When I was young... - Part 1
Published Aug 25, 2012

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Hey everyone!
This is the story that old lady is telling to her granddaughters about her teen days.
It's the first time I'm doing something like this, so, be gentle...:D
And sorry for my english...I gave my best. :)
Hope you'll like the story.

Hey everyone!
This is the story that old lady is telling to her granddaughters about her teen days.
It's the first time I'm doing something like this, so, be gentle...:D
And sorry for my english...I gave my best. :)
Hope you'll like the story.
Nicky:"Granny, granny!"

Mrs Foster hugged her:"Hey sweetheart! Where's your sister?"

Nicky:"She was sleeping at the car, mom is trying to wake her up."

Fred:"Great to see you Talia."

Mrs Foster:"You too Fred. So, you had a nice trip? Come in, come in... I'll make a coffee for us and tea for girls..."
Mrs Foster:"Okay now, will you two explain me what are you going to do and where are you going to be this month?"

Latisha:"I already told you mom. It's about the research that Fred and I started, endangered species in Asia. We're going to make a movie about that."

Mrs Foster:"Yeah, whatever... They are going to die anyway. With or without your movie. But it's not my business, I guess. I'll have a great time with girls here! Right sweeties?"

Halley:"Of course we will!"

Nicky:"But you're going to miss me mom..."

Mrs Foster:"You can call them anytime sweety. We will make the biggest phone bill ever, I promise! Okay?"

Nicky gave her a little smile:"Okay."

Mrs Foster:"That's the spirit! Now... Fred, when are you leaving?"

Fred looked at his watch:"I think we should. We have a plane in 30 minutes."
Mrs Foster:"So, what do you want to do? Are you tired?"

Halley:"No, we were sleeping at the car."

Nicky:"You were snoring!"

Halley:"I were not!"

Nicky:"Yes, you were!"

Mrs Foster laughed:"Okay, enough!..."

Halley:"Umm... You have computer games?"

Mrs Foster:"I don't even have a computer."

Halley was disappointed:"Oh... Than... You have DVDs with cartoons?"

Mrs Foster smiled apologetically:"I'm afraid I don't have a DVD player. I don't use that stuff anymore."

Nicky:"What can we do than?"

Mrs Foster:"You could play outside...or... I don't know..."

Nicky:"I guess you don't have any toys, don't you?"

Mrs Foster:"No. But I have something much better. Wait here."

Halley:"Photo album?"

Mrs Foster:"Yes. You see, this is your mom when she was two. That's the first time she tried to ride the bike!"

Nicky:"Halley, look! That's our old bike!"

Mrs Foster had a gentle face expression and didn't even notice her statement:"And this is her when she started going to school. We were arguing about the clothes she's going to wear that day. She won, of course..."

Halley:"You look just like her Nicky..."

Mrs Foster:"Yeah... They are almost the same. And this photo..."

She fell silent. On the photo was a very pretty dark-haired girl smiled to photographer.

Mrs Foster looked confused:"I don't know what's that photo doing here. I thought so I do not have any old photo... It's me. I was at high school. 17 or 18 years, I think."

Halley:"Wow! You were so handsome granny!"

Mrs Foster giggled:"I was? I guess I was... Oh, that was the most beautiful time of my life..."

She stared at the old photoghaph when tiny tear glanced in her eye.

Nicky:"Tell us! Tell us everything you remember, please!"

Mrs Foster looked at her granddaughter:"Fine, fine. Where to start from...? All right, it was spring at 2008..."
Talia thinking:"Great. Juliet died because of guy. So annoying. Maggy would probably say something about her lack of brain. Lucy would say that she had brain, but it was disrupted. I miss Twins. This stupid book would be much more interesting if they were here. They're spending weekend with their parents out of town. They live with their grandmother 'cause Mr and Mrs Brown work somewhere in Russia, thousands of miles away from here. Sometimes, I feel like I'd send my parents far away and live with grandparents. I would at least have something to eat..."

Mrs Foster:"Talia! Come into the living room! NOW!"

Talia thinking:"This is the one of those moments..."

"I'm coming!"
Mrs Foster:"You could be a little bit quieter, I'm trying to work here!"

Mr Foster:"Honey, how could we? I can't tell Tony to turn down the drums. Those are drums!"

Mrs Foster yelled:"I don't care! You are not the person who brings money in this house!"

Mr Foster:"Oh. Now you're trying to punish me because they don't need another neurosurgeon?"

Mrs Foster:"I'm only saying..."

Talia:" Khm, khm..."

Mr Foster:"Talia, sweety, why don't you take your sister to the playground? Weather is beautiful! Mom needs silence..."

Mrs Foster:"The kids aren't bothering me, you are!"

Talia:"Bye you two. Ella, put on your shoes, we're going for a walk."
"Hey Li!"

Talia:"Hey Lesley!"

Lesley:"Are Twins back in town?"

Talia:"No, they're coming back tomorrow night."

Lesley:"Great, I need Meggy's help for... something. Listen, I have to go... Madelyn looks at us, she's very jelous..."

Talia:"Madelyn? Isn't her name Sarah?"

Lesley smiled lutish:"No, this is the new one. Bye honey!"

Talia thinking:"Good old Les... He just can't say no..."
Talia:"Hey you two... What's up?"

Rebbeca:"Just watching the guys playing... We are so bored."

Monica:"Maybe you. I saw a few very cute guys hanging out here. But I think they left the park..."

Rebbeca:"You have Kevin! Stop doing that!"

Monica:"Doing what?! I'm just watching."

Rebbeca:"But your snot almost reached your feet."

Talia ignored this discussion:"Kevin has a ball..."


Girls looked at Kevin and began to laugh hysterically.

Whitney came up to them with a huge smile on his face:"Where's our support? Let me hear you!"

Talia smiled:"What do you want us to shout?"

Whitney:"Go tigers? Colin stinks?"

Colin:"I heard that!"

Whitney laughed:"Great! Now we can hope you'll do something about that!"

At next few seconds Colin was holding Whitney in tight grip.

Colin:"You can smell that? That's the smell of shaped alpha male at mating season!"

Whitney:"No bro. That smell, that's definately you."

Colin:"Oh you..."
But nobody heard what Colin wanted to say.

"Let him go!"

A guy with glasses pushed Colin.

Whitney:"Hey! Malcolm! We were joking!"

Malcolm looked angrily at his brother:"Oh yeah? Right! I saw when he started choking you!"

Whitney:"It's okay, okay. He really didn't. Let's go home..."

Colin:"Hey man, you're freak!"

Malcolm turned and looked at him with eyes full of anger.

Whitney:"Listen Colin... You're one of my best friends, but if you ever say something like that again, I promise you our friendship is over. Bye guys."
Monica:"Whoa! What was that?"

Kevin:"I guess Malcolm was always weird a bit."

Rebbeca:"But he is so calm and quiet..."

Talia:"It looks like there are a lot of things we don't know about him..."
Lesley:"Quick! Hide me!"

Talia:"What's wrong?"

Colin:"Who are you hiding from?"

Lesley:"Med... I told her I can't spend night with her 'cause I've got to take Kevin to see his sick uncle and spend night there. Than she yelled and told me that she is going to check our beds... Crazy girl..."

Kevin looked at Monica questioningly.

Monica:"Hey, no problem."

Talia:"And you could stay at my place. We'll leave your car in the garage."

Lesley noisily kissed her cheek:"Li, you're the best, you know that?"

She pushed him away wiping her face:"Yeah, yeah... Call Ella and we're leaving."

Lesley:"I still think you should watch this movie!"

Talia snorted:"I don't like zombies. You know, there are legends about werewolfs and vampires that are based on some facts. But zombies... Don't know. Don't like it."

Lesley made a compassionate grimace:"Oh, yes, I forgot. You love cute love stories..."

Talia:"You think I'd read this if I don't have to?"

Lesley:"Well yeah. That looks just like Talia."

Talia:"So, how do I look?"

Lesley:"Umm... You're hot."


Lesley:"Just kidding. You're ugly and fat."

Talia:"Fine. Want another slice of pizza?"

Lesley:"Stop eating that much, you fat monster!"
Mrs Foster:"...and we stayed awake all night long."

Halley:"Granny... Is Lesley our grandpa?"

Mrs Foster frowned:"How do you mean? You don't know his name?"

Nicky:"We don't know anything about him, mom never wanted to tell us anything..."

Halley:"She just told us that he died in a car accident..."

Mrs Foster:"Car accident? Oh, I see... Well, this story is going to be more interesting than."

Halley:"But is he in this story?"

Mrs Foster:"Yes, he is. Get up now, let's make something to eat..."

Nicky whispered so that only Haley can hear:"Stop eating that much, you fat monster..."


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#1VirkeAug 25, 2012

Wow Trycka amazing story \:\) i can't wait for 2nd part! \;\) :*

#2TeenStyleGirlAug 26, 2012

I like it. A lot, actually. \:\)

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