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Thalia pt. 4
Published Sep 4, 2012

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*********Okay, soooo I got a little carried away with these collages. :) I just took so many different pictures, I couldn't choose just one!***********

*********Okay, soooo I got a little carried away with these collages. :) I just took so many different pictures, I couldn't choose just one!*********** Thalia found a nice tiny little home, perfect for just her. As Thalia sat on her front porch of her new home, thoughts were running through her head.

Thalia: "Well, no point in crying over spilled milk. Better get settled in."
As soon as she got inside she made her self some fried ice cream.

Thalia: "This is delicious! Why am I still so hungry?"

So she prepared some grape cobbler.

Thalia: "These darn pregnancy cravings are ridiculous. I'm going to gain 1000 pounds."

After making her dessert, she realized she's been in the house to much. She needed to get out.
So off she went to the ranch. Horses has always been her favorite animal, but that's where she ran into Luke, the last person she wanted to see.


Luke: "I've been following you. Lia, I want to be in my child's life."

Thalia: "Following me? Luke, I can have you arrested for that, and I should. Your daughter doesn't need a man like you around. Your worthless."

Luke: "Daughter? You found out and didn't tell me?"

Thalia: "Why should I have? Luke we are nothing anymore. Don't worry about her either. I found a nice family, that'll give her the world."


Thalia: "Correction, my daughter, and yes. I can't give her everything she'll need. I can't work right now, my bank account is negative because I bought this house. I'll only be able to give her love, and that's not enough!."

Luke: "You can live with me. You didn't have to buy that house. Your still my girlfriend, and the mother of my child, let me take care of you."

Thalia: "Did you get amnesia? We're over Lucas. We have been since you decided to cheat on me. I don't want you to take care of me, I don't want anything to do with you."

Luke: "Lia, please."

Thalia: "I'm done, Luke. I've been the perfect daughter, the perfect student, the perfect girlfriend, and I know I'd be the perfect mother, but I can't. I'm tired of everyone walking all over me. Leave me alone, or I'll get a restraining order. Goodbye."
Thalia didn't even stay at the ranch, she went home.

As she pulled up to her house, she saw two people standing out front.

Thalia: *Crap! I forgot they were suppose to be coming over.* "Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, hi, I'm sorry I forgot you guys were coming over."

Mrs. Simpson: "Please, call me Holly..."

Mr. Simpson: "And me, Mark."

Holly: "It's okay, no need to apologize though. What's wrong sweetie you look very upset."

Thalia: "I ran into the baby's father, the last person I wanted to see, and we got into a big argument."

Mark: "Well don't let him get to you."

Thalia: "I'm not. I was just trying to live my life normally, and he just brought back all the horrid memories. I'm glad you guys are here though. I've made my decision. I want you to adopt my baby."

Holly: "Oh honey. That's just. Oh my. Wonderful."

Mark: "You don't know how much it means to us. It's been 7 years, we've been trying to have one of our own and adopt, but nothing."

Thalia: "Well, I'm glad I could make your day."

Holly: "No, you made our lives, Thalia."
Holly: "Do you mind if I feel your belly?"

Thalia: "Not at all, it is your daughter in there." She said with a huge smile on her face.

Mark: "Hi baby. I can't wait to see you."

Holly: "Thank you so much!"
They all went inside so Thalia could cook dinner, but it was cut short. Thalia went into full blown labor.

Thalia: "Owhhh. Oh my god. This painnnnn."

Holly: "Mark, call the hospital and tell them we're on the way."

Mark: "Already did, doctor said to get there as soon as possible."

Thalia: "Owh. Thank you for being here. Owh."

Holly: "Relax. Breathe. Let's go have this baby."
They arrived home later that night, with a healthy beautiful baby girl.

Holly: "Thalia, she is so beautiful."

Thalia: "She has her fathers eyes."

Mark: "Well he did something right."

Thalia: With a frown on her face, "Yeah, I guess he did. My beautiful Lilly, I'll always be here for you. I love you."

Holly: "She'll know you did this all to better her future. She'll always know who you are."

Thalia: "It might be easier if she didn't. Do you mind if I have a few minutes with her by myself, before you leave?"

Holly: "Sweetie, she's yours, have as much time as you want."
She held Lilly up, to get a good look at her.

Thalia: "Hi beautiful. I'm sorry, I wasn't able to keep you, but I promise, you'll have the best life in the world. They are going to love you, get you all the toys you want. One day I'll see you again, and I'll never forget you. You are my first baby, my baby girl. I love you Lilly'Anna."
She gave Lilly a kiss, and a raspberry. Thalia: "Please. Take good care of her."

Mark: "You have nothing to worry about. We most definitely will."
Thalia: "Look, she already loves you."

Holly: "She's so precious. Thank you, this was such a selfless act. Thank you for making our dreams come true."

Thalia: "Your welcome, I love you baby girl."
A month went by, and Thalia didn't know what to do with herself.

Thalia: "I have got to get a job. These bills are just stacking up. I gave Lilly to someone, so I could get my life together, not sit on my butt."

She opened up the paper, and started calling about jobs. She eventually got one as an organ donor, nothing fancy but it'll pay the bills.
She spent every day, and night working. Her boss thought she deserved some paid time off.

Thalia was very thankful. She was tired of the hospital, and was missing her bed, but she wanted to get out and do something, she decided to go to the club.
She danced her butt off! As she was getting ready to sit at the bar and order a drink she saw a man playing pool.

Thalia: *He sure is cute. I need to go introduce myself!*
Thalia: "Hi. Mind if I join you?"

Man: "Not at all," he motioned toward the table, "pick a stick."

Thalia: "I've been watching you from the bar, your pretty good, I'm Thalia by the way."

Man: "Thanks. I'm Zane."

Thalia: *Zane? Yum. His name is just as attractive as he is!* "Nice to meet you," she said with a smile."
Zane couldn't seem to concentrate. He kept missing the balls. He didn't know what was up with him. Yeah Thalia was beautiful, but he was used to beautiful woman hitting on him. This one, just seemed different.

Thalia was normally great at pool, but tonight, her mind was fixated on the gorgeous man across the table from her.

Zane: "Wow. Your good, but it looks like I'm better," he said with a devilish grin.
Thalia: "Sorry, I was a little distracted."

Zane: "It's cool."

Thalia: "Loser buys drinks?"

Zane: "I'm all for it, but I think they are getting ready to close. I know a pace a few blocks away that is still open."

Thalia: "Let's go."
They never made it to the other bar.

Zane: "You don't want to go to the park do you?"

Thalia: "Now? Sure," she replied, unsure.

Zane: "Wanna watch the stars with me?"

Thalia: "I'd love to."

As they sat down, and got comfortable, Zane couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

Zane: *Just grab her hand, the worst she can do is pull it away.*

He finally got the courage to do it.

Thalia was shocked at first, then she stared back at Zane and scooted closer.

Thalia: "This is the best night of my life," she whispered in his ear.
Zane pulled Thalia up, and held her close.

Thalia reached up, and cupped his face.

Zane: "This has also been the best night of my life."
Zane pulled away.

Zane: He moved his head up to her face, and touched her cheek, "As much as I enjoyed this evening, it's nearly dawn, and I've got work in less then two hours."

Thalia: "Oh. Um. Okay. Yeah, I've got work too."

Zane: With a smile on his face, "It was very nice meeting you Thalia, hope to see you again."

With that, Zane walked away.

Thalia: "He didn't even ask me for my number! Uh. Whatever. Better get home."
Weeks went by, and Thalia caught herself eating her emotions, again.

Thalia: *I've got to stop doing this. Junk food is going to go right to my hips!*

She took the plate over to the trash, and dumped the remaining food in the trash can.
Thalia: "Maybe a movie will help get my mind off of him."

She tried getting into the movie, but couldn't. Zane was all she could think about. He's whose been on her mind since the night they met.

Her mind was so caught up in him, that she eventually lost her job. She was always late, and when she was there her boss could tell her mind was else where. Thank god she found a modeling job, something she'd be perfect at, no thinking was involved in that!
Thalia: "Get a grip Thalia. How are you letting a man do this to you, a man you don't even know!"

She got up and walked into her room.
But, that was a mistake. On her wall, was a picture frame of the photo's they took in the picture booth at the club.

Thalia: "Ahhh. This is ridiculous," she heard a knock at the door, "Yes, photographer is here."
Photographer: "Madam, your such a natural," he said in his French accent.

Thalia: "Thank you. These turned out wonderful."

Photographer: "Next week, we are going to do a couples shoot, couple different outfits, are you interested?"

Thalia: "Yes, I am! I need all the money I could get."

Photographer: "Okay, it's set then, we will meet in the park next Tuesday, at say noon?"

Thalia: "Perfect, see you later."
Across town, Zane took a jog to the park, where the simfest was being held. Just as he was about to keep jogging, he saw his cousin, who he hasn't seen in years ....


Zane: "Hey man. How have you been?"

Luke: "Eh. I'm okay. Just got out of a serious relationship, became a dad, only to find out she put the baby up for adoption, lost my job, now I'm back with my mom and dad. You?"

Zane: "Wow man. A dad? I couldn't picture you a dad...."

Luke: Cut him off, "Yeah, well she took that oppertunity away from me."

Zane: "Anyway, I've been good man. Got nice place, nice job, met a great girl, but..."

Luke: "Not trying to rain on your parade, but I'd rather not hear about someone doing better then me."

Zane: "Shoot, I'm sorry man."

Luke: "Where's my manners, I should be the one apologizing. Tell me about this girl."
Zane: "Not much to say, I only seen her once."

Luke: Laughing, "Once, and you're in love?"

Zane: "I didn't say I was in love. Anyway, she's got the most gorgeous green eyes, and long brown hair, with a tint of red in it. Nice body, great personality. Man, I never asked for her number."

Luke: *Wow. Kind of sounds like Thalia, but I know it's not.* "Good thing you didn't get her number, females are nothing but trouble!"

Zane: "Yeah, I guess your right. Well look, if you want to get out of your parents place, you can alwayss come stay with me."

Luke: "Thanks for the offer, but I've been working since I was 16, I'm worn out, I need a break. Good luck though man. Hope you don't run into that girl. Keep your mind on your work. I heard those kids drain the life out of you."

Zane: "That's why you need to have the energy to deal with them. See ya."

Zane jogged home.
As he leaned on his deck, thinking about everything, he realized he needed to get a second job. Teaching wasn't the best paying job, even though he loved it, he needed more money.

He picked up his phone.

Zane: "Hey ma. You remember you told me to call you if I ever needed more money? Well, that modeling job, is it still avaliable?"

Mrs. Ridgeland: "As a matter of fact, it is honey. Actually it looks like the need a male for a shoot tomorrow. It's a couples shoot."

Zane: "Sounds good ma. What time?"

Mrs. Ridgeland: "Noon."

Zane: *Thank god I don't have work tomorrow.* "Alright ma. Let them know I'll be there." *Better get some sleep, need to look great for these pictures, or they'll kick me to the curb.*

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fruitopia VIPSep 7, 2012

Interesting, Luke & Zane are related. I hope that Thalia finds the love that she has been missing.

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