So it was you- Chapter 16
Published Nov 9, 2012

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And so I decided to change covers again (Sorry for my indecisiveness) I just want everything extra special for the ending. I hope you guys like it even though it didn't turn out the way I wanted the cover to be.

And so I decided to change covers again (Sorry for my indecisiveness) I just want everything extra special for the ending. I hope you guys like it even though it didn't turn out the way I wanted the cover to be. Its been days since I last saw and talked to Ric. He didn't dropped any calls or visited me after the night at the Lake. I know that he is busy trying to work things out by living on his own, I'm just worried about him.

I even tried giving him a call or texting him yet he never answered.

Apart from worrying about him, I plainly miss him. The spontaneous, crazy and sweet moments with him, I miss every bit of it.

Its sad to say but I also miss his dictator tone and his cocky smile.

The way he brushes his hands on my skin, the way he looks at me mysteriously, and the way he gently kisses me.

I miss Ric so much and I just cant wait to be with him again..

Where could you be love?
I then heard my laptop buzzed. It was my Mom.

CarinaGriffith: Hi Sweetie! How are you?
KeiKei: I'm doing fine Mom, you don't have to worry about me. (I guess I had to lie, I really don't want her to worry much about me, I want her enjoy his trip with Dad)
CarinaGriffith: How about Ric? How is he?
KeiKei: Ric is alright, busy looking for a new place to stay. (It's not much of a lie)
CarinaGriffith: He moved out already? How come? Don't tell me you're moving in together! <3
KeiKei: No Mom! Don't be too excited.
CarinaGriffith: Oh alright, just don't forget to inform me and your dad.

KeiKei: You'll be the first one I'll inform about it. :)
CarinaGriffith: Hi KeiKei! I'm really missing you and Ric!-Dad
KeiKei: Oh Hi Dad! I'll tell Ric about it, I miss you too! (Dad sounds extra excited)
CarinaGriffith: You sound so sweet to me my darling daughter! I'm just so happy :3
KeiKei: I'm happy too
CarinaGriffith: Keiii when I see you I'll shower you with hugs and kisses! (Dad's really funny, I love the way that he treats me like a little girl)
KeiKei: Fine, I'll let you treat me like a little girl!
CarinaGriffith:Good girl! Btw, how do you like Hangout I left to you, ain't it cool?
KeiKei: Its so amazing Dad, Thank you so much!
CarinaGriffith:Anything for my little girl!
CarinaGriffith: We'll talk to you soon sweetie! Take care of yourself for us! love, Mom and Dad
KeiKei: Love you guys too!

CarinaGriffith left the conversation.

For a moment Ric was out of my mind.
Ric wherever you are, why are you doing this to me? Don't torture me this much.

After everything that had happened, I cant be away from you anymore Ric.

Show yourself, please.

The physical silence was broken by a knock on the door.

"Come in" I tried to say the words out loud.

It was Kylie, I had to pretend again. Oh this sucks.

"Oh hey Kylie!" I gave her a big smile, she sweetly smiled back at me.

Then she went to me with arms open, exactly what I needed. I love Kylie so much.

"I've been wanting to hangout with you but I'm kinda scared to barge in, I don't want to interfere with you and Ric." she said with her puppy dog eyes

"Aw Kylie you shouldn't feel that way, you are always welcome to come over and hangout with me, Ric can manage." I smiled
"Since your boyfriend wouldn't mind then we should go now!"

"Ric wouldn't mind.. Yeah" that is if he knew about this.

"What's the matter now Keira?" Kylie looked at me with full curiosity, just like a puppy

"No nothing!" I tried to hide my pain by just smiling

"If you're not comfortable about talking about it its okay, I'll be here to listen when you are ready. For the mean time, how about we have fun?" patting my shoulders

"Yeah, let's have fun" I realized that this will be my first time to hang around with a girl! What do girl usually when they hang out? shopping, makeover or gossip? I have no idea.

"What do you want to do?" Kylie said

"You're in-charge, I really don't know what to do" I grinned

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I'm your first girl friend so you don't have any idea what to do, you are just funny Keira" She laughed hard

The whole thought was actually funny it tickled my funny bone, After how many years, this will be the first I'll be hanging out with a girl besides my Mom.

"I cant believe you survived without having any girl friends around" still laughing

"Well my bestfriend was enough to compensate for not having a girl friend"

"Yeah Seth.. " I can see that I had hurt her a little, I should have not said that

"I'm sorry"

"Nah, dont worry. Let's leave the boy world first! Let's go to girl world" She smiled sweetly like nothing was wrong.

She drove my car, I told her that I'll do the driving but she insisted. She is just so enthusiastic, I hope she can rub some of it to me, I need it badly.

I know I know I shouldn't be down because of a boy but I cant help it, I got really attached to him.

"You okay Keira?" Kylie looked at me really worried

"Yeah, just nervous" I had to lie again, I don't want people to worry about me

"Oh I get you! Don't be afraid I will not bring you to some wild club." She joked

"I know you won't" I dont really care where she brings me, after all I badly need to distract myself.

"We're here" She parked the car and dragged me. Ric incarnated again. How come people enjoy dragging me around?

We entered Mickey's Hangout, we were greeted by a Karaoke Machine.

"We are gonna sing" Kylie stated, I guess I have no choice!
"Here grab the mike" she handed the mike to me and the way she said it sounded like an order. Wow. Am I that easy to boss around? Anyhow, I did took the mike from her hand simultaneously she chose a song from the mini-screen.

"OH I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG!" Kylie jumped for joy, then the song played. It was a very familiar song, I'm sure yet but I know this song.

"Oh I know you know this song Keira just enjoy" She spoke through the mike

"Of course I do kylie" I replied then she took a deep breath and started singing her lungs out.

"IF YOU WANNA BE MY LOVER, YOU GOTTE GET WITH MY FRIENDS MAKE IT LAST FOREVER FRIENDSHIP NEVER ENDS, IF YOU WANNA BE MY LOVER YOU HAVE GOT TO GIVE, TAKING IT SO EASY THAT'S THE WAY IT ISSSS!" We sang in unison! It felt like I was pouring my heart out at singing, even though I know I dont sing very well, at least I was able to ease myself. Kylie loves me!

So stopped singing after 6 songs, I thought I was gonna lose my voice but it was pure fun! I never had this much fun since ever. I do have fun with Ric, but this was different, Its like I don't need to hide anything, I don't have to care whether I'll blush or look stupid. Yeah. Girl bonding.
After singing we played the machine thingy that I don't have any idea about.

"This one is really cool, I haven't tried it" I blurted

"Now you should try it, we have a lot of these in Bridgeport"

"It must be cool to be living in a city"

"Yeah you can say that, but I'd rather live here" she continued playing

"Can I pause this thing? I need to go to the Ladies Room."

"Just leave it hanging." She looked really busy playing. So I took my sweet time in going to the Ladies room.

I was walking happily like nothing was wrong, like I was not affected by Ric but this is just it! HOW CAN HE DO THIS TO ME? I THOUGHT THAT I WAS THE ONE THAT HE LOVED? HOW COME HE'S WITH AMBER?

I took a deep breath.

"I cant believe you Ric!" I shouted
"Its not what you think Kei! Believe me!" Ric tried reasoning out but I'm so not buying it!

"Save your excuses LIAR! I cant believe you Ric! I loved you and this is what I get in return?" I growled

"If you just listen to me Keira!"

"I'm not gonna listen to you!" My eyes are getting teary but I have to control it, this is just too much to handle. I walked out of him and went straight to Amber.
"You can have Ric! I hope you are happy now!" I squealed

"I told you I get anything that I want!" Amber confidently replied

"Fine! I don't really care! Knock yourself out!" UGHHH! I wanna cry but I'm just full of anger

"Listen, its not my fault that I'm much better than you. Just accept it" She softly said without any emotions but her arrogance

"Pssh! Goodluck!" I left the place.
The worst part there was that I forgot to say goodbye to Kylie.

I just cant be at that place anymore! My good day turned out to be a bad one! Now, I can't stop thinking about Ric. How come he cheated on me?

I dont want cry here at the Cab. Must.stop.thinking.
Ugh, I finally arrived home after opening my door. My phone rang.

It was Ric. I wanted to answer it but my mind says no. I'm just gonna get hurt more. It will be harder for me. But what if I'm just over reacting? NO! It was Amber involved, she's hot and she's perfect for Ric. I'm just plain Keira...
It didn't bother answering I just pushed the reject button so I wouldn't be tempted, after all he started least now I know why he wasn't showing up, he's with Amber! Why didn't I saw that coming? He's an actor for Christ's sake! I'm so stupid!
I went further into my room and I found myself sitting on the floor. I don't want to lie down, I'll just end up crying then I wont be able to breathe properly.

Am I not good enough for Ric? Why must he cheat on me? After everything that we've been through we're just gonna end like this?

If I give him another chance or at least hear him out, will everything be back to normal? I think not! I just cant trust him anymore.

What will I tell my parents? Dad will go furious for sure! I don't want Dad to hurt Ric.. I still love him..Its just that I was pretty hurt. I'm so stupid! I still love him after he cheated on me!
I feel so guilty! I should have remained loyal to Eri! When he comes back I swear I'll be faithful to him, he deserves every bit of it. Also, it will be my way of saying sorry for loving someone else while he was away.

You stupid Ric! I hate you so much!! I hate you! But I still love you..

Someone knocked on my door, I hope its not Ric. Probably Kylie.. I really need someone to cry on, Seth I need you! .. Ric? .. No he wouldn't.. ?!!! ERI!

"You looked surprised?" Eri blatantly said

I was in utter shock.
"I thought things out, I love you too much. I'm afraid that someone might take you away from me. I don't want that to happen" he shoot straight to the point. "I dont want to be away from you any more Keira.. I want to face my future and that is you.."

I think I swallowed my tongue?
He grabbed my waist gently but somewhat harsh.

"I not letting you go, I swear. You are mine Keira. For eternity."
He brushed his hands gently on my face.

"Keira.. I don't know how I can make up for all the lost time that we should have been together..."

"How about we start with eternity? Marry me Keira?" He knelt down and took a box out. Ohhh MYYY Godddd!!!!!!

Now I can't totally talk.



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bobo.1Aug 9, 2013

what happened to the girl that yelled at him? her girlfreinds sister or something...\:o

AssassinSophiaNov 17, 2012

Perfetto! I should read nextchapter!

enid30Nov 12, 2012

i think eri is ric, just with another hairstyle/haircolor xD. awesome chapter! keep going! :3 \:wub\:

SifajerfNov 11, 2012

ARHGHGNHGYIHJFG!!!! It's amazing as always!!! This is just an genius story. Everytime i read it, it gets more exciting!!
Please realese the next chapter \:\)

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