Starlight, Starbright - Chapter 11
Published Dec 26, 2012

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Welcome back!
I hope you guys are enjoying the series!
There's only 4 more chapters left! :(

Let's get into the story!

Welcome back!
I hope you guys are enjoying the series!
There's only 4 more chapters left! :(

Let's get into the story!
Since their meeting two weeks ago, Joanna and Demi spoke almost every day. Adonis and Miranda would be back soon, and she was getting more and more nervous about the repercussions of the lawsuit. Demi thought it would be better to serve the duo when the tour was over.

“The more Adonis performs the songs on tour, the more he’ll have to pay out in the end. If we serve them now, they’ll cut your songs entirely from the concert.” He reasoned with Joanna.
Joanna knew it was wrong, but with every passing day, she was growing fonder of Demi.

She knew she couldn’t act on it; if she did, it would be a conflict of interest, and she really wanted him to represent her. But she couldn’t help how attractive he was.
She was in the middle of her workout when her cell phone rang. The caller ID told her it was him. She answered with a smile, “Hey Demi, what’s up?”

“Just checking on you, I have the infraction written up, just a few more weeks and we can get this ball rolling.” He said to her. Joanna noticed he sounded cheerful.

“You sound happy, this case can’t be the only reason either, what’s new with you?” she asked.
“Well, once we win this case, I’ve decided to start my own firm. My best friend just called and accepted my offer to become partner. Together we could have a very good law firm; I’m feeling pretty good about it.” He said proudly. “Oh Demi, congratulations! We have to celebrate soon!” she stated. She was really happy for him. Demi had grown to be a close friend in such a short time.

“I plan on it! I have a date tonight, my friend and his wife set me up on some blind date. But definitely need to get together and celebrate this thing!” he said happily.
Joanna froze; a date? She had always assumed Demi was single and not dating at all. For some reason, she was jealous.

“Well, don’t let me keep you from your little celebration,” she tried to keep the edge out of her voice, “I gotta go. Talk to you later.” she said and quickly hung up the phone before he even said goodbye.
Joanna knew what she had just did was childish. She should be happy for Demi. He was a great guy and was just presented with a wonderful opportunity. Besides, he was extremely handsome, why wouldn’t he go on dates? She wasn’t about to express her interest, she couldn’t expect him to just sit around and not have a life. She huffed and called for Autumn. She was taking her for a walk to clear her mind. She had calmed down by the time they reached the park. She walked through the city's annual Fall Festival and up to the empty stage and sighed. How did her life end up the way it had? Just a few months ago she was pulling into the parking lot, nervous to even get out of the car to sing. Now she was fighting for the rights to her music, and being played by two people in the industry she had grown to trust. She fought the tears that threatened to run down her face. She gave the leash a light tug, “Come on, Autumn. Let’s head back.” It had been almost three weeks, and Adonis’ tour would be over at the end of the week. She hadn’t answered any of his calls or emails; she had deleted them without even reading them. She had barely spoken to Demi either. She was embarrassed of how she acted when she heard about his date, so a few of his calls went unanswered as well.

“You in here mopin’ again?” Tessa asked as she walked into her best friends’ room.

Joanna moaned, “Yes. Now leave me alone.” She pouted.
Tessa plopped down on the floor next to her friend, “Jo, you’ve got to get over this. You’re stressing yourself out. Between Adonis and Demi, you’ve all but shut yourself out from the world. I haven’t heard you play in weeks; you hardly ever go out anywhere. I’m worried about you.” Joanna looked at her friend and tried to give her a reassuring smile. She grabbed her and hugged her neck tight, “I’m just in a funk, Tess. I think I’ll be alright. Once this whole lawsuit thing is over, I can restart my life. I’ve been writing, nothing serious. I just don’t want to play right now.”

Tessa looked up at her best friend. She didn’t know what to say to her anymore. She just hoped what she was saying was true. She didn’t want to see her like this anymore.
Joanna woke up later in her bed alone. It was still dark out. She had no idea when she fell asleep, or when Tessa left. She hated having her friend worry about her.

She sat up in the bed and stretched. She got up and went to change into warmer pajamas then headed to the kitchen to grab something to eat.
She settled down in front of the TV in the living room and tried to get comfortable. Just then she heard a knock at the door. She groaned and headed to answer it. She opened the door and was standing face to face with a visibly upset Adonis Alexander. She wasn’t expecting him back for a few more days. She hadn’t really prepared to deal with him yet. She just stared at him.

“Are you gonna explain to me why I haven’t heard from you? Why are you just staring at me like that?” he demanded quickly. She still hadn’t spoken. “Joanna, say something!”
“Wh-what are you doing here, Adonis?” she finally managed.

He rolled his eyes, “The tours over. I cut a few press conferences and came home. What is your deal, Joanna?” he walked in without being invited. Joanna looked at him with slight annoyance.

“I don’t really have anything to say to you, Adonis.” She said bluntly. He looked at her with hurt on his face.

“Really? And why is that?” he asked her as he took his jacket off.
She scoffed with disbelief. He really had no idea. He must not have expected her to ever find out. She shook her head, “You stole my music Adonis! I wrote those songs, not you. And you performed them in front of MILLIONS of people. I’ll never get those songs back; I’ll never be able to share them with the world. You claimed to care about me so much and you did something like that! You didn’t even ask! You just…took them! You and Miranda. And you come in here, unannounced and uninvited, wondering why, after the very concert you performed MY music at, I haven’t answered any of your stupid texts or emails?!” she screamed. She was fuming. Adonis just stared blankly. How did she know? He was worried on tour that maybe she had found out once she stopped responding to his and Miranda’s emails and phone calls. She had assured him there was no way for her to have possibly known. He didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry.” He said quietly. “Oh! Well that makes it all better Adonis! Thank you so much, I feel so much better!” she spat at him. “I don’t care if you’re sorry! You did it! You’re a thief and a liar, and I want you to get out of my house.” Adonis was searching his brain to find something to say to her. He didn’t want to lose her. It was just business! She shouldn’t have found out. He sighed heavily and walked out of her house just as the sun was coming up and the snow started to fall.

Joanna was shaking by the time he closed her door. Angry tears ran down her face and she screamed.
“Oh, that JERK! I wish I was here when he came by…” Tessa said angrily after Joanna told her the story later that morning. Joanna sat on the couch quietly. She didn’t know what else to say. She just wanted this all to be over. Tessa was seething, “He won’t come over again now that he knows you know. And if he does, he’s an idiot. Have you called Demi yet?” she asked.

Joanna shook her head no. Tessa sucked her teeth and grabbed her cell phone.
“I really wish you would’ve called me as soon as this happened, Joanna.” Demi said softly once he heard the story from Tessa. He had come over at her request. “Well, it looks like I can go ahead and serve them now, since they’re home. I doubt they know that it’s coming. We’ll be in court soon.” He finished.

“Great! That’s good news.” Tessa exclaimed. Joanna didn’t say a word.
Demi looked at Joanna; she looked so sad. He hadn’t really spoken to her since he gave her the news about him starting his own firm. He was used to talking to her every day; he thought they were getting to be good friends. Soon, he had to call her more than once just to get an answer, sometimes he even had to call Tessa just to find out if Joanna was okay.

He looked at her with concern, “Joanna, what’s bothering you? I know Adonis showing up the other day wasn’t expected—“
“I’m fine. I just want this whole court thing to hurry up and be over so I can get back to my life.” She said interrupting him.

He nodded, why was she being so short with him? “Well, I guess I better head back to the office, send this thing out and get the ball rolling. I’ll, uh…talk to you soon I guess.”
He lingered awhile longer, hoping she’d snap out of it and ask him to stay and talk. She didn’t. He grabbed his coat and he left the house. Once the door shut, Joanna sighed and walked into her room. She didn’t know why she was being so mean to Demi. She felt the exact opposite; if she could have it her way, he’d be around all the time. She was just so confused. She couldn’t be let down again. She got into bed and pulled the covers over her head and went to sleep. Okay, that was it!!

I'm really going to try to do better for these last 4 chapters uploading-wise.

It's the end of the year and I've negelected schoolwork so I can't many promise but I will try!


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#1spladoumDec 27, 2012

Poor Joanna. I understand her level of betrayal, but still, she's not being completely fair. If she actually likes Demi and isn't just on the rebound, she needs to talk to him about it, not assume he knows how she feels. I hope she can work things out with Adonis, whether their dating life survives or not. She didn't really give that relationship much of a chance, either.

#2jumpgirl_64Dec 27, 2012

great chapter!!! cant wait for the next four!!

#3AlessaFayeDec 27, 2012

Great chapter!!! \:rah\:

#4nyancat231Jan 3, 2013

Can i just say i think all your stories are amazing! Im totally hooked on Starlight Starbright and i loved A Familiar Face. Your great at writing!

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