm not going to forgive them... That's why I think it's best if I go stay at the dorm for the duration of my parents' vacation."

"I don't want you to have to stay in a dorm, honey. You can still stay here. If you won't forgive them and you don't want to see them, we can arrange something. Like, special time schedules."
"That won't be necessary. They're your children, and the only solution is for you to spend Winter break with them. I'll be fine at the dorm," I smiled a fake smile. I hate it at the dorm. Emmy is always 'letting one rip,' she never showers, and she doesn't clean up after herself. And Adriana always brings in new guys-and girls- in. I know that shouldn't bother me, but seeing a new face every couple of hours can be exhausting.

I heard footsteps, and looked over. Cody.

Cody, who looks so beautiful. He did something new with his hair. I like it.

I shook my head. No. No, Mia. You can't like it. You can't like him.
I looked back at Madison. "I'm going to go say bye to Acer, and pack my things. I'll come back to say goodbye, later. Thanks, Madison."

She just sighed as I walked out, but Cody called after me. I ignored him, though, and kept walking.
"Hey there, boy. I thought I was going to be able to stay here, but it didn't work out." I massaged his nose. He likes it when I do that. "I know. I'm going to miss you too, boy."

"Don't worry, we can still see eachother. I'll come by on Christmas to get you a little gift. I'm sure you'll love it, whatever it is. And when the days start heating up, I'll take you for rides." "It's not like this is goodbye. I promise I'll be back." I continued to massage his nose until I heard the barn door close. I snapped around. "Looks like he's got a new favorite," Cody said.

"What do you want?"

"What, I can't come visit my own horses?" He smiled. After lying to my face every day, he can still smile and crack jokes to me. Good for him.
"Mia, you never did let me explain the whole Timothy and Baylee thing."

"Why should I?" I snapped. "How do I know you won't tell me lies?"

"I never lied to you. I just withheld the truth," he said.

I rolled my eyes.

"I just didn't want you to get hurt."
"Are you serious? So you think that you telling me would hurt me worse then seeing it with my own eyes?" I laughed.

"No, I thought that Baylee would tell you. I told her to tell you! Do you think I wanted her to be with him? He's scum!"

I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Why don't you just stay, Mia. My mom and dad both want you here. I want you here, too."
I uncrossed my arms and looked at him.

"I care about your parents, and I know that my leaving will hurt them in some way. But you? I don't care what you want, Cody. I would have wanted to know about my boyfriend being with your sister, but that didn't happen, now did it? Just stay out of my way until I leave. Can you do that?"

I stomped my way upstairs to the loft, with my adrenaline pumping. Why does he always have to do this to me?
I took out my computer and signed on to SimOnline. I had to see if my mom was online, because I need someone to talk to.

Miacita: Mom?

FoxxiRoxxi: Sweetie! I miss U!

Miacita: I miss U 2! R U & Dad having fun?

FoxxiRoxxi: Loads! Hows ur brother? Getting into trouble, I bet.

Miacita: Hes good, settled into Tate's like it was his own home. :)

FoxxiRoxxi: Good! How R U? R U having fun at the farm?
I frowned. You knew she'd ask, Mia. Just tell her.

Miacita: Not exactly...

FoxxiRoxxi: ???

Miacita: Something came up and I have to stay at the dorm until you guys get home..

FoxxiRoxxi: Do you need us to come home?

I knew she was seriously worried. No more chatspeak.

Miacita: No, it's fine, really.

FoxxiRoxxi: I should have left a key. What kind of mother doesn't leave a key for their own children!?

Miacita: It's fine, Mom!

FoxxiRoxxi: Did something happen between you and Madison? Or Patrick? Did he come on to you?

I laughed at that last sentence. I could just see the way she would say this, in an accusing tone, with her face tilted at the side, pointing at me with one hand the other on her hip. I know her so well.
Miacita: Nothing happened between any of us. We're fine. It's just overcrowded, here. Don't worry. :D

FoxxiRoxxi: Phew! I was scared there 4 a moment! Ur dad was about 2 jump on a plane just 2 come pay Patrick a visit! LOL.

Miacita: haha, I love you both so much!

FoxxiRoxxi: We love U 2, sweetheart. Gonna go enjoy our vacay, now. ;D

Miacita: Ew, TMI! Lol, ttyl.

FoxxiRoxxi: Bye, sweetie!

I closed my computer. If anyone knows how to put a smile on my face, it's my mother.
I walked up the stairs to the house, slowly. I really don't want to go in there and have to see everyone again.

Just suck it up, Mia. You'll be fine.

This voice in my head is starting to annoy me..
"What? What's going on here?" I asked, looking around at everyone. "I'm leaving," Cody said.

"What? Why are you leaving?"

"So that you can stay."
"Why would you do that?" I asked him.

"Because, I want to. I want you to have a great Winter break. The only way to do that is to leave."

Did you forget the fact that Baylee and Timothy are still going to be here?

"No." I replied.
"No?" He asked, confused.

"No. I won't let you leave. This is your family, not mine.

"Why can't you see that it is your family? My parents love you like their own."

"But they didn't have me. They had you. Therefore, you are staying, and I am leaving."
"No. I'm not staying unless you stay. If you leave, I'm still leaving." He stated.

"Why?" I asked, tired of going around in circles.

"Because, like I said, I want you to be happy."

"That's not fair! You're like, blackmailing me!"

"I'm not blackmailing you. I'm giving you an ultimatum. Kind of," he joked.

Always a joker.
"Fine! Fine, I'll stay!" I said, which cause Madison and Patrick to smile and clap their hands.

"Great! Now who wants dinner?" Madison asked.

I'm beginning to think they all planned this, together...

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#1TeenStyleGirlAug 27, 2012

Don't end College Life pleeeease! And yes, we do want to see Graduation special! \:D

#2xx.JusttBoredd.xxAug 27, 2012

great one. and yes, please do a grad special.

#3keishafellerAug 27, 2012

I wonder why she didn't have a " talk" with Tim and that Baylee. Had I been her, I would have left. Too awkward. \:confused\:And yes to Graduation Special!

#4NiqueeSJAug 30, 2012

Nooo! I love this story. Do the grad special, please \:\) \:rah\:

#5KianowSep 8, 2012

Teehee! There's a rotten omlette in the back!

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