What Happens In The Falls.... Chapter 1
Published Oct 21, 2012

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Welcome to the 1st Chapter of What Happens In The Falls! Be sure to read the intro of this story so you can get a preview of what's happened before this chapter.

I hope you enjoy the story! :)

Welcome to the 1st Chapter of What Happens In The Falls! Be sure to read the intro of this story so you can get a preview of what's happened before this chapter.

I hope you enjoy the story! :)
Megan has been settling in quite well in Moonlight Falls, even though she finds some of the locals a bit strange. She has seen quite a few people with fairy wings on their back, (she couldn't understand why they were dressing up as if it was Halloween) and some very hairy people that she thought should be in the Guinness book of records!

But other than those mysterious beings, so far things hasn't turned out the way she'd expected it to...but it some cases it was a good thing!
She came to the Falls to look for love and she now has a boyfriend! A guy that is soo nice to her, any time he had free, he was right by her side taking her around town, or on most nights, cuddle up infront of the tv and watch movies!

But that routine slowly ended. At first, a day would pass and he never came over, then a couple of days turned to a week! He would call occasionally but he hardly spent time with her! Was the honeymoon phase over already?

She was kind of relieved though!...She was relieved because she has never had the experience of having someone around her 24/7 so it did make her feel claustrophobic but kind of bored later on when he was nowhere to be seen!
So Megan decided to make herself useful and went to the bookstore to see if there were any jobs available, luckily for her there was!

Now she had something something to keep her a occupied in the afternoon, instead of moping around wishing Jules was there with her.
The days when Jules didn't bother to come by (and when she wasn't working) she would go fishing or hang around at the park to read.

She loves nature, the great outdoors! She has her dreams of travelling around the world! Egypt, France, China!
Most of the time she would walk around the neighbourhood, to look at all the beautiful houses. And there was one particular house she loved to walk pass which was a mansion that had been there for many years, that is now being refurbished.

Gossip round town have been saying that there will be new faces in town..and that they are some kind of royalty. But you can't believe everything you hear!

The community was quite surprised when all was revealed!
It wasn't a family and he was most definitely not from royalty. He's just a guy that's quite wealthy..and fit!

His name is Samuel Black.

Samuel has been the talk of the town since he officially moved to the Falls and the female neighbours have been admiring the view, whenever they see him jog pass their house in just his shorts!
If not in his shorts...he'll be in one of his cars driving around town. The only person who was not interested in him was Megan!

She couldn't take those stuck-up, snobby people who love to splurge like crazy, talk about themselves and think they are better than everybody else and that was his name written all over him!
She never EVER thought that she would come into contact with him but she did! To prove of her opinion of him, he was only here for less than a week and he was already socialising with one of the snobbiest snobs in town. Samuel was quite quenched after all that bragging about his new house and pool, so he made his way to the bar when something caught his sight.

He looked at this woman's legs as if it was a piece of art, studying the sculpt and tone of it all! He then made his way up slowly to her waist "Perfect!" He whispered. He couldn't see the face of who owned this amazing body as her hair was covering it, so he continued to make his way to the bar.
"Uh hi! Can I get one of your specials! Thanks! He said to the bartender. What a night huh! The woman didn't budge. You know the full moon will be coming soon!" The woman briefly looked at him, smiled and turned back.

"It's pretty amazing when your fishing under a full moon, it's quite an experience!..I'm quite the outdoors type!" He bragged. "Really!..I would never of guessed!" She spoke in a sarcastic tone though she wasn't. She left her drink on the bar and was ready to leave. "Did I offend you or something or are you like this to everyone you meet?" Megan stopped in her tracks then slowly did a 180. "No, you didn't offend me, I just never expected someone like you to notice me!"

"Well I don't know why you would think someone like me, would not notice an attractive woman standing by the bar in that amazing, eye catching outfit!" Megan blushed. "I'm not attractive!...Besides, I wore black so I wouldn't get noticed!"
"Well I think it's safe to say that it didn't work!" He gave her a boyish smile which made her blush a bit more.
"Why don't I get us drinks and we can sit down..and you can maybe explain to me the kind of guy you think I am!" He offered. It was as if a cat got her tongue, she didn't speak, she just nodded her head and watched him go back to the bar. After he ordered the drinks, he turned to look back at Megan and she was nowhere to be seen! He looked all over the club from where he was standing and he couldn't see her. Samuel ran outside to find Megan in her car, just about to drive off!

He didn't bother to call out for her as it would be pointless! He'd never came across a woman who ran away from him before..and he liked it! He thought she was playing hard to get!

Usually women would be parading around him, doing anything to be with him! But he wasn't into that long term commitment thing, only until he finds his 'true love!'
Megan was different. She didn't seem like the type of woman who wanted to be the eye of attention, she is shy, but has quite an attitude when she's ready!

He wanted to get to know her and he wanted to make that his 1st priority!
A couple of nights later he thought he'd try his luck and go to the Red Velvet Lounge, to see if he would see her again. He was there for about half an hour at the bar, turning around each time someone entered the lounge.

Then finally he saw the person he had been waiting for!
As Megan came in she didn't notice Samuel at the bar, she was too exhausted as she just came from work. She sat down patiently and covered her face. But when she heard a familiar voice she popped her head up.

"So we meet again!" The familiar voice said. "Are you stalking me!" She asked him. "I was here first actually so I should be asking you that!"
Don't flatter yourself!" Samuel grinned, there was that cheeky girl he met the other night! "Well what if I told you that I came here waiting and..hoping to see you tonight?"
"Then I would say that you are crazy...and lucky, in your perspective!" The bartender gave her the drink she ordered and she quickly took a sip.

"I'm Samuel! Samuel Black!" He smiled at her. She was beginning to feel shy again. But this time she spoke. "Megan..Megan Hensley!" They shook hands.
"You look like you needed that drink, busy day?" He wanted to make conversation and this time try to get her to stay. "You could say that!"
"How about I get you another drink and this time instead of running away, we can sit down and talk!" He offered, she couldn't keep doing that otherwise he'll probably think she's crazy, so she agreed!

He went to get the drinks and she went to find a seat.
Samuel came back with the drinks and joined her. She took the last sip of her drink and then they just sat there..without saying a word. They sat like that for a couple of minutes looking at eachother when the other wasn't looking.

"This is probably the longest he has ever been quiet!" She thought to herself.
"So what do you do for a living?" Megan didn't want to really answer that, she felt a little embarrassed as he's probably the CEO of some huge company and she just works in a bookstore! "Umm...I'm currently uhhh... (She clears her throat) I work in!" She kept her head down. She didn't want to see the look on his face.

"Oh!...So you have a love for books then!" That wasn't the response she was expecting so she went along with it! "Kinda, it all started when I was in high school, I'm not really a bookworm, but I do love my supernatural books!"
"Oh what's your favourite supernatural being?" He asked. "Wow! Well that's a tough would have to be vampires and werewolf's!" Samuel seemed disappointed werewolf's weren't her no. 1, but at least they are one of her top 1s!

"Do you think that supernaturals are..real?" He felt like a fool asking this. "Do you?" She seemed surprised. "Uh..yeah! Course!" He joked, and they laughed.

They stayed there talking up until it was time for the lounge to close. They grabbed their stuff and walked out together.
" was nice talking to you! I had fun!" Megan smiled at him and took a step away. That's when he opened his mouth. "So will I ever see you again? I would like to take you out to dinner or something!" Megan just looked at him. "It was nice meeting you!" She continued to walk off to her car. He stood there in the same spot, confused.

Megan had a great time, but she felt guilty. She had to end this now before things get too far!" (Though a part of her did want to see him again!)
"So you've seen this guy two times now....that's gotta mean something right!" Said Tracey, one of Megan's colleagues. "No, it means nothing! The 1st time fine, but the second time he came there hoping to see me again!.. Tracey interrupted her. "Yeah and that was all down to fate! He chose that day to go there and hopefully see you and his wish came true!"

"Well I'm not interested!" Megan was stacking up books on the bookcases. "It didn't sound like it to me when you was describing him! What was it she said?"
"His long, brown hair, his kind light brown eyes and his..masculine physique!" Zoe the other girl repeated and then laughed at her. "Ha, ha, ha! I'm not interested...I have..a boyfriend!"

"Yeah a boyfriend who hardly spends time with you! I wouldn't call him a boyfriend! If he cared about you, he would still want or try to be with you everyday!"
"Uhuh! Your right girl! Yeah sometimes you don't get to see your man everyday, but when weeks go by..something is up!" Said Zoe.

"You have a guy that seems to really like you and you feel the same way...
"I'm not cheating on Jules! I'm lucky enough to have someone who wants to be with me!...Anyway's, he's not my type!"
"Okay Megan, he's not your type so you can forget about him!" Everyone went back to work.

But she couldn't forget about him. He was on her mind and she couldn't get him out.
It was about 6pm, an hour left until she finished for the day. She couldn't wait to begin her weekend. She just finished up serving a customer when a familiar face walked into the store. "Oh my gosh!" She said loud enough for Tracey to hear. "What!" She followed her gaze and saw this man standing at the entrance looking lost. "Is that him! He is.. she turned to look at Megan but she was gone. So she went over to greet him.

"Hi and welcome to Mind Connection Bookstore! How may I help you today?" She spoke politely. "Um..I'm just gonna look around." He smiled at her and then went to a bookcase. Tracey ran to the back (as she knew where she was hiding) to go and talk to her.

"What is wrong with you! Go and talk to him! You know he came here to see you!"
"No! He came to the 'bookstore' to look for 'books!" She whispered. "Well why don't you help him find his books!" She pushed her back outside. She caught his attention.
"Megan! Hi!" He seemed very happy to see her. "Hi! She stayed behind the counter, Tracy quietly joined her followed by Zoe. "So what can I help you with?"
"Dinner, tomorrow night! With me!" He gave her that boyishly smile again. "Uhh..
"She'd love to! Tracey answered for her! "Great! I'll pick you up at 7!"
"How about..I you there!"

"Okay, meet me at Performance Park and then we can make our way from there!" He said. Megan grinned. She wasn't impressed in what the grils got her into, but a part of her wanted to go anyway! "I'll see you then! He winked at her. Bye ladies!"
"Bye!" Tracey & Zoe said in unison waving at him.

When he left, Megan had a right go at them, but as soon as she reached home, she was looking for something to wear!
The whole time up to when she went to meet Samuel at Performance Park, she wondered why he chose to make that their meeting place and she soon found out why!

There was concert going on! She read in the paper about this well-known superstar coming to town but she didn't put two and two together that it was this actual park she was performing at.

Samuel was there with the tickets and went to the front. She got there just in time as the show was just beginning! She clicked her fingers and tapped her feet and moved her head to the music until Samuel got her more into it and started dancing with her until she caught up the courage to dance by herself!
The show lasted for 2 about hours or so and she was still laughing and dancing. Samuel felt quite pleased about making this decision to come here as it seemed to loosen her up.

At one point near the end of the show he stood there behind her and watched her dance the night away (well a few hours) until Megan caught him and stopped dancing.

She was blushing. "What, is there something wrong with the way I dance? Am I embarrassing you?" She said as she rubbed her neck nervously. "No not at all! He took a step towards her. I was err..admiring the view!" Megan's face turned a little redder. "Oh!"

When he realised how embarrassed she was, he asked her if she was ready to get something to eat and then made their way to the restaurant.
It wasn't a long drive down to the restaurant as it was only down the road. They could have walked it if they wanted to! But when they arrived in his brand new Ferrari, the valet took his car and they went in side by side to wait for the host to show them to their seats.

When they were seated comfortably, the waiter came with the menus and offered them a selection of their finest wines and champagnes they had to offer. While they waited, they browsed through the menu.

The waiter came with their wines and asked if they were ready to order in which they were. So he took their order and was off again leaving the two to stare at each other in silence.
"So what brought you to Moonlight Falls?" Samuel asked. "Why do you think that I haven't been here my whole life? She asked him. "You seem like the city girl type..and the way how you look at this place as if you've never seen it before!"
"You look like you do too!"

"Really! You think? Megan nodded her head. "So you're not from the city then?" Megan would be surprised to hear otherwise. "No...well, originally I come from a certain part of America in the countryside, a lovely place called 'Appaloosa Plains!' I don't know if you've heard of it!"
"No, I haven't. Is that far from here?!

"It's not too far! It's a great place to grow up, but my father wanted me to get into the family business so, I moved to 'Starlight Shores' to learn!" So she was half right and now she could get a sense of why he is who he is!

"So what's the family business?"
"We uhh..we own an architectural company that my great, great, great grandfather x10 (he joked) started and have built houses, to mansions, to buildings and a few skyscrapers!" He went on until he realised he was starting to bore her.
Their food finally came and continued to talk. This time about Megan.

"So you didn't answer my question before, or was it because I'm right!" Megan smiled. "I'm from Bridgeport!"
"I knew it! I just knew it! He had a big smug grin that couldn't be wiped off his face. So how long have you been here for then?"
"5 months..probably longer." She's lost track of time.

"Why the Falls?
"Huh?" Megan was lost. "Falls..Moonlight Falls! Where we are now!"
"Oh!...I get it now!" She giggled. Then began to tell her story.

"How did your parents feel about it? You know, moving so far away? Megan's smile disappeared and went quiet. I'm sorry that's not my business!"
"no, no.. She spoke softly. I just....I wouldn't know how my parents would feel about I've never met them."

He apologised and never said any more. They were supposed to have dessert but Megan felt tired. They skipped it and departed the restaurant.
"I just want to apologise once again about bringing that up, I'm sure it was really tough." He said sounding truly sincere. "It was but I'm okay..I guess. But thank you for tonight, I had a great time!" She thanked as she stood there with her hands together.

"You're welcome. I had a great time too!..And I'm glad you enjoyed the concert too cause I wasn't sure you'd like it, but I guess I did good! Megan's face went red. "Oh yes! He remembered. I wanted to give you these before....
Samuel went to his car with the valet standing beside waiting, he picked up a bunch of purple flowers and dashed back over.

"For you!" He presented them to her with both of his hands holding the bouquet. "Oh thank you!....
As she put her hand on the flowers to take them, she gently touched Samuel's hand. They glanced into each others eyes..and for one moment, they felt a connection, a type of connection neither one of them has ever felt.

While they stood there it was as if time had passed, but in reality it only lasted for less than a few seconds as Megan quickly moved her hand away and thanked him again for the flowers.
"May I drop you home?" He kindly offered. It was the least he could do. "Oh no I'm fine thanks! I'll just call the taxi! We live in separate directions anyway so... "Well I hope you get home safely and have a good night! I hope to hear from you soon!"

He kisses her on the back of her hand then walked off towards his car. Megan stood there and watched for a moment until she noticed a taxi coming nearby.
On Monday afternoon she went to work with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. Even though she felt guilty about having dinner with Samuel, she did enjoy his company and it's been a long time she's been in the company of a man!

The girls noticed the difference in her as she entered the store and they were already on her case trying to get the 411 on her date on Saturday!

She didn't want to spill, but they forced it out of her so she told them what happened from the time she left her house, all the way up to when he left. But her story ended at the most perfect time as Jules entered the store.

"Jules!...What are you doing here!" She sounded un-pleased but changed her tone promptly. "Sorry! We've been quite busy today!"
"Remember we agreed to have lunch together at the coffee house!" He reminded.(She took an early shift today) And then she remembered. "Right!..I'll just get my bag and we can go!"

When Megan came back he was already outside so she waved to her colleagues and scurried out at the same time.
Once they were all settled in the booth, Megan could notice how strange Jules was acting. She then became suspicious when she thought about what Zoe previously said to her.

"I've missed you soo much! I've been..really busy lately with work cause things are changing and I really need to be focused!" He made an excuse. "But it doesn't mean you couldn't of at least called! I would loved to of heard about work!" She moaned.

"I know and I'm sooo sorry! I know this one lunch won't make it up to you (he put his hand over hers) but it's surely a start!" Megan didn't have any more to say about this topic so she stopped talking.
Jules ended up talking about his days at work and not once asked her about her day or what she's been up to. This wasn't a relationship to her, she doesn't know what it is at all! But she would feel too guilty to leave him.

"Why don't we do something..tomorrow! We could go to the park and have a picnic or something!..Catch up!" Megan suggested. "Oh..I would love to but..
"But you gotta work!..Fine!"

Soon after Jules let her pay the bill and went out. Megan was not impressed.
"Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan!" He called her name. "Jules!" She forced a smile. "I wish we could of spent more time together!"
"Well you could of spent time with me tomorrow at the park!" She still tried to convince him. "..Sorry! I can't! The boss would have a real go at me if I take even longer to finish this article!"

When Megan got his text last night she thought he would of changed, wanted to make an effort. But he's the same guy..and she feels he'll never change! But can she live with that?
"I know you gotta get back to work as I do, but I just want you to know that I'm gonna try and make things work between us okay! He pulled her in for a hug. I care about you soo much!" He confessed.

As they let go he kissed her gently on the lips, it reminded her of how they were just a few months ago. She couldn't understand why it got to this point in their relationship.
Going through all that and not knowing what to do, Tracey and Zoe couldn't help her so she went to her only female best friend after work to let off some steam and chat.

After letting out her problems on her friend, she went home and had a good nights sleep.
Megan tried to go to the park the next day, but she didn't give herself enough time to go and enjoy as she had quite a bit of chores to take care of, before going to work.

This was the same thing for the next few days until Friday when she was free and able to spend a few hours at the park to enjoy a good book! She didn't bother to call Jules as he would probably make up some excuse about work and she would rather skip that story line!
When Megan arrived at the park, she walked around looking for the perfect spot where she could in a way be in solitude and get into the mood of her chosen book.

After walking half-way round the park, she found the perfect place which was the fountain.
When Samuel arrived at the park he already spotted her at the fountain looking soo engrossed in her book. He thought if he went over there, she wouldn't even flinch. So he went there to find out. He stood there, quietly waiting for a response from her, she noticed the person standing there, but didn't want to give them acknowledgement in case it was someone who wasn't alright in their head.

"You are really into that book aren't you!" He commented. He couldn't take the wait any longer. She closed her book and looked up. " was you!"
"Who else could it be?" He asked hypothetically.

Megan got up from the fountain so they could talk at the same level cause, as it didn't seem like he was going to take a seat.
"So, is this what you do in your spare time other than going to the lounge after work?" He asked. "This is the 1st time in a while actually, but yeah, sometimes! It's good to read!"
"You can't go wrong with that!..But..don't you do!"
"I do! She defended herself. I read!..I watch TV! I go to the lounge from time to time!.. Samuel cut short her sentence.

"No, I mean something fun like, going to the club, dancing!" Megan went quiet. "Ok, after work I'm gonna pick you up and take you out for some fun and I won't take no for an answer! You don't even have to change as you look beautiful as always!"

Megan blushed. She didn't say no as Samuel convinced her a little more. He dropped her home so she could change her clothes before she had to go to work.
Samuel kept his promise and was even there 5 minutes earlier as he wanted to make sure she couldn't sneak off home. Megan quickly freshened up in the women's toilets, said bye to her colleagues and hopped in Samuel's car.

It was a short drive as he sped down the streets of Moonlight Falls, as the wind blew her hair all over the place! It wasn't like how it was in movies!

When they arrived, he parked up and went in to order some drinks.
Megan was nervous before she even went through the club doors! She was worried for what she was about to get herself into. She wanted to back out but knew he would beg (well at least try to convince her once again, before it led to some serious begging.)

Samuel could see this as she gulped down her 1st drink in a flash, so he ordered one more to help her feel more relaxed. But their journey did not end there! They were then on their way to their next destination.
They stopped at 'Mick's Master Karaoke' where Megan then felt sick to her stomach but tried to overcome that feeling and tried to think about something else. She took a deep breath and walked in confident (in her own way) and took a seat.

Samuel went to sing first, to show her how fun it is and how she doesn't need to worry soo much about it! Him not being able to sing, didn't help too much as she knew she couldn't either! But that's what karaoke is all about isn't it!
When Samuel finished, Megan and the rest of the audience applauded, then he tried to get Megan to come up but she still wasn't sure. He then suggested they do it together and she sooner than later gave in and joined him on stage.

"He had to choose a slow one!" Megan thought to herself. People who were at the bar came over to take a seat which made her nervous. "Just look at me and nobody else! Okay?" Said Samuel. She nodded her head and the song began.
Slowly but surely she got the flow of it and acted like nothing was in her way! At times after looking for the lyrics on the machine, they would glance at each other which made them almost forget where they were for a short moment.

When the song finished, the room went quiet for a moment as the audience watched the two on stage to see what would happen next, as they could see the attraction between them. It wasn't small enough to hide!

When they began clapping, they snapped out of it, bowed to the audience and Megan walked out to get some fresh air. Samuel got their stuff and followed behind.

"So how do you feel?" He asked. "I feel amazing! Like I could do anything! The song could have been a teenie bit faster, but I really enjoyed myself!..Thank you for doing this, you are a great...guy!"
"Thank you. And it's no problem at all. I just want you to promise me you'll try to have more fun!" He begged. "I'll try my best I promise!"

They then went quiet. Until Samuel had an idea. "Do you wanna see my no.1 favourite place in Moonlight Falls so far?" Megan's smile wiped off her face and many thought came into her head. But she still agreed to go..without hesitation!
The direction he went, Megan knew where they were going. He loves the outdoors soo much, what other place could be his favourite place other than the beach!

He got out of the car, ran round to open the door for Megan, he took her hand and they strolled down to a good spot where they could sit down and watch the stars. Samuel didn't look at the stars as much as he wanted, as he was distracted by something closer that was shining like a star!

He then tried to make his move.
He pretended to look at the stars with her as he slowly put his hand on hers. It was definitely unexpected for Megan. She wanted to move her hand, but didn't as she liked the feel of his gentle, warm hand on hers. When she turned to look at him their eyes met and he moved an inch closer.

They sat like that for 20 minutes or so until Megan began to feel tired. "Well!.. She moved her hand from his and got up to dust the sand off her clothes. Thank you again for a lovely evening but uh...
"It's no problem at all!" He also stood up. He ended up being right in front of her.

They stood there for a brief moment when...
He reached in to kiss her! At that moment Megan felt like she hadn't been kissed in like forever and most definitely not like that! And when she realised she was actually kissing him back, she pushed him away and said "I'm soo sorry!" And ran off. Tears felt as if they wanted to form but she tried to keep it in, at least until she was far away from him. Thankfully a taxi was just passing.

Samuel stood in the same place..confused as to what just happened. Everything was perfect in his perspective, she let him hold his hand, she even kissed him back! Things just went soo fast! One minute their kissing and the next she running away! He wanted to run after her but his feet wouldn't move, as he was thinking about what he did wrong.
Megan was a big girl, she didn't cry one bit on her journey home. She put her things down, took her shoes off as per usual, then went into her bathroom.

With her peripheral, she noticed herself in the mirror so she went to stand in front of it. She looked at herself with disgust. She wasn't this type of woman. She was a woman who is a hopeless romantic! One who loves the idea of being in love! The one who would be so loyal even if the relationship was going sour. That's how dedicated she is.

And on that note, she began to cry. She couldn't look at herself no more, she turned around and fell to the floor. She stayed there all night.

The End

Ahhh poor Megan, things aren't turning out so well for her in Moonlight Falls, but it'll get better soon...Or will it? I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, let me know what you think about it! Hopefully chapter 2 will be out soon! :)

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