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A Broken Home:Can Never Be Fix -Last Ch.
Published Nov 14, 2012

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Hey every one.

I just wanted to say this is the final chapter of this series. I hope you guys enjoy...

Remember C.A.R.H

Hey every one.

I just wanted to say this is the final chapter of this series. I hope you guys enjoy...

Remember C.A.R.H
The next day-while I was gone to work, Paul told me that Justine was getting ready because she had invited Paige over to the house. I told him to keep a close eye on both of them and if anything looked suspicious then call the police. Justine: Hi Paige, glad to know that you could make it. (She said walking in to the room to greet Paige)

Paige: Yeah, wellÖ I didnít have anything to. (Getting smart) So what you want? Did you call me over to argue with me about the argument Marty and I had yesterday.

Justine: Oh no, I have nothing to do with that, that is between you and Marty.

Paige: So then what is it?
Justine: Are you hungry, because I am. (She said walking pass Paige to go to the kitchen) I made hamburgers for lunch, would you like one. Paige: Are you trying to poison me? Justine: Come now, why would I do that. Iím not that kind of person.

Justine prepared their plates and they ate lunch together. Paige: So what is this lunching really for?

Justine: Okay, you got me. (She said finishing up her burger) I wanted to talk to you about Marty.
Paige: What about him?

Justine: Last night he came home really upset about you guys argument, and wellÖ He decided he wanted to move away so we could live a better life without him.

Paige: What does this have to do with me? (She said while Justine cleaned up after them)
Justine: I want to squash this feud between us. (She said walking back into the hallway- with Paige following behind)

Paige: What?

Justine: Yes, thatís what I want. You see, I think we are entirely too old to be carrying around like this in front of our kids.

Paige looked confused

Justine: And well, since Marty purposed to me last night, I think weÖ
Paige: WAIT, Marty purpose to you last night?!?

Justine: Yes, is that a problem?
Paige: NoÖ not at all (she sounded sad)

Justine: Look, Paige, I know all about you still being in love with Marty. I can tell in your eyes and how you say his name.

Justine: Oh donít give me that crap, if you didnít love him so much you wouldnít have competed with me so long for his heart!

Paige began to get angry.



(There was a Pause)
Justine: Yeah think about it( she said getting calmer). In middle school you guys dated, in high school he dated me and you were trying to break us up then. You moved away all those years ago and you came back and got pregnant by him- moved in with us at the end of your pregnancy, moved away again to come back and tell us he has another kid. Yeah, Paige, you are not in love with him.

Paige: Iím not- Iím married.

Justine: Yes, youíre married, but not to the person you want it to be. Iíve always knew you were jealous of me, I just didnít know you were this jealous. You see, Iím not worried about you anymore because the more tactics you do and pull off- the more you make Marty hate and dislike you; youíre choking yourself.

(She began to walk up on Paige)
Now Iím tired of playing these games with you, itís time for you to deal with reality. Marty loves me, not you. He is marrying me AGAIN, not you. Also, Iím having his baby AGAIN, not you.

Justine: I suggest to you that you move on because he has. Go make the best of your married with Mario, he seem like a good guy.

Paige began to tear up.

Justine: We can still hate each other from a distance, but all Iím asking is for us to be levelheaded around the kids. Deal? (She said holding her hands out to shake on the deal)

Paige: I guess (she said shaking Justineís hand)
Paige:I guess I'll just go home...

Justine:Okay (She smiled)Thats fine with me, I had nothing else to discuss....But before you leave, remember my FIANCE is exactly that... He's MINE.

Paige: Justine(She said at the door)go to hell.

And with that Paige stormed off
When I got home Justine said nothing about Paigeís visit, but Paul told me everything I needed to know. Weeks had passed and things were better. Justine and Paige stayed away from each other, but let the kids get to know each other whenever they wanted. Paige would let the twins spend the night over our house and Justine would let Paul and Justice go over.

When I would drop Paul and Justice off, Mario and I would spend time together. He became one of my best friends.

One day, we were playing the game:
Mario: So howís everything with life right now?
Marty: Everything is good, especially since Justine and I are married again.

Mario: How is Justine? Is she still carrying that belly?
Marty: Yep, sheís still pregnant with our little girl, Kennedy. (I chuckled) You need to stop worrying about my life and worry about how to avoid this butt whipping Iím giving you on this game.

We laughed
Mario: Yeah, whatever. (He paused) Did the boys or Paige tell you about the news?

Marty: No, what?

Mario: Iím going to be a dad! (He said smiling hard)
Marty: Awww man thatís great, How far is she along.

Mario: Oh sheís only a couple of weeks, she told me two days ago.

Marty: Well Iím happy for you, but Iím sad for your child.
Mario: Why is that (he said concern)

Marty: Because, your child has to live with a Dad who just lost three times in the row. (I said winning the last game.)

Mario: Awww man (He laughed) good game man.
Well that was my story. I guess you can say that a broken home can be fixed.

When it comes to this family nothing will ever come between us...ever again!

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mekhikusMar 22, 2013

you are an excellent writer and I love the series please make more like this one it was a pleasure to read your work and I can not wait for more to come best of luck to you....

Ben72006Nov 25, 2012

Lovely story and Enjoyed it.

fruitopia VIPNov 19, 2012

An HAE for this story. \:D

SimplySweetNov 16, 2012

I am so happy that everything worked out for Marty. He has been through so much. That Paige girl makes me sick!but I love her at the same time. When she told Justin to go to hell, I was like OMG, who do she think she is talking to Justine in her own house like that? I love the series- I'm sad that it had to end, but it ended on a good note. Now that it's over, I can focus on ya other story, which is my fave!!!

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