Queen of Kings, the Epilogue.
Published Dec 3, 2012

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Queen of Kings, the Epilogue:

The epilogue is longer than I expected so I'm going to have to divide it in two parts, this is the first part.

(I accidently submitted the first few pages of this story before it was complete, incase you read it and were wondering why it was so short and then cut off after 9 pages. Hope you enjoy)

Queen of Kings, the Epilogue:

The epilogue is longer than I expected so I'm going to have to divide it in two parts, this is the first part.

(I accidently submitted the first few pages of this story before it was complete, incase you read it and were wondering why it was so short and then cut off after 9 pages. Hope you enjoy)
Early in the morning when the birds have not yet sang and daylight has not yet broken, the King of Hoxley lies sleeping in his bed, but not soundly. As the years have passed his adolescent days have been resigned to memory, as is nature’s way; his physique, his strong jaw line, his mature hairstyle all reflect the man he has become. A free man, a content man. His name is Morris, King Consort of Hoxley and much has changed for him over the course of the years, but one thing has always remained the same. That is his relationship with his wife. They are a couple finely in tune with one another, they possess an enviable oneness, like parts of a puzzle they are not complete without each other.

A bond exists between them that they themselves cannot even quite fathom.
For this reason, he awakes, because even in his unconscious mind he can sense that she is not present in the room. He can not rest knowing that she is not beside him.

Finding this highly unusual he gets out of bed and goes of in search of her, through each room, down every corridor.
Finally he walks into the gallery above the banqueting hall, his feet gliding over the cold polished marble floor, where he finds her.

“Vivi?” he says loudly, announcing his presence, “What are you doing? Why are you up at this time?"
"Morris, you scared the life out of me. What are YOU doing up at this time?"

"I'm looking for you! You're reading that letter, again, aren't you?"

"Yes" she admits with a troubled gaze on her face.

"Wait there, I'm coming down"
“I just keep reading it, Morris, hoping there’s been some mistake, something I’ve misunderstood”

“It’s been three days since you got that letter now, three days you’ve been an emotional wreck. You can’t go on like this. It’s time you made a decision; this is going to tear you apart and I won’t just sit by and watch. Vivienna, do something about this. You have to.”

"You're right. I'm going to tell Grantley about the letter. I know you'd rather I didn't, but I can't withold this from him. I can't live with this lie lingering over me"

"Very well" he reluctantly agrees, still bitter from their past grievances.

"Look Morris, if you really don't me want to then I won't. This decision affects us all, not just me"
"No, you need to do it. I know you better than anyone else does, ultimately I want you to be happy and I know you will only be miserable living a lie. Put yourself first now and do what you need to do"

"I will. Come morning I will go first thing and find him and reveal the truth"

By daylight the Palace yard was full of its usual sounds:

The carriage drivers arguing, bakers and cooks shuffling along to get to the kitchens, butlers and maids going about their daily business. It was a day like any other, or so it seemed.

"So it was THIS horse that had the leg injury, am I correct?" a youngster inquired with a heartfelt concern.

"It was indeed" the carriage chief answered cheerfully, "but she's fine now, Prince Ronan, you will be glad to know. These horses have the best of vetinary care that there is available"

"Hey Clive. Did you hear about the horse that went to the tavern?" the boy suddenly shouted.

"A horse? In a tavern? Good gracious, whatever happened?" the man replied.
"The bar man looked at it, and he said 'what's with the long face?', isn't that funny?" "Oh, oh that is funny!" the kind carriage chief agreed as he feigned laughter at a joke that he had heard a thousand times before.

But he didn't mind, the Prince was a kind child who bought a smile to the face of anyone who met with him, his good cheer was infectious and he already seemed promising as a King-to-be.

Most of all, everyone was relieved that he had taken after his Mother and escaped the dark and devious genes that presented themselves in other members of her family.
"Hey Mama, guess what? That horse with the sore leg, it's better! And guess what else? A horse went into a tavern..." "Go inside sweetheart, you can tell me later about the horses. I need Clive's help right now"


"Go on now"
"Morning Clive, I need to go to..."

"Greetings your Majesty. I have not yet got the chance to congratulate you on last week's coronation ceremony. Please allow me this opportunity to wish you all the best and thank you for your fair and compassionate leadership over these years"

"Oh, Clive, that's kind of you.."

"I worked here when your Father was King, I work here as you are Queen, I may not see the day your son takes the Throne but if he does even half the job that you've done then I can rest easily knowing my children's children will grow up in a wonderful..."

"Please Clive..."
"Ah now, you're doing it again, you're being humble!"


"You never did like a fuss! Well stand proud Madam, you deserve my compliments. You have changed the face of this country, people have prospered like never before, no Queen before you or anywhere else can hold a candle to you!"


"And when I think how close we came to that brother of yours ruling us instead, good golly, I shudder. I shudder with pure dread, imagine what could have been!"
"Anyhow my Queen, now that I've given you my thoughts, where can I take you today?"

The Queen rubbed her neck and wondered what to do now. She had been so sure this morning but after what she had just heard she was beginning to seriously waver.

For a long few minutes she stood, her mind changing and her courage faltering.

While stood there she gained a sudden and unexpected understanding of what her Father had surely felt all those years before: hide the truth and gain a quiet life or be honest at whatever the cost? But she knew she mustn't think that way, she mustn't allow herself.
"Clive, I'm sorry to ask you to do this, but I need you to drive me to the Chesterby mountains. I know nobody likes to drive there but I must go" she said as she pushed a significant handful of gold coins into his hand.

"But, it's barren there, nobody lives there, it's a dangerous drive through rocky makeshift roads and endless hills. Why ever do you want to go there if you don't mind me asking?"

"Somebody does live there, somebody I know. I don't want to go, but I must. So please, let's go, but first of all I need you to see to it that we have a dozen carriages full of guards following behind us"

"It sounds like you're expecting trouble" he answered nervously, his voice beginning to shake.

"Well I hope not! But as my Father used to say, hope and expectation are two entirely different things"

"Ah, yes, he was a wise man"

"I'm glad you think so, I'm not so sure lately"

A long bumpy journey over hills and dales ensued, in every direction is the same scene- hills and trees in abundance, the ground clothed in mud and overhead a series of angry dark clouds gave way as the carriage wheels clung on with all their might to stop from tipping over. “Wait!” the Queen announced as she climbed down from the carriage, just as her chauffeurs and guards had begun to fear they were lost.

“We’re nearby” she stated, standing in between two willow trees. “I remember these weeping willows, they always meant Woodburn Manor was near. Yes, we need to travel straight south from here until we see a gray stone house. I am certain, this landmark will guide us there”

“As you wish, your Majesty”
As she had said, a gray stone house did appear as they traveled south. She recognized it straight away; its walls, its long garden, it hadn’t changed at all since she was a small child when she would holiday here with her family when her Father decided public life was getting too much and they needed to get away for a while.

For those few weeks in the year they lived as a normal family, secluded and safe from the world’s curious eyes.
Her days at Woodburn had always been amongst her most cherished memories. But now, as she walked up the garden path surrounded by guards it all suddenly seemed so tainted.

It had once been a place of such freedom and contentment, today it was anything but. She was no longer a young carefree Princess but a Queen, and with that came a colossal responsibility.

Today was no time for sentiment.
She wrapped the old oak doors with an urgent ferocity. Behind the stained glass she could see a figure moving, hesitating, clearly a man apprehensive.

“As supreme leader of this country I am going to have to demand that you open this door” she announced, the sound of her own words made her uneasy.

The hatch clicked and slowly the door opened, the hinges squeaked shrilly as they always had. The figure revealed was not her brother but his butler.

“Sir, I am looking for Grantley, as you probably have figured out by now. Where is he?”

“..He’s out back at his greenhouse, Madam. Perhaps you could call back another time?”

“No dear, I cannot. This cannot wait, so I am going to let myself in. I ask that you go and fetch him for me, right away please. Tell him his Queen has summoned him and his presence is not optional”
She walked into the old sitting room and waited, her guards gathered at the doorway behind her and it pained her that their presence was even necessary.

But any person of such high profile traveling alone was unheard of, although she was a woman with virtually no enemies except for one.

But that one, small in number as he was, could cause the trouble of 1000 men single handidly. She knew that from experience.
The butler tread nervously down the steps, he had always been under strict instructions not to allow visitors. It had never been an issue until now however, for visitors never came.

Still bitter at the loss of his chance at Kingship many years earlier he had moved out of public sight, where taunters could not mock him and declare their relief that he had lost out.

Apart from a select few who shared his home he no longer mixed with anyone. That was exactly how he liked it.
"Sir Grantley" he said gently, the sound of rain beating against the greenhouse roof muffled his words.

"Sir Grantley" he said louder as he got closer, "you have a visitor"
"I hope I heard you wrong" Grantley said plainly as he continued to rake around his tomato plants. He didn't look up.

"You didn't. I'm sorry, I know you don't like visitors but..."

"But what?" Grantley snarled as he stomped up the steps towards the house, his butler followed trying to desperately to explain himself.

"But what?" he continued, "you decided after I've told you numerous times that I don't want visitors that you'd just go ahead and make an exception, did you? Useless, boy, you are utterly useless!"
"What in heaven's name is all this?", his jaw dropped. "Can I help you?" he snapped sarcastically, "do you lot care to tell me why you are in my home?" "It's alright fellows, you can move out of the way. Let him in the room" "What the..?" He looked at his sister with surprise and disdain, "Who gave you permission to enter my home and disrupt my day? Is it not clear to you that I do not, now or ever, want any contact with you?" "I don't need permission. I own this property after all"

"Ah I see, here to rub it in, are you? Just thought you'd call up to show off that you have all the power that should've gone to me? Nice, Vivienna, very nice. How very mature"
"That's not why I'm here, and I have never used my status as Queen to try to make you feel bad"

"Well no, you're right. You've hardly had the chance, have you? I haven't seen you in more than a decade"
"Don't think I haven't wondered about you, Grantley. Despite all you've done you are still my brother, and my only sibling, I've always cared about you regardless of what you've done in the past. I have never known where to find you, until today, then it struck me- you'd be here"

"That's all very touching", he rolled his eyes, "well you need not have wondered, I have been here, out of your way, out of trouble, I am of no concern to you. While you have been getting on with your life I too have been getting on with mine. Why are you here?"

“I got a letter from our Father, a confession written on his deathbed you could say. I will leave it here with you to read for yourself” she admitted as she sat down opposite him.

“Confessing what?” he asked, puzzled but intrigued.

“Read it for yourself. Then decide what you want to do next. I have made my own decision”
“What are you talking about? Tell me”

“It will all become clear as you read. But just let me tell you something first of all...”
“...On my coronation ten years ago I made a promise to the people of this country. I promised them honesty, and when I said it I meant it. After Father’s lies the people lost trust in our family, it took time but I have worked tirelessly to repair the damage that was done. I promised that day that I would always be honest with them, there would be no hidden secrets. I vowed to always make the truth known to them” “On the day of my wedding I made more promises. I promised the people that I was presenting them with a King consort who, like me, had their best interests at heart” “On the day I presented my first child, my heir, to the public eye for the first time I made yet another promise; that I would raise him to the best of my ability and prepare him for his future role as best as I could, I vowed to do all I could to make him a suitable leader for the nation he would one day inherit” “And today, I am here to make another promise. I have loved this country since my earliest days, its people, its landscape, everything about it. It is immeasurably precious to me, and I am not just going to let go of it. You deserve to know the truth but that is all you will be getting, I will fight you to the bitter end for this if that’s what it shall come to but I promise you now, you will not win”

"Excuse me?"

"You didn't think I was here to just hand you over the crown, did you? Just like that? No, never. For a time I considered it, don't get me wrong, that would be the fair thing to do, but it wouldn't be the responsible thing to do.
I made promises to the people and I will stand by them. Just like Father did, the only difference is that I am doing it honestly and out in the open.

I will declare the secrets in this letter to the public once you have read them and then I will let them decide who they want to rule, you or I?

I am not a boastful person Grantley, but I can tell you with confidence that I already know their answer. We both do"
Outraged and confused he clutched the letter as the Queen left his house, unaware of the life changing revelations waiting between its pages.

As soon as the door closed he rushed upstairs, fetched a lamp and sat down in his study.

Unravelling the letter on his desk he sighed and sat down, more than curiosity spurred him on, something very important was evidently waiting to be told.

Today was the day he was going to find out what that was... be continued.


Final part of Queen of Kings coming soon. Thanks for reading.

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#1lish300Nov 14, 2012

NOOOO!Vivienna don't do it!!!!! Haha good chapter but short\:\( Is this the last one?

#2Lady ArielleVIPNov 14, 2012

Hmm.....can't wait to see if this will be the last..... \:eek\:

#3ZafaraNov 14, 2012

Dun dun dunnnn!!!! \:o

#4oldmember_lucianna88Nov 16, 2012

Oh no! I didn't mean to publish this yet. It's far from finished, sorry everyone, I must have hit submit by accident.

#5anne635gDec 6, 2012

Love it!!!

#6Lady ArielleVIPJan 6, 2013

Don't take too long!! \:\) I hope Viv will keep her throne...(please?)

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