Summer Feelings - Chapter 8 - Part 1
Published Nov 20, 2012

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Here's Summer feelings - Chapter 8 - Part 1.
Sorry for the long wait, again! And thanks for all the wonderful comments! :)
Hope you like it.
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Here's Summer feelings - Chapter 8 - Part 1.
Sorry for the long wait, again! And thanks for all the wonderful comments! :)
Hope you like it.
Read on...
"A husband? That is so...I don't know what to say aunt Es...", Kat started.

Kat and Esther were sitting in Esther's room. They were preparing for the masquerade.

"Are you angry or glad?", Esther asked and started combing Kat's hair.

"Are you really asking me that? Of course I'm glad! It's just that...I don't know, you said that Sam's father isn't faithful, that he already cheated on you long time ago...", Kat said with concerned voice.

Esther sighed, and then she smiled.
"People change, Kathleen. It really was a long time ago. We were younger then you are. Now, we are adults. We are serious, and we know what we want.", she said.

Kat smiled.
"I just want you to be happy, aunt Es.", she said.

"I am happy, love.", Esther smiled.

Phone ringing

"It's Lily.", Kat said.

"You get that, and I'm going to bring your birthday gift.", Esther smiled.

"What is it, a dress?", Kat asked excitedly.

"Yes, dear. And a wonderful mask that goes with it.", Esther smiled.
"Hey Lily.", Kat said. "Oh, Kat help me! I don't know what to do!", Lily said desperately.

"What is it? Did something happen? Is it Sam?", Kat asked anxiously.

"No, no. It's not Sam. I just don't know what to wear! I have golden and pink dress, and I can't choose!", Lily yelled.

"Damn it, Lil! You scared me! I thought something happened!", Kat said.

"Something will happen if I don't choose the dress! I won't attend the masquerade, and I really want to!", Lily said sadly.

Kat sighed.
"What is the color of your mask?", she asked.

"I don't know. I have two masks. Pink and golden one.", Lily said.

"Oh my! I'd go with the golden dress. It suits your blonde hair.", Kat sighed.

"Oh. Okay. I wasn't thinking about that. Thank you, Kat! I have to go now! See you tonight, bye!", Lily smiled.

"Bye, Lily.", Kat laughed.
"I'm so excited. This is my first masquerade ever. I'm not countig Haloweens, of course. This is classy.", Kat said.

"Well, it's a tradition. It has to be classy. Let me look at you.", Esther said and turned to Kat.

"Oh, you are beautiful, dear.You will knock little Mr.White off his feet.", she said.

Kat giggled.

I think I already have...
"Esther!", a woman in the long green dress shouted.

"Emma! Wow! This is the best mask you ever had.", Esther said and went to hug her.
"Kat, this is Lily's mom, Emma.", Esther said.

"I know her. I just didn't recognize her.", Kat smiled.

"Em, you really did your best this time.", Esther said.

"Aunt Es,I think that Lily, Anna and Emily are there. I'm going to see them.", Kat said.

"Oh yes, Lily said that they will be waiting for you in the front, I forgot.", Emma laughed.
"Hey.", Kat said.

"Kathleen? Is that you?", Anna laughed.

"Esther did her magic.", Kat giggled.

"So you did listen to me. You took the golden dress.", Kat added and looked at Lily.

"Yeah! And It's perfect, isn't it?", Lily smiled.

"Yeah.", Kat said.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. Let's take our numbers and get inside.", Anna said.
"What's the thing with that numbers? I don't understand.", Kat asked.

"Hello ladies. Please choose your numbers.", the woman on the enterance said.

The girls put their hands into the big bowl and took their numbers. Kat was number four.

"Great. Now, please, tell me your names and your numbers.", the woman said and smiled.

The girls said their names and numbers, the woman wrote it in her notebook, and they got in.
"Wow, it's crowded.", Anna said.

"I still don't understand what's the point with this numbers.", Kat said.

"You are number four, right? You have time until midnight to find a guy who also has number four. Then, at midnight, you take your mask off and dance with your guy. I mean, it's usually some random guy who accidently has the same number like you, but it's just one dance, it's a tradition.", Anna explained.

"Oh. I see. So now I'm supposed to go and ask every guy for a number?", Kat asked.

"No. They will ask you.", Lily giggled.

"Oh, they have blue punch. C'mon, let's get our drinks.", she added.

"You two go, Em and I will try to find our guys.", Anna giggled.

"Okay. C'mon, Kat.", Lily said.
"Do you see Andrew somewhere?", Kat asked Lily and looked around.

"Blue punch, please. How am I supposed to see anyone? Everyone are wearing masks. I can't even find Sam.", Lily said.

"What if he isn't here?", Kat asked.

"He HAS to be here, Kat. His family is like, the most important in this town. Relax, you'll find him when we take our masks off.", Lily said.

"Yeah, I guess I will.", Kat sighed.

"How are things going between you and Sam?", she added.

"Great. He...He's letting me to get to know the real him. And I like the real him.", Lily chuckled.

"Do you know that Sam is going to my brother?", Kat giggled.

"What?", Lily asked.

"Esther and Sam's dad are getting married.", Kat smiled.

"No way!", Lily yelled with smile on her face.

The bartender looked at her and raised his eyebrows.

"What? I'm just surprised!", Lily said to him madly.

"Surprised in a bad way?", Kat asked.

"No. Sam's father is cool. Him and Esther...They make perfect couple. I bet their babies will be beautiful.", Lily chuckled.
"Hey dear. Are you having a good time?", Esther asked Kat.

"Yeah.", Kat smiled.

"What is wrong?", Esther asked seriously.

"I can't find Andrew.", Kat said.

"Relax, love. I'm sure he's somewhere here, I've seen his mother.", Esther said.

"Oh, then he is probably here.", Kat said.
"Hey, Anna, look over there. Isn't that Beatrice?", Emily said.

Anna turned around and looked at the girl in the orange dress.

"Yeah, it's her. I would recognize that bleached hair everywhere.", Anna said madly.

"She's alone. Where's Andrew?", Emily asked.

"Who knows? These masks are annoying. I can't recognize half of the people here.", Anna said.

"May I know your number, miss?", a voice asked Anna.
Anna turned around and recognized the gray eyes that she loved more then anything.

"Of course, sir. It's number six.", she giggled.

"Oh, what a coincidence. I happen to have the same number.", Raph smiled and hugged her.

"I've missed you.", he whispered on her ear.

"I missed you too. Hey, how did you know it was me? And how is even possible that we have the same numbers?", Anna asked in his shoulder.

"Well, your red hair is hard to miss. And the number...Let's just say that a good friend of mine happens to have very important parents, which makes him very important, too.",Raph said.

"Oh, I see.", Anna giggled and kissed him.
"Ladies and gentleman! You only have a few minutes left to find your partners! So better hurry up!", the woman in long, purple dress said.

"And why is this beautiful lady with number four alone?", someone asked Kat and hugged her from behind. Pleasant shiver went down Kathleen's spine.
"Are you sure it's number four, sir?", Kat asked without turning around.

"I'm pretty sure, miss.", he whispered on her ear.

"May I know your number, sir?", Kat asked.

"Can't you just assume?", he giggled.

"Okay! Time's up! If you managed to find your partners, grab them, take your masks off, and enjoy your dance!", the woman in purple dress said.
Kat took her mask off and turned around.
Andrew's hazel eyes met her.

"Hey.", he smiled.

"Hey.", she blushed.

"How did you know my number?", she asked.

"Oh, being son of someone important can be useful sometimes. People share with you things they usually wouldn't.", he giggled.

"That's called cheating, mister.", Kat chuckled.

"Aren't you glad that I cheated?", Andrew asked with suggesting voice.

"You can't even imagine how glad I am.", Kat whispered.

"Wait. How did you find me? I didn't tell you the color of my dress or mask.", she asked him.

Andrew smiled.
"You are my vanilla-girl.", he whispered.
"And I see you used your skills of important person to help some friends, as well.", Kat chuckled.

"Yes..the woman on the enterance was glad to share some more information, although that's forbidden.", Andrew grinned.

Kat smiled.
She was in his arms, here, in front of everyone.
Wait a sec.

In front of everyone?

"Andrew, Beatrice is somewhere here, too. She will see us dancing. Your parents are here, as well.", she said anxiously.

"So what? We have the same numbers. We have to dance. Besides, I don't care about them anymore. I'm telling them everything tonight." Andrew said.

"C'mon, let's go outside.", he added.
"Andrew, look.", Kat said.

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* \:D

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Thanks guys, you're the best! :-D

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Wow. I can't wait until the next chapter!

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do u know when the next chapter is

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I'll try to upload it this weekend..but I can't promise anything..I have to study a lot this weekend. \:\(

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OMG I KNOW WHO IS KISSING THE EVIL BEATRICE it's MIKE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish the next one sooon\:\( i read them all in one sitting it went by to fast now i'm sad!\:wub\: I LOVES IT \:puke\: is it me or dose beatrice make you want to \:puke\: some times

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love the masquerade.. hahaha.. i love andrew.. go kath!\:wub\:\:rah\:

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Thanks a lot! :-D

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Good work!

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beautiful screenshots! \:\)

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