Best Friends- Sophia VIII
Published Nov 3, 2012

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Brooklyn was stuck. For some reason her blood began to boil as she watched Latasha and Aj kiss in front of her. She knew they kissed and maybe more, but to see it in front of her was something she was not ready for. She lost her breath and she felt a lump in her throat.
They did not hear her enter the room so she went back up the stairs. She was filled with so much anger she didn't realize that she slammed the door to her room after she entered.

Brooklyn was stuck. For some reason her blood began to boil as she watched Latasha and Aj kiss in front of her. She knew they kissed and maybe more, but to see it in front of her was something she was not ready for. She lost her breath and she felt a lump in her throat.
They did not hear her enter the room so she went back up the stairs. She was filled with so much anger she didn't realize that she slammed the door to her room after she entered.
It wasn't long before Aj entered the room.
Aj: I need to talk to you. Is everything okay? I thought I heard something? Are you alright?
Brooklyn: Everything is fine.
She was grabbing clothes from the closet and her drawers and placing them on her bed.
Aj: What are you doing?
Brooklyn: Leaving.
Aj: What? Why?
Brooklyn: I don't know.
Aj: You're not making any sense. What happened? What's wrong.
Brooklyn would not speak.
He tried to turn her around to talk to him.
Brooklyn: Don't! I just, I just need time to be alone.
Aj: What is going on?
Brooklyn: I just realized that staying here may not have been the best idea. I'm always feeling like a burden or the third wheel. I can just find me a place nearby for me and Sophia
She was trying to fight from crying.
Brooklyn: I am not supposed to be this way but I'm tired of faking it.
Aj was confused, he had never heard Brooklyn talk like this.
Aj: You are not making sense. Where is all this coming from?
Aj was growing frustrated.
Aj: Would you just STOP and TALK to me. What happened? Did I miss something here!
Brooklyn: YOU Happened! You wanting me to be here with your girlfriend and me feeling this way. I just can't take it anymore. I thought I could do this. I thought that I was over ever having feelings for you.
Aj: Feelings for me?
Brooklyn: But somehow it happened. You had to be nice. You just had to LOOK at me and now I don't know what I am talking about or how I am feeling. I mean look at me. I'm acting CRAZY! I saw you kissing her and I lost it. I don't like having this feeling and realized I can't live the next three years acting like this is okay. I can't! Not when the thought of you and her together.... hurts. Or that I think about you the way that I do. And how our daughter can see what I have been denying for a long time. Aj: Brooklyn I love you.
Brooklyn: And what's worse is I don't understand what....what did you say?
Aj: I said I love you.
Brooklyn: Wait. But that can't be.
Aj: I do.
Brooklyn: I saw you downstairs. Just minutes ago kissing Latasha and now you are telling me you love me. If this is your way of getting me to stay then it is cruel to even-
Aj: Last night Latasha and I sat down and talked. We knew it was not working out between us. So we decided it was best to just part as friends. We talked about how to make things right so the press wouldn't start rumors and bash the other. She said that she could see that I still had feelings for you and I knew she was right. All this time I was trying to be there for just Sophia but I couldn't fight what I was feeling. I wanted you as well. I always have. Aj: This morning Latasha was leaving and kissed me goodbye.
Brooklyn: I'm confused.
Aj: Now you're confused?
Brooklyn: I just don't how to feel right now.
Aj: I'm not asking you to feel any way. I'm just tired of telling myself that I don't feel the way I do. I just want you to know that I don't want you to leave, but if you need to to clear your head, I can wait. Hell I've waited this long. But I can't keep acting like I feel nothing. That I don't care for you more than just the mother of my child.
Brooklyn: I can't do this. Everything is coming so fast. It was just a few minutes ago that you were wrapped in arms with your girlfriend and now you're telling me you love me. This whole morning doesn't make since.
Aj: It doesn't make since to me either. But I am not trying to analyze my life. The only thing I know is how I feel about you. It's always been there.
Aj: I want to be with you Brooklyn. All these years, it's always been you. I was just not able to say it. I wanted to think that I could do the same thing. That we could just live together and raise Sophia. And when she went off to college then you would leave as well.
But deep down I knew that's not what I wanted. I want more than that.

Aj reached for her hand.
Brooklyn: I can't. This just doesn't feel right. We should not be like this.
Aj: Why?
Brooklyn: I don't know. I just don't know.

She grabbed her things and began to walk out the door.

Brooklyn: Tell Sophia I will call when I figure out where I am going. I just need time right now. I need to get away.
Aj kept walking back and forth in the living room.
Aj: It's been three days. Where is she?
Brooklyn: She's alright. She's called everyday to say she's okay and that she will be home soon.
Aj: How long does it take? I mean, how could she just leave like that?
Brooklyn: She's fine Aj. I mean we are okay so she is okay.
Aj: I don't get it. I just don't get it. I pour my heart out to your mother. I lay everything out and for what? I'm sitting here worried about where she is. What she's thinking. If she is alright. I want to give her her space but the way she walked out of here.....
I'm just worried that's all. And she won't even tell me where she is.
Sophia: Because she knows if she says something it, you'll just come running after her.
Aj: And she's right. I will.
Sophia: Just give her time Aj.
Aj: I would if I knew where she was. She won't even speak to me. (he paused for saying anything else). Look, I'm sorry for bringing you in the middle of our drama. I don't want you to choose sides of who is right and wrong here.
Sophia: Well you both are part of me and all I want to do is make sure that you are both happy. It's what dad would have wanted.
Aj: That's it Sophia. You're a genius!
Sophia: Huh?
Aj: I know where your mom went.
Sophia: What?
Aj: Never mind. Can you call Lia and see if you can stay over for a few days?
Sophia: I guess. But-
Aj: I need to get some things in order. I promise I will be back in a few days.
Sophia: Now you're sounding like mom. Parents!
Aj kissed her on the head and ran for the stairs. He paused for a moment.
Aj: You know I love you right.
Sophia: She smiled back at him. I know. And I love you too.
He smiled and ran up to his room.
Brooklyn stood in front of the tombstone. It had been almost a year since she was back in Lake View.
She had visited Travis's grave everyday since she had been there, cleaning around the area, and talking to him. She was getting ready to go back to Starlight but wanted to visit him again.
Brooklyn: I knew you would eventually figure out where I was.
Aj: It was Sophia that helped.
Brooklyn: I'm sorry I left like that. I just needed some time to be alone. I wanted to come back here. To talk to Travis one more time.
Aj: You want to go somewhere? Take a walk?
Brooklyn: How did you know I would be here?
Aj: I have connections
Brooklyn looked at him skeptical.
Aj: Paid the attendant and he told me where you have been going for the past mornings.
She looked at the grave on last time. Kissed the top of the tombstone and began to walk over to the park with Aj.
They walked in silence for a little while. It had been a long time since both of them had been to the town. Aj had almost forgot how beautiful and peaceful it was during his visits when Sophia was little. They finally settled on a bench facing the pond. Again peaceful. It was Brooklyn that finally broke the silence.
Brooklyn: Again, I'm sorry for running off like that. I just needed to clear my head. Everything was coming so fast.
Aj: No. I'm sorry. I always have bad timing with things. I just wish I had made things easier for us a long time ago.
At times I sit and think, that none of this would have happened had I just stopped being selfish and thought about you. Then you would not have been pregnant and alone, then you wouldn't have gotten married, then Sophia would not have gone so long not knowing who I was. I just wished I was a lot smarter then. I wish....
He held his head, trying not to show how ashamed he was with himself.
Brooklyn: But if none of this ever happened. I would not have been able to spend part of my life with someone like Travis and raise such a wonderful daughter with him. I don't regret any of it. I'm just afraid of what is happening now and what is going to happen in the future.
Brooklyn: I thought I knew what I was doing when I moved in. I love Travis and never thought that I was over you years ago. But everytime I'm with you I feel like it is wrong. Like I was doing something wrong. It wasn't until Sophia started talking.....SOPHIA! Aj: I think she is smarter than her parents.
Brooklyn: She is. But this is too much. What if this doesn't work? She is going to get hurt again. There is so much to think about. So much to go over. I am not even sure of my own feelings, I don't want to get her hopes up only for us to decide in the long run that we are not working. There is just so much to think about. So much for us to worry..I mean is this truly what we want to this-
Aj held her closely.
Aj: I just want to know that you want to be with me just as much as I want to be with you. But if you don't, I won't push it anymore. I won't bother you and we could go back to just being parents for Sophia.
She looked him in the eyes. And no matter what she was thinking she closed her eyes and listened to her heart, to what she was feeling.
Brooklyn: I do.
Aj held her and kissed her before she could say another word. And when he stopped she almost started to talk again only for him to kiss her again. This time deeper and longer. She felt goosebumps. Aj: Let's just start things slow. I love you but I don't want to rush anything between us. I will always be here and I am hoping you will be the same.
As for Sophia, something tells me she won't be too shocked at the news that we are going to try.
Brooklyn: You promise that we can just start things slow.
Aj: On my honor.
Brooklyn: For the sake of starting over maybe we should just begin as friends.
Aj: No best friends Yuyin: So just like that and they are back together.
Sophia: Well they say they are going to start things slow. They don't want to make things too complicated. They want to focus on being parents to me and their relationship, blah, blah, blah. I'm just happy they finally got it together. It was so much work. I barely had time for my own love life.
Yuyin: And how is that? You know, you and what's his face.
Sophie: Barret? We are just cool. I thought he would be something but in fact, he was so about himself. It was always boring listening to him go on and on about football.
Yuyin: Good
Sophie: What?
Yuyin: Nothing.
Sophie: Well are you going to help me with my project or what?
Sophie: I have to find this star for class.
Yuyin: Sophie, when you were trying to put your parents together, what did you tell them?
Sophie: I just came out and said how I felt. That I thought my mother was better off with Aj than Tasha. I mean don't get me wrong, she is a wonderful person. But I knew that he loved her and she loved him. They just needed a little push.
Yuyin: So I'm having a similar problem that I need your help on. I like this girl but I don't think she has a clue.
Sophie: Oh. I didn't know you were interested in someone, how come you never told me.
Yuyin: I wasn't sure I had a chance with her and besides, you were so busy with your parents I didn't want to bother you with my own problems.
Sophie: Whatever! You are my best friend.
Yuyin: And that's why it's so complicated.
Sophie: Huh?
Yuyin: What would you suggest I say to her or how to even approach her.
Sophie: Just be yourself. It's what makes you so special. Just come out and tell her how you feel.
"I've been wanting to tell you for some time now how I feel. I really like you and I would really like to be more than just someone you know". How is that?
Yuyin: Great. But do you think it will work.
Sophie: It's a start. You are such a great person Yuyin. Who would not see it?
Yuyin: Alright, if you say so.
Sophie: I know so. Yuyin, you are smart, and kind, and such a great person. You have always been there for me. Even listening to me talk about other boys and coming over when the break ups go bad.

As she went on to talk about him, she too began to think about him.
Yuyin: Sophia?
Sophie: Yes, Yuyin?
Yuyin: I've been wanting to tell you for some time how I feel. I really like you and I would like for us to be more than just friends. You mean a lot to me and I've been about nothing more than to just be with you. More than your best friend, but as your boyfriend. I like everything about you, from your smile to the way you bite your bottom lip when you are nervous.
Sophie looked away.
Yuyin: I know that maybe you've never thought about me like that. And that maybe you only see me as your friend. But I can't keep acting like that is enough for me because it isn't. I can't help how I feel.
Sophie: I never thought that it was me you were speaking about. And up until now, I never thought about you more than just Yuyin.
Yuyin: I know. But I was hoping that could change.
Sophie looked at Yuyin. She looked at him in his eyes. This time differently than before. This time she really looked at him. She never realized before how much is eyes looked like almonds in the night sky.
She placed her palm on his cheek. It was warm to her touch. And when she placed her hand on his heart, she could feel it beating fast. Just as fast as her own.
She remembered what her mom said, so she leaned forward to kiss him. And when their lips touched, her knees grew weak. And when he wrapped his arms around her waist, she felt goosebumps run up her neck. Sophie: Wow!
Yuyin: So...I guess that is a yes.
Sophie: It's a start.
Yuyin: I'll take that as a yes.

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i just compared the "You Don't Say" meme and AJ's face at the 7 image. They're identical, and that maked me laugh. Btw, excellent chapter!

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I thought that this story had a different title...\:o

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This has always been one of my favorite series.

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