ErgoFlux - Chapter 11
Published Oct 9, 2012

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Sorry for the long wait! D: Finally, here's chapter 11. I feel like it didn't turn out very well, but I hope you enjoy reading it anyway!

Sorry for the long wait! D: Finally, here's chapter 11. I feel like it didn't turn out very well, but I hope you enjoy reading it anyway! Charlie, Chase and Fargo had just infiltrated the French government's headquarters and were able to make down to the first level of the underground facility. This area was identical to the first hallway except it was much shorter, and there were only two doors on each side instead of three. "Alright, Fargo," Chase said. "You know what to do."

Fargo replied with a silent, resolute nod of his head. And with that, the computer nerd headed to the second door down the hall to his right.
As Fargo entered the room, he glanced around, noticing all the computers, cameras and monitors everywhere, and he knew instantly where he was. The Boss had been right about this room. But when was he ever wrong?

This place was the security master control center. It was totally empty now thanks to Chase, who had somehow managed to drug the security worker's drinks during the excitement of the ball.
Fargo hopped onto one of the computers.

Phase three of the plan was to completely knock out the entire security system.

As expected, the computer required a username and password in order to access the security system.
So Fargo started in with his computer hacking expertise. Although, unsurprisingly, the system was highly protected, so it wasn't going to be easy. Fargo really had his work cut out for him. He expected he would be there for a while. Meanwhile, moving on without Fargo, Charlie and Chase made their way to the center door at the end of the hall. This door, too, was locked and needed a pass-code to open. Chase paused briefly at the panel, and hesitated. He closed his eyes slowly and silently he recited the pass-code with his lips until he was certain he had it right. "I got it," Chase finally said, glancing toward Charlie, making sure she was ready to go. Charlie gave him a quick, confident nod in reply. She was more than ready.

"Alright then," Chase responded. Then he quickly punched in the code and the door opened up for them. "Let's go."
So Charlie and Chase stepped through the door, and directly in front of them was a staircase leading down to a lower level. "It's down this way," Chase announced as he lead Charlie down the wide staircase. With each step she took, the sound of her heals clicked against the metal and echoed throughout the room. But that was the only sound to be heard aside from the steady hum emanating from the florescent ceiling lights. Once they reached the bottom, Charlie sighed deeply. She knew what was coming next. And just as she was thinking about it, Chase turned to her as if he could read her thoughts once again. "You know we have to split up now?" He gently reminded her of what she already knew.

Charlie nodded her reply. She was well aware of this fact. It was in the plan from the very beginning.
"Alright, then. You should be fine on your own." Chase continued, once he knew that Charlie was alright with the fact the she would be on her own from here on out. "We're counting on you to reach the records room. Do you remember where it is?"

"Yes, I remember." Charlie nodded again.
"Good. Just find the records room, and wait there for Fargo. He should be joining shortly after you reach the room."

Charlie nodded again, swallowing hard, mentally preparing herself for this.

"Oh, and don't forget," Chase added, "We are all wearing these ear pieces so you can communicate with us whenever you need to."

"Got it," Charlie nodded, shaking the nerves that had tried to overtake her. She was going to be brave and strong this time. She was determined.

Once Chase was convinced that Charlie understood, he said a quick goodbye, and walked past her, heading for the door to the right. Charlie clenched her fists tightly as she watched him disappear behind the door. 'I'm on my own now...' she thought to herself. The full realization of this fact finally hit her in full force. But she swallowed again, drowning out the fears the best she could. She refused to be afraid. At that very moment, Fargo was still in the security room, having more trouble with the security system than he ever anticipated.

"I should have realized it would be this difficult," he cursed under his breath. This was, in fact, his very first attempt at breaking into a secured government computer system. And this was only just the security system. He began to have doubts in his ability to hack into the records system.
"Fargo," the static voice of his boss unexpectedly resonated in his right ear through the electronic earpiece.

"Y-Yes?" Fargo answered.

"Charlie is heading to the records room. Are you just about ready to wrap it up over there?"
"Don't worry boss, I'm on it," Fargo assured. "It's just, well... It's not going quite as quickly as planned. I've run into a few hitches, but I'll join Charlie as soon as I can." After standing alone for a few moments to gather herself, Charlie finally proceeded down the lonely, barren hallway. As she walked, she quietly listened to the conversation through her earpiece, and became more doubtful of the plan's success. Fargo seemed to be a little hung up at the moment, and Charlie feared he wouldn't reach her in the information room in time. But she tried not to worry, and nervously, she continued. It was all she could do. Though Charlie hadn't gotten far at all before she noticed something so eerie and out of place, it momentarily stopped her in her tracks. Lined up along the hallway was a series of tiny cells which were all clearly visible through a huge, glass wall. Inside of each room was nothing more than a bed. Charlie glanced further down the hall, and saw that there were even more cells. Slowly she began to walk again, making her way down the hall, passing cell after cell. She peered into each one as she passed, looking through the glass walls and noting that not one of the cells were unique.

Well, at least not until she reached the last cell at the other end of the hallway. That one was very much different than the rest. It contained a desk, a computer or some sort of electronic device, and then a treadmill. For Charlie, this room was the creepiest of them all. Seeing it sent chills up her very spine. She didn't know exactly why, but she got the feeling that this room must have been used to conduct tests of some sort. If that was the case, then perhaps all the cells she saw before had, at some time, contained people who were being experimented on in this facility. She was so deeply perturbed at this point that the sudden sound of Chase's voice over the earpiece nearly made her jump back in surprise. "Charlie," he began, "I need you to remain calm, but you should be aware that one of the French security guards is heading your way. You'll be crossing paths soon if you don't get a move on." With this bit of information, Charlie became truly frightened. She was all alone with no way to defend herself against a security guard. And both Chase and Fargo were too far away to help her now. Charlie's heart rate increased as panic began to set in. Charlie's mind was racing, and she couldn't slow it down long enough to formulate a coherent plan. She may not have known how to properly handle the situation, but she did know that she had to get away by any means necessary.

So she booked it, turning a corner and walking down the next hall as quickly and quietly as her heels would allow her.
As Charlie rounded the corner she could hear the sound of heavy footfall behind her. A pair of black dress shoes were slowly making their way down the same staircase she and Chase had come down just a little earlier. Even more startled by the realization that the security guard was literally right behind her, Charlie practically ran to the end of the hall and wound up at the entrance to the so called information room.

There was just one problem. The door was locked shut, and could only be opened by entering a passcode into the panel on the right. And Charlie, of course, had no idea what the passcode was. This rendered the young woman trapped in the hallway as the guard inched ever nearer.

The severity of the situation now had Charlie scared for her safety. She wanted to run. She wanted to scream. She wanted to fall apart right on the spot. Instead, she couldn't seem to do anything else but just stand still as a statue, and wait to be discovered by the security guard. There was nothing else she could do.
"I'm right here in your ear, you know." Chase laughed softly through Charlie's earpiece as if he knew exactly what was going on in her head at that very moment. "I can help you any time you ask for it. Or did you forget I was here?" Charlie was startled at first, but mostly she was grateful to hear Chase's voice at this moment, and she was even more so when he began to recite the number sequence that would gain her access to the room.

Charlie punched in the numbers she was given, and the door popped open with ease. Just in time too, for the sound of the black shoes could be heard once more, echoing through the hallway.

Charlie quickly slipped through the door and entered the room quietly.
As soon as Charlie walked through, the doors automatically shut closed behind her, but she hardly noticed. She was busy absorbing the sight before her eyes. All around her were numerous file folders, stacked neatly onto rows and rows of shelves which filled up the room. But Charlie couldn't marvel at it for long. Chase's voice soon came over the earpiece once again. This time he sounded frantic. "Charlie, you have to get out of that room! He knows you're in there and he's coming to find you." Charlie was filled with something close to terror as she heard these words being uttered. She suddenly ducked for no apparent reason, and then glanced around the room in her panic. That's when she noticed another, smaller door at the far end of the room, and she contemplated running for it. But then she heard someone at the bigger door. Someone was entering the passcode! "You have to run!" Chase yelled at her through the earpiece. Charlie looked back to the small door, and thought about running for it, but the security guard was nearly through the door, and she knew she would never make it in time. So without even thinking about it, Charlie ran and ducked behind a row of files. And then she waited. She huddled there, with her back against the shelf, trying to make herself virtually invisible. Her heart was pounding wildly in her chest and she seemed unable to control the sound of her heavy breathing.

Only seconds after Charlie made it behind the shelf did the security guard finally come bursting through the door. The room was totally quiet except for the sounds of the large man's heavy footfalls. Charlie held her breath as he stepped into the room. She was certain that he would be able to hear the short, panicked gasps.
Then, to Charlie's horror, the guard began a thorough search through the room. He walked along the isles, and scanned each row of files with speed and precision. The worst part was that he was heading straight for Charlie's position. 'Hide!' Charlie's mind screamed to her body. 'Hide! Hide!'

As the large security guard inched nearer to her position, Charlie finally willed her body to move. She ducked and crawled down her row as quickly and as quietly as she could possibly manage in her long gown.

She was able to make it out of her isle just as he was walking by it. She stopped, and glanced around the corner at him, making certain he hadn't seen her.
Charlie sat back against another shelf, and waited again. She thought about attempting to duck and crawl behind shelves until she made it to that side door she saw earlier. She began to map out a small plan in her head on how she was going to attempt it.

But then, she heard Chase cursing quietly over her earpiece. "Hold on, Charlie. I'm coming. Where on earth are you Fargo? What's taking so long?!"
"I'm wrapping it up right now!" Fargo replied as he jumped out of his seat. "I just got in, boss. I'm on my way! Hang on, Charlie." But Charlie was not hanging on. Instead, she was already in the midst of stealthily moving through the room. In fact, she was concentrating so hard on quietly working her way to the small exit door that she really didn't listen to a word Chase or Fargo said.

She was almost there. Just a few more short steps and she would have made it to safety. Crouching low behind a shelf, Charlie prepared her self to spring forth, and jump to the door as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately for her, there was one major thing she didn't realize...
Charlie had already been spotted. Considering how heavy his footsteps had been up until now, the security guard had somehow managed to quiet the steps enough to sneak up directly behind Charlie without her knowing it.

"Charlie!" Chase exclaimed in her ear, trying desperately to warn her of the impending danger. However, he was too late. Before he had even finished uttering the name, Charlie felt a sudden, sharp pain at the side of her head. It was an intense pain, and it sounded like a thousand explosions had gone off inside her brain all at once. At the same time, everything in her vision faded into a blinding, bright white. Completely stunned, Charlie grabbed for her injured head instinctively. But that was the last thing she was consciously aware of. After that, all conscious brain activity ceased. After that, there was nothing.

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