So it was you- Chapter 12
Published Sep 29, 2012

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Hey guys! Been really busy that I didn't have the time to reply to your comments, I'm sorry for that. :(

To answer very much everything, here's chapter 12. Sorry to have kept you guys hanging, so have fun! :D

Hey guys! Been really busy that I didn't have the time to reply to your comments, I'm sorry for that. :(

To answer very much everything, here's chapter 12. Sorry to have kept you guys hanging, so have fun! :D

Ric buzzed me, what's his problem now? After seeing her with another girl his gonna act like nothing happened? I better give him what he deserves!

"What do you want?!" I typed

"Someone's in a bad mood" he instantly replied
"I dont want to talk to you Ric. Leave me alone"
"After I told you how I truly feel you're going to reject me?"

I'm about to tick!! UGHH! I hate liars!!

"Quit it Ric, I'm not in the mood for your jokes!"
"Will I joke on something this serious? Didn't you feel that I was sincere?"
The worst part there is that I felt that he was sincere, but how come he was with another girl? Oh right, he is an actor. I probably got carried away by his skills, I know this is just a game to him.

"I'm signing off, bye" I don't want to talk to him anymore, it hurts too much. I cant be with a liar, I cant love a liar.

Eri does not deserve to be betrayed, now I'm feeling guilty to what I did.

"Hey wait, don't go just yet Kei" I don't want to reply anymore!

"Listen Kei, I really am serious about my feelings for you, I'm not asking you to love me back. I just want you to believe me. I know you are still there reading this, please give me a chance. Goodnight my love"
I loathe him! I hate him! UUGHH!! I hate him for making me love him in even though I know he lied to me! I hate the fact that I know I'm hurting so much yet my heart wouldn't stop calling his name. I'm so stupid, falling in love with a guy.. that I know will just break my heart.

I hate myself for still wanting him.

It's a new day today, yesterday's tears will be tomorrow's laughter. Yes and today I will be happy, I will not let myself be affected too much. From today on, I will not think about him, I will forget him and remain loyal to Eri.
Someone's cooking breakfast? That must be what made me feel good, the aroma of waffles, smell's kinda like mom's waffles cant wait to devour them waffles!

Oh no.. Oh noo!!!

Perfect morning ruined. Great.
What in the world is he doing here? How come he can just step right in here and use the kitchen?! WHO LET THIS GUY, I MEAN LIAR IN? "I smell a liar, I hate that stench." I mumbled
"Hey, you're up just in time! C'mon move it, and let's eat"

I didn't paid much attention to him, coz' my tummy wouldn't let me. I'm hungry and I'm going eat!

I got a plate of Waffles and sauntered immediately to the table, without saying anything to him.
It was an awkward silence in the table, I don't care i just want to eat and I don't want anything to do with him.


I cant believe him annoying me again!
"What?" I stopped eating
"Why aren't you talking to me?"
"I dont talk... to strangers" what a failure!

I actually wanted to tell him that I don't talk to liars!

"I'm still a stranger to you after everything that had happen?"
"Yes" 85% of my agreement to what he said is true, up until now I still don't know his name.
Now that I have that realization, I'm curious about his real name.. I'm setting that aside first! I'm still angry at him for lying to me.

"Eat my cooking Kei, I made it all for you" he ordered, how unbelievable! Still pushing me around? But yeah, I'm hungry so I'll follow him.
"What can you say about my cooking? Its very far from your cooking" he bragged

"I told you not to eat those hotdogs" I munched on my waffles

"I finished it because you made for me"

"I didn't ask for you to do that." Finishing my food
"Hey! what's wrong?"

"I'm going to my room."

"You're leaving me here?"

"I didn't invite you to come here in the first place" I stood up grabbing my plate "Thanks for the food btw" I added and left the table
"What the?!" it was the last sentence I heard from him before I went to my room.

I hate the feeling that I couldn't stand being with him in the same room and the fact that I still want him near me. It's always a paradox when it's about him.

I love him so much that I cant hate him and I hate him so much because I love him.
I took a bath, I hoped that the negative feeling that I have would probably be washed as well..

Is falling in love really this hard? I don't know, the only love I know is the innocent love from Eri. It's just filled with love, no buts, no ifs, no nothing. It was only love.

I came out of the bathroom and it was Ric who greeted me.

"You took your time" turning the page of the book

"I didn't ask you to wait for me" I said flatly "What are you doing here anyway?" I continued he didn't answer me. I better make him, I cant stand him. I just cant anymore.

"You are such a stalker, don't you have any other person to stalk besides me?" I was about to turn around but suddenly he stood up and looked at me. It was the same eyes that pierced me when he found out about Seth, remembering it gives me the chills and now I can see it again.
"What is your problem?" he said looking straight to eyes, emotionlessly.

"There is nothing wrong Ric, I just..."

"Just wha?!" He raised his voice and about to shake. He is so scary when he is this mad. I'm hating him more.

It took a while before I gathered the strength to reply to him. I'm afraid of how he will react to what will I say..

"What Keira?!" he sounded like a monster to me!
"Just... leave me alone Ric" I summoned the guts to utter those words, but I know what I said will make him angrier.

"Why? Tell me." he sounded like a dictator again, and I cant tell him why I'm like this, why I'm so upset, why I'm jealous and most importantly I cant tell him that I love him.

"I can't" I forced myself to say it.

"Why cant you?!" those word resounded in my head, I asked myself? Why cant I tell him everything? "Tell me the reason Keira!" I shouted
and I lost it.


"Calm down Keira" trying to hold me down


then I heard it PAK! he smashed his fists into my table..
It was the monster inside Ric. I cant believe he would unleash it in front me, I cant believe that he can show it to me.

I was just afraid..

too afraid.

I thought that my table would be crushed to pieces, he still has control by the looks of this?

"It was my Mother's order." he's fists are shaking "I had to date that woman because if not, she'll dump me somewhere.. where I cant be with you. I cant accept that" he paused for a few seconds "I cant afford to be away from you again.."

"Who really are you?" I tried to complete my sentence

"I am Richard Ashworth II" trying to control his anger "the son of Hidden Spring's President, the heir of this town and it's wealth"

"Wait! Ashworth?? You're related to Seth?!" I fell on my knees

"Seth is like a brother to me. He is my cousin"

"and your Mother treats you that way because you are the next in line"

Everything was too much too handle in one blow. I couldnt bring myself to believe each and every word he said.

He is an Ashworth, he is related to Seth and he loves me.

I can't digest and let everything sink in. I dont know what to feel anymore. It's plain complicated.
"I know this is too much for you, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you everything sooner. But it doesn't matter anymore, I'm here, you're with me and that's fine. In the end everything will be okay. I promise."

" Stop! You are not allow to love me Ric, obey your Mother and fulfill what you have been groomed for." I don't want to get caught into this mess besides it'll hurt the both of us. It's already hard for me, I'm sure its harder for him, I love him and I dont want him to be burdened anymore.
I stood up, let loose of his hold. I have to do this, its for our good. Indeed, I cant tell him how I feel, everything will be worst.

"if you truly love me, you have to follow what I just told you" I turned my back on him

"Kei, dont do this I'm willing to take every blow that my Mother will do, that is how much I love you"

"Please Ric, dont make everything more complicated"
"Don't you love me?"

"I dont love you Ric, you're just gonna waste your time, energy and effort for me. I cant accept that, that's much. I didn't asked for any of that anyway"

I heard him sighed so I faced him.

There he was smirking.
"Give those bull a break Keira" he laughed


"Oh c'mon, I know you are dumb sometimes but please give that a break too and stop acting. You're awful."

"I'm not acting, I'm being serious here." I need to lie! He's already on to me!
"I know you very well, you cant keep a secret from me" he gave me his sly smile

"You are such a stalker!" he just laughed at me and I can clearly see that he is very much amused.

"If you truly don't love me then why would you be concerned about my wasted efforts? If you really didn't care you would just let me do as I please." I was about to cut him off but he placed his index finger on the top of my lip, gesturing me to shut up "I'm not yet finished, you are not burden to me Keira, I am willing to be your shield from the Witch, with you by my side, I know I can do it"

"Naah-ah ah! stop trying to resist me, all your arguments are already invalid."

I'm trapped mentally, I dont know what to say! I still don't want everything to be hard for him, I better convince him in another way? What way? I'm already cornered. Oh heck!

"So what's your reason this time?" he said

"I just.. I can't.."

"Cant what?"

"This is useless! I love you Ric!"
I grabbed him closer to me and I kissed him hard. I want him, I want all of him. I can't be away from him anymore, I don't want to lose him because he is mine. My Ric, I dont care about anything that will come my and I mean our way, together we can face everything. Nothing is impossible.


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bobo.1Aug 7, 2013

i was searching for chapter 1 but couldent find it can give you me the link?\:\(

AmyRainbow(Spam) Oct 12, 2012

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AmyRainbowOct 12, 2012

What expansion packs do you have, and how did you get him to push her against the wall? And in your other vid, he hugged he from behind?

Just curious coz I've never seen those interactions on the Sims 3.

Plz reply, I love you videos btw! \:D

Sims3iscool23Oct 2, 2012

this should be a series like the ones on about the hundreds of views! \:D

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