Generation 2 pt. 8
Published Dec 2, 2012

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The story of Pleasantview continues. There will be love and heartbreak, betrayal and intrigue; but the residents of Pleasantview will have to live on, unless of course, they don't.

The story of Pleasantview continues. There will be love and heartbreak, betrayal and intrigue; but the residents of Pleasantview will have to live on, unless of course, they don't. Angela had been pregnant when she died, and so only a few short days after coming back without any memory at all about her life, she was convinced by a total stranger that he was her husband and the father of the baby she was carrying. This was enough stress for one family; but now they had a newborn to take care of. Angela didn't really want much input on what to name the boy, so Jacob chose to name him Lloyd. She was trying to play the part of a happy wife and mother, but it was hard. She didn't know if she would ever get her memory back, or if she would feel for her loved ones what she must have felt in the past. For a little while everything seemed fine, and Jacob was convinced that Angela would be completely back to normal in no time. Holden dated around a little, and found his first girlfriend in a townie named Brittany. But Holden wasn't the only one getting romantically involved. It had been some time since the death of her husband, and Monica didn't have much interest in staying single for the rest of her life. This time she had no need to marry for money, and chose the family's butler instead. Everyone was shocked that she would even consider him, and actually a little bothered that she had. If Alfred was her boyfriend now, should they still be employing him? But, how could they fire him, for the same reason? While Kyle Rye's eldest son was enjoying new-found childhood, he finally managed to buy a lot for his garage. He would go there nearly every day. Not many sims knew about him yet, so when he wasn't repairing a customer's car, he would be fixing up ones he had bought in the hopes of selling them. Justin and Gina Kim hadn't been in a rush to have children, they took their time. When they welcomed their first daughter, Amber, the couple was completely ready for her arrival. She had been a planned baby from the very beginning, and her mother was especially doting. Ethan and Lavender met in college like the rest of Lavender's siblings. They hadn't so much fallen in love as fallen together. They liked each other, sure, but they started dating mostly because they didn't want to be the only ones alone. After dating for so long, they just became too comfortable to leave. So Ethan bought a small log cabin, moved in, and made it official. They invited a limited amount of family to the wedding, mostly because their yard was so small it couldn't accommodate many more chairs. They were happy enough as newlyweds. They both thought they were doing what they were supposed to; getting married and trying to live happily ever after. Kevin Bishop was a child in no time, and what an active child he was! He like nature, and games; was interested in science and enjoyed playing with his grandfather. Most of all he loved planes. Even at such an early age he knew he wanted to be an airplane pilot. He owned all kinds of models that he displayed around his room. Quinten let him dream for now, but knew that one day he would have to tell his son that his dreams could never come true, and that he had to take over the family business instead. Jeff and Ruby Awon were now the parents of three with the addition of their daughter Merideth. She became a cheery and playful toddler, as her big sister became a child. Katherine Awon was a child that kept to herself. Her parents had planned a huge party with all of her friends, but she insisted that she didn't want a party. She didn't tell her parents that they couldn't invite her friends because she didn't have any. Instead, she played by herself and did her homework in her room. Henry and Ivy started dating before the others in college. They waited to get married until Henry could afford their dream home. It took a little longer than either of them really liked, but the Literature career didn't really pay all that much. Henry surprised her by taking her on a tour of the house, which he then told her he had recently purchased, and dropped down on his knee. She excitedly accepted. Gregory and Jamie had wanted a baby from the first day they got married, but Jamie took a little longer getting pregnant than they had anticipated. When their daughter, Marissa, finally arrived they were ecstatic to have her. Gregory could barely put her down. He literally tried to take her everywhere with him. Amongst the guests to Henry and Ivy's wedding were Rose and Colton, who had still not gotten married themselves. Rose would now be the last of her sisters to get married, though she had been the first to get engaged. She wished her sister luck wholeheartedly, but knew what Colton must have been thinking through the ceremony: when was it their turn? Growing up, David had always been the geeky one, further contrasted by his twin Daniel being the most popular boy in school. He was nervous talking to girls, so he was amazed when his crush, Abigail started liking him back. She had come from a broken household. Her father died when she was a child, and the stepfather she received as a result was less than perfect. He used to tell her that she was "unlovable" when he was especially angry and she had believed him. So when David started being very nice to her, she became devoted to him, and when he asked her to marry him, she knew she couldn't turn down what may be her only chance at happiness. Amber became a toddler, and she was soon joined in the nursery by a brother, Marcus. Amber's looks mostly came from her father, but her personality was entirely Gina. Christine, the red-head, and Caroline, the blonde, grew into very pretty little girls. They were nearly identical in every way except for their hair color. Chris had taken up toy making in addition to his regular job to try to provide for his family. He was getting rather talented, and the girls were never short on toys. Meanwhile, Lilith adopted another cat to get over her recent break-up with Nick. Chris still had no idea that the affair ever happened, and she hoped it would stay that way. Nights in the Regg household were rather uneventful. Most nights the couple would go to bed and They loved each other, sure, but Lavender wasn't sure that her husband was actually attracted to her. She wanted a baby, but how would she ever get one if her husband barely touched her? She was too shy to bring it up, and was convinced that it was her fault and that she must be doing something wrong. She tried to stay busy most of the time to keep from thinking about it, so she sewed things and took up gardening again, a skill she had perfected while still in her teens. In between sleeping around Nick still managed to spend most nights with his wife, who was very suspicious but remained silent. The couple managed to have a daughter, Alexis. Nick was glad to have her, but told Valery that they would need to have another child so that the next one might be a son. Nick needed an heir, and he was sexist enough that he could not conceive of leaving the business to a daughter. He could only imagine what his father would have said to such an idea were he still alive. No, Nick would need a son. Angela Guapo wasn't getting any better. She went to work at the job she didn't remember applying for and came home to the house she didn't remember buying to sit on the couch she couldn't remember picking out. She held her son and felt nothing. Lloyd was a toddler now, but Angela couldn't connect with him. She didn't remember conceiving him. She didn't remember carrying him for all those months. Everything around her was foreign, and everyday Jacob was trying to remind her that this was her life. Angela didn't feel like she belonged there, and she couldn't stop feeling that way, no matter how much she tried to pretend otherwise. They were fighting everyday now. Jacob was running late to work; to the paranormal job that he hated and only had because of his wife. It was a frequent topic in their arguments.
"I quit the best job I ever had to get you back," he yelled.
"No one asked you to!" Angela would answer.
"Would you rather I hadn't? Then you wouldn't be alive right now, and Lloyd would never have been born. Is that what you would have wanted?" At this response from Jacob, Angela would usually just huff and walk away, but this time she said what she really felt.
"Yes! I do wish that! Then I wouldn't be here feeling terrible for not really loving either of you!" Jacob was taken aback. But he left to go to work, too shocked and angry, and late, continue further. When he returned later that day, Angela announced that she was leaving him. She couldn't take it any longer, she said. Jacob was devastated. He never thought things could get this bad, after everything he had done to keep their family together. After how hard he had worked to get her back, to make her love him, to provide with a job he hated, to get her to remember their old life; Angela just couldn't make the same effort. She walked out, never to be seen again.

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