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Published Nov 11, 2012

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Whoa. Sorry, it's been so long. I've been crazy busy. ENJOY!

Whoa. Sorry, it's been so long. I've been crazy busy. ENJOY! As the night went on, Zane was up all night grading papers, and entering grades into the computer.

On his desk, he had the pictures of Thalia and him, the first night he met her.

Zane: Looking at the photo, "I knew putting this frame up here would be a mistake, so distracting. But, a good distraction."
The next morning, Thalia woke up on the couch. Feeling groggy, she jumped in the shower.

Thalia: "I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine I got a love and I know that it's all mine, oh, oh oh oh Do what you want but you're never gonna break me Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me, oh, oh oh oh..... Hm, I think I'm gonna check out the consignment shop next door."
Walking around the shop, she noticed someone very familiar.

Thalia: "Oh my god. Jemma!"

Jemma: "Lia. How are you?"

Thalia: "I'm wonderful. Have a little house just next door. How are you? Wow, look at you, Miss sophisticated ."

Jemma: "I'm amazing. I'm a writer, I've written over 50 books, Colin and I got married!"

Thalia: "Congratulations!"

Jemma: "Thanks. I guess you haven't seen my brother lately have you?"

Thalia: "Nope. We broke up over a year ago. I'm happy to say it's over, or I would of never met my Zane."
Jemma: "Zane, huh? His last name wouldn't happen to be Ridgeland, would it?"

Thalia: "Um, yeah. How did you know?"

Jemma: "He's my cousin."

Thalia: "WHAT?! That seemed to slip his mind, even after I told him about Luke."

Jemma: "Don't give him a hard time. He's a great man."

Thalia: "I won't. Just, after everything I told him, and now finding out y'all are related, I'm surprised he didn't leave once I told him everything."

Jemma: "See, he's great. I've got to go though. Call me sometime. Love you."
Thalia felt a slight tap on her shoulder, and as soon as she turned around, she was in Colin's arms.

Colin: "Thought I'd say 'Hello' before I just walked out of here."

Thalia: "It's so good to see you."

Colin: "Yeah, it is. Luke really misses you."

Thalia: "That name is to NEVER be mentioned around me, Colin. You should know that. I'm pretty sure he's told you what he did to me."

Colin: "He also told me what you did to him. Look I'm not picking sides. Just wanted to let you know, your all he ever thinks about."

Thalia: "Well let him know, he never crosses my mind, and his cousin, Zane, is doing a wonderful job taking care of me and my needs."

Colin: "That's low, Lia. His own cousin?"

Thalia: "Hush, go on your wife is leaving. Thanks for the invitation to that. I feel real important."

Colin: "I'm not leaving on a bad note, so give me another hug, and we will have to grab dinner soon!"
After to her unexpected run in with a few old friends, by the time she got home, it was already time for her date.

So, she dressed in her most formal clothes, and went to meet Zane at the resturant.
Zane was waiting patiently at the front entrance of the resturant for Thalia. Thalia ran from her car, right into Zane's arms.

Thalia: "I've missed you."

Zane: "And I, you. Let's go get some grub."
After dinner, they went to the movies.

Zane: "Ready to go home babe?"

Thalia: "Sure am."
Thalia: "I almost forgot you were spending the weekend with me."

Zane: "Yeah, I am. So are you going to let me in."

Thalia threw her arms around him, and giggled. "I guess so."
Thalia: "You go shower, I'm going to make us a tasty desert."

Zane: "Okay, don't burn it."

Thalia: "One thing you need to know about me, I'm serious when it comes to food, nothing ever gets burnt."
She changed into her 'lounge clothes' and made her famous, Baked Angel food cake.

Zane: "Mmmm, something smells delicious."

Thalia: "I told you, my cooking and baking is always on point."
Zane: "I was talking about you."

Thalia: "Oh."
Zane: "These are some nice PJ's."

Thalia: "Zane, I think we should have some desert."

Zane: Laughing, "Yeah, I think so too. I'll get you a plate."
They ate in silence.

Thalia: *That was too close. We have to take it a little slower. Ugh. I need to tell him these things.* "Zane ..."

Zane: "I'm sorry, that was my fault. I just couldn't help myself."

Thalia: With a smile on her face,"Just don't let it happen again." She winked at him.
Once they were done with the desert, Zane helped Thalia clean up, then they went and cuddled in bed.

Zane: "So, I have an idea."
Zane: "Let's go to France. I've always wanted to go. I have a few days off. I'd love to spend more then just a weekend with you."

Thalia: "I'd love that, Z."
As the plane started to descend. Thalia looked out the window.

Thalia: "Babe, this is beautiful."

Zane: Staring directly at Thalia, "My view is better."

Thalia: "God, I love you...."

It slipped right out of her mouth.

Zane: "I love you, Thalia."
Thalia: "Babe, this hotel is beautiful, but I want to sight see."

Zane: "Then let's go take a nice walk."

As they climbed to the top of the huge hill, they caught their breath and took in the most beautiful view they've ever seen.

Thalia: "This is, oh god, amazing."

Zane: "It is, I'm glad we're here together."

Thalia: "Me too."
Zane: "Babe, look over there," as he pointed to his right.

Thalia: "I didn't even notice the train tracks. This is so nice."

Zane: "I love you."

Thalia: "& I love you."

Zane: "Come on, let's head back into town."
The weekend flew by, and on their last night in France, Zane took Thalia out to dinner.

Thalia: "That was absolutely delicious. Thank you honey."

Zane: "Anything for you," and then he got down on one knee.

Thalia: "What are you doing? You do know those shoes don't have laces, right?"
Thalia: "Oh my god!"

Zane: "I know we've only known each other for a few months, but I love you. I couldn't picture my life without you. You're beautiful, smart, funny, your personality is out of this world, you're an amazing cook, one day you're going to make a wonderful mother, but first, I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me Thalia?"
Thalia couldn't speak, as the tears ran down her face, she finally smiled.

Thalia: "Yes. I can't wait to marry you!"

Zane: "Whew. Tomorrow when we go home, I want you to come home with me, to my home, our home!"

Thalia: "Nothing would make me more happier."
They took an earlier flight home, so that Thalia could move in before Zane went back to work. As they pulled up to an old Victorian home, Thalia became speechless.

Zane: "This is it."

Thalia: "Z, this is beautiful."

Zane: "I'm glad you like it. My great grandfather built it."
When they walked in the house, Thalia stopped dead in her tracks.

Thalia: "This is, uh, interesting."

Zane: "I'm never usually here. You can do whatever you want to this house. It's yours now too. Make it something I'll want to come home to."
Thalia: "But, babe. That's not my place. This is still your house."

Zane: "I meant it, it's yours now also. Everything is dated. It needs to be done. Don't worry about a budget, I've got more then enough money put away. I love you, I want you comfortable here."

Thalia rapped her arms around his kneck.

Thalia: "How did I ever get so lucky?"

Zane: "I ask myself the same thing, everyday since I met you."
Zane took her on a tour, they reached the kitchen first.

Thalia: "Oh, I'm so glad you told me I could re-do this place. I'm starting in here. You know I love to cook, this just won't do."

Zane put his hands on her waist.

Zane: "Whatever you want princess."
Several months later...

Zane: "Baby, the house looks amazing."

Thalia: "Thanks. It just needed some fresh paint, new furniture, decor, and some character."
Zane: "You're amazing."

Thalia: "I know."

Zane: "So, now that you're done, you can start planning our wedding?"

Thalia: "Little do you know, I've been planning it this entire time."

Zane pulled her into his arms, "I can't wait to marry you," and then he kissed her passionately.

Thalia: "Babe, I'm ready."

Zane: "You're ready?," he said with a questionable look.

Thalia led him up the stairs into their bedroom.
Zane: "We don't have to."

Thalia: "I want to. I love you."

Zane looked her in the eyes, and pulled her close, "I love you."
... :) ;) .... When Thalia woke the next morning, Zane had already left for work. She rolled out off bed, and stared at herself in the mirror.

Thalia: "La, la la. Gosh you're beautiful Thalia. You've got yourself a good man. Your life is looking up."
Two months pass by, and Thalia's appetite has increasingly grown.

Thalia: "God, I'm so hungry. I think I want a marshmallow peanut butter sandwich."
Thalia: "This smells so good!" Just as she was finishing up the sandwiches, Zane came in a swooped her up.

Zane: "Mmmm, smells good. Did you make some for me?"

Thalia: "You know I can't let my man go hungry," she said with a smile.

Zane: "I love you, baby."

Thalia: "Not as much as I love you."
Zane: "Babe, really?"

Thalia: shoveling the sandwich in her mouth, "WHAT?"

Zane: "Marshmallow and peanut butter?"

Thalia: "It's so good!"

Zane: "If you say so, you've been having some weird cravings lately. This, pickles and ice cream."

Thalia: "No cravings, just what I'm in the mood for."

Zane: "If you say so."
The next morning, as soon as Thalia got out of the shower, she instantly felt sick. Thalia: "Oh my god! I'm pregnant!"

So sorry to finish the story off this way. Something is wrong with this family and every time I try to play them, it crahses. :( I hope everyone enjoyed the journey of Thalia. Be on the look out for some more stories by me!!! :)

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