Generation 2 pt. 6
Published Nov 27, 2012

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The story of Pleasantview continues. There will be love and heartbreak, betrayal and intrigue; but the residents of Pleasantview will have to live on, unless of course, they don't.

The story of Pleasantview continues. There will be love and heartbreak, betrayal and intrigue; but the residents of Pleasantview will have to live on, unless of course, they don't. Cassandra and Colton were away at college when things got serious between Colton and Rose Planter. They were dorming together, but they started talking about a future. It had already been established that Zeke and Cassandra would eventually get married, but Rose had some doubts about what she wanted. Colton was ready to commit to her, but was she really ready to settle down? Zeke and Colton arranged that they would ask Cassandra and Rose the big question at the same time. They had planned it perfectly; but only one of the ladies said yes. Rose turned him down, and Colton was crushed and humiliated. She needed more time to think about what she really wanted. Meanwhile, Colton's brother Ben's marriage was doing well. His twin daughters were growing up faster than they ought to, and Amanda had agreed to start trying for another baby. Previously resigned to never having the son he desired, Ben began to hope again. Colton and Rose had been fighting a lot ever since she said no. Colton questioned how much she really loved him, and Rose was angry that he couldn't empathize with her uncertainly. Zeke and Cassandra were openly gushing about their wedding plans, and Colton desperately wanted to share their joy; if only the woman he loved would take him. He continued to propose every once and awhile until Rose finally gave in. She wasn't sure it was what she wanted for herself, but what could she do instead? She loved him, and hoped that would be enough. Jordan had been expecting, and the baby was a boy. They named him Kevin, and from his first day in this world his future was set. With his grandfather and father watching over him, it would be ensured that little Kevin would be raised to inherit the business that Harold had built. We left off with Daniel and Leslie immediately after their engagement. Daniel graduated and got a job as a surgeon, wanting to follow in his father's footsteps, and of course, to make a lot of money. Leslie knew this, and admittedly mostly married Daniel for his name and his prosperous future. As you may remember, it was Leslie's parents that had heavily pushed her brother Ivan on Rachael New back when the pair were teenagers, though Ivan fell in love with his future wife. They were thrilled then, when they learned of the upcoming wedding between their daughter and the son of Ken and Diane New. They would become in-laws after all. Elle continued her practice in cosmetology, and grew her little salon to a local favorite. It was no comparison to the famed Ricas business empire, but it was impressive for a woman who started with nothing and was never expected to make something of herself without help from her wealthy parents. Elle was proud of herself, and so was her mother. Even the empire heir himself, her brother Zeke, began to take Elle seriously. Meanwhile, Robort worked his way up as a mechanic, meeting coworker Kyle Rye along the way. Kyle and Robort became very good friends; since no one else would make a better friend when you like all things mechanical than an actual robot, and Robort knew that Kyle was the only one around that would be able to repair him if he ever broke down. The wedding of Nicholas Hever, the head of Hever Enterprises and famed football star, and Valery Rye, international supermodel, was the talk of the town for months. Nearly everyone in the neighborhood was invited to their home to witness the occasion. Most of the guests came just to get a good luck at the mansion (Of my own creation and available here on TSR: See "Manchester"). Nick and Valery may have loved each other as much as other newlyweds did, but both knew that their marriage was one of status. They were both boosted socially and financially by being married to the other. Tima had a lot of boyfriends in college, and even more admirers. But the person that won her heart was Timothy Phillips. He had been an awkward boy, and felt incredibly lucky to be with her. The feeling was mutual, and so when Timothy asked her to marry him soon after graduation, Tima excitedly said yes. The death of Jacob's wife, Angela, devastated him. He became depressed and secluded himself, and needed quite frequent visits from the psychologist. He began to get better when he was struck with a brilliant idea; to get her back. Jacob immediately quit his dream job as a photographer and went into the Paranormal career. He knew that at the end of the field he would be given what he needed to bring Angela back to life. So Jacob worked as hard as he could, gaining as much as a promotion each day if he could manage it, until he could call on the grim reaper himself. Jacob managed to reach the top, but still wasn't a rich man by most standards considering he hadn't been in his new career for very long. Jacob couldn't afford the price the grim reaper asked, and when Angela came back, he went to embrace her only to find himself being rejected. His pregnant wife was brought back to him, but she didn't remember anything about their life together. He was a stranger to her. Now Jacob had something else to work at. Their baby boy arrived, a son named Edmund. He had straight and long brown hair like his father, but bright blue eyes from his mother. He was a toddler before the arrival of his brother, and now his parents had to juggle two full time jobs and two little ones. The town continued to gossip about what really went on at the dark castle on the hill, newly occupied after years of abandonment by Joe and Jana Rye. Many of the rumors were true, unfortunately, but others were greatly exaggerated. Word had somehow gotten out that the couple were accumulating an army of killer robots. They were making robots, but their intentions were quite normal for once. Neither of them were very successful in their careers because of such 'extracurricular' activities, and could stand to make some extra cash. So, they began to perfect this skill, and sell them to the Ricas family for sale in one of their many electronics stores. Kevin Bishop was a very rambunctious little toddler, who often completely wore out his parents. Even Quinten had trouble keeping up with him. He was a happy little boy, extremely bright and showed unusual ambition even as a baby. He certainly had amazing potential, and lots of people had high hopes for his future. Thomas Reeves started dating late into their high school careers and stayed together all throughout college. Most of their family had just been waiting for the day that they would get married, and it came as no surprise when they became engaged. While Rose was still in college, of course her three twin sisters were as well. Ivy, Lily, and Lavender all roomed together, while Rose stayed with Colton. Also in the dorm were three good friends, Henry Heire, Ethan Regg, and Peter Guapo. Henry began to see something special in Ivy, and Lily took a liking to Ethan. Before long all six of them would be with the one they would eventually marry, but who exactly would that be? Adam and Madison Phillips were getting along just fine. Madison was advancing as an Interior Designer, while Adam became a Criminal Profiler. They managed to accumulate a small savings before the birth of their first daughter, Elizabeth. She was the first grandchild of Paul and Alicia, but the recently widowed Harriet Rye could now claim ten grandchildren. Oliver, Oscar, and Olivia became children with personalities as different as their appearances. They were not identical triplets, after all. Oliver looked very much like his father, with blond hair and a similar jaw line. Oscar took after his mother's looks, though he had very red hair. Olivia fell right in the middle, with light red hair and features from both of her parents. Their older sister Opal was on the verge of teenhood; and it seemed as if the Jonston household was settling down, for now. At the beginning of the school year, Lily had a crush on Ethan Regg. This was short lived, and Peter Guapo won her over instead. The two became so in love that they were engaged within the month. Even her sisters thought she was crazy even though they had been there through the entire relationship and could tell that they truly belonged together. But to marry so soon? Rose found it the most difficult to understand, since she had been dating Colton for over two years and still wasn't entirely convinced. But Peter and Lily wouldn't listen to anyone's advice. They just wanted to be together. Valery had finally reached the top of her modeling career, while Nick was only a few promotions away from the top. He wasn't happy about being passed up by his wife. Nick's resentment was not only immature, but hypocritical as well. After all, he made it quite clear who ran the great family business. There was no reason for him to be insecure about being able to provide for the two of them. Tension between the young couple only mounted every day. However neither of them wanted to consider divorce; it would be too scandalous for either of their reputations. Instead they tried to merely coexist.

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