Starlight, Starbright - Chapter 1
Published Sep 19, 2012

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Welcome to my new story!!


I hope you guys like this one just as much as A Familiar Face!

As usual, thank you so much to the creators of all the CC I've used, and thank you to all the readers! Enjoy!

Welcome to my new story!!


I hope you guys like this one just as much as A Familiar Face!

As usual, thank you so much to the creators of all the CC I've used, and thank you to all the readers! Enjoy!
“I’m sorry, ma’am, I don’t really think we’re looking for someone with your…sound right now.” The proprietor told her putting on her best fake smile.

Joanna McFadden returned the smile with a sad one of her own.
The woman shook her hand and walked away. Her shoulders fell. This was the sixth place in two months that had turned her down. She didn’t get it. She was a good singer; she’d been a good singer all her life. “I’m just not good enough.” She said to herself finishing her own thought out loud.

She sighed and started up her rusting car.
“I should just give up.” She told her tiny, empty home. She had tears in her eyes now.

She had moved into her crappy place from Pleasantview two months back with all of her life savings. She had graduated high school, and after two years of taking (and barely attending) some college courses, she told her parents she was quitting school, and leaving for Starlight Shores to be the famous musician she knew she was destined to be.
They didn’t approve at all, and told her if she left she would get no help from them, and that she would not be allowed back into their home. Joanna packed up her car and was gone a week later.

She was regretting her decision now more than ever. Maybe this had all been a mistake.
The only gig she could manage to get was a barely minimum wage job making drinks all day and night at the local coffee shop, and that was barely keeping the lights on. To supplement her income she had to play her guitar in the park or on street corners.

She couldn’t call her parents, they’d gloat about how they were right all along, and Joanna wouldn’t have that.
She set her guitar down and went to her bedroom to get dressed for work.

This was not going to be a good day at all, turned down again and now she had to go pour coffee and wipe tables for the next 6 hours.
She got to work and saw that her friend Tessa was going to be working with her. She smiled. Tessa was always so upbeat; no one supported her like she did. When she saw Joanna walk through the door, she beamed. “Hey! How did it go?!” she asked excitedly. Joanna could only shake her head sadly, “Oh, sweetie. I’m sorry. They didn’t deserve your talent anyway.” She hugged her.

Joanna sighed and fixed her apron, “Let’s just get to work.” She said gloomily. Tessa looked at her friend with sad eyes and left to go help a customer.
It was 11 at night by the time the girls were locking up. Joanna had been down all day, and her work suffered for it. She mixed up orders, spilled drinks, and her boss had laid into them both.

Tessa turned to her best friend, “Let’s go out tomorrow.”
“What? No, I’m not in the mood.” Joanna responded.

“You’ve lived here for two months and haven’t been out ONCE. You need a pick me up from today. Come on, we’re both off tomorrow, how rare is that? Let’s enjoy the night!”

Joanna looked at her friend; it was true, she hadn’t gone out, despite the invitations from co-workers.
Tessa kept her big hazel eyes on her, begging silently. Joanna laughed.

“Oh, alright.” She had given in. What could it hurt?

Tessa was ecstatic, “Yay! I’ll be over at 9 so we can start getting ready. You won’t regret this, I promise!” she hugged her friend and they went their separate ways.
9 o clock on the dot, Tessa was ringing her doorbell excited for the night to come.
Joanna eyed the tons of bags she had with her. She was scared.

She laughed nervously, “What is all this crap Tess?”

Tessa rolled her eyes, “It's not crap! It's just a few dresses and some make-up. Come on let's get ready!”

Joanna laughed and followed her friend into her bedroom to be made over for the night.
Two hours later, the girls were ready. Tessa smiled at her best friend, “You look amazing. I’m so excited!”

Joanna giggle nervously as her friend pushed her to the closest mirror.
Joanna looked in the hallway mirror and smiled; she really did look amazing. She never really got dressed up; she never had a reason to before.

She turned to Tessa, “Thank you, Tess. I really appreciate you trying to cheer me up.”

Tessa smiled and hugged her friend.
“The pleasure is all mine sweets. Now come on, let’s go!”

And with that, the girls were off for a night on the town.
They pulled up to the club and Joanna was mystified. She had never been downtown before, except for going to work and coming back. “What is this place called?” she asked her friend. “The Shooting Star. Isn’t it great?!” Tessa said as she walked up with a smile. “Come on! Let’s go in!”

They showed their IDs to the door man, went in and prepared themselves for a good night.
The girls danced all night. Joanna had never had so much fun. She looked great, the music was amazing, and the drinks were good.

They decided it was time for another round, so Joanna volunteered to pay. She had left Tessa on the dance floor to grab another round from the bar.
She sat at the bar out of breath and waited for the bartender to get to her. She had finally placed her order, and once the bartender put a tray in front of her, she reached for her wallet.

“Nope, it’s on me, I insist.” A deep voice came from behind her. She turned to see who it was.
The man behind her was none other than Adonis Alexander. Her eyes widened in amazement. “Uh, I, uh…” she started. She couldn’t think of anything to say. “Thank you..?” she finished nervously.

He laughed, “No problem, I like buying pretty girls drinks.” He smiled, grabbed his own drink, and headed back to his table further into the club.

Joanna took the drinks to Tessa in a daze.
Tessa found Joanna leaving the bar, “What took you so long girl?”

Joanna smiled lazily, “Adonis Alexander just bought our drinks.”

Tessa stopped dancing, “What?! Shut up!”
“No, seriously! He must have been waiting for his own drink! I went to grab my money, and he said that he would pay for it! That he ‘likes buying pretty girls drinks’.” She said suddenly feeling shy.

Tessa screamed, “Oh my gosh! I’ve heard famous people came here, but I’ve never seen any! I can’t believe it! Adonis Alexander!”

The girls screamed in union.
“I still can’t believe Adonis Alexander bought our drinks tonight! And you SPOKE to him!” Tessa squealed as she came out of Joanna’s bathroom later that night. The girls had retired from the club around 1 am, and they were tired.

“I know! I’ve been listening to his music ever since he first came out!” Joanna said as she stretched out on her bed, “And he called me pretty! Ahhh!” the girls laughed.
Adonis Alexander was one of Starlight Shores most famous musicians. He came out 3 years ago and practically stole the spotlight from every male artist out at the time. He's been number one on the charts ever since. And he was every bit of the Greek god he was named after. He was gorgeous. He was also known for always having an equally gorgeous woman on his arm. The tabloids painted him as a player and the Shores’ most eligible bachelor. That night put Joanna in the best mood the next day. It was Sunday, and it was her turn to open and close the coffee shop. Normally she dreaded her Sundays, but today was different. Although she was tired from partying, she went to work singing. It was finally time to close. The day hadn’t been bad at all; business was steady, she didn’t get too overwhelmed. She was just ready to lock up and go home. After her last failed audition, Joanna had sworn off trying to get a gig for a while. She was explaining such to Tessa when she’d stopped by one night to tell her about an open call at Performance Park.

“I just really need to take a break. I’ve been to six different places, maybe it’s me…” Joanna started.

Tessa would have none of it.
“Jo, I have a good feeling about this place! Come on! It’s in two weeks! That should be a long enough break! I KNOW you can win this! The winner gets $25,000 and a chance to record a single! That could be just what you need!” she urged.

Tessa believed in Joanna, even when she didn't believe in herself. She was an amazing musician, she just couldn't let her best friend give up so easily.
Joanna shook her head. She wasn’t sure. She was close to giving up. There are only so many times a door can be slammed in your face until you decide to stop knocking. She sighed. Tessa got up and walked over to the calendar, “Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m going to mark the 28th on your calendar. That’s 2 weeks from Saturday. We’re both off. I requested it. Now, I’M going to be there, the choice is yours if you’re going to be there too.” Tessa left Joanna after that. She had no idea what she was going to do. She sighed, the whole idea made her head hurt.
She turned off the lights in the house and went to bed.
That's it for chapter one!

What did you think?

Let me know with a comment! Or rate high!
See you in chapter two! :)

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#1jumpgirl_64Sep 20, 2012

Interesting \;\) can't wait for more!

#2jesgranny111Sep 20, 2012

good start!

#3spladoumSep 20, 2012

I thought it was really cute. I hope that Tessa is able to get the music career that she wants!

#4annarose16Sep 20, 2012

Great start!! \:D

#5EphySep 21, 2012

I hope she'll win this contest! Amazing! Nice story and great pictures!!

#6fruitopiaVIPSep 21, 2012

Adonis, like that name. Good start

#7boonetownVIPSep 22, 2012

Hope you write the next chapter!

#8jadababy2003VIPSep 22, 2012

Great start! Can't wait for more!\:D

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Very, very good start! \:D

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