ErgoFlux - Chapter 3
Published Sep 10, 2012

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Yay! The story is moving along quite nicely. In this chapter, Charlie finally gets a few answers, but from those answers, more questions arise, of course :D

The plot thickens!

Yay! The story is moving along quite nicely. In this chapter, Charlie finally gets a few answers, but from those answers, more questions arise, of course :D

The plot thickens!
Charlie spent her first night at France sleeping off the jet-lag in her very comfy little hotel room. Normally, Charlie would have had a difficult time sleeping in a strange, unfamiliar room, but exhaustion had over taken her to the point where she couldn't fight the sleep. She also knew that the sooner she slept the faster morning would come. That day she was to meet Eddy Slick's agency and find out the truth. However, as soundly as Charlie was sleeping, it didn't prevent her from being jolting awake by a loud, vigorous knocking at her door.


Charlie's eyes popped open, instantly coming to a waking state.


It sounded urgent. Charlie kicked the covers off her body and hurried to the door.
"Eddy?" Charlie exclaimed as soon as she had opened the door and caught sight of the culprit who woke her. "Waking me up in the middle of the night again?" She sighed. "Are you going to make this a habit? "The agency just got back from their investigation!" Eddy enthused, completely ignoring Charlie's complaint. "They're in the hotel right now and they want to see you this minute. They're ready to hire you and get you on the job." So without another word, Charlie allowed Eddy to lead her down to the cute little sitting room. She was nervous to meet the agency's members. What if they took one look at her and decided they didn't like her? What if they chose not to hire her? Charlie tried to keep her these thoughts suppressed as she entered the sitting room area with Eddy.

Charlie looked around and noticed three people seated. 'These must be members of the agency.' Charlie realized.
Nervously, Charlie had a seat at the far end of the sitting room, and waited while Eddy light a fire in the old, brick fireplace. Still in her night clothes, Charlie sat quietly, not really knowing how she should act or what she was supposed to say. Or whether she was supposed to say or do anything at all. So she waited awkwardly for some sort of social cue or direction. While the silence continued, Charlie noticed a cute little red-headed woman sitting the closest to her. Next to the woman sat a very odd looking man with silver hair and white eyes. He was reading a book and seemed to be in his own little world. Then, at the other end of the room sat a nerdy looking guy with almost as many freckles dotted across his face as Charlie herself had.

These three people combined with Eddy Slick seemed like such an unlikely group of agents. It suddenly struck Charlie that maybe this little group was the entirety of the agency. She hoped there was an actual bigger agency somewhere that they all belonged to. She began to worry...
Eddy had a seat next to Charlie once he was done lighting the fire place. He knew his little agency group was waiting on him to introduce their newest find, Charlie.

"This is Charlie Murphy." Eddy began. "I picked her up from Bridgeport as instructed and she is ready to get started working for us."
"She's everything you said she'd be, boss." Eddy praised the odd-looking sliver haired man in the far corner. The man had been involved in his book and looked, to Charlie, as if he hadn't heard a word Eddy said. But to her surprise, the man silently nodded his head in reply. "Well, of course you were. Eddy chuckled as if he found it silly to be surprised at his boss's abilities. Eddy then turned to Charlie and began to introduce her to everyone else.

"That man over there is our boss. His name is Chase Donavon, and he's well... he's special. They call him "The Oracle" because he... He knows things that most people wouldn't know." Eddy tried to make things sound as normal as possible to the already astonished Charlie.
"This little lady over here," Eddy went on, pointing to the redheaded woman, "is Ms.Alexis Bell. She is indebted to the Boss for saving her life. He knew where an Ergo Flux was about to take place one time and he knew she was going to be swallowed up in it. So he got to her just in time! She's been rather attached to him ever since and decided to follow him everywhere he went. That's why she joined the group." "Um... What's an Ergo Flux?" Charlie asked quietly, afraid she was asking a stupid question. She was also a little wary of the way Eddy described Chase Donavon. Oracle? He knew when things were going to happen? He predicted Alexis Bell's life was in danger? Charlie shook the thoughts out of her head and focused on the question at hand. The nerdiest looking one in the group burst into the conversation to explain his area of expertise, science. "An Ergo Flux," he began, "Is a tear in the space-time continuum caused by a particular type of energy fluctuation. The origin of this energy fluctuation is unknown, but it is powerful enough to bend and warp time and space until it creates a tear." Charlie listened, more confused than ever, while Eddy seemed to enjoy the story quite a lot.

The nerdy man continued. "When this tear is created, it has only been known to exist for extremely short durations of time. Anywhere from a tenth of a second to about five minutes is about all. Now where does the tear of the Ergo Flux lead? Is it death? Another time period? Another dimension? No one who's been swallowed has ever been able to make it back so we have no idea."
Eddy had been waiting patiently for the man to finish his story before he continued his own introductions. Once the nerd was done talking, Eddy went on. "That smart young man over there is Leeland Fargo. Though, he prefers to be called by his last name, Fargo. He used to work for NASA, but his extreme interest for the study of the Ergo Flux brought him to this agency." "I see," Charlie said. "It seems to me that every one of you had a reason for joining this agency. If you don't mind me asking, what was your reason, Mr.Slick?" "My reason?" Eddy Slick suddenly became very solemn, and took on a graveness about him which Charlie had never seen in the short time she knew him. "My reason is that... An Ergo Flux swallowed up my family a long time ago. I had a wife and two beautiful twin daughters. They were with me one second, and then the next second they were gone. It was so long ago I remember them as a dream, but I never stopped looking for them. I want to get to the bottom of their disappearance and the Ergo Flux. I feel they are still alive somewhere. I think my reasons for joining this agency are the same as yours. You looking for your father. Perhaps he was swallowed up in an Ergo Flux as well? Maybe we'll find the answers we both seek." "Wait just a second..." Charlie's lips quivered in sudden shock. She had never told anyone about her father or about her reasons for coming to France. Yet they must have obtained the information somehow. Maybe prying through files of her father and his own disappearance case? Were they possible preying on her and her father for business? Yes, what else could it be? Charlie's shock turned to rage in an instant. "How dare you?!" Charlie yelled, jumping up from her seat. "What do you think this is? Are you some kind of con people? Is that it? How did any of you know about my father? Did you sneak a look in some classified files or something? HUH? I know what this is about but I'm not going to be taken advantage of here!" "Whoa whoa whoa!" Eddy said calmly from his seat. "Calm down, Ms.Murphy. No one here is out to con you and we are certainly not taking advantage of you. We are only here to help you." "Then tell me how you knew about my father..." Charlie asked, clenching her fists and trying her best to hold back tears of anger. "It was the Oracle," Eddy said, motioning toward Chase Donavon who hadn't taken his eyes off the book in his hands for even one second. "He knew about you and he knew where to find you. He knew how baldly you wanted to find your father and so he wanted to help." "Oh yeah right!" Charlie cried. "That's the worst lie I've ever heard! Do you take me for a complete fool? I can't believe I ever thought this was finally my chance. Out of all the failures this one is the most hurtful. I think I need to leave now!" Charlie ran away to the stairs that lead up to her room. She fully intended on packing up her things and leaving the hotel for good. She didn't know what she was going to do after that, but she was too upset to think clearly. All she wanted to do right now was leave and never see the faces of Eddy or any of the others again. Eddy watched Charlie running away and he began to worry about her. He looked to his boss for guidance. That's when Chase finally put his book down and, without looking at anything in particular through his piercing-white eyes, he gave Eddy some assurance. "She's lost right now. But she will understand soon." That was all Chase had to offer, but it was good enough for Eddy for the time being. Meanwhile, Charlie had changed out of her night clothes and got ready to leave. Her heart had been so ready for the usual failure that she hadn't even given the agency a chance.

Charlie stood in front of the mirror for a few moments, dolefully watching her own reflection before she finally took got going.
Charlie took the stair case through the hotel kitchen and sneak out through the back so as to avoid seeing those people from the agency. Charlie picked a road and started walking. She didn't know where she was going, and she didn't care. She wasn't ready to leave France yet, though. (Not that she had the money to leave if she wanted to). She still wanted to find a clue about her father before she left the country. She walked with purpose as she made her way through town with no particular location set in her mind. She just thought about her father and walked where her body instinctively told her to go. What she didn't realize was that she was being drawn to a place she didn't even know. Charlie wandered further into the countryside. Charlie didn't know how long she had been wandering before she reached the bottom of a steep hill covered in large rocks and flowers. The hill was too high for her to be able to see what was on top. Yet, she had an indescribable feeling that she needed to be up there. So without giving it much thought, Charlie began to climb the hill. When Charlie reached the top she was amazed at what she saw. Strange, circular rock formations surrounded the flattened top of the hill. They looked ancient and the certainly didn't look like a natural occurrence. "Whoa..." Charlie whispered to herself in complete awe. She wanted to explore but suddenly she couldn't seem to bring herself to move from the spot where she stood. The feeling that had overtaken her back at the Rose camp was back. Only it's intensity was much much stronger this time. Charlie was left in quite a daze. It was then that Charlie noticed something was terribly wrong with the night sky. It looked as if it were rippling, waving and moving. An ominous, black mass of something was growing and darkening the sky. As the darkness crawled ever nearer, Charlie's gut feeling increased. She was terrified, yet she was frozen in place. The darkness was closing in quickly and she had nowhere to run. That's when she heard a voice whisper directly behind her. "You're about to witness your very first Ergo Flux, are you?" The voice snapped Charlie right out of her trance-like state and she spun around to see who was right behind her. "M-Mr.Donavon?!" Normally, Chase would have been the last person in the world Charlie would ever have wanted to see. But right now, she was so terrified it almost came as a relief to lay her eyes upon his face. "What's happening here?" Charlie inquired frantically. "Well, you're just about to witness your very first Ergo Flux." Chase explained in an unusually pleasant tone as the darkness began to swallow them both. "The sky is about to tear open in a brilliant white light, which is really a beautiful thing to see. Though it would probably be safer for us to get away from it before that happens or it's likely the Ergo Flux will swallow you up whole just like it's earlier victims. You should come with me." Charlie didn't know who to trust anymore. She certainly didn't trust Chase Donavon. But she knew if she didn't right this moment the consequences would be severe. She would just have to take another big leap of faith in order to survive this ordeal.

---Chapter 3: End

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ooh! \:wub\: loving your character Chase. please continue \:\)

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I love Chase

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Stunning chapter! can't wait for the next one!

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