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So it was you- Chapter 13
Published Oct 12, 2012

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Keira finally admitted her true feelings for Ric it's about time right? Now that they know that the feelings they have for each other are mutual it will be a whole new beginning for them but this time as a real couple-new challenges and revelations. Will Keira be able handle what's in store for her?

Keira finally admitted her true feelings for Ric it's about time right? Now that they know that the feelings they have for each other are mutual it will be a whole new beginning for them but this time as a real couple-new challenges and revelations. Will Keira be able handle what's in store for her?

Eri I dont know how to tell you everything, I'm so sorry if you end up hating me but I couldn't stop myself from falling for Ric.

I waited for you, I really did but I guess my love for you isn't strong enough. You don't deserve me, you're too good for me and I don't deserve your love.
What will I do when out of nowhere Eri comes back? How will I tell Ric about him? and how will I explain to Eri that I don't love him the way I loved him before?

I dont want that day to come just yet, I'm not ready..
"So how long will you blankly stare at the window?" I must have been too deep in thought that I didn't notice that he entered already.

"Ric, I didn't hear you enter my room" I replied not facing him, I don't want him to see my worried face, I don't want him to notice that I'm hiding something for him, I know I'm being unfair, I really cant just tell him about Eri, I'm sure he'll go haywire again, I afraid and I don't want to hurt him.
"Looks like you're caught up in a deep thought, what's the matter?"

"Nothing, I was just.." he cut me off

"Waiting for me?" he smugly continued my sentence still the arrogant Ric!
"Why would I wait for a evil stalker?!"

"Where do you get all that energy to be so mean to me? After telling me how you truly feel." Ric saying with his puppy-dog pout, I cant believe Ric is doing this! its so not him.. Is this the real him?

"I cant help it, you're annoying" I had to blurt it out.

"It's one of the many reason why you love me right?" he grinned at me and yes he is very right. That made me laugh
"Now that we are officially a couple, a real one not a pretend one that is, we have to act like one already, by act I mean for real not acting, you get me right?" he was a bit stuttering FOR THE FIRST TIME RIC LOOKED NERVOUS.

"Ohh, I get you alright! We are a couple! Let's act one right?" I looked at him teasingly and I pushed him a bit. I want him to looked nervous again, he looks just so cute!

"What are playing at? You're doing that on purpose because you know you're my weakness." he smirked and pulled me closer to him, yup he was able to turn the tables around, now I'm blushing. Wait, I'm his weakness?
"I missed that red face of yours" he whispered. The way he said it made me even hotter.

"HAHAHA! You're doing it again Kei!" he continued and teased. What can I do? I'm speechless when he holds me this close.

"You're such an idiot Ric, but I love you." I muttered with ultra red hot face.

"Glad that you reiterated it! I wanted to hear those sweet words from you over and over" he held my hand and he flashed his killer smile.
"I'm really happy that you are officially and finally mine, no one can take you away from me, no one Kei I promise"

"I will not let anyone take me away from you" I mean it, I will not Eri take me away from Ric, I hope.

"You're my girlfriend, you're my Keira and you're mine. I'm dead serious." He wasn't sweet this time, the way he said it sounds more like an order. Sweet but brutal I guess?
"Okay Mister Dictator, I'm all yours"

"I dont need your permission or confirmation. All I know is you're mine alone." he smirked, I don't have any choice right? I want him the way he wants me.

"Oh I remember, I have something to give you, take it" he got a gift out
"What's this for Ric?" I hesitantly accepted the present

"I gave you that necklace after we had an agreement about the pretend game, now I'm giving you another gift because we are officially a real couple" he explained like he was prepared for my question.

"Okay then, Thank you. I'll open it when you leave"

"I guess my silly girl isn't so silly anymore" he just laughed. Back then I was abrupt in opening his gift for me that he called me silly, I'm just curious about the gift before. Wonder what's in this box this time..

We lingered inside my room talking and annoying one another, it feels the same when we were just playing the pretend game and at the same time the feeling is different, yup another paradox. This maybe is the kind of love that we have for one another, the one with hate in it. I don't care, as long as we're together, the contradictions don't matter.

"Hey Ric! Looks like you're the on in deep thought now"

"Do you really want to know what I'm thinking about?"

"Of course? What is it?"
"The future. Our future together."

Is he planning to marry me already? With him everything happens so fast, I dont know if I can keep up. I'm still glad at least I'm not gonna wait anymore.

"Future huh?" I want him to tell me what future exactly, I cant go on thinking about weddings and whatnot.

"Yep, It will be you, me and our babies." he looked at me straight in the eyes.

"BABIES? You're thinking about babies?!"

"Yeah, what's the problem with that? I like children."

"I didn't think you'd be fond of children, you don't look like the type of guy"

"Again with the looks, what's your issue with my appearance anyway? looking at me smiling slyly.

"You look troublesome" I blurted not caring about how he'll feel.

"I am troublesome." he laughed and he had a point. "Stand up, we're going out" he then added

"Huh? Why so sudden?"

"Just stand up"
I did what he said and now we're off to somewhere. Oh Ric's mysterious ways!

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Just follow my lead" He replied flatly

"Just tell me will you?"

"No one questions" he continued walking, I didn't bother arguing with him, I'm sure that argument will go nowhere.
"Hey wait up!" I shouted while crossing the street

"Hurry up!"

"Ugh! Fine!" trying to catch my breath, what's the fuss anyway?
Only a minute had passed and we finally arrived.. is this some kind of cafe? I'm not really sure.

I stepped inside, to my disbelief its an arcade-ish type of place, it has a pool table, photo booth, game machines and so much more. Note to self: Don't ever judge a book by it's cover. Well that note also applies to Ric.
"So what are we doing here? No one's here yet" I asked Ric

"Don't you know what people do here?" he said emotionlessly, why is he being cold? Cant read this guy!

"Hangout I guess?" I tried to answer sarcastically, but it sounded more like an stupid answer.
"Hangout? You are such an idiot Keira. Another question, what do couples do together in such place like this one?" still cold as ice

"Enjoy??" Why is he being so cryptic???!!

"Yes partly right, since you cant get what I'm trying to play at here, we're here because this is a date" he turned his back on me after he said the word "date"
Our first ever date as a couple, wow. But something's really off with Ric today.. Probably because we're not pretending anymore and this is the real Ric?

I dont want to dwell on that too much, it will just ruin our first date, better just enjoy it right?

"Basketball or Rock climbing?"

"Rock climbing! I haven't tried that!" I said enthusiastically.

"Let's go"
Ric is the sporty type? I never would have guessed! I just learned that he's a musician and now I learned his also an athlete. Apart from that, he's also a great cook! what else can he do? Wait wait! That's not the right question it should be what can't he do?

This just proves that he and Seth are related, Seth is multi-talented as well. It runs in their blood probably?
We played the game machines! He beat me in all the game that we played! I never won a single game with him!!! God Ric is I dont know what to call him! I dragged him to the photo booth of course! So we'll both remember this precious day. It was pure fun!

The sun has set and now it's time for dinner! the Cafe outside served its purpose! This place is awesome, I can hangout here everyday and I wont get bored. Everything is here.

"Did you enjoy another day with me?" he smirked and chewed on his food

"Yes." I replied trying to hide my red face

"You're doing it again, blushing. You can show it to me, I wouldn't mind." He teased like he always do.

"At least I'm not nervous when it comes to us" I pointed out

"Tss. I can control it! you cant control your red hot face, it has a mind of its own." He chuckled

"What can I do? My red hot face likes you a lot" i sadly replied, I just hate it when he annoys me about my face.
"My smile likes your red hot face too" he grinned and ate a spoonful of his Turkey. I smiled back with my hot face. This is exactly the reason why I fell in love with him.

"Its funny that you can openly say your feelings for me upfront."

"I find it funny too, I mean I used to tell you how much I hate you, now its the exact opposite." I chewed on my food.

"I comes with being a real couple" he added "Oh btw, you own this place"

"WHAT?! HOW CAN I OWN SUCH PLACE?" I snarled then choked, Its just unbelievable. A place this cool that has everything you can ever ask for? Mine?

"This was your Dad's last project here in Hidden Springs, this is entirely your own, unlike the Bistro and such this is under your name not your father's"

"I own this place? Wow." I sighed

"Your Dad is filthy rich and your the one and only heiress, who can he give it to right? Be happy about it, at least you wouldn't go hungry."

"What's that suppose to mean?" I growled

"It means your fat!" he bantered

"I hate you Ric!"

"I know you dont!" he sneered confidently, well I dont hate him one bit and not even close.

After the lovely dinner he took me home and then he left with his motorcycle.

I opened the gift that he gave me earlier, its's a music box! It's purple! My favorite, he knows me too well. I wonder how its sounds like!

I turned the key and I waited for the sound to play.

and Alas! It played!
Its so beautiful! Its the symphony that he always plays in the piano! This makes our first date extra special! I cant wait to be with him again tomorrow.

I hit the sacks while the music box was playing, it was indeed a goodnight sleep.
I woke up to this! It our photo booth photos! Ric must be here already! It so sweet of him!

But wait, where is he? Better take a bath and be ready.
Huh? Still not here? What is he planning? I'm getting nervous! "Over here!" he welcomed me with a pillow fight! I was too surprised!

"Someone's in a good mood!" I slapped my pillow to him

"It's a new day for us!"

"New day? What do you mean?" still smacking one another

Then someone entered my door.
"Sorry if I barged in like this, I just want to ask if you saw my book? I thought that maybe you saw it downstairs, I really need that book Keira, I badly need to finish it!" Kylie interrupted our little pillow fight but I guess that book is important to her. "Hey Kylie! Sorry, I didn't saw your book, I hardly hangout downstairs." I replied feeling sorry for her.

"Okay, I guess I'll continue on with my search" about to leave but then she saw Ric.
"Its that the guy you told me about?" she whispered

"Yeah, this is my boyfriend Ric" I pointed to here Ric "Come here and I'll introduce you to my first and ever girl friend" I said to Ric

"So Kylie, this is Ric! Ric this is Kylie" I introduced them to one another

"Glad to have finally met Kei's first friend!" Ric greeted

"huh?" I said
"Excuse me" Another character barged in inside my room "I'm looking for my sister's lost book, she's such a klutz! and I need to help her find it coz..."



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Argh!!! Your story is amazing and i can't till the next chapter! you are truly an amazing writer \:\) your story is very interesting!!!!

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