ErgoFlux - Chapter 2
Published Sep 8, 2012

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Wee I'm so happy my first chapter received such positive feedback. I was so excited I couldn't wait to get started on chapter 2. It took me a couple of days between my job and my night school, but here's the finished product! Hope you enjoy it ^-^ Thanks again!

Wee I'm so happy my first chapter received such positive feedback. I was so excited I couldn't wait to get started on chapter 2. It took me a couple of days between my job and my night school, but here's the finished product! Hope you enjoy it ^-^ Thanks again! Charlie Murphy sat quietly in a crowded airport with a perfect stranger as each waited for their flight to France together.

She had only just met Eddy Slick the night before, but he had made Charlie a proposal she couldn't refuse. Of course, being the level headed girl that she was, Charlie planned to think about it carefully over night as a rule, but in the end, both she and Eddy knew what conclusion she would come to. Charlie had made her decision. It was a decision that bought her a one-way ticket to France.
So now here Charlie was, sitting in an airport together with a man she didn't even know. She knew it was crazy, and totally against her better judgment. It was something she would probably never have done. But it wasn't that she trusted him so much as she needed his help. His offer was probably the best offer she would ever get in her life time. She knew if she could just get to France... If she could just get to where her father's disappearance took place, she could get closer to finding out what happened to him so many years ago. From out of the corner of her eye, Charlie quickly glanced toward the odd looking stranger and wondered what he had in store for her. As Eddy himself had told her earlier, they were heading to France to look into a major missing person's case that took place in the country side. A good twenty-five or more people had mysteriously disappeared without a trace, and no one, not even the French government, could follow their trail.

Charlie thought that this story sounded suspiciously similar to the story Mr.Clarke was looking to hire a reporter for before. Most likely it was the same story. Though it wasn't Mr.Clarke and his gender-biased hiring tactics that had Charlie intrigued.

Her father had disappeared twelve years ago in very much the same way that these victims in the story had done. And they had another thing in common with her father: They both disappeared in France. Charlie wondered if there was any correlation between these people's disappearance and her father's. She couldn't be completely certain if her suspicions could be true, but she knew that she had to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.
"So, tell me, Mr.Slick," Charlie said, now turning her attention to the new job at hand. She was ready and eager to begin, and she wanted to know exactly what she had to do. "Since I'm reporting on this missing people's case, who am I interviewing for my report? Family members for certain, but what about government officials? Are they going to want to come forth with any statements or concerns of their own?" Charlie straightened her back and leaned forward a little in her chair while she waited for her answer. "I... Uh... well, yeah." Eddy stuttered confusedly for the first time in the few hours that Charlie knew him. He seemed, for once, as though he had no idea what to say.

Charlie narrowed her eyes slightly as her suspicion grew. She was certain the entire time that Eddy hadn't been completely honest with her, and this little episode instilled even less confidence for Eddy Slick in Charlie's already suspicious mind.

"I mean... yeah. Something like that..." Eddy said, gathering himself back together in an instant. "Oh, hey, look. Our flight is boarding." Eddy breathed a silent sigh of relief. He was saved... For now.
All the passengers were soon boarded onto the airplane and the flight took off. Once in the air, Charlie glanced out the window and watched the world shrink and stretch out behind her, getting farther and farther away as the plane climbed higher. It was now official. There was no turning back, no chance for second thoughts. Charlie was in this thing for good now, whether she wanted to be or not. The finalization of this proved more stressful than Charlie would have thought. She was both determined and scared at the same time. She was exhilarated and anxious.

Eddy Slick seemed to sense Charlie's conflict instinctively and took it upon himself to ease the tension and lighten the mood. "Have you ever been to France before?" He inquired. "It's quite a beautiful place. The city is dazzling and the countryside is equally as charming."
"My secret agency has even booked us a couple of separate rooms at this quaint, old, country-style hotel." Eddy continued, probably getting too carried away. "I'm sure you'll love it!"
'Whoa whoa WHOA! Back that up a little!' Warning bells went off in Charlie's mind. "What was that?" She asked directly. "A 'secret' agency? What secret agency?" Suspicion rose once again as Charlie's eyes demanded a truthful answer from Eddy. "Hey are you thirsty? I'm thirsty!" Eddy blurted. He had royally slipped up and he knew it, so he was doing his best to cover up the mistake by skirting the issue all together. "I'll buzz for a flight attendant and get us some drinks, alright?"

And then, without giving Charlie the chance to even breathe, Eddy rung for a flight attendant.
In only a few short moments, the flight attendant arrived and asked Eddy what he needed. "Some soft drinks!" Eddy exclaimed. We are both very thirsty. Please and thank you!"

And so, as she was bidden, the flight attendant disappeared and just a short time later, she re-appeared, pushing a tray full of bottled soft drinks down the isle. Then she and the cart came to a full stop next to Eddy and Charile's seat.

"Hey, hey! Fast service!" Eddy enthused.
"Hey, you thristy, Ms.Murphy?" Eddy asked Charlie quickly. "You want a drink here?" His eyes motioned toward the cart full of drinks.

"No thanks," Charlie declined, looking away from Eddy and the drinks. Due to her nervousness, she really wasn't thirsty at all. Drinking was the very last thing on her mind.

"Alright," Eddy let out an overly dramatic sigh. "Suit yourself then." And with that, he swiped a bottle of soda from the table.
Charlie was just not feeling any calmer, and even though Eddy had tried, he was not doing much to soothe her nerves. Charlie maintained her composure on the outside, but on the inside she was a bit of a mess. In order to keep her sanity throughout the rest of the flight, Charlie pulled out a book and began to read. The book she brought along with her was her father's book... His favorite mystery novel of all time. Charlie had kept it with her ever since he disappeared and she refused to go anywhere without it.

Charlie read silently for hours and pretended, in her mind, that she was reading it to her father in order to send him a little bit of comfort no matter where he might be.
Charlie didn't notice how much time had passed, nor did she care. But before she realized it, the plane was preparing to land. They had finally arrived in France! Charlie had never been to France before. In fact, she had never even been outside of her own country.

Despite the fact that she could feel her anxious heart beating quickly against her chest, Charlie couldn't resist the urge to see this country for herself. She sat up in her seat and peered out the window, gathering in all the sights she could. She was able to see Paris off in the distance. Dominating the view, it's famed monument, the Eiffel Tower, overlooked the rest of the city.
Charlie and her "escort" had only been in France for two hours or so. However, all of that time was spent gathering up their luggage at the French airport and traveling to the country-side where this disappearance story took place.

By the time the two hours had passed, Charlie and Eddy arrived at their hotel. Charlie thought the hotel to be quite charming the minute she laid her eyes on the place. It looked exactly like an old country cottage just as Eddy had explained earlier on the airplane.
This was quite a culture shock for Charlie. She had spent most of her childhood growing up in the city. She had never seen any place quite like this. It was so quaint and adorable. It was so calming and beautiful. Charlie was feeling amazed, and it showed. She wore the expression plainly on her face. "It's great, isn't it?" Eddy mused when he noticed how impressed Charlie was. "Didn't I tell ya it would be? Come on, follow me. I'll show you where your room is." So Eddy lead the way through the creaky, blue front door of the hotel and Charlie followed behind. Then Eddy went directly up a nearby staircase. Charlie, however, stopped just below the stairs because the room had caught her attention. It was obviously a sitting room. And it was so inviting. It seemed so warm and cozy. To Charlie, it looked as if this was actually someone's house rather than a hotel. "Hurry up, Ms.Murphy!" Eddy called from atop the staircase, snapping Charlies eyes away from the lovely sitting room. Reluctantly, Charlie obeyed the man and followed him all the way up the stair case.

Then Eddy directed Charlie down a narrow, blue gingham hallway until they reached the door on the far end.
"This is your room." Eddy pointed to the door enthusiastically. "It's rather roomy compared to the rest of the rooms in this hotel so I hope you find it to your liking." Eddy was sounding something like a door-to-door sales man or something. "Anyways, here is your key." Eddy reached into his coat pocket and produced a small, silver key in his palm. He then stretched out his hand and waited for Charlie to take the key which she did very slowly with a nod of her head to prove she understood.

"Alright, great!" Eddy grinned, clapping the palms of his hands together. "I'll just leave you to get settled in. We don't know how long we might be staying here so make yourself right at home. After a bit, I'll come back for you and then I'll take you to the scene of the first disappearance and let you have a look around! " And with that, Eddy spun around on his heel with that grin still plastered across his face. He then walked briskly down the hall and turned to enter a room that was nearly all the way at the opposite end

'I'm glad we're diving right into this,' Charlie thought to herself while she stared blankly at her door. She was just now getting the time to process everything Eddy had just said to her. Eddy was such a fast guy Charlie sometimes had a hard time keeping up with him.

Oh yeah, the room! Charlie slid her little key into the lock and the old wooden door opened with a slight creak.
The first thing that hit Charlie in the face was the color blue. This room was so blue! It was a pretty sort of blue but... It was so blue! Not that Charlie was complaining. She thought it was very cute and charming, just like the rest of the hotel. It even had a huge bay window with a beautiful view of the rest of the city. It looked like it would make great little reading nook. Charlie was quite pleased. So she set to work on her room, getting everything ready for an extended stay. When she was all done, all Charlie had left to do was just wait for Eddy. She hoped he wouldn't take much longer because she very eager to begin her investigation the scene of the first disappearance. She waited for Eddy for a little while, but soon grew impatient. "We'll see when he gets here." she whispered to herself.

To keep herself from becoming bored of waiting, Charlie then had a seat on the comfy little chair in her room and read to pass the time.
Just a short time later, when Charlie was about 5 pages into story, Eddy suddenly came bursting through the door. "I hope you're all ready!" He blared excitedly. "It's time to get going!" So Charlie and Eddy did "get going" soon. They headed to the first disappearance site which took place at an old campground, about fifteen minute's drive from the hotel. Once Charlie set foot on the campground, something already didn't seem right. She imagined she was off put by the sense that something mysterious and rather awful had taken place here. She trudged ahead of Eddy, noticing that the feeling increased the further into the campsite she stepped. "So this is it." Eddy announced as the two set foot on the campground. "This is where the Rose family went camping and disappeared without a trace. No one knows what... happened..." Eddy's voice trailed when he observed how intent Charlie was as she wandered ahead into the center of the camp. "This is it," Eddy smiled quietly to himself, knowing that Charlie was too removed from reality to hear him. "You were right, boss. This is definitely it." Meanwhile, Charlie's mind was suddenly swamped with an overwhelming sense that something was definitely not right here. At first she assumed it was her mind getting her all worked up, but now... It was something else. There was a terrible energy surrounding this place. "Hey, Ms.Murphy," Eddy broke through Charlie's fog and grabbed her attention back to reality. "Is something wrong? Are you not feeling well? Should we go back to the hotel?" "N-no I'm alright." Charlie replied absently. She rubbed her head, trying hard to regain her senses. "I'm just tired all of a sudden..." "Anyway so the Rose family disappeared here?" Charlie asked struggling to keep herself focused. "And there was no evidence at all to track them anywhere else?" "None what-so-ever" Eddy replied. "There weren't any foot prints, or any signs that they even left the camp. Nothing on the site had been taken. Nothing had been touched. It's as if a man, woman and two children just disappeared into thin air." "How weird..." Charlie mused. Her mind automatically drifted to thoughts of her father and his own disappearance. "I wonder what happened to them? I wonder where the are?" She thought out loud, almost grouping her father together with the missing family. She was so certain now that he was in the same place they were. "Yes I do wonder." Eddy agreed. "No clue where they are. Though, my agency does have a few ideas as to what happened to them. But I don't think it's time for you to hear that yet." "Why not?" Charlie actually really wanted to know right now. She also wanted to know about the agency Eddy kept mentioning. "And what about this agency of yours? Who are they? Do I even get to find that out?" Eddy brought her all the way out here for some reason and she really had no idea what it was. She was completely in the dark. Just what was going on? "Oh, not to worry, Ms.Murphy," Eddy assured. "I planned on reveling the agency soon. They are busy on a case today, but tomorrow you'll be able to meet them, and some things will be explained." 'Finally!' Charlie thought. 'I'm really going to get some answers here!' Charlie was so ready to finally find out what was going on. At least that's what she thought. Unfortunately, Eddy was probably right. Charlie wasn't nearly as ready to accept the answers as she may have expected herself to be. She never could have prepared herself for what lay ahead.

---Chapter 2: End

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#1kikialexaSep 8, 2012

Nice chapter! Glad that i've read it!

#2babygirl15526Sep 9, 2012

What? Wait that can't be the end of it! I must know more! Again I say that Charlie is a gorgeous girl. Those looks that those two are shooting each other on page two is really suggestive. Hmm could love be any where in this story?

#3fruitopiaVIPSep 10, 2012

Eddy is a snake, she should be very leery of him. Good chapter \:\)

#4easterallyNov 21, 2012

lovin the story can't wait to read the next chapter

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