The Struggles of a Wife: Chapter 13
Published Dec 14, 2012

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Sorry for the delay....

And sorry for any mistakes, I'm doing a rush job.

Enjoy... C.A.R.H!

Sorry for the delay....

And sorry for any mistakes, I'm doing a rush job.

Enjoy... C.A.R.H!
Things at home got better with Neko and I. I guess he was truly sorry for calling me out my name because he began to take me out every other day for lunch. These luncheons made me feel very special. Though I never fell out of love with Neko, the daily dates made me love him more. Our conversations were my favorite part of the whole date. It was as if were high school loves talking on the phone. Then one day, I decided to speak my mind about our marriage

Neko: So how was your lunch? (He said as we were leaving the diner)
Mohala: It was great (I said as a little kid ran pass me to run to her mom.) Aww, she is so pretty.

Neko and I stopped in our tracks to stare at the little girl.
Mohala: I want to have one (I said more to myself than to Neko)

Neko: WhaÖWhat? (He choked)
Mohala: I uh,I didn't mean for that to said out loud, butsince it did, I said I think Iím ready to start a family (I said smiling hard at my husband)

Neko: Mohala, I donít thinkÖ
Mohala: Before you say no, (I said cutting him off) think about it; a mini you running around, or a little me. (I said excitingly)
Neko: But babe

Mohala: No Neko, think about it. Iím not going to be young forever, neither are you. All my friends and family have families of their own. Iím not saying that we arenít our own family, but I want kids, I want to pass down our heritage. (I said with a big smile)

Neko just stared at me.

We have had this conversation several times, and every time- Neko would say something about his career and how he was not ready to give it up just yet.
Neko: Mohala, baby, listen (He grabbed my hand) Baby, I love you with all my heart, but a kid right now will not help us. We just got back on good terms. I know you want to start on our family, but right now is not a good time.

Mohala: ButÖ
Neko: No, My Flower, we are not ready. Iím just getting recognized as a big time DJ, you know, my career is just now taking off. How would we support a child with our income?

I just stood there.

Mohala: Iíll get a job
Neko: Not enough My Flower, itís just not a good time. Again, I love my job and Iím not ready to leave it. (He said walking off and ending the conversation)

I stood there feeling angry and sad at the same time. This was just a subject that we were never going to finish, but I refused to let it go.
The next day, I was really upset with Neko for running from the situations again, so I decided to go visit my kaikuaíana, Noelani, and her ohana.

Mohala: Hey Noel (I said holding my arms out to receive her hug)

Noel: Hey baby sis, Iím glad you finally made it. I thought we were going to have to come to you.

Mohala: Oh no, you know I would eventually come around.
I looked on the floor to see my nephew playing with his teddy bear. Mohala: Aloha Maleko, aunt Mohala has missed you terribly. (I said kissing his little face)

Noel: Weíve missed you as well; I thought you moved from Simwaii to be closer to us, so we can keep in touch.

Mohala: Oh donít be like that Noel (I said as I stop playing with my nephew).
Noel: Well, Iím just saying sis, you have forgotten all about us. Maleko doesnít even remember you.

Mohala: Lay it on thick why donít you Noelani. Maleko knows heís my family.

She just smiled

Noel: Speaking of family, howís the married life? Are you guys still in love?

Mohala: I donít know. (I said changing my mood) Neko and I have not been on the same page lately.
Noel: Whatís the matter, I know you guys had a little argument last week butÖ

Mohala:Itís the family thing again
Noel: Still dodging the subject?
Mohala: Yes! (I said with a big huff) I just want a family of my own. I want to have a daughter or a son.

Noel: You canít rush him Mohala, if Neko says heís not ready then maybe heís not ready.
Mohala: Yeah, but when will he?

Noel: When he feels like giving up his DJ gigs.

Mohala: But Noel, it seems like he will never stop Dj-ing. He loves it too much! I have been supporting him with this decision to keep dealing with this career, but I think itís time to let it go. Weíre getting older and itís a good time to settle down.

Noel: Well I canít speak for the man, but I know you canít rush him.
Before I could respond my brother-in-law came through the door.

Anakoni: Aloha stranger, you finally decided to come around (He said coming behind us)
Mohala: ANAKONI! (I said hugging him) You guys act like I donít come around at all.
Anakoni: Well if the shoe fitsÖ

Mohala: Oh hush (I said pushing him playfully) How you been?

Anakoni: Iíve been good, just trying to keep your sister and nephew happy.

Mohala: Aww
Anakoni: So how Neko? Did you bring him with you?

Mohala: No, he decided to go pass out flyers for this club's party that going on this weekend.

Anakoni:Oh.Oh well, maybe next time huh?

Mohala: I donít know kaikua`ana, heís too busy for anything these days.
Anakoni: Uh oh, sounds like Neko is in the dog house.

Mohala: I donít know what heís in, but Iím not happy.
Anakoni: Do I need to step in?

Mohala: No Anakoni, I just wish...

Noel: They are on the baby talk again. (she said cutting me off)

Anakoni: OOOOOhhhh
Mohala: Anakoni please explain to me why he isnít ready to start a family.

Anakoni: Just because Iím a guy doesnít mean I know what Neko is thinking.

I laughed

Noel: Maybe he is just not ready Mohala, so leave it alone. (Said getting frustrated) Now, are you going to eat lunch with us?
Mohala: Yeah, but Iím not going to leave this subject alone (I said as we all walked to the kitchen to eat our lunch)

Noel:Neko is not going to change his mind any time soon, so I would drop it.
Mohala: WHY! Whatís keeping him from settling down and starting a family?

Noel: He has already said he doesnít want to give up his career, how many time does he have to say it. Maybe he is not ready, maybe he just wants to enjoy his life for a while with his wife, or maybe
Anakoni: Or maybe heís not a family guy Mohala. Neko might not want to have kids at all.

Anakoniís statement hit me like a ton of bricks, I never thought about it.

Noel looked at Anakoni and then at me then back at her husband. She began to give him the evil eye. Anakoni threw his hands up like he had surrendered.

Noel: Or maybe heís just not ready. Now let's move on, letís change the subject.
For the rest of the lunch, Noelina and Anakoni held a conversation without me. My mind was somewhere else, more like on Neko and the futureÖ Was Neko a family guy? We never really talked about it before we got married, so I donít know. I know I wanted a family, but did he? I made it my mission to go home and find out. Cheryl's Story will be in the next chapter.

Before you get mad let me explain. Mohala is a new wife and I'm trying to catch her up with the other wives. SO please do not be mad.
Vera's Part I stopped in my tracks

Vera: What?!? (I said getting upset)
What makes you think I would leave my child behind?

David: She; my child too Vera (He said walking towards me) I will not let you take her from me.

I stood there deciding on what to say next. I wanted to choose my words wisely or we were going to end up fighting again.
Vera: David, letís be real, you work entirely too much to take care of Dawn.

David: I would hire a nanny.

Vera: So you would rather have a complete stranger to take care of our daughter, instead of me- her mother? Keep in mind I work from home, so I would never leave her side.

David: Yes, because if you get her then

I would never see her.

Vera: I would never do that to you David.
He began to soften his expression

David: Vera can we please try this again? I donít want to lose you. I would do anything for you and Dawn.

Vera: Well let me go, give me happiness. I donít want to worry about you cheating on me anymore. If you love me, you would do that for me.

David: I donít think I can do that

Vera: I canít take you breaking my heart again. David, so if you canít let me go easily, and then Iíll have to force it.

David: Please Vera, Iím begging

Vera: No David (I said walking off to go get Dawn)
That day was the day everything changed for David and me forever.

I kept my word about moving out of Davidís house within the next 2 weeks. It took Cheryl and me a week and a half to pack up my things. It wouldnít have taken that long, but David and I had to decide what was mine and what was his. Then I hired a moving crew to help me load and unload my moving truck. When the last box was packed and loaded on the truck, I walked around the house with Dawn on my hip.
I wanted to make sure I wasnít leaving anything. I headed downstairs to my car, so I could leave for once and for all.

Little did I know- David was waiting outside.
David: So this is it?

Vera: Yes, we have to leave. YouÖ.

David: I know, I know- I brought this on myself (He said cutting me off)

He looked at Dawn on my hip

David: Iím going to miss coming home to you guys. (He said as we both began tearing up) I messed up big time huh V?

(He said looking up towards me)
Vera: Well David, she will be only across town, only 15 minutes away. (I said trying best not to completely cry)

David: 15 minutes too much and too far
Vera: Well David this is what you get when you donít abide by your wedding vows (I said walking pass him and heading to my car)

David: Wow, is it like that?

Vera: Yes, (I said bluntly while buckling Dawn up)

David: Dang!!! (He said as I turned around and shut the car door)

I had gotten upset
Vera- David, you lost the best things in your life. I was good to you, I was faithful. I never asked you for anything! I gave you my world, my love, my heart, and letís not forget a daughter! (I said walking up on him)

David: V, IÖ (He said trying to cut me off)

Vera: Iím not done David! (I yelled with tears running down my face) Iím so mad at you, that I can spit fire!!! All those plans for us and our familyÖÖ gone! All gone! Just because you canít stick to your vows! I would have done anything for you; I had already given you everything!
I was so upset that I couldnít see anymore. David just stood there listening to everything.

David: Vera, I said I was sorry, what else can I do and say ( he said grabbing me) I donít want you to leave, Iíve begged, bargained, and everything else so you could stay with me.
Vera: NO, you didnít do everything- you didnít stay faithful to me and our daughter. (I said pulling away)

I was so angry at David. All I wanted to do was get away from him

David: I love you, Vera.
Before I knew it, I slapped him. I shocked him and myself.

Vera: Too bad, because I hate you! (I said walking off and getting in my car)

When I got in the car, Dawn was asleep in her car-seat. Thank goodness, because I didnít want her to see David and me fighting. I pulled off, not thinking about looking back.
Once we got back to the old house, I didnít know what to do. This was it; I was now a single mother.

I pulled Dawn out of her car seat, trying my best not to wake her, but she did anyway.

Vera: Well hey Pudding, welcome to our new home.

Dawn giggles.

Vera: And welcome to new beginnings.
I hope you enjoyed this chapter- Please come back for the next chapter...

Remember C.A.R.H
Please comment to let me know you read it. Tell me how you feel

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#1lish300Dec 14, 2012

Omigosh I swear David is oh so full of it! I'm team Vera! And Aww Mohala I'm sure he'll come around! Fanastic story! Please keep writing!

#2tamyaglassDec 14, 2012

YAY FOR VERA!!!!\:rah\: I'm so happy that she decided to drop that ham, David! I hope since she's not married to David anymore, will she be out is the stories now? \:eek\: Itruly hope not- she is my fave character.

#3fruitopiaVIPDec 15, 2012

Good for Vera, she finally David.

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#5Senti88VIPDec 19, 2012

UGH DAVID I AM GOING TO KICK YOU IN THE HEAD I SWEAR! Amazing story!! LOve this soooo much! Waiting for the next chapter!

#6Ben72006Dec 19, 2012

I really enjoy it and I hope to see more. My stories will be updated soon. I hope to get a new expansion soon and after the holidays.

#7SimplySweetDec 21, 2012

I really enjoyed this story... So happy Vera left that nut of a husband. Please hurry with the next chapter.

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