Jazmine - Chapter 1"The Change"
Published Jan 1, 2007

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This is a story about a young woman named Jazmine. Jazmine is an independent, beautiful and undeniable young woman who feels that her life is just the way she likes it, single and happy. But, her life is due to change within a night. Will she accept the changes?

I would like to wish all my friends in TSR a Wonderful Happy New Year. Please leave your kind comments at the bottom of my story, thank you.


This is a story about a young woman named Jazmine. Jazmine is an independent, beautiful and undeniable young woman who feels that her life is just the way she likes it, single and happy. But, her life is due to change within a night. Will she accept the changes?

I would like to wish all my friends in TSR a Wonderful Happy New Year. Please leave your kind comments at the bottom of my story, thank you.
Chapter 1 - "The Changes"

Jazmine Walter glared determinedly at her computer terminal, willing it to go faster.
"Jazmine? Ready yet?" A deceptively calm, undeniably male voice called from behind. It was her boss Edgy Freeman. "I'm going as fast as this lame computer can manage," she mumbled under her breath. He came near and said, "Thank you for working on this project at the last minute, Jazz". "You know how important this contract is to the company, but with everyone out sick...well, you know... Thanks."

Jazmine peeked up at him from the corner of her eye, if only to see if the real Edgy Freeman was indeed standing in her office. She didn't think she'd ever heard the words "thank you" pass his lips in the year she'd worked with him.

"Are you sure you aren't coming down with something?" she shot back. They didn't call him 'Edgy' for nothing.
Edgy chuckled slightly, and leaned nearer, monitoring her progress on the last screen. "We work well together," he observed. "How about we get together sometime."

Jazmine was silent for a moment. Few minutes later words came out of her lips, "You know, Edgy, I really don't feel well. In fact, I think I'm getting whatever has been going around. You might not want to get together with me."

Even as she said the words, she realized that they were partially true. She had been feeling a little less than herself since shortly after lunch, most of which was spent working with Edgy breathing down her neck.
Edgy's face broke into a dismissing smile. "S'okay. That just sort of slipped out anyway. Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. Thanks again," he said and left her office immediately. When the day finally ended, four hours later, she could feel her headache increasing. And the thin jacket she had worn did nothing to ward off the distinct chill that heralded coming rain. She slipped gratefully into her car. Unfortunately, the gas gauge caught her eye. GAS. It was practically on E. All the more reason in Jazmine's mind to get home and get bundled. However, she managed to drive few miles away from her office when her car finally stopped. It was almost dark and she was out of gas, "there is no way to get home tonight," she thought. She ground out a frustrated breath and opened the door. This really wasn't the day she'd planned for herself. She started walking down the driveway, for her luck, there was a house nearby. She was happy to see the house and she wanted nothing more than to find a decent, friendly human being on the opposite side of that door. By the time she reached the door, her fingers were thin sticks of ice. She rang the door bell. After quietly counting to a hundred she rung the bell again. It was pointless. No one came. She tried knocking, yelling, and even tapping with her keys. None of it helped. The wind was picking up and the temperature was going down and she was shivering of cold. Feeling like crying, she turned and made the trek back down the driveway, praying that the next house along the little road would have occupants. After walking few miles from the previous house she found another house, even bigger than the previous one. By the time she reach the house it started to rain heavily. She was all wet and trembling, but however she managed to ring the bell with her numb finger. The rain was pouring heavily. Staring sightlessly at the door, she prayed that someone would come.

"Yes?" a male voice, mildly accented, "Yes, who is it?"

"This is Jazmine Walter. M-m-my car is out of gas up the road. Could I use your phone, please?" she said hoveringly. After a moment of silence, the door opened. A tall, handsome young man was suddenly standing over her.

"Excuse me? Is there something I can help you with?" the man asked. Jazmine's mouth felt like it was stuck together. "M-my car, It's... out of g-gas and can I use your phone please," she asked.

"Okay," he said, softly. "You look half frozen. Why don't you come in and warm up while you use the phone?"

"No...n-no, it's...ok," she objected, "If you c-could just call a cab for me, I'd be really grateful. I wouldn't want to inconvenience you," she said. She was scared because she was all alone and talking to a stranger made her more afraid. The man nodded silently to himself as if suddenly understanding something, then stepped back away from the door.
She heard him murmur to someone. A woman suddenly appeared beside him at the door. "This is Suzie my mother," the man said. "She can take care of what you need." With a slight nod, he walked away and out of Jazmine's sight. The woman was smiling at her, speaking gently. "Come on in dear and I'll get the phone for you." The woman took Jazmine to a bedroom and gave her a new outfit from the closet for Jazmine to wear. "Here," said the woman and hand over the cloth to Jazmine. "Thank you," said Jazmine and tried the new outfit on. Feeling mildly better, she set off out of the room. The tall young man came again to her with a handset in his hand. "What number would you like?" he asked. "Just a cab," Jazmine said. The intensity of his gaze making her nervous all over again. The man dialed a number and called for the cab at his address. Jazmine came down and warmed herself. Few minutes later, while waiting for the cab, Jazmine settled into a chair. "I'm Jack, Jack Sullivan," he said, as if suddenly realizing that he hadn't introduced himself. Nice to meet you, I am Jazmine, Jazmine Walter, she introduced herself. My pleasure to meet you Miss Jazmine and you can relax in here till the cab arrives, he said.

"Okay," Jazmine agreed. Few minutes after gazing at her, Jack said, "I'm no doctor, but it looks to me as if you have a fever. Sleeping is just your body's way of telling you that it needs rest so it can heal," he said. God, but he sounded fatherly. "Yeah," I'll get some good rest as soon as I am home, she said.
The cab arrived after 30 minutes. "Where's your car," he asked as she climbed up into the cab. "That way," she pointed off to the right. "It's a red Volkswagen." "Okay," said Jack. She handed her car key in the name of trust to him and gave him her address. An odd feeling swept her as she looked at this man who was a stranger. He suddenly looked very familiar to her. She got into the cab and headed direct home. Right after she arrives home, she threw herself on the bed and had a good sleep. The next morning, she woke up with a good health and had her breakfast as usual, cereals among her favorites and got ready to haste to work. Jazmine found her car at the garage with the keys on the car seat, she was impressed of her new friend, Jack. "Oh sweet, he brought back my car," she said with a smile. * At Jazmine's office *

She couldn't put her mind on her work, all she can think of is Jack and Suzie and how lucky she were to meet them last night. She also recalled the dry cleaning clothing which has to be returned to them after work.
Right after work she went straight to Jack's house. The door opened almost immediately to reveal Jack's smiling face. "Hello, Miss," Jack said cheerily. "I knew you would be back. Come on in. I'll just go get my mother."

"Oh, no," Jazmine tried to stop him. "Don't bother her. I just wanted to return the clothing that you were kind enough to let me borrow." She held the dry cleaning out to Jack and thanked him for bringing her car back to her. Jack was however very happy to see Jazmine.
Suddenly Jack voiced "Are you free tonight?" Err...I...well I g-guess I am, said Jasmine timidly. "Maybe we should get together sometime, or maybe...go for a movie perhaps?" said Jack.

Well, I...I can't...I am s-s-sorry, I just remembered, I have to visit my grandpa, sorry maybe next time, she said.

"Next time?" Jack's brows rose. "Yeah, I'll see you again soon, bye", she said and left.
But before Jazmine get into her car, Jack spoke up. "Why don't you let me have your number, Miss? "Oh Okay," Jazmine obediently recited her phone number for him and then left. Two weeks later, when Jazmine was shopping at the Sims Super Mall, she heard her name being called by someone. A man called out her name loudly. Although Jazmine was unsure to turn herself but that voice, it was somehow familiar, within a moment the man called her name again, when she was about to turn and look, Jack approached her and greeted her. "Oh-Hi Jack," she greeted him again. "Hello Miss, what a coincident," he said. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "Actually I work here, come let me take you to my shop," he bid her to his shoe store. "Wow, nice shoes you have," said Jazmine. "Go ahead, try one," he said. "It's alright Jack, I must be going now, it's really nice to meet you again." Jazmine tried to stay away from him cause she knew that there was something about this Jack Sullivan, something different than usual.

"Alright then, but If you could just stay a little while longer...cause I almost done here, I'll be closing the shop soon, maybe we can go for a coffee or something," he insisted. "Perhaps the return of a favor for services rendered, I'll say Ok," said Jazmine feeling as if she agreed to him. "Good," he said with joy.
* At the café *

Looking into Jack's eyes convinced her that she was going to spend the rest of the evening with him. Jazmine was highly susceptible to Jack's charm.
They had a little chat and got to know each other even better.
"Jazmine you're a beauty, did anyone ever tell you that?" admired Jack.

"Really? Oh...thanks, ha?ha?no you're the first to notice that," she smiled.
Things went pretty well that evening. Not one of these was on Jasmine mind for that day however, things were changing little by little and Jazmine seems to go with it without knowing why.
It was almost night when Jack and Jazmine left the café. "Can I give you a ride home," Jack requested. "No-no, I'm fine, I'll just get a cab," Jazmine objected. "Hey come on, it's not a big deal, let me take you home." He demanded. "Very well then," she agreed. *At Jazmine's Apartment*

"Thank you for the ride, Jack. "I really enjoyed the evening," she told him. "I did too," he said. "Would you like to come in?" she asked. "No it's alright, it's late, maybe next time, okay?" He said with a wicked smile. "If you have something to say to me, just say it," Jazmine demanded. "Yes, as a matter of fact I do have something I want to say," he said in return. "I am listening," she said.
He came even nearer to her and said "I....I like you, I like you a lot Jazmine, I never felt this way for a long time," he confessed.

"Jack......," Jazmine paused.

"Well, I...ummm...err....I think I should be going now, we'll meet again soon," said Jack and waved at her and left.
Jazmine nodded wordlessly, and watched his vehicle leave. As his car leave her apartment, she realized that she was in very deep trouble. Jack Sullivan has stolen her heart and she can't help herself from being drawn to him. The next day at the office, Edgy Jazmine's boss introduce her to a businessman.
"Hello and welcome to Alliance United," she said.
"Hello nice to meet you," he said.
"He will be with us for the next couple of week Jazmine," said Edgy Freeman.
"The last project that is the final profile that you finished few days ago was for him, Mr. Eduardo Velez, and he was impressed by your work, well done Jazmine, I know I can count on you no matter what," Edgy complimented Jazmine.

"Oh you're welcome Edgy," smiled Jazmine.

"So, please co-operate with Mr.Eduardo, tell him everything that he needs to know and show him our profiles as well," said Edgy Freeman.

"Okay,I will," agreed Jazmine.
"The next couple of weeks is going to be a tough one, working with a businessman wouldn't be easy, hmmm......dunno what future brings me." Suddenly someone enters her room, she turned to see the person, It was Tyler Hinkle, a heavyset engineer in his mid-twenties. Many of the other workers thought he was strange, and tended to make fun of him. But Jazmine often felt empathy for the odd young man. Having been a shy child, she knew what it was like to be different.

"Jazmine, could I ask you a favor?" he spoke softly. "Sure, Tyler. What's up?" Asking a favor was a first.

"I've been having some personal problems. . . lately," the young engineer mumbled quickly and, I've. . . uh, sort of fallen behind on a couple of projects. I know you're busy, but could you help me with the Dorderson Mills and the Fegfir Projects?"

"What do you need for me to do?" Jazmine frowned. Tyler was a good programmer. She didn't understand why he should need help from her on such simple projects.
"Just finish it up for me. I've done most of it. It's just the graphics and a few loose ends, the diskette is inside the file."
Jazmine couldn't shake the feeling that something more was bothering Tyler. But, she didn't want to pry. Perhaps she could help him by simply doing as he asked.
"When do you need it done by?" She offered a reassuring smile.
"Oh, Jazmine, thank you," he gushed. Thank you! You're wonderful, I just needed it by next Friday, he said.
"Okay," she said promptly.
Tyler exits Jazmine's room with a joyful face.
On one beautiful night at Jazmine's apartment, Jazmine was soaking herself in the hot bubble bath thinking about her life and Jack's presence made a remarkable change in her life. While thinking about it, Jazmine's cell phone suddenly rang breaking the silence. "Hey there Jazmine, how are you?" The voice on the opposite end of the phone connection sounded very familiar and she knew the voice, "Hi Jack!" she greeted with a bright smile on her face.
"Hey Jazmine, are you busy?" he asked. "No I am not, just thinking about you actually," she replied.
"Oh really, that's good, anyway, I would like to invite you to my birthday party this Saturday," he added. "Your birthday party?" "Yes, my 27th birthday, and I want you to come, will you come?" he asked. "Sure, of course I'll be there," answered Jazmine.
"Great, I'll see you then, bye."
Saturday finally came.

Jack opened the door when she arrived at his home fifteen minutes early. As she looked up at him, memories of that first night, only a couple of week before washed over he. Back then, her heart had pounded because of fear. Tonight, her heart pounded for an altogether different reason. A reason she didn't want to explore at the moment. "You look absolutely breathtaking," Jack told her, his eyes brightened. They stood that way for several moments, just looking at one another.
"Oh sorry, come on in Jazmine," Jack invited her in. "Thank you," she said and stepped in. "There should be few guests arriving soon," said Jack. Jay, Jack's brother walked towards them.

"Jazmine this is my brother Jay, he's the youngest," Jack introduced his brother to Jazmine. "Hello," said Jazmine timidly. "Hello pretty lady, it's my pleasure to meet you, I didn't know my brother has a beautiful friend," said Jay with a smile on his face.
"Hello dear," came a voice from behind. "Hello aunt Suzie, how are you," asked Jazmine. "Oh I am doing fine dear, just make yourself home okay," she said.
The guests arrived after 15 minutes, and they all had a great time. Jack made his wish before he blew his candles. They all had a great time and it was a roof-raising party. An hour later, when Jazmine was about to go home Jack interrupted and said, "Jazmine thanks for coming, I appreciate it very much. Well??..also?..there's something else I want to ask?.umm...I..I...well this might sound a little crazy but, I...I want to ask you out, he asked her as his eyes were locked on hers.
"Uh, you know... Jack... This is going far too fast ," she said. I mean, we just met, it's just been a couple of weeks, and I...before she could finish the statement, Jack leaned over her and kissed her.
"That was really wonderful Jack, Jazmine said with a smile. "Thank you for a wonderful and 'exciting' evening,I really had a great time," she told him. Jack was smiling and waved at her. Jazmine then left. Few days later, Jack's mother Suzie called Jazmine. "Hello? Jazmine? It's Suzie, Jack's mother. Sorry to call you at this time but there's something I need to tell you, it's about Jack," said Suzie. "What happen to him? Is he ok? What? Tell me....," Jazmine asked with surprise.

End of Chapter 1 *Jazmine * "The Change"
To Be Continued..............

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#85MoriaGJan 13, 2007

.?:*¨¨*:?.SUPER.?:*¨¨*:?.STAR.?:*¨¨*:?.GREAT STORY.?:*¨¨*:?.PERFECT .?:*¨¨*:?.

#86MoriaGJan 13, 2007

opps forgot to rate, a 5/5 from me. i love the pictures, the bathtub picture was great, love the whole thing. (¯`*?.¸(¯`*?.¸(¯`*?.¸ GOOD JOB ¸.?*´¯)¸.?*´¯)¸.?*´¯)

#87vkdJan 13, 2007

Wow another fantastic story from you! Thankyou so much this is really exciting! What is up with Jack? Who is he? Howcome she called his mum Aunt Susie?? Love the cake he had, how do you get one like that? FAntastic pictures and a great start thanks\:rah\:

#88spritegurlo2Jan 18, 2007

Great story now i need to read the next two parts thanks!!!

#89kamyelenaJan 20, 2007

very very very good story!!!!!\:rah\:

#90JubilantJan 22, 2007

Thanks for bringing this series to my attention. This first part was really great and I am happy I can just zip along into Part2 and 3. I love Edgy's name. It's too funny.

#91Jan 27, 2007

Excellent story! I can't wait to see what happens. Your screenshots are some of the best I've ever seen. Your story really pulled me in and made me want to find out more. You have a lot of talent! \:\)

#92civetinjaFeb 12, 2007

Very good story ! Thanks !\:\)

#93plushies_loverggApr 30, 2008

Such a wonderful story! Beautiful set and use of CC! Marvelous job!

#94Bo0GeRBELLJun 9, 2008


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