A Familiar Face Chapter 10
Published Sep 7, 2012

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Oh noooo!

We've made it to the end :(
I really want to thank everyone for reading this story. It was my first completed story and I'm very proud of it.

I want to thank all of the creators of the CC that I've used in all of these chapters. You made my vision come to life!

And thank you so much to everyone that read my story and commented and rated. I wouldn't write if you didn't read!

Let's see how this whole thing ends for Isabella and the kids!


Oh noooo!

We've made it to the end :(
I really want to thank everyone for reading this story. It was my first completed story and I'm very proud of it.

I want to thank all of the creators of the CC that I've used in all of these chapters. You made my vision come to life!

And thank you so much to everyone that read my story and commented and rated. I wouldn't write if you didn't read!

Let's see how this whole thing ends for Isabella and the kids!

Isabella was knocking on Margaret’s door just as the sun was coming up. It was freezing that morning. The generous old woman picked up Madison ushered the three of them inside quickly. “Thank you Margaret. Thank you so much.” Isabella repeated for what seemed like the millionth time in the last hour. They twins were asleep upstairs. Isabella couldn’t imagine falling asleep. She was terrified. Hoyt would be waking up soon, she was sure he’d realize she was gone and come directly to Margaret’s looking for her and the children. “I said it’s fine, dear. You don’t have to thank me anymore. You did the right thing.” She reassured the shaking woman. “Please try to get some rest. You can sleep in Elliot’s old room. I’m sure you remember where it is.” She said with a smile. Isabella smiled back and nodded as Margaret made her way to her own bedroom. Isabella laid on Elliot’s bed. She had done it. She had really done it. She took the children and left. She had endured so much in these last few years. She realized she had been selfish. She stayed with Hoyt for some unknown reason, some sense of loyalty she felt she owed him and her father. She stayed for the wrong reasons and let her children suffer. They didn’t know their father, and it was his own doing. They deserved to be loved by two parents. She cried for all the years of loneliness herself and her children had gone through. She cried for the love of Elliot she lost for the sake of all of this. She cried because of the fear that this new found freedom could be over in mere minutes if her husband found her. Everyone woke up and found their way into the living room around noon. Margaret offered to make lunch and Isabella once again thanked her for what she was doing for her and her family.

The women sat down while the children played with some old toys Margaret found.
“How do you feel?” Margret asked.

Isabella sat quietly for a moment, trying to get a hold on her feelings, “…Like I can breathe. At home, I felt like I was always holding my breath. Waiting to be criticized, waiting to be yelled at, or ordered to do something. I haven’t felt this way since before I met him.”
Margret smiled, “Good. Now, you can stay as long as you all need to…but you know I have to call Elliot. He usually calls me on the computer around 1 or so…”

Isabella’s heart sped up. She wanted to see Elliot again so badly. “Do you mind if I tell him?” she asked. Margaret smiled and motioned to the computer.
He heard his webcam ringing. He wondered who it could be, and hoped it didn’t take long. He had to hurry up and then head out to his next client meeting. He was surprised to see it was in fact his mother, who never called him on web chat a day in his life. He quickly clicked the ‘Answer’ button and sat down. “Mom? Is everything okay?” he asked as the image was loading. There was no response.

“Mom?” he said again.

“Everything’s fine.” He heard. His heart stopped. It wasn’t his mother.
“Bells? Is that you? Are those the twins? What are you guys doing at my mothers’ house?” he asked hurriedly. “I, uh, left Hoyt early this morning. Your mother is letting me stay here.” She said with a sad smile.

Elliot couldn’t believe it. It had been months since he last saw her face, and it was as if it were only yesterday they were in each other’s arms.
“I’m coming to get you.” He said to her. He was already setting up plans to put off work in his mind.

“No, no. It’s okay. Let us just stick out first. Your mother is being really generous and told us we can stay for a while. She showed me the tickets you sent. I can’t let her leave her home. We’ll be coming soon…that is, if the offer still stands…”

“Are you crazy? Of course it does! I can’t wait for you and the kids to come out here. Just let me know when…”
Isabella smiled, “I love you, Elliot.”

“I love you too, Isabella.”

The pair talked a little more, and then it was time for Elliot to go. They said their goodbyes and turned their computers off.
Isabella and the kids’ were still at Margret’s after two weeks. One day after Margret came home from the market, she looked upset. “Are you okay Margret? Is something wrong?” Isabella asked worried. “I was in the store today, and I overheard a woman talking on her phone about you. She was a young little red-headed girl…”

Isabella froze. “Katie.” She whispered. “The girl Hoyt moved into the house.”
Margret nodded her head at the information, “Well, she was talking to someone about how she couldn’t believe she had to go shopping now, and how Hoyt wasn’t the guy she thought he was but she was too scared to leave. She said he was looking for you.” She said looking at Isabella. “She said that he had the police out looking for you, that he was angry every day. She couldn’t believe you actually left like that. He’s furious..." "Dear, you have to get out of here and soon. I love having you and the babies here, but I don’t want you to get hurt.” she said sounding shaken. Isabella was speechless. She had thought if Hoyt wanted her, he would have found her by now. That wasn’t it. He was searching for her. But why? He never cared about her before. He should be happy she was gone!

Margret continued, “We gotta get you and the babies to Elliot, and soon. The next flight to Bridgeport leaves at 2:30 in the morning. It’s early, but I would rather guys get out there sooner than later. I’ll help you repack.”
Isabella could do nothing more but stare at Margret, “I love you Margret. Thank you.”

She smiled and kissed her cheek, “You’re welcome dear. Let’s eat and start getting things ready. You call Elliot; I’ll get the babies something to eat.”
They were pulling up to the airport right around midnight. Isabella was nervous. She was actually boarding a plane to take her away from the place she'd lived her whole life. Away from Hoyt and her parents. They got out of the car, unloaded the bags and hugged again. “Be safe dear. And most importantly, be happy. My son loves you and those children too. You deserve this." Margret assured her.

Isabella nodded as she wiped away tears, “I don’t know how to thank you.”

“By getting on that plane. And being happy.” She kissed her again and ushered the trio inside.
He was pacing outside of Bridgeport International. Their flight was due 45 minutes ago, where were they? He checked his watch again. People starting filing out of the front and he still saw no sign of Isabella. He was starting to get worried when the crowd got thinner and thinner. She had called and said they were getting on the plane. Maybe she changed her mind at the last minute? The thought alone made his heart hurt.

There was nobody left coming out of the terminal. She wasn't there.
Just then, he heard his name being called. “Elliot! Over here!” he looked around frantically. He could hear her, now he just had to get to her. Then there she was. Walking out with the children in tow. He never thought he would see the day that Isabella and the kids came to Bridgeport to be with him. He ran over and scooped Mason up in the air. He smiled at the little boy’s excited laugh. He looked at Isabella and smiled.

“You’re here.” He said.
Tears welled up in her eyes and began to fall, she nodded, “I’m here.” Elliot kissed her and headed to the cab. Isabella took a deep breath.

This was it.

The life she’d wanted since she was a teenager. After years of being alone, she finally found a familiar face.
Sooo corny, right?

:D I loved it!

I really hoped you all did as well. I had so much fun writing this story.

Check my blog for updates, I'm in the midst of writing two stories right now! Look for them on the exchange soon.

Thank you all for reading!
Until next time!!


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#1babygirl15526Sep 8, 2012

Oh I almost cried. I held my breath for a second thinking that Hoyt would show up at the airport and attack her or something. It wasn't corny. It was perfect. I can't wait to see what you come out with next. I wouldn't mind a few updates on Elliot and Isabella also *wink wink*.

#2fruitopiaVIPSep 8, 2012

Happy ending

#3jadababy2003VIPSep 12, 2012

Whew! I'm sitting here reading the story, and I was nervous that Hoyt would find her. I'm soo glad she got out!! You must write another. Maybe a legacy!! Great job!!!!

#4AyeezNov 23, 2012

Awww that is such a CUTE STORY!
Hoyt sucks :

#5ExtremePIEFeb 13, 2013

I loved that. Just about to read the epilouge.(I'm a boy just can't be bothered to change my pic. Is it wrong that a boy is excited about a romance sims story?)

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