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Romance In The Air.
Published Nov 15, 2012

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This is a story about Priya and her husband Michael, how they fall in love all over again each day and how, for Priya, it's always been Michael... But, when Priya's at work, Michael catches the Christmas Tree on fire and ends up passing away, leaving Priya to either find love with someone else, or to resurrect her husband by getting ahold of the grim reaper. But... little does Priya know that Michael has feelings for someone else.

This is a story about Priya and her husband Michael, how they fall in love all over again each day and how, for Priya, it's always been Michael... But, when Priya's at work, Michael catches the Christmas Tree on fire and ends up passing away, leaving Priya to either find love with someone else, or to resurrect her husband by getting ahold of the grim reaper. But... little does Priya know that Michael has feelings for someone else. Michael was having a rough day with Talon misbehaving that he decided to cool off in the Sauna and forget about the rest of the world for a little while... and his parental duties. Until...
"What are you doing in here.?" Michael asks his wife Priya as she steps into the Sauna and takes a seat... far away from him.
"Oh, I'm not supposed to be in here.? Is there a rule against it.?" Priya questioned Michael. "Give me a break. I've had it rough day, too. Who gets up with Talon everyday and who's the one that feeds him.?" She paused.
Michael opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out.
"Yeah, not you." Priya finishes.
Priya and Michael haven't been getting along too well these days, and Priya has been having to get after him about not spending enough time with Talon like a father should.
"Are you ever going to listen to me.?" She asks Michael.
"About what.?" He says, just as he begins to walk away.
"Are you serious right now.?" Priya sighs. "Wow."
Priya is extremely irritated with Michael and decides to have some fun with it.
"Look over there.!" She says. "There's a unicorn.!"
"What.!!!! Where.?" Michael wonders, looking away from Priya in the direction she pointed, behind him.
"I got you.!" She said, just as she throws a water balloon at him.
Michael turns to face Priya again, and she laughs. "That is hilarious. I am never going to get over that.!"
"That was uncalled for," Michael says, frustrated. "Thanks."
Michael thinks to himself, "If that's how she wants to play, I'm in," and reaches behind him for a water balloon.
"Hey, look over there.!" He plays the same line to Priya, and being Priya, she falls for Michael's trick and looks behind her. "What is it.?"
Michael, with an evil grin on his face, gets ready to pound his wife with the water balloon.
Just as Priya looks back at Michael, he aims the water balloon at her and she is stunned. "What the--" she begins to say as water empties itself out of the balloon and falls directly on her. Michael giggles after the sudden water balloon he'd thrown at his wife, and Priya looks straight ahead, not even bothering to look at Michael, and is mad that he would think to pull the same trick on her. Priya and Michael both take seats by the pool and engage in conversation.
"I can't believe you did that." Priya says. "You have been acting strange all day."
"Hey, you did it first." Michael replies, pausing. "What.? How have I been acting strange.?"
"You just have, okay.?" Priya demands. "Ever since you got home from work... Is there something you're not telling me.?"
Michael shakes his head. "Why would you think I'm hiding something.?"
Priya shrugs. Lying, she says, "No reason."
Priya asks Michael to cuddle under the stars. Knowing her husband, he doesn't want to hurt her feelings so he agrees, knowing there's some place else he'd rather be.
Michael thinks to himself, "I love Priya, I really do. But is it possible to love someone else at the same time.?"
Michael stands up, Priya too, and as Michael thinks about what to do next, she decides to give Priya what she wants and tell her what she wants to hear.
He places his hand up against her cheek and caresses it, saying, "I love you honey."
Priya smiles, butterflies forming in her stomach.
And then Michael gives his wife a tender kiss on the lips.
"I love you, too." She answers.
Michael had the day off from work and was home with the dogs and Talon while Priya worked... Instantly, as Michael walked into the living room, he noticed the Christmas Tree was on fire and tried to put it out.
No luck.
The grim reaper arrived to meet up with Michael.
Meanwhile, Priya got a call from a close friend of the family while working...
"I need you to know," The close friend began. "Your husband is no longer with us."
"What do you mean.?" Priya questioned her friend, sobbing. "Did something happen.?"
"The Christmas Tree caught on fire and Michael couldn't put it out in time before fire got on him, too."
Priya listened to her friend speak to her over the phone, and didn't know what to do with herself. She loved Michael dearly, and she knew they hadn't been getting along. She felt bad.
"With a kid on the way, and Talon having a birthday tomorrow... this is going to be hard without Michael. How am I going to tell Talon.?" She asked her friend.
Priya doesn't want to live without Michael, despite their differences, and for her son's sake and the new baby coming, she just needs her husband at a time like this.
She gets an idea and decides to give it a shot, calling the grim reaper to make a deal to resurrect her husband.
As the Grim Reaper asks Priya how much she's willing to pay to get her husband back, she says, "Ten thousand." && the grim reaper replies, "That is very generous.! It's out of this world.! I will perform a resurrection now, thank you." and they hang up. The resurrection is complete, Michael is now a part of the family again. "Yes, it worked.!" Priya says, happy, and sees Michael walking away. "Hey, aren't you going to say thanks.?!"
Michael ignores his wife.
"Of course now." Priya finishes.
"One more thing..." Priya says, picking up to call the grim reaper again.
"I need to resurrect Jace." She says to the reaper. "He also died in the fire while trying to put it out."
Priya offers to pay another ten thousand to release Jace.
The grim reaper is surprised. "Of course I can make a deal with you."
Jace appears in front of Priya and jumps up and down in amazement that he's alive again.
Priya smiles as Michael reaches for her hands.
As he grabs one, and then he other, he looks Priya in the eyes and says, "I'm going to go out for a bit. Are you going to be okay here by yourself with the dogs and Talon.?"
Priya nods. "I don't see why not."
As Priya agrees and says it's fine if Michael leaves for a while, he leans down and rubs her baby belly before retreating into town.
"I can't wait to see if we have another boy, or if it's going to be a girl this time.!" Michael says, his stomach fluttering. "It's a wonderful thing..."
Just as soon as Michael left, Priya went up to Talon's room to bring him downstairs to blow out candles.
"I'm sorry Daddy can't be here right now," Priya says to her soon. "He's always walking out on you, huh.?"
Michael walks into the arcade, and within seconds, he spots "the other girl" Kylee.
Kylee notices Michael too, and saunters over to give him a romantic hug.
"Very nice to see you again.!" She says while in his grasp.
"It's only been like...a week." He replies, and smiles. "Sorry I haven't came around much. A lot has been going on."
Kylee nods slightly against his shoulder. "I understand."
Kylee slowly steps away from Michael while sliding her hand down his arm until both their hands meet, and half-smiles.
"I take it your wife still doesn't know.?" She asks.
Michael sighs. "How would I tell her.?" He wonders. "It's not like I can just go up to her and say, hey babe, I'm in love with someone else while still loving you..."
"I know." Kylee says, devastated. "I just wish it was easier and we didn't have to hide."
They both look at each other with a sad expression on their faces.
"Someday it'll be easier." Michael says.
Michael shows his love and affection towards Kylee by tickling her. "How's that.?" He laughs.
"You're funny." She laughs too.
And a moment later he asks her about grabbing something to eat.
"I know it's getting late," Michael begins. "But, how's dinner sound.?"
Just arriving at Bernard's Botanical Dining, Michael opens the passenger's side door for Kylee and she steps out. Taking her hand, Michael puts it up to his lips and kisses it tenderly.
Kylee's stomach gets butterflies now, as she thinks of the possibility of her having a future with Michael, if he ever leaves his other life.
"You are amazing." Kylee tells Michael, and blushes.
And then Michael serenades Kylee.
Kylee doesn't know what to think now. Is Michael only being this nice because his wife isn't showing him the affection he wants or deserves.? Am I the only one that gets him.? -- She wonders to herself.
"How do you like that.?" He asks her when he's finished.
"I loved that." She smiles.
Michael and Kylee get seated at the restaurant and Kylee glances down at her lap before speaking to Michael.
"Are you...happy.?" She wonders, asking him.
"Of course. Why wouldn't I be.?" She demands.
"I home. Are you happy with things at home.?" She corrects herself.
"Things could always be better." He takes a sip of his drink.
"Well, why are you here with me if you're happy.?"
"You know why." He mentions. "Because you understand."
Michael turns his head to face Kylee and asks her what she wants to eat.
When they're settled with their decision and the waitress takes the order, Kylee says, "I just... I know you guys fight a lot."
"It's not that... There's just a lot going on with Talon growing up and needing homework help, all the pets we have, and now another baby on the way..." Says Michael.
"Wait... what.?" Kylee asks, confused. "Another kid.?"
"Yes." Michael nods. "She just found out yesterday."
"But yet... you're here with me." Kylee sighs, unhappy.
"Of course," Michael says, blowing Kylee a kiss. ""
"How can you love me.?" She wonders out loud.
"It's hard to explain." Michael admits, saddened by the way Kylee's handling his confession.
Michael forgets about the way Kylee was acting and leans in and feeds her a bite of his food.
"How romantic." Kylee says, smiling. "I didn't know you had it in you."
Michael laughs. "You did, too."
"Here's to us." Kylee makes a toast.
"To us." Michael agrees.
"One last request before we leave the restaurant..." Kylee says. "Picture time.!"
Kylee and Michael get into the photo booth to take a picture together.
"Those are funny.!" Kylee says, noticing the goofy photos of her and Michael as they come out of the machine.
Michael and Kylee end their night underneath the stars playing on the swings.
"This is fun. We'll have to do this again sometime." They say in unison as they both swing back and forth.
Michael gets off the swing and waits for Kylee to stop swinging too. He walks over to her giving her a great big squeeze as they say good-bye.
"It was nice to see you, really nice." Kylee suggests. "I hope you'll come around again soon."
"You can count on it." Michael adds. "It won't be long until we see each other again."
Michael leans in and gives Kylee a kiss before she leaves the restaurant and he heads home...
"Don't hesitate to call." She says. "I'll be around waiting."
Michael smiles. "See you soon then."

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