Dear Jayden, Chapter 7
Published Dec 31, 2012

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Hey its good to be back guys! I missed you all very much! and Your comments, well here goes chapter 7 of dear Jayden! Rate and Comment Please! Btw it is 33 pages. so I better not hear any complaints about it not being long enough. xDD So anyway, Hope you love it! I am hoping you all love it!

Hey its good to be back guys! I missed you all very much! and Your comments, well here goes chapter 7 of dear Jayden! Rate and Comment Please! Btw it is 33 pages. so I better not hear any complaints about it not being long enough. xDD So anyway, Hope you love it! I am hoping you all love it! Martina's POV:

Today was a day I had waited for nearly my entire life! You would guess that would be my wedding day, but not. This was the day I was going to shop for a wedding dress. For it was my goal to buy the biggest, most expensive dress from only the most expensive bridal shop in Manhattan.
Everyone was there, well everyone who was important anyway. My dear friend Rachel, who clearly was beyond jealous of me. But really who wouldn't be? Rachel was in a relationship with a very very rich, very important man. It was true that he was much older than her, but she didn't care so long as he had money. Oh I had trained her so well~ My Sister, Krystal was there too. She as usual had found a way to buy the most ridiculous outfit and wear it to my bridal shower/ shopping day. Typical she always wanted all of the attention, not that I didn't. She had always been the best at everything, Mummy never left room for me when Krystal was there. And speaking of my mother she was there as well, making sure that she was doing everything in her power to insure I bought the dress she always wanted to wear. Mother never married, this of course caused her to be totally focused on planing her dream wedding. Which annoyed me beyond all belief, but who cared not like this marriage was going to last. After several minutes of primping and prepping, I exited the dressing room, twirling around as I did so. To show off a dress that my mother had selected. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Krystal and Rachel whispering and giggling about something. It was very clear to me that both of them were uptight snobs who were only jealous of my beauty. I couldn't help that I was drop dead gorgeous. My mother took one look at me and frowned, I was not surprised, it was the ugliest dress I had ever seen. And of course it was under five thousand. With that I hurried back into the dressing room and changed into something a little more my style. While I was changing I heard Krystal yell out.

"So Martina, I hear Denar has a little crush? is that true?" She laughed.
I grimaced while pulling the lace and satin white fabric over my shoulders and replied

" yes but its all taken care of. As soon as we're married I'm going to take care of that tramp and Denar's little brat"

We all laughed as if it were the funniest thing in the world. I couldn't stand children, and I knew for certain that as soon as I was married to Denar, his daughter would have to go.

I left the dressing room, and everyone stood, their faces covered in shock at my absolute beauty.

"You look beautiful Martina" My mother smiled. "Shut up mother I know I'm beautiful, more beautiful than Denar's precious Jamie will ever be" We all laughed thinking everything was fine. Little did I know my cell phone only a few feet away was on, and had dialed Denar, he had heard the entire conversation.

Denar's/Jayden's POV:

As I held the phone in my hand and heard the discussion between Martina and her friend's, i could hardly believe what I was hearing. How could she ever think that I would abandon Jamie like that. At that thought, I ended the call, pressing my thumb firmly against the end button and shoved my phone into my back jean pocket, heading quickly back home to send Eve a message. Hopefully should would be able to brighten my day.
Eve's POV:

I had spent much of my time on the computer these days. After hearing about Denar, my life felt kind of, ridiculous. I spoke to Jayden nearly everyday, we had made up although I still didn't tell him what was going on, and that I was pregnant. Everything was fine until one spring day.

BlueJay5: Hey Eve how're you doing?

Evening92: Fine, how about yourself?

BlueJay5: I'm fine, but I had something I had to ask you.

Evening92: What is it Jayden?

BlueJay5: I was wondering if we could meet?


For a moment I was silent, I didn't know what to say or what to do. I did want to meet him, but was it really the right time? I mean I was very pregnant, what would he think of me? What if he hated me? I tapped my fingers against the keys, wondering what I should do, before deciding that meeting him would be the best thing to do.


Evening92: Where would we meet?

BlueJay5: Central part, lets say noon tomorrow?

Evening92: I guess, we will meet then.

It was then that my stomach began to tie itself in knots, and I began to feel sick. What if I wasn't what he expected. What if he was ashamed of me. What was I going to do?
And so the next day I went to central park to meet with Jayden. I can't deny that I was so shy I could have cried, but I also can't deny that I was a bit excited. I took a seat upon one of the swings on the far side of the park. As I swayed back and forth against the wind in the air, I thought to myself. Was this really the right time? I then brushed my hand against my deep auburn hair, remembering I had changed my appearance, hopefully Jayden would like it, and accept me for me. But how would I know. My stomach twisted and turned as I waited, and waited. My thoughts racing, my heart pounding, I felt as if I could have dropped dead from excitement. After a few minutes of waiting, and a lots of anticipation, I saw a figure across the park. His chiseled features, and captivating blue eyes were those of someone I knew all to was Denar. Anger filled every cell in my body as I marched over to him. Brushing my hair out of my face, and giving him a scornful look.

"What are you doing here!?" I yelled, clearly upset at his arrival.

"Eve? is that you?" He asked, a puzzling, yet surprised look upon his face.

"What do you think you twit!" I yelled. Attempting to hide my growing baby bump. "Why are you here, go away! Can't you just leave me alone!?" I screeched

"Eve I don't understand why you are so mad at me, but..."

He stopped, it was then that he noticed my stomach, full and wide, bearing a child. For a moment he just looked at me. And so I proceed to yell in his face.
"What in the heck, gives you the idea that it is okay, to come and find me like this?" I questioned, waving my arms at him, as he stepped backward from me.

"Eve I don't know what's going on, what happened to you or anything." He said, a look of sadness upon his face, growing in his eyes which were, drawn to my stomach. "But whatever has happened, you need to know that you've done nothing wrong, I'm not mad at you, and I just don't understand why you're mad at me. or in fact why you left me."

"I...I...I left you, because there's someone else, and because...I'm bearing your child" I stuttered. holding back that were in fact two children "I just wanted.. you to.."
At that moment, Denar leaned in and planted a kiss upon my lips, my dry reddened lips. Clutching my arm as his lips traced upon mine. I could not help but wonder why, why was he kissing me after all that I had just said. He then broke the kiss, and gazing into my eyes, with great joy, he smiled.

"Why did you just kiss me?" I asked, looking back into his eyes.

"Because, the other man that you speak of, I know him more then you could ever imagine." he smiled.

"But what do you mean?" I questioned.

"Eve, I am that man, I am Jayden...."

I stepped away with astonishment. Had he really just said what I thought he said.

"All those days, we spent talking, all those things you told me, I know them." He said, taking my shoulder with his hand. "And if your words are as true as they seem, then you are very much in love with Jayden, you are very much in love with me."

I blinked, looking at him, not knowing weather to be angry, sad, happy, or just confused. I did the only thing I thought was right.
I pushed myself onto him, and kissed him deeper then I have ever kissed any man in my entire life. Our lips, collided. I never wanted this moment to end. As I pulled him closer, and slid my arms around him, I thought back. To everything that had ever happened between us. To the night we first met, online. To the night saw him on stage, and instantly fell in love. He was both of the men I loved, and more. I couldn't control myself, I was so in love, and so so very happy. I let go of his lips, tracing mine softly against his cheek before attempting to step away, only to be pulled back into a tight embrace.

"I love you Jayden" I winced holding my hands against his cheeks.

"I love too Eve" He smiled, and kissed my lips one last time.

I had waited for this moment, and now all my dreams had finally come true. And yet, something just didn't feel right.
Without any warning, he got down on one knee. He then pulled out a small box. Opening it, he reviled a large diamond engagement ring. It glittered in the sunlight, as I looked upon it. I gasped and looked at him.

"Jayden...what are you doing..?" I held my hands against my mouth, panic in my eyes.

"Eve, will you marry me" He smirked.

I thought, for what felt like years. I couldn't marry him. This was so wrong and it was to soon, it would only ruin him, and I wast sure, these children I held so close to my heart, would have the right life, if I was with him.

"No..." I mumbled under my breath, my head hanging low against my chest.
Jayden then stood, and looked at me with a questionable expression.

"Why...why not?"

"Because Jayden, You are engaged, and not only that you are famous, and I am..I am nothing. I am only a disgrace to you. I can not bring you any good. I know that I love you, but this just can't be..we can't be together." I said, holding my hands against my head, tears swelling in my eyes, and slowly dripping down my cheeks, leaving a trail of black mascara against them.

He looked at me. "I don't care what anyone else thinks" He took my hands and held them. "I have so many questions, that are unanswered, and I am sure you have some too. Why can't we just figure this out, and figure it out together." His eyes, filled with greif

"There is to much to explain, and I don't think you really want to know the whole story." I turned, and began to walk away, holding my hand against my stomach, straining to hold back any more tears.
And yet a tear ran down my flushed cheek as I walked out of his life. Some might question why I would do such a thing. But it seemed only logical to me. What else could I have possibly done. Jayden POV:
Summer 2013

Today was the day. After not seeing, or talking to Eve for several months. I decided to go along with the wedding to Martina. It was the wrong thing to do I knew that much, but I couldn't bare the fact that I was alone, and Eve didn't want me. I looked at my phone, one last time, checking to see if she was there. and if she wanted me. But there on the screen, it said as it always did. "No new messages" As dawn approached I sighed, beginning my walk to the church. I sighed as I walked. There was something inside me that told me this was so very wrong, but there was no alternative for me.
After several hours I found myself, proposing my nonexistent love to Martina. She was clearly only doing this for my money, and possibly for the fame. I could only imagine what being married to her was going to be like. After several minutes, I turned to side, just to glance at the people who had come to see this dreadful wedding. And there in the crowd, I saw her. It was Eve! I blinked thinking I was only imagining it, but there she was, looking at me with such unhappiness.

I thought to myself, what I should do. But then it became very clear to me. Without a word spoken I rushed over to Eve's side. Stopping the wedding entirely.
She stood, surprised at what I had just done.Smiling softly as I took her in my arms. I hugged her tightly, pulling her as close to my body. Slipping my hands through her silk like hair, taking a deep breath in, remembered her scent, her feel, her touch.

"What are you doing" She whispered in my ear, holding her hand against the back of head.

"What I should have done a long time ago" I replied, smiling to myself.
With that I leaned in and kissed her passionately. This was all I ever wanted in my life, to be in love, to have the one I loved.

I broke the kiss and held her hand as I spoke "I am never loosing you ever again"
It was then that I felt Martina's chilling glare upon us. I clutched Eve's hand, kissing her cheek softly. And leaned over to whisper something in her ear.

"Whatever Martina says to you, don't pay her any attention. She means nothing to us." I stepped away, squeezing Eve's Hand.

At that, Martina strutted over to Eve, giving her a scowling look as she came into sight.
"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" She screamed."GET AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND" She slapped her hand across Eve's face. Leaving a large red mark, Eve placed her hand against her cheek tears growing in her eyes.

"Martina, He clearly doesn't want you!" Eve replied looking at her with absolute certainty

With that, Martina began to charge at Eve, that is until I pulled her away. Gripping her arm tightly as I did. Nearly pulling it out of its socket.
"Jayden? What are you doing" She whimpered, placing her hands on my cheeks, trying to woo me into keeping her.

"Martina she's right, I want nothing to do with you!" I said, pulling myself back, and shoving her out of my arms. "You are a horrible person, and if you touch Eve one more time I swear.."

Martina, ran out of the church, tears rolling down her cheeks.
"You'll regret this Denar!" She screamed violently before the heavy wooden church doors closed behind her.

"I smiled and turned to Eve, but her expression was not of happiness, but of pain.
She began to pant heavily, Gripping her baby bump tightly.

"Eve whats going on?!?" I yelled pulling on her hand, my eyes filled with concern and doubt.

"It's time, the babies, they're coming." she let out a loud screech before digging her nails deeply into my hand.

"BABIES? as in two?" I asked, clearly concerned that there were two of them.

"I'll explain later, just get me out of here!" She shrieked
We quickly hopped into the car, the sun setting against the city skyline as I drove quickly to the hospital. I could only worry as I held her hand with mine. Without paying attention, the speed of the car increased. And I lost control.

"JAYDEN! WATCH OUT!" I heard Eve scream, then saw a bright light in front of us, and then it all went black...
Eve's POV:

As I lay there on the ground, remembering everything that had happened over the past few months, I felt his hand still gripping mine. My world slowly began to go black, and as I lost my breath 4 words left my mouth.
" I love you Jayden..."

To be continued.....
MAJOR CLIFF HANGER RIGHT?!?! MAUHAHA! If you have read chapter one you will notice we are now to slide one on the first chapter where eve is laying on the ground.Well guys I haven't even started the next chapter, So it will be awhile. This one obviously took so long because of all the pictures, and such. So I hope you enjoyed this. Please comment and Let me know what you thought! I really love this chapter and I hope you did as well. yours truly, Kate

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Keep it up! ^^
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