Queen of Kings, Chapter 8
Published Sep 22, 2012

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Queen of Kings, Chapter 8 :

Family feuds

Queen of Kings, Chapter 8 :

Family feuds
It had been a long sorry night for the inhabitants of the ancient dilapidated vessel better known as the Bessie Marie II.

Violent rainfall had beat mercilessly against the ships exterior, strong winds wailed like banshees in the dark. The boat shook from side to side with a sickening ferocity as her passengers fought to keep their dinner in their stomachs and desperate voices cried out all night pleading the storm to pass.
Not surprisingly then, it was met with great relief when the conditions finally reached a welcome lull. Every man onboard greeted the new found calm with opened arms. All except for one. For he hadn’t even noticed there had been a storm in the first place. He had been so bogged down in his own personal misery that everything around him had become utterly insignificant, had the entire earth crumbled around him he would probably not have noticed. “Your breakfast, I said. Do you want it? Answer me now lad or I’ll eat it myself. I’ve asked you four times already” “I don’t want it. Could you leave me alone please” “Don’t say I didn’t offer. You're gonna be hungry later though, last chance..." “Oh go away, would you? Can’t you see my life has fallen apart here? I am not in the mood for chatter!!” “Oi, enough now. Calm yourself. We’re all in the same boat here, no pun intended” “Really? Are we? Yesterday morning I was facing a future with a woman I love. By last night she should have been my wife. Instead I spent what should have been my wedding night on this stinking wreck- alone. It’s not quite what we had imagined you know. I have had my whole life snatched away! And you? What’s your story?” “Stole three gold watches, me. Now I’m being exiled to old Hades to pay for it with hard work, back breaking stuff it is, gruelling, I’m sorry now I got caught”

“Old Hades? What?”

“That’s what they call it, the Island, for obvious reasons. Ain’t a pleasant place. No sir, ain’t a pleasant place”

The Royal Palace was, quite literally, a whole world away now.

It emitted wealth and luxury, extravagance and great material possessions, but none of that meant anything, for sorrow is the same for rich and poor alike.

And a certain young woman who lived there knew that all too well by now.
“Look, look over there, the Princess has returned” one Palace employee said to the other as they took a momentary break from their work in the garden. “Yes. The King returned this morning and made it safe for her to do so. He simply cannot believe the drama that has unfurled in this place in the past few days" her friend replied. "Nor can I. What a selfish and malicious heir that poor man has"

"Indeed. Indeed"
“Miss Louisa, please pass a message to any one who enters this house; whoever they are I don’t want to see them. Nobody is permitted through these doors, I wish to be left alone. I will make no exceptions”

"Yes Madam"
“Hello there sweet Wilbert. There you are my lovely boy.

You don’t how lucky you are, do you?

Life is a complex existence for us humans, I can’t help but think it would be so much simpler if we were all furry little animals"
"As long as you have a full belly and a warm fire and someone to cuddle you you’re happy, right? Yes you are, happy as a clam. Yes" "Today I wish not to be human, our lives are so complicated. Today I should have woken up in the arms of my husband, both of us safe and well and together, ready to begin the rest of our lives. But no, Wilbert...” “...Some of us humans can be vengeful creatures, jealous, self-seeking and not happy unless someone else is miserable..." "..I have fallen victim to one such human, if he can even be labelled as such, but I have fallen victim to him one last time.

Make no mistake. He will not exist in my life any longer, I will not allow him.

Now you go get in your basket while I change my clothes and dry my eyes, you and I are leaving"
“Vivienna, it’s me, your Papa. May I come in?”

“Your Majesty, your daughter does not wish to see anyone. Anyone at all”
“Papa, I was just coming to find you. To bid you farewell.” “What? No. What are you talking about? Don’t worry. I have sorted everything out, Uel of Soltz has been told he is not welcome here!” “No, it is not Uel of Soltz who is the problem. It is Grantley. I can’t live under the same roof as him any longer, I do not wish to look upon his heartless face and hear his cold callous laughter echo through these halls for another day. It's for the best that I go” "No, Vivienna. Now stop this nonsense. We can sort this out, we can fix it. You don't have to leave" "Oh Papa! Don't you get it? Every time I look at him I will see the future he has stolen from me and I cannot live like that. I may never see Morris again and it’s all because of him. I have to leave before I end up hating up him, if I don't already. I'm not sure what I feel right now. I just need to get out of here" "Please Viv, think this through. I don't want you to go" "Look I'm sorry Papa, but I must. Please don't make this any more difficult for me. And don’t worry. I am only going a few miles away to Norsdale Manor.." "..And you can visit me every day, you will always be part of my life. The same cannot be said for my brother, sadly”

"Bye now Papa" "Why! Ugh, why did this...WHY!?" "Do not worry your Majesty, you heard what your daughter said. She is only going to Norsdale Manor, it isn't far at all. You can see her every day"

"Miss Louisa, that is not the point!! The point is that I am losing my family one by one! My daughter has been driven out of her own home! know what, I'm going for a walk in the south garden. I need to think!"
"Come on, think! What to do? Think!!" "Excuse me your Highness but I noticed you from the window and it struck me that you are behaving like a man deranged. Please, come inside, get a hot cup of tea and sit down"

"I don't care!"

"Sir, families fight. That's what they do. It's okay. I have problems with my children too. In fact just the other day my oldest daughter pulled my youngest daughter's hair!"
"What? What! Is that supposed to help me Madam? Do you honestly think PULLING HAIR compares to my son setting me up, sending an innocent man into exile and attempting to marry his sister to the Prince of Soltz? My son who is going to be the next ruler of this entire realm!Are you jesting me!"

"No, well, no. I'm sorry. I suppose that wasn't helpful"

"No! No it wasn't! My wayward unsuitable heir is not merely pulling people's hair! He is ripping his family apart and is one day set to sabotage the good of the country that I love so dearly and have worked so hard for! Now THAT'S what I call a problem!"

"You're right my King, I do apologise"
"Forgive me please, Miss, I am being rude. As you can see I am in quite a predicament here"

"I understand. Shall I go get your advisor? Perhaps he can help you decide what to do about your problem"

"No thank you, I have already decided..."
"...What you can do for me is go and get my security staff to escort Grantley to the tower. A little while in Prison is no more than what he deserves. As his Father this is a hard choice for me to make but it shall only be temporary, just until he learns his lesson" "If you're sure"

"I am. I am sure. I must stand up to him, as his King not his Father. He must be treated the same way as anyone else would be in this situation. Please, go now and alert my staff to get the ball rolling, I want him imprisoned by tonight. Do itquickly please. Before I change my mind."

"Yes Sir"
To be continued....

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lish300Sep 24, 2012

OH. MY. GOSH. what is he gonna do to grantley??? AHH! hurry with the next chapter!

annarose16Sep 23, 2012

So glad the King is back! This was a great (and fast!) chapter! I loved it, as always. \:D

Lady Arielle VIPSep 23, 2012 when is the next installment due? \:rah\: \:wub\:

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