Best Friends- The Visitor V
Published Dec 22, 2012

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It was their last day together at the beach house. Sophia was up for her usual stretch and jog. She went to check on Ryan but noticed that he was already gone. She rushed to put her clothes on thinking she would catch up with him.
She walked out to the patio to begin stretching. It was warm that morning with barely a breeze coming from the water. She turned around and noticed there was someone else outside exercising as well.

It was their last day together at the beach house. Sophia was up for her usual stretch and jog. She went to check on Ryan but noticed that he was already gone. She rushed to put her clothes on thinking she would catch up with him.
She walked out to the patio to begin stretching. It was warm that morning with barely a breeze coming from the water. She turned around and noticed there was someone else outside exercising as well.
At the guest quarters right across from the main house was a Ryan, working out at the mini gym. She had not seen him exercising without a shirt on before. He didn't notice she was standing across from him. The sweat from his body glistened in the sunlight. She took a deep breath as she watched him pumping iron on the machine. And when he looked over he waved at her. She quickly waved back and went back to stretching. Embarrassed that she was watching him at all. After exercising both of them went over to the jacuzzi to relax. They didn't say much to each other, just relaxed. But every now and then Ryan couldn't help but look over to Sophia.
She looked content in the water. He tried to control his imagination as she would lift her legs playfully in the water.
By that afternoon there were more people around the beach house. It was the last night and before the fireworks began the group celebrated over drinks and bbq.
It was tradition for their house to host the last party of the weekend. Neighbors and other folks from town came by for the festivities.
Gena: So I hear you bagged you a soldier.
Sophie: Who, Ryan? No, we're just good friends. He is only here for a few more days and off back to the military.
Gena: Then why is it that he can't keep his eyes off of you.
Sophie: Oh stop Gena. We are just friends. I'm telling you there is nothing between us.
Gena: Well there should be. He is delicious!
The music was blasting throughout the house and people were either drinking, laughing, or dancing. Most of the guests were more curious about the newest member to the group. The guys would stop and make small talk with Ryan. Trying to figure out who was the new guy Sophie brought. The ladies were also curious but for different reasons as a few of them flirted with him. By night, everyone had gathered on the beach to watch the fireworks. The crowd oohed and awed at the sight. And as the light show ended, the party goers continued to celebrate through the night. After the guests left, Ryan and Sophia stayed and went back to the beach.
Ryan: This has been a good weekend. I'm glad I came.
Sophia: I'm glad you did as well.
They continued to sit on the beach and made small talk as they sat and watched the night begin to turn into day.
Sophia: Every night I've watched the sun come up and every night it's like something new.
Ryan: Yeah. I always loved watching the stars at night but this is much better. Sophia: Especially when you do it with company.
Ryan slowly placed his hand on top of Sophia's. At first she flinched at the warmth of his hand on top of hers. But she did not move it. In fact, his touch sent a small tingle up her arm to her neck.
And when the sun began to peer over the mountains the two leaned on each other to watch it rise.
Sophia: Beautiful
Ryan looked over at her.
Ryan: Exactly.
Ryan helped her up from the sand.
Ryan: I really, really am thankful you brought me here. This is the best way to spend my last weekend in Starlight. I just wish I had more time.
Sophia: I wish you did too. There is so many things I have yet to show you. The hidden gems about the town that most people don't know about.
Ryan: Why couldn't I have known you long before now.
She smiled at him.
Ryan: There it is again. That smile.
She began to blush.
Sophia: I don't know about you at times. You're such a smooth talker. Are you always like this with the ladies?
Ryan: Never. I just never felt this way with anyone else.
He hadn't realized what he said until it had left his lips.
There was a silence between the both of them. Sophia couldn't move. It was as if her feet was glued to the sand. They kept looking at different places around the beach, nervous to speak but neither of them ready to walk away.
Finally Ryan just told himself: Just do it.
He walked closer to her. At first hesitant, he placed his hand on her head. She began to breath at bit faster. He looked her in her eyes. Deep, as if he was trying to read her mind. She could feel her knees begin to feel like putty.
He ran his fingers through her hair. She closed her eyes to his touch. It was teasing but she did not want it to stop.
He brought his lips to hers. At first a small kiss. A small peck on the lips. Her belly ached and she felt her body shiver to his small touch to her lips.
Then he did it again. Only this time longer. She returned his kiss and wrapped her arms around him. It was long and passionate as if she was releasing some needed tension.
He lifted her up in his arms as if she was a feather. She felt vulnerable in his arms. They continued to kiss. She had no idea where she was going but she did not care. It wasn't long before they were in one of the guest rooms. He laid her gently on the bed and then himself on top of her. They continued kissing passionately. Sophia didn't want to stop, she wasn't going to stop. She wrapped her hands tighter around his shoulders bringing him closer to her. He lifted up to say something. He wanted to look at her. To see her. But just as their eyes met she stopped. Something spooked her.
Sophia: Oh my gosh.
Ryan: I feel it too.
Sophia: No! I can't do this.
Ryan: What?
She lifted herself up.
Sophia: I can't. I can't do this.
Ryan: I'm sorry. Did I hurt you? I couldn't help myself.
Sophia: No. It's not that. I can't do this.
Ryan: Is there something I did? Are you okay?
She got off the bed and was about to head out of the door. But before she could, he stepped in front of her.
Ryan: Sophie, what's wrong?
Sophia: I can't do this? I shouldn't have started this.
Ryan: What?
Sophia: We shouldn't be here. I'm sorry. This is just wrong.
Ryan: What's so wrong?
Sophia: You, me, this. You are Travis's son. You are my father's son.
Ryan: Let's get this right. I am your late stepfather's son. Something we didn't even know about until a few weeks ago.
Sophia: It's still wrong.
Ryan: How can you say that?
Sophia: Because it IS! Travis raised me most of my life. He was my father.
Ryan: No. He was MY father. Yet you have the connection to him. Either way we are doing nothing wrong.
Sophia: Oh goodness. I think I am going to be sick. I am not feeling well.
Ryan tried to soothe Sophia.
Ryan: Sophia, what we are doing is not wrong. Okay. This is not wrong.
Sophia: Yes it is. What would my parents say?
Ryan: You mean your REAL parents, Aj and Brooklyn?
Sophia: Stop doing that. Stop trying to distance me from him.
Ryan: Sophia. I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you. The way you make me feel when I am around you. And when I am not with you, it feels like there is something missing. And when you smile at lights up my entire day. I just....I just wanted to be with you. You do want to be with me don't you. Sophia heard him but she couldn't shake the thoughts of Travis out of her head. Was this right. No, it couldn't be right. She couldn't look at him. Ashamed that she had gone this far. That it felt so good to be in his arms yet, so wrong to be with him to feel the way she was with him.
Ryan: Sophia?
Sophia: I'm sorry. I can't. I just can't.
She quickly walked out the door and back to her own room. She locked the door hoping he would not follow her. He didn't. Her words stung him.
They rode home in silence. They had not spoken since earlier that morning and left before anyone else had woken from the celebrations.
The house was still silent and without saying a word to each other, both headed to their rooms.
Later that day Sophia went down to the living area and pulled out her mother's old photo albums she kept on the bookshelf. There she looked through all the photos of the three of them. Aj, Brooklyn and Travis. She laughed at the some of the photos and the way they dressed back when they were young. There were a few pictures later in the book of Betty as well.
There was a young photo of Travis when they were in high school. How much Ryan looked like him. She ran her hand over the photo. She went to another photo album and found more family pictures. There seemed to be dozens of photos of her and Travis throughout the album. All ranging from the time she was a baby to a few months before he died. She barely remembered taking most of the pictures but did enjoy looking at them.
Sophia: What is wrong with me?
She almost spent the entire day in her room. Refusing to eat with the family. Her feelings were all jumbled up.
One part of her wanted to believe that he was some con artist trying to take advantage or her and her family's generosity. And the other side of her wanted to believe that he was truly a kind person and was the son of Travis. But how could she fall for him and why. There had to be something wrong. Shouldn't there be.
By the evening Brooklyn stopped by her room.
Brooklyn: You haven't came out all day. Your father is beginning to worry. Well your father and myself. Is everything okay?
Sophia: I'm fine mom. I just need to be alone.
Brooklyn: Depressed about Ryan leaving. I know. I am going to miss having him around. We all are. Having lost Travis, he has been like a dear memory we almost thought we lost.
Sophia sat up from her bed. She didn't want to hear anymore.
Sophia: Please mother I don't want to talk about it.
Brooklyn: What is wrong with you?
Sophia: I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound so cruel. I've just been having trouble lately.
Brooklyn: Is here anything you need help with.
Sophia: No.
Brooklyn looked at her daughter.
Brooklyn: What happened at the beach house.
Sophia: What? Nothing!
Brooklyn: Sophie. I know when my child is not telling me the truth.
Sophia was reluctant to tell her mother. Afraid of what she would think about her. Afraid that if she said it out loud then it really did happen. She took a deep breath.
Sophia: I kissed Ryan.
Brooklyn began to laugh.
Brooklyn: Oh goodness. Is that all?
Sophia: Mooom! It is a big deal.
Brooklyn stopped laughing when she saw how serious Brooklyn was looking.
Brooklyn: Why does it upset you? Because you thought he was a con artist.
Sophia: No.
Sophia couldn't look at her. And then Brooklyn realized.
Brooklyn: It's because of Travis?
Sophia looked back at her. Her eyes were beginning to water but she didn't let one tear fall.
Brooklyn: Oh dear. Sophia. It's okay to move on with your life. Yes. Travis was your father. And he loved and treated you like you were his daughter, because you were to him. We were a family. And I don't regret any moment of it.
Brooklyn: But it is Aj's blood that runs through you. And as much as it may hurt you to admit it, Travis was not your real father.
Sophia: I know that.
Brooklyn: Then what is wrong?
Sophia: I DON'T KNOW! One minute I know I am not going to like this guy and then I get to know him and then he turns out to be really sweet and....then we kiss....and now I don't know.
Brooklyn: It is alright to like him if that is what's bothering you. He is not your brother physically. But if you honestly in your heart feel that it is wrong to feel that way about him, then so be it. But you need to tell him. Set things right with yourself and then let him know. But go with what you feel, deep down inside.
Sophia didn't respond. She kept moving back and forth in front of her mother.
She knew Brooklyn was right as usual.
Brooklyn: I can't say that I understand your feelings. What I do know is that whatever you are feeling you need to talk to Ryan. Don't just leave things like this between the two of you. If you want to be his friend then be his friend, if not then he needs to know that too. Aj and I are going to keep in touch with him while he is gone. So he knows he has a family, blood or no blood, waiting for him. And that he will always have a home. Brooklyn: I had came up to tell you that Ryan left to go tie up some business earlier and that he is going to spend the rest of his final days with us instead. Talk to him honey.
Brooklyn held her daughter in her arms. Her mother's touch always felt good when she was troubled. Brooklyn always knew what to say to her.
Brooklyn: I love you baby.
Sophia: I love you too mom.

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