Best Friends- Sophia VII
Published Oct 3, 2012

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It was getting harder for Aj to keep up with Latasha. Their public arguments were becoming more frequent but were great for publicity for the both of them.
He just wasn't there anymore and frankly would rather be at home and not in the limelight so much. They were still the town's busiest couple and the crowds still flocked when they were out. But privately, things were not the same.

It was getting harder for Aj to keep up with Latasha. Their public arguments were becoming more frequent but were great for publicity for the both of them.
He just wasn't there anymore and frankly would rather be at home and not in the limelight so much. They were still the town's busiest couple and the crowds still flocked when they were out. But privately, things were not the same.
After that evening before he tried to make it up to her. They went out 4 nights a week and when they were not out, they spent afternoon brunches together.
Rumors were spreading around town how the lovely couple would be eloping soon. And when they thought they noticed a ring on her left finger, word spread even faster.
Deep down inside, he loved her. She kept him young. She was full of life and when they were alone, she was sincere, kind, and caring. He had not pictured his time without her. But now that Sophie was around, he could not picture his life without his daughter.
And that is when Latasha became more bitter and cold.
To get away from her and to show that he was just as young as the next person he spent a great deal of time Dj'ing at the clubs.
He didn't need the money, but it was his stress relief when he was not working in the studio or trying to handle home life. Just him and his music.
Meanwhile, Sophia had was also busy entertaining crowds. Since her performance at the SimFest she was just as busy as her father. She began performing at school parties and also putting on house parties herself. Her dating life was also picking up as she was now considered the "It" girl in town.
She didn't like the title or the attention from the tabloids, but she did like the attention from male suitors.
At one of her latest pool parties she was busy talking to friends when she was approached by Senior, Barret Farmer. Barret had the reputation of being a bad boy and ladies man. It was hard to not adore that winning smile of his and those dark brown eyes. The girls all swooned and Sophia was included. Now he was in her house, at her party, talking to her. Barret: So I was thinking that you and I could possibly go out some time. I know it won't be much compared to all the 5 class places you are used to. But I think I can think of something.
Sophia tried to play it cool. But she couldn't help but beam at his offer.
Sophia: I think I can open something up in my schedule.
Barret: You do that, precious.
Yuyin was on the outside of the conversation. But he could tell from their body language what was going on. He knew how she felt about Barret and that he wouldn't stand a chance compared to the star all-american athlete and future prom king. Eventually Yuyin found it hard to stand on the sidelines while they chatted. He soon he left the party. Sophia: I honestly don't see how you do it.
Aj: Do what?
Sophia: Make appearances, dj on the side, run your studio, and on top of it spend time with the family. I am exhausted.
Aj laughed.
Aj: Well I was never as popular as you are now. Times were different when I was just a local player. There was a time when I had to beg to play at parties with my band. Now people beg me to play at their party.
Aj: Just don't be quick to grow up too fast or spend your time working that you forget to just be a teenager. You have time. Pace yourself.
Sophia: You and mom sound a like.
Aj: Your mom is a smart woman.
Sophia paused for a moment.
Sophia: Aj? How were you and my mom, when you were young? Did you know she was the one?
Aj: It was the way she looked at me. She knew everything about me and still wanted to be with me. All my flaws, my faults, and no matter what crazy idea I had, she stood next to me. She was my biggest fan when I didn't have one. Why? Are you thinking about someone? Sophia: Goodness no. I was just asking. There seems to be so much history between you two and yet now you act like you're strangers in the house at times. I was thinking we should do something together. Go on a trip like we used to do when you would come and visit us.
Aj: What about Latasha? I don't know if that would be so good for her. She's not the outdoorsy type.
Sophia: I was looking and we don't have to go camping. Maybe a beach place, or cabin in the woods. Just something away from the clubs, parties. I think we were all at our best during those times. Going fishing, sitting by the bonfire and watching the stars.
Aj thought for a moment. He did remember the last time they did that. And as usual, Sophia was right.
Aj: You know kid. I like how you think. I believe I have the perfect place in mind. And it is away from the city life yet not too much for Latasha.
He thought more.
It took a few weeks but Aj was able to book them a week long stay in one of the beach front estates a few hours outside of town. Unfortunately, it was around the same time that Latasha was making a guest appearance of the "Next Top Hottie" as a guest judge and decided not to go.
Latasha: You know I am not into that outdoorsy stuff anyway.
Sophia: Okay Lia, this HAS to work. We are almost in the middle of no where. No distractions, no Latasha, it's now or never. Having the week of peace and quiet was good for the family. There was little to no technology at the beach house, but the family found many ways to have fun together. They were halfway through their vacation as they sat at the bonfire.
Sophia: So what was it like? Back when you guys were my age.
Aj: I don't know. I just remember the parties and dances. The football games we went to to watch Travis play. It was never my thing but I'd do it for Travis. Your mom never missed a game or a dance I played at.
Sophia: So if you played at most of your dances, did you ever have time to dance with mom?
Aj: Well yeah, uh...maybe. I think we did. Well she was always there. I did dance with you at least once didn't I? Brooklyn: It was more than just dancing. I danced with Travis most of the time. He kept me entertained. I just really loved hearing you play.
Aj stood up from his chair. He began to hum a tune as he walked closer to Brooklyn. She almost laughed as he gestured for her to join him. He held his hand out again and after a small hesitation she took his hand.
Aj hummed the tune of the song he had wrote for her when they were young. Brooklyn smiled as they swayed back and forth next to the warm fire. Sophia looked on as her parents seemed to laugh and smile at each other as they danced. They looked like high school kids. Sophia took out her IPod and found another song to play. It was slower and much more romantic. Aj wrapped his arms more around Brooklyn's waist and she began to relax in his arms. It was at this time that Sophia walked away from the two of them and went slowly to the house. Aj looked into her eyes and recognized that look from when they were together. He leaned in closer. But before he could move more the music stopped and so did Brooklyn.
Brooklyn: It's getting late. We'd better call it a night.
Aj: Yeah. I guess we should.
Brooklyn: Yep.
They let go of their embrace but stood for what seemed like minutes. Waiting for the other one to make some kind of movement.
Aj: Well, I'd better put out the fire.
Brooklyn: Yep. I'll gather our things. Sophia probably decided to head to bed.
They both went their separate ways.
It was their last night. And although things seemed to have gotten a little hotter nights before, everything went to usual after then.
Sophia walked outside to find her mother on the deck.
Sophia: Watching the sun down again?
Brooklyn: No matter how many times you see it, it's like a new experience each time.
Sophia: Can we talk?
Brooklyn: Sure.
Sophia: How long did it take for you to fall in love with my dad?
Brooklyn: Why on earth are you asking that? Are you in love with someone?
Sophia: Just wanting to know.
Brooklyn: The love between Travis and I grew over time. We had been friends for so long. When I saw how much he cared for you and loved you.
Sophia: And Aj?
Brooklyn thought about it for a moment.
Brooklyn: When he kissed me. It gave me goosebumps and my knees grew weak. When I no longer could look at him and just see August Allen.
Sophia: August??
Brooklyn: Augustus Jeremy Allen. His real name.
Sophia gave a small laugh. She never realized he had a real name other than Aj.
Sophia: Do you still miss dad?
Brooklyn: What's up with all these questions? What are you getting at little girl.
Sophia: I've just been thinking about your future mom. It's been two years since dad died and not once have you talked about moving on.
Brooklyn: It's not that easy Sophia. I can't just wake up one day and start dating. These things take time. It's just not an easy thing to do.
Sophia: Is it? Or do you not want it to be. I don't want you to make me the reason why you can't move on. Soon I'll be going away to college and living my own life. No matter what I still love dad, but I have to keep going. When will you begin to live yours.
Brooklyn: You are too young to talk about this honey.
Sophia: When will I be old enough then. I'm just worried about you mom. I know you plan to leave when I do. And then what? You're going to become an old maid. Wait for me to come and visit you.
Brooklyn: You worry too much. I am going to be fine. We have family and I do have friends you know.
Brooklyn kissed Sophia on the head and began to walk back into the house.
Sophia: What about Aj?
Brooklyn stopped.
Brooklyn: Now you know there is no way Aj and I could be anymore than that. He has someone and is perfectly happy with her. She is young, and pretty and vibrant.
I can't believe you would even think that he and I would be more than just friends. We share you and that's it. Latasha is who he wants to be with.
Sophia: But she is not you mom. And I know you can see how he looks at you. You both just don't see it. Tasha is just a distraction so you both don't have to say how you feel. You are just too blind to notice.
Brooklyn: I know you don't want me to be alone. But all that you are thinking about is false honey. They are just wishful thoughts.
Sophia: Fine. I've just gone crazy. I have no idea what I see when he looks at you. The way he talks about you. The way he lights up when you enter the room. The fact that when we are alone you are all he speaks about. You're right and I am wrong. I'm just imagining all this because I want my parents to get back together after all these years. You are sooo right.
Sophia kissed her mom and went to bed.
Their trip ended and they were back in Starlight shores. Their week long trip was short lived and although it was nice to get back to regular life, everyone missed the week by the the beach. Brooklyn had spent the last few days thinking about what Sophia had said. At first she put things aside thinking it was just her little girl's fantasy to have both her parents to be together. The poor girl just didn't want her mother to be alone. She doesn't know what she is talking about..... It was a fantasy....right? Aj sat in the living room drinking a glass of nectar. He watched the fire's glow and was in a deep thought. He took a couple more sips from his glass. He had been thinking about that week as well. He couldn't stop thinking about that week. It was so nice to be with them. But he knew he had made a commitment to Latasha. She was everything he was looking for in a companion. She was smart, and beautiful, funny, and sincere. At least when they were alone. He did not hear Latasha enter the room.
Latasha: I was looking for you. It's so quiet tonight. Where is everyone?
Aj: At a late movie. I wanted to stay behind.
Latasha: Good, it's about time we have some you and I time. I've had a lot to think about while on my trip.
Aj: Me too.
Latasha: Me first. You know we've been arguing a lot and we've never had this problem before. I mean sure, we've had our ups and downs. But who doesn't.
Aj: Exactly. I
Latasha: I really want to make things work and I think we can. I've been thinking of what we need to do and how we can go on being happy.
Aj: You do.
Latasha: Absolutely.
He listened to her as she spoke about their future and her plan of making things better between them. Aj was shocked that he was thinking the same thing.
Aj looked deep into her eyes. A small smile formed. He touched her hand and held it in his, he kissed it softly. Latasha smiled back.
By morning, Brooklyn had woke up feeling vibrant and refreshed. She didn't understand why but she just felt different. She dressed and walked down the stairs to the kitchen to make breakfast. There she saw Aj and Latasha in a long embrace. And when they let go of their embrace, the two lovers kissed.

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#1Oct 4, 2012

Sophia's hair is gorge!
Where'd you get it?\:D

#2guilledpOct 4, 2012

You know, I think Sophia wants the best but at the same time it's not fair for Tasha to be without AJ just because of Broklyn I know, everybody loves a happy ending buuut.. She was happy with Travis (In my opinion) and she still loves him.. But being with A.J I don't know all the people has one chance before they blew it. And I'm pretty sure Tasha is gonna leave and leave them alone so they can be together but truth is A.J should've looked for Broklyn before or even called her hahaha. Anyway, love the story and thanks for the update again \:rah\: \:D

#3rdsdabestOct 6, 2012

I want tasha to get pregnant by a.j that will be a twist

#4niecey5sVIPOct 6, 2012

Your stories are the best! ...What did they talk about... marriage???
Can"t wait for the next chapter

#5puffpinataOct 12, 2012

You Got to continue!!!Plz write another story SOON!!!\:wub\:\:rah\:

#6ktg327VIPOct 12, 2012

omg i am like freaking out! this is so good . i wonder whats going to be next ? i dont want to make it seem like am rushing u but please hurry i got to see how this ends .

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