Generation 2 pt. 9
Published Dec 6, 2012

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The story of Pleasantview continues. There will be love and heartbreak, betrayal and intrigue; but the residents of Pleasantview will have to live on, unless of course, they don't.

The story of Pleasantview continues. There will be love and heartbreak, betrayal and intrigue; but the residents of Pleasantview will have to live on, unless of course, they don't. Since Angela had left him, Jacob had been falling apart at the seams. He cried nearly all of the time. He missed so much work that he almost got fired. He still had that job he hated. He almost didn't care if he got fired anymore. As he was lying on the floor crying one day, Lloyd's screams reminded him that he still had a purpose in life; he was a father. The toddler had no idea what was going on, but he knew that mommy wasn't around anymore. Jacob held his son tight as he soothed him.
"I will never leave you, my son." He said. "I will never leave you." And he sobbed some more, still holding Lloyd tightly.
It was Beatrice Bonita's birthday, and to celebrate Hannah brought her family over to celebrate with her mother and father. Beatrice became an elder while spending some much needed time with her grandchildren.
"You don't visit often enough, nia." Beatrice said.
"I know, life is so hectic, it's hard to make time."
"Promise me you'll come see us more often?"
"Yes, mother. I promise." Hannah said.
The visit was indeed a great hit. The whole family had time to just be together. Bobby and Hannah managed to get a little time alone without the kids, too. Jack and Beatrice got to know their grandkids, and Hannah had time to spend with her parents. They were getting older, she thought sadly, and she might not have too much more time with them. Family time like this was important to Hannah because you never knew what could happen. Maria's little girl was growing up. Michelle New was now a toddler, and while Maria had certainly made an effort to be motherly, Alfred the butler ended up doing most of the caretaking. Lilith, Angela's twin sister, called to check on Jacob every couple of days. She was worried about him, and he still wasn't doing very well. After awhile she stopped calling and just started showing up. She was over nearly everyday, and Lloyd loved when she did. He thought his mother had come back. He had just learned to speak and excitedly called out "mommy!" when she came by. Jacob loved her company. It was easy to talk to her, like having Angela around again. And she looked like Angela. She even smelled like Angela. Her visits became the highlight of any day, and Jacob could be happy when he was around her. Once Lilith laughed at a joke Jacob had made; and it was Angela's laugh. Jacob was so heartsick, so lonely. He reached up to caress Lilith's cheek. He knew she wasn't Angela, but she was so similar. He knew she was married but at this moment he didn't care. He was desperate. Lilith took advantage of him, she encouraged him. He wanted his wife back so badly, even if Lilith wasn't really his wife he could almost pretend that she was. He looked into Lilith's eyes, but it was Angela looking back at him. That's when it happened. Jacob gave in to his desperate desire and he embraced Lilith in a passionate kiss. It was wrong; it was right. He was cheating with Lilith; he was kissing his wife. Jacob was so confused and hurt and needy. To Lilith it was just another encounter. But Jacob was now dependent on her, and didn't know what to do. Should they continue? Should they stop? Jacob hardly knew what he really wanted. Opal Jonston was a teenager now. A very naive, sheltered, teenager. She was one of the only people in town that hadn't heard the gossip about Jason and Vanessa's somersaulting marriage and rumors of divorce. Which also made her one of the only people in town that Eric, also now a teen, felt like he could talk to and talk about anything other than his parents. They enjoyed talking together, and became close friends. Lavender continued to distract herself from her failing marriage with her career in nursing. She tried to make things better, but Ethan continued to deny that anything was wrong. He would rather spend time with his friends, mostly just one friend, Pierce Fairchild. Lavender resented how much time Ethan spent with him, but didn't want to start a fight, so she remained silent. Nick had taken a break from sleeping around. Valery knew all about his numerous affairs by now, but as she had already stopped loving him years ago, she didn't much care. Nick actually tried to be something of a family man, however. He did still love his wife, in an odd, still-cheat-with-other-women-way. So he spent more time with her, something she actually disliked. It didn't take so long this time to have a child with Valery, and from it came a son. Nick now had the son he needed, or rather, the son he wanted, to take over the business when he was gone. As for now, he didn't show much interest in actually running the business, and left the management to other, more capable, hands. Lavender was afraid that her marriage was failing. Her husband was distant. They barely even talked anymore, but he smiled and assured her that everything was okay. She knew that it wasn't. So Lavender prepared a nice meal; it was their anniversary. But as usual, Ethan was on the phone when they were done eating, no doubt talking to his friends. Connor Awon became a teenager, Merideth joined her sister in childhood, and another baby boy Awon was born. It was a boy they named Zachary. Mathew ended up father to a little baby boy named Logan; the couple's second child. For someone who had originally never wanted children, Maria was becoming a great mother. Mathew was a natural of course, with as many siblings as he had. Still Maria thought that two kids was enough, and the two of them would not have another child. Vanessa was becoming very dissatisfied with her life. She hadn't moved up the career ladder in far too long, and when she gave birth to Sarah, their most recent child, she only became more depressed. She could never leave her children, but she was not happy with how things were. She now had twice as many kids as she had seen herself ever having, and only after she had reached the top of her career. Plans change, apparently, and she resigned herself to never truly being happy. "Are you sure you want to go out tonight? We could just... stay in tonight," Bobby suggested teasingly.
"I promised my parents that we would visit more often, didn't I?" That was Hannah's answer, and so, with a smile and a brief loving kiss, they pulled out of the driveway and drove down the road.
Bobby stayed home to babysit, and that night he had stayed up late reading. That was until the police showed up at their door. Brandon answered it. The other kids were still asleep.
"Are you Brandon Rye?" The woman asked.
"Uhh, yea I am. But... ya know my parents aren't home right now so maybe we should wai-,"
"Son, I know your parents aren't home." She said it slowly, with a sorrowful tone in her voice that almost made Brandon want to cry. "May I come in?"
"There was... an accident. Your parents are dead. I'm so sorry." She said. She continued to explain that they were on their way home when it happened. Bobby and Hannah had died from the resulting fire.
"We have your parents' car, but we don't know who the other driver was at this point. They drove away from the scene, and there's no description to go on. Again, I'm so sorry." She patted him on the shoulder twice. Brandon sat there in shock.
"I'll give you a minute, but then we need to wake the children. Tell them what happened... unless you want me to." Brandon sat up a little.
"No, I'll tell them." He said stiffly. So Brandon went to explain to his younger siblings that mom and dad would not be coming home, and now they had to go live somewhere else.
Their new home was with Mathew and Maria. They were chosen by Hanna, who thought that her sister's home would be a great one for her kids, and that they would be financially strong enough to take on three new kids without any difficulty.
"Kids, tonight has been a rough night." Mathew said to the three orphans sitting in front of him. "I think what we all need now is some rest." They tried to be strong, but everyone in that room had just lost two very important people, and none of them had any idea what the rest of their lives was going to be like.
Later that night, just a few hours after the last of the orphaned children went to sleep, Kyle Rye was awakened by a call. Still groggy from sleep, he answered, "Hello?"
"Kyle. I need you to fix my car." The person of the other end sounded shaken, panicky. He was still too tired to identify the voice.
"Okay, great. We open at nine."
"No. Now! I need the car to be at your place- and off the streets- by morning." By now, Kyle was able to identify the caller.
"I don't understand. What's this all about, J-"
"I'll fill you in later" They said, cutting him off. "Kyle, please? For family?" To that, Kyle sleepily nodded his head, though the other person couldn't see him.
"Alright, I'll see you at the garage in 20 minutes then J-"
"Great." They had cut him off again.

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