Soldier down. Pt. 2
Published Nov 14, 2012

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This is "Soldier Down" continued. Hope you like it.

Please rate, let me know what you think. Thanks.

This is "Soldier Down" continued. Hope you like it.

Please rate, let me know what you think. Thanks.
As Priya relaxes on the couch still, she begins to miss her brother Damien even more.
"How could this happen.?" Priya thinks in silence. "I wish I wouldn't have been so hard on him."
It wasn't easy for Priya, to know that her brother got hurt in action, and to know that he's all she has now. She's devastated, wanting nothing else than for her brother to return home.
"I guess it's time I feed Talon," Priya says, as if she's talking to someone else entirely.
Priya calls all over for her son Talon, but can't find him anywhere. Then, as she walks outside to scout the yard, she spots Talon in the driveway playing with one of their dogs.
"How'd you get out here.?" She asks Talon, though knowing he can't speak back, but still wondered.
Talon giggles.
Changing the subject, before taking Talon into the kitchen to feed him, Priya says, "Do you miss your Uncle Damien.?" and after a second she finishes with, "Me too."
Priya carries Talon into the kitchen, places him in his highchair, gives him some cereal.
"There you go baby," She says to her son.
Talon eats his cereal and Priya watches him, realizing that, though Talon has been around Damien enough times already to know him, he really doesn't. Anytime Damien came around, it was always for business or because he needed something.
"Damien never sat around and got to know you, little guy, did it.?" Priya speaks to Talon about her brother and his uncle.
Talon continues to eat and listens to his mother talk.
"I know, I know," she continues. "You'd think he'd at least try to know his nephew."
"Hi, Priya. My name's Samuel." The stranger says, walking up to Priya's door to greet her as she stands outside so one of the little pups can go to the bathroom.
"Nice to meet you, Samuel. What can I do for you today.?" Priya asks him.
"I'm a friend of Christopher's, he's really busy so he asked me to stop by and fill you in." The stranger speaks again.
Priya saunters into the kitchen to put away Talon's dish and let him out of his highchair to play, and then calls Samuel in to join her. Priya prepares a chef salad to serve to herself and Samuel before they continue their talk.
"This smells good already, and it's not even done yet." Priya laughs.
Just as Priya finishes preparing the salad and setting the table, her husband Michael returns home from a long day at work. Michael, Priya, and their two guests, Shea and Samuel, sit down to eat.
Priya notices Samuel is wearing his swimming trunks and must have taken a dip in the pool while she was preparing the food.
"Listen," Samuel continues, but before he can really speak, Shea interrupts with, "Dude, really.?"
Samuel gawks at him. "What.?"
"You're in swimming trunks," he shoots back.
"So." Samuel protests, and a second later, eyes Priya. "It's not an easy subject," he begins.
Priya continues to eat her food as everyone talks.
"What do you mean.?" She asks Samuel.
"Christopher called me today and told me he had some news, but that he couldn't tell you face-to-face because he has duties to take care of." Samuel paused and took another bite of his salad. He continues, "Here's the thing, your brother is hurt really bad and they're not sure if he's going to make it."
Priya looks at Michael as her husband says, "Wait.. what happened to Damien.?"
"It's a long story," Priya adds. "All we know is, he got injured while on duty. And... well, he's in Germany as we speak."
"So... what now.?" Priya asks Samuel.
"We wait, I guess." He replies.
"I... I don't know if I can wait." Priya manages to say, in between wanting to cry.
Priya tunes out the table guests and ventures into her own little world for a moment, reminiscing on her times spent with her brother.
It seems like just yesterday, she thinks to herself. Damien and I were just little kids playing at the park and having picnics with Mom and Dad... I even remember him coming up to me and asking me for girl advice when we got a little bit older, because he was scared to talk to this one girl he liked. I offered to help him get her attention and he never thanked me after that. Though I know he's thankful. And now, that same girl and him are engaged... Priya trails off, continuing to talk to herself in silence.
Priya is snapped out of her reflection on the past as Shea finishes his salad and gets up to play peek-a-boo with Talon, and as her husband glances at her and says, "Oooh."
"What do you mean, Oooh.?" She says back to him.
"I don't know." He answers, "When did this all happen.?"
"A few days ago, I guess." Priya takes another bite of her salad.
"I wasn't too fond of that kid," Michael mentions. "As I recall, he didn't really like me either."
"Damien doesn't like many people." She speaks. "But... I don't think he really gave you a chance."
"So... how do you know Damien.?" Michael asks Samuel.
"Like I was telling your wife, I really don't. I've just heard of him, I guess you could say." Samuel replies. "Christopher knows him more than I ever will, but he isn't able to be here today so... I'm filling in."
"This is going to be a rough week for us," Michael says, saddened by his wife's brother's injury.
As everyone finishes their salad and Michael puts away the dishes, Samuel notices the sad expression on Priya's face.
"Are you okay.?" He gets up to confront her.
"I'll... be... fine." She says through gritted teeth.
"Why so serious.?" He asks.
"It's nothing. I just... I miss him so much, I can't do this again." She says, with tears forming in her eyes.
"Can't do what again.?" Samuel was curious now.
"This kind of thing has happened before," Priya began. "But, turns out it wasn't anything serious and Damien was just playing some kind of trick on the family."
"Well, I'll have you know, this isn't some kind of trick." Samuel tries to make Priya feel better. "Christopher has seen it first-hand... The accident, I mean."
"Just remember that everything is going to be okay," Samuel continues, and smiles. "I'm sure your brother will return home soon."
Priya wants to smile, too, but doesn't know how to at this point. "It's just so hard, you know.? I don't know what to expect out of Damien these days."
Now she wants to cry, remembering again what it was like growing up with him...
"He wasn't exactly nice to me when we were younger," she said. "It was tough being his older sister and having him pick on me constantly." She thought a moment before continuing. "Isn't it supposed to be the other way around, the older kid teasing the younger one.?"
Priya sighed.
Priya manages a slight smile as Samuel gets an idea.
"Would you like to see your brother.?" She asks her.
"That would be wonderful... especially right now." Priya says, hoping Samuel actually means something by asking her that.
"I was thinking... maybe there's a way you can. You know, like... go to Germany to surprise him.? I'm sure they're cool with things like that." Samuel requests.
"I don't know," Priya thinks. "Isn't that usually only a wife or something that can do that.?"
"It's possible, but I'll talk to Christopher and see if there's any way we can make that happen." Samuel adds.
"I guess that's all, for now." Samuel pauses, "It's getting late for me, I should go."
Priya tells him how wonderful it was that he was able to stop by to share what he knew, on Christopher's orders. "Let Christopher know I really appreciate him sending you over."
Samuel nods. "Of course," and insisted on a hug.
Priya smiled, returning the hug. "Maybe I'll see you again sometime."
"Maybe..." Samuel replied, releasing Priya from his grasp and heading for the door. "I hope you guys have a wonderful day," he says over his shoulder on his way out.
After Samuel and Shea leave, Priya stumbles into the living room where her husband is watching T.V. and joins him.
"Thanks for not saying much," Priya says to Michael.
"What was I supposed to say.?" Michael asks his wife.
"I don't know. I'm just glad you didn't go into much detail about your and Damien's history." Priya says, relieved, and puts her arm around Michael and cuddles him.
Michael gives Priya a kiss and says, "I wouldn't do that... It's no-one else's business what has happened between Damien and I."
"I just...I want to make sure it's not just another one of his pranks." Priya finally says. "You know, it is like him to pull this kind of stunt."
Michael decides to switch it up and sits on Priya's lap to give her a well-needed hug.
"I'm always here for you, babe." He admits. "I always will be. And whatever happens with Damien, I'll be there through it all. I got your back."
"I love you." Priya tells her husband. "Always and forever."

(I thought this picture was funny... since the guy isn't supposed to sit on the girls lap. haha)

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