ErgoFlux - Chapter 12
Published Nov 20, 2012

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Finally! After all this time the latest chapter of ErgoFlux is up! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get this thing up here. I've been soooo busy D: Between school and work it's over 60 hours a week. I've been slowly trying to find the time to actually finish this chapter. I thank you all for your patience. Hope you enjoy! :)

Finally! After all this time the latest chapter of ErgoFlux is up! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get this thing up here. I've been soooo busy D: Between school and work it's over 60 hours a week. I've been slowly trying to find the time to actually finish this chapter. I thank you all for your patience. Hope you enjoy! :) Buried deep inside a major French government prison system, our very own Charlie Murphy could be found. She had been placed in a very specific cell block... Row 87 as it was refereed to. Inside her assigned cell, Charlie laid silent, still unconscious from the blow she had received to her head back at the government's underground facility. Had she been laying there for hours or days? Of that she could not be quite certain of from even from the moment she finally began to regain consciousness. Her back was resting against one of the cold, stone walls in the cell, propping up her limp, lifeless body.

Charlie had not been aware of her capture, nor did she possess any recollection of her having been thrown into that cell. She had remained unconscious through all of it.

But she did not remain unconscious forever. Eventually, in that cell, Charlie finally began to arouse.
As a quick, deep breath of air escaped her lips, Charlie's body moved, suddenly animating back to life. Her senses, although severely numbed, were returned back to her.

Slowly, Charlie's eyes fluttered halfway open as she lifted her now throbbing head, weakly resting it against the hard stone wall behind her.
She glanced around the room slowly, though her sight was still just returning, so her eyes were met with just a blurry, confusing image of her surroundings. She could hardly make out what anything was, not that it would have helped if she could. Her mind was still not completely comprehending so she wasn't fully aware anyway. After waiting a few moments for some of her consciousness to return, Charlie finally willed herself to her feet, though her legs were feeling very weak and wobbly. She struggled to hold herself up, but somehow she managed.

It was then that she finally realized how much her head was hurting. She could only later relate it to having been hit by a truck. It was most certainly the result of the injury she had received to the back of her head... The blow that had put her lights out.

With a heavy sigh, Charlie reached up and rubbed her aching head.
Before Charlie had the chance to fully come around, the rough, rhaspy voice of a woman suddenly filled the room, startling Charlie's attention in the direction which the voice had come. "Hey, you're finally up?" The voice said.

Despite the head ache and everything else, Charlie was rather surprised to discover that there was another person in the room with her... A stranger.
The "stranger" was seated in the shadows of the room, positioned on the bottom bunk of the only bed in the cell. Upon closer inspection of the woman, Charlie noticed that she appeared just as rough and gruff as she had sounded. Charlie stared at the woman for a few moments, taking the information in slowly. After a few moments, Charlie finally spoke, asking the woman directly, though having a bit more trouble speaking than she expected. "W-where am I? Wh-what is th-this place...?" She stuttered, forcing the words out. "What is this place?" the woman repeated with a hint of repulsion in her voice. "What IS this place?" She stood up from her seated position and dusted herself off as if she were disgusted by the very words. "This 'Place'," the woman went on to explalin, "Is where all the biggest threats to the French government are placed. All of the terrorists, spies and all other threats are put here when we are caught. Like me. I was a spy. Until I was caught by the government and thrown in here." "Speaking of which," the woman inquired, "What did you do to get put in here? What kind of business were you involved in? Were you a spy? You really don't look like a spy or a terrorist." She raised an eyebrow after having given Charlie a glance over. Charlie's lips parted as if preparing to answer, but nothing really came out. Instead of giving the woman an answer, the question actually reminded Charlie why she was here, and how she had gotten into this situation. She was reminded of her mission, and of her agency. She hoped that Chase and the rest were alright. "And what's with the fancy get-up?" The woman then asked after realizing that Charlie was not going to answer the first question. "Are you some kind of rich person? Were you in disguise? Wait, I know! You were disguised as a government official so you could break into their facility. Am I right?"

As right as the woman actually was, Charlie was still finding it difficult to give her a straight answer. Due to the head injury, Charlie was actually having trouble communicating. So she remained silent even still.
"Alright, fine! You don't have to answer yet." The woman said once she come to the conclusion that Charlie was not going to respond at all. "We have plenty of time to get it out of ya! But for now, seeing as you'll be my room mate for a very, VERY long time, I'll take it upon myself to show you the ropes around here.

"I'm Sybille by the way. What are you calld?"
"I-I-My name is Ch-Charlie..." Charlie slowly sounded out the words as though even her very own name was foreign to her. "Alright, Charlie... Kind of a boy-ish name, isn't it?" Sybille commented almost to herself. Then she redirected her attention before Charlie had the chance to feel offended. "Oh, well. So, like I said before, I'll be here to teach you how things work around here, okay? Not that there's much to actually do anyway, besides sit around the cell all day and stare at the boring old brick walls. We usually do that until a guard brings us food, or escorts us to the showers. Exciting stuff, right?" She scoffed under her breath at the last bit. Though before long Charlie found the last part of Sybille's explanation to be true. Only hours had passed before the two found them selves doing the exact thing Sybille had described earlier... They stared at the wall. "So, what brought you all the way here to France?" Sybille asked, finally breaking the unbearably long silence. "It was for my father, really..." Charlie mused absent mindedly before she really realized what she had just said. "Your father, huh? What was he doin' all the way in France then?"

Charlie didn't really know how to answer this question and her mind suddenly drew a blank. Though before she really had the time to think up a good way to get herself out of answering the question directly, Charlie's mouth opened, and words seemed to spill out on their own. "I don't know why he was in France exactly, but he disappeared here a long long time ago. I just came up here to look for evidence that might tell me what happened to him."

"What do you mean?"

Charlie's mouth didn't seem to stop there. It was as if all the words she had trouble saying before finally found their way out of her mouth, and they all poured out at once without discretion. "He went missing without a trace. We're all suspecting the same thing, though. Have you ever heard of an Ergo Flux?"
"Whoa, whoa, WHOA!" Sybille said frantically, suddenly cutting Charlie off. After the outburst, Sybille lowered her voice to a near whisper. "What is wrong with you?! You can't mention that name around here. Do you want a guard to hear you say that? Because if they do, they will take you away and you'll never be seen or heard from again. I've seen it happen before! Trust me, you do not want to push that button." "Okay... Well, you asked..." Charlie whispered, intimidated by this idea of being taken away for even merely mentioning the name "So if you broke into a facility for... THAT... I'm sure you're never getting out of here." Sybille said, skirting the "taboo" word quickly. "Do you belong to an agency?"

"Y...Yes..." Charlie answered cautiously.

"Well don't expect them to come back for you. Saving just one agent is sometimes more trouble than it's worth. My agency never came back for me once I was captured."
"If they did come back for ya," Sybille continued, "you'd be darn lucky."

"Who knows..." Charlie mused mostly to herself. "Maybe they will and maybe they won't." She liked to think that her agency was different. She hoped so anyway. But perhaps they weren't. She had really only just become an agent. She hadn't proven to be very valuable as of yet. Maybe they wouldn't find it worth their time to come back for her after all. Maybe they had no consideration of even trying. These thoughts were worrisome. However, one thing was certani in Charlie's mind: She did not intend to stay here. She realized it was time to take matters into her own hands.
If her agency wasn't going to rescue her, Charlie was going to rescue herself. "I have a plan," Charlie whispered, making her way to her feet. "Wait, what are you talking about?" Sybille asked, also rising to her feet.

"I'm going to try to break out of here," Charlie whispered.

" can't just break out of here!" Sybille exclaimed in a shocked whisper. "It's not possible! If it were so easy we'd all have broken out of here long ago!"
"I am going to pretend to pass out and hit my head." Charlie continued in a hushed voice, completely ignoring Sybille's warning. "I need you to call for a guard when I do." Through her throbbing headache and her fuzzy mind, she most certainly was not being rational. All she knew was that she had to free herself. "God, you're really going to do this aren't you?" Sybille sighed under her breath. Charlie gave Sybille a glance with an indescribable look in her eyes. It was her only response before she dropped to the ground, slamming her already injured head against the stone floor. It turned out to be incredibly painful to Charlie, but she did not show any signs of her pain. Instead, she lay still as she could. "Oh, geez!" Sybille exclaimed. She knew this was a bad idea. She knew that she was probably never going to see Charlie again if she called the guard in to get her now. But as Charlie continued to lay on the floor, lifeless, Sybille realized how determined this woman was. "Guard!" she finally cried through the bars. "Guard! My room mate fell! I need help!" As soon as Sybille called a guard rushed into the cell. As the guard checked on Charlie's vitals, Charlie actually began to slip in and out of consciousness again due to the re-injury of her head.

After the guard determined that she was still alive, he dragged Charlie out of the cell.
Sybille watched as Charlie was pulled through the cell door. 'Good luck, Charlie,' she whispered under her breath. 'Good luck.' Charlie's consciousness returned to her once again, this time more quickly than before. The first thing she was aware of was that she was laying in a bed in a stone room similar to the cell she had been in before. Her bed was surrounded by sheets... no... curtains. More confused than ever, Charlie sat up in the bed in a daze. "Wh-wh-where is this?" she slowly stuttered back to life. As she came to, Charlie could hear the sound of running water. And she heard a presence in the room with her. There was a man, washing his hands at an old rusty sink.

"This," The man answered as he lathered his hands up, "Is the prison's medical ward. You are here because you collapsed in your cell." "And I..." He added as he rinsed the soap away and shook the water off his hands "I am your doctor." With that, he turned around, reveling his face to Charlie. His familiar, unmistakable face.

He looked so different... yet he looked the same as always.
Although his hair was different, Charlie could identify the man immediately. "Ch-Cha-Chase..." she whispered through quivering lips as she stared straight into his distinctly clear, blind eyes.

Somehow, seeing Chase... knowing that he was there gave Charlie an overwhelming sense of relief. She knew she was going to be alright now. She was rescued.

Suddenly, with this realization, everything that she had felt throughout the entire ordeal... the hunger, fear, fatigue and the throbbing pain from the injury... it was all released at once, washing over her entire being like a flood.
Charlie's body finally let go, and then it gave out. Losing control of her consciousness once more, she slowly slipped off the bed and nearly crashed against the cold stone floor before Chase dove forward and caught her in his arms. "I'm sorry, Charlie," Chase whispered softly in her ear. "I'm so sorry..."

---Chapter 12: End

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babygirl15526Nov 20, 2012

This was worth the long excruciating wait. This chapter was beyond awesome. I can't wait to see what happens next. How did Chase get into this facility and where is the rest of the gang? Is Charlie okay? Will Charlie and Chase date? So many questions!

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