So it was you- Chapter 9
Published Sep 9, 2012

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So I did find a little time to finish Chapter 9 and I did find a way to shorten this chapter. XD

I hope you guys enjoy it!

So I did find a little time to finish Chapter 9 and I did find a way to shorten this chapter. XD

I hope you guys enjoy it!
It been days since I last saw Ric and I must say I'm having really a quiet time without him. My life feels normal again. Seth said that I must think about who I really love because he said it is impossible to love two persons at the same time. I haven't thought about it deeply, I'm still confused. Anyway, I don't want to force myself into thinking about those two.. Today, I'll focus on my work, even though Mom suddenly was promoted to Head Chef, I still want to help her. I can see the bookstore already, I'm so excited to go to work today. Peaceful and no Ric to annoy me. Just me and the books. I wonder if Mr. Griffith is back here already, last time I saw him was at Lucky Palms in the Casino with my Mother. I can't believe he is hitting on my Mom.

So I did the usual, fixed the books alphabetically, those who come to window shop doesn't put the books were they got them. It sucks but that is my work after all.

I gazed at the glass door because I thought I saw a familiar figure and guess who that guest is? Yep, its Ric. What's he up to now?

I came out to Welcome him with my acting skills, I'm sure that it is game time again.
"Game time sweetie" he smirked, I was right after all but I thought we made a negotiation regarding our game that I will humor him after work.
"Can't you see that I'm working love?" I faced him trying to act naturally sweet and then he burst into laughter.
"You should've seen your face when you said that! You look so awkward!" he continued laughing
"I'm going back to work!" I was about to turn my back on him but he suddenly talked
"I said game time sweetie." he said with his dictator tone, I don't know if I'm gonna be vexed or be happy about it.
"I can't Ric, my shift is not yet over and I just got here"
"I don't care just come with me." he argued
"Ric, I'm serious. I don't want to go in and out of this place and besides I don't want to take advantage of the fact that Mr. Griffith owns this place"
"I not listening to your blabber Keira"
"Then don't, I'm still not gonna leave this place"
"You are so difficult" he then grabbed my wrist and we took the cab going to some place.

I'm leaving work because of this guy. Such a bad influence.
"Here, take it" he ordered and then he looked the other way
"Oh-kay" I took the flowers from his hand, is he trying to be sweet or rude?
"Don't you want it?" he questioned
"I do, they're pretty"
"I know, just like you" I was just silent when he said that, I felt my face getting hot again. I don't want him to tease me again.
He suddenly took my hand and kissed them, like a perfect gentleman. Oh wait. It was the same gesture that Eri made in Lucky Palms. Probably just a coincidence. Ric loves to do things that surprises me, I guess its just one of his tricks.

He placed a picnic mat not far away from where we are standing. He was silent, what's wrong with him?
We sat down and the first thing that we did was to look at each other, I guess it was a gesture of saying that we were hungry. We instantly grabbed the food from the basket at the same time, it was funny because we look like we haven't eaten for days. We just laughed it off. "So you like burgers too?" I bit my burger
"Its my favorite." he replied calmly then he slowly chewed the burger.
"REALLY? ME TOO!" I reacted positively about it, I don't know at least we have something in common now.
"You look so cute when you're excited." smiling at me sweetly, wow he looks so gentle. Seeing his reaction just made me smile too.

"You're blushing again Kei, you have a crush on me don't you?" he teased and that made me extra red! I hate him so much that I'm falling for him.
"Impossible" I forced myself to say it, I don't know its really hard to speak, my heart just skipped a beat.
"I know Kei, you would never like a troublesome arrogant guy like me, I know that the only feeling you have for me is hatred, its what I wanted after all"

I absolutely want to correct him, but I'm still not sure about how I feel.

Leaving work and coming here with him wasn't so bad after all.

I must admit I really missed him.
He grabbed my waist and took my hand, I didn't see that coming.

"Your hands are so fat." he teased again
"You look stupid with gloves on" I teased back
"Hey, it comes with the outfit!"
"Well, it looks really stupid, what it for anyway?"
"You soon will find out" he smirked, that smirk of his really annoys and vexes me at the same time
"Yes love?"

He act so well that I'm acting falling for it, he called me love!
He stood up hastily for some reason I dont know.

Guess it what? It was because he wanted to play the piano. It was attention catching that people came to watch.

He plays so well.
Just like Eri.

Just like in my dream.
The tune that he is playing, it was the same in my dream at was the same melody that Eri played.

How come they are so the same yet so far end different from one another? They are two different creatures yet something blends them together. Its a contradicting issue.
Out of nowhere it rained, the beautiful sunny weather was gone. Another contradicting effect, is this a sign?

We look at each other before we started to move, I just don't want to take my eyes off him, maybe he'll suddenly look like Eri or something.

But that is completely impossible, yet I'm still clinging to that thought.
I made my way to find a dry spot, most probably under a tree.

Just my luck, I found a tree that can keep up us dry.

I came to check up on him again to see if he suddenly became Eri, but it was still Ric and I rejoiced, it was Ric who I wanted now.
I came to closer to him and I gave him the tightest hug. I want him close to me, I don't want him to be away from me again. If I can't have Eri, I don't really care because I've got Ric, who never left me. Nothing mattered anymore but Ric and I. I let myself be intoxicated by sweet kiss, this time in reality. It was the same feeling that I felt in my dream, it was passionate. I can feel that he wanted me too. After that special moment, we both acted like nothing happened. I'm glad, I honestly admit that if we become legit couples, I guess I can say that I'm not yet ready. Playing pretend with him is nice. Plus, I still don't have a clear idea whether he likes me too, I don't know what he really feels, it will be weird if I'll tell him my feelings first. At the corner of my eye, something caught my attention again. I won't let this pass, It was Mom and Mr. Griffith, the aura between them is different unlike how it was in Lucky Palms. I have the right to know what's going on between them.

"Mom?" I called out to her and she just looked at me with guilty eyes.

I came face to face with her.
"What's going on?" I asked
"There is no point in hiding it now, I think its best that we talk about this at home" she went on ahead to give me a chance to say goodbye to Ric. I can feel that this is a serious issue.
But really now?! My mom is really dating Mr. Griffith! I wanted to feel excited about it but there is something off. We arrive at home, we all sat at the sofa and I can feel that they are both tensed about something.

I won't react negatively if they say they are dating.

It was still a moment of silence.
"That's it, I can't take this feeling any longer" Mr. Griffith burst and then mom scooted beside me.

I suddenly felt nervous too, what will Mr. G say?

"I'm your father Keira."

Will I just digest what he just said? How can he be my father? I thought he was dead?!
"How in the world did that happen?" I tried being calm, I can't believe my mom lied to me all these years!!!

"Keira.. I" Mom tried to explained but Mr. Griffith or should i say Dad, cut her off.
"I left when you were a toddler"

He left us? and now this?? I could no longer suppress my anger.

"and now you're here?!" I raised my voice
"I left because I couldn't take seeing your Mom have the life she doesn't deserve, It was not the life I wanted for the both of you" the way he said it made my heart cringe.
"He did left me a letter before saying that he will go to Egypt and be a relic hunter, I was devastated when he left that is why I became bitter and I told you he died" mom added
"I did become a relic hunter, I did earn a lot from it, that is why I am here now, to fulfill my promise."
"You could have just gotten a job here." I still insisted
"It wasn't that easy Keira, we were so poor that we barely have enough money to get married and pay the rent"
"Your father is telling the truth Keira" Mom said

What can I do? I longed for a father too and he did it for us didn't he?
"So what are you planning?" I asked without any emotion on my face
"I'll be marrying your Mother" Mr. Griffith replied
"And when is that?" I smiled and they both light up
"As soon as possible!" Mr. G jumped for joy and so did Mother.
"Come here Keikei!" Mr. Griffith gave me a tight hug
"I just can't wait for the wedding" I squealed I'm so excited!

I felt like a kid again, I have my Mother and Father beside me plus Ric, I couldn't ask for more.


The next chapter will be one of the highlight, you better not miss it! Thank you!

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#3fruitopiaVIPSep 10, 2012

I had a feeling that he was her father.

#4Mad14Sep 10, 2012

Awesome i loved it!! Cant wait until next chapter\:rah\:.Its great that she is finally saying she likes ric not eri but i still dont understand why she cant figure it out!!\:D

#5quenster24Sep 10, 2012

Awesome, Love it!.. Can't wait for the next chapter..\:wub\:\:ph34r\:.. thumbs up!..\:D

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#7EvafromNL Sep 10, 2012

Totally awesome chapter! I'm pretty surprised that Mr. Griffith is Keira's father! Can't wait for the next chapter, that's gonna be a highlight! \:D

#8AsalyhilssSep 11, 2012

What a sweet story \:wub\: Do more like these! \:\)

#9Sims3iscool23Sep 12, 2012

Woah!!!!...Dnt see that coming,Very good!\:D

#10myrockdreamsSep 13, 2012

oh thats so romantic... i love this story

#11FiyaaSep 14, 2012

love it ! can't wait for the next chapter ! \:\)

#12bobo.1Aug 7, 2013

you should make movies of this and post it on yotube!\:D

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