Queen of Kings, Epilogue Part 3.
Published Feb 3, 2013

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Queen of Kings, epilogue Part 3. The last chapter before the final.


Queen of Kings, epilogue Part 3. The last chapter before the final.

For three long months, as the Winter frost faded and the Spring ushered in, a Prince lay in limbo.

Flowers bloomed and lambs took their first steps, daffodils sprouted brilliant orange and yellow against fresh green grass; the world went on outside the Palace windows.
He had been rescued in the eleventh hour. An angry avalanche had almost claimed him, but he was a fighter. He always had been. The best doctors of the day rallied around him those first few weeks, determined to restore him to full health and vigour under their Majesty’s wishes. But deep down they wondered if he would escape unscathed from his nightmare, if at all, though they did not say so out loud. Only time would really tell, that is all they could really be sure of.

“He will get through this” the Queen assured her household, though none quite dared to believe her.
Until the day when time did indeed tell. It was a warm afternoon, sunlight shone softly through a row of elegant Palace windows, he felt its rays upon his head as he blinked his eyes.

For a long time he lay there, wondering, hesitating, unsure whether to try to get up. His body ached.

How he had gotten to this state he could not exactly recall at first, but as the minutes passed fragments of the events that led to the situation he was now in started to piece together, until finally they presented him with a clear picture.
He remembered there had been snow, and lots of it. He had been on his way to the Palace.

Now looking around the room he established he had indeed gotten there, somehow. He remembered running faster than he ever imagined possible as the earth shuddered beneath his feet, he had become separated from his horse so he followed her hoof prints in the snow. Then what had happened?

“An avalanche happened” he whispered solemnly, answering his own question. After that he was unsure what had become of him, but judging by the fact that he was still here to tell the tale it was evident that he had been rescued at some point.
“Is anyone here?” he called out as he shuffled upright using his elbows. His voice was croaky from lack of use. “Is anyone here?” he repeated, more steadily this time. “Anybody?”. He waited.

Outside his room he was sure he could hear the faint sound of foot steps and the distant lull of conversation. He waited some more. The footsteps became louder. “I’m just here to remove my patient’s plaster casts” a mans voice called out to someone down the hall, “his bones will certainly have healed by now, nurse, it’s been weeks”

Grantley gasped, “weeks?” he said out loud, still talking to himself, "I've been in here for that long?". He couldn't believe what he was hearing.
The door handle turned and the latch clicked, the Doctor who appeared in the doorway stared at him wide-eyed in wonder as he struggled to sit up.

“Crikey” the Doctor said as he stopped in his tracks. “He’s awake!”.

"He's awake!" he yelled as loudly as he could to alert everyone else, all the while never taking his eyes off Grantley.

A stampede of foot steps clambered up the corridor to see for themselves, they had all expected that this day would never come.
In an instant a buzzing crowd had gathered around his bed. “You were caught in an avalanche!” one shouted, “you’ve been lying here for twelve weeks!” another added, “Your sister, she saved you!” a butler interrupted. The prince, bleary eyed and overwhelmed shortly found himself hauled on to a red velvet chair, he looked on in silence as the curious onlookers dispersed, leaving him with just the Doctor and head Nurse.

"Can you feel that?" the Doctor asked as he prodded around Grantley's feet, "can you move your feet left, and now right?".

"Can you look straight ahead for me? Now at the ceiling? And to the floor" the Nurse said.

He answered their questions as they gave satisfied nods signifying that his recovery was imminent. "You'll need crutches for a while to build up the strength in your legs again considering you've been immobile for so long" the Doctor announced, "but given time you should be good as new. Count yourself very lucky, Sir. Very very lucky"
"Now, can you tell me your name, your birth date? Anything? Your family? Where you grew up? Do you remember your past?"

He stared.

"Sir, can you even tell me your name?" she urged. "Sir?" she asked again.

"My name is Grantley of Hoxley" he finally answered, "I was born on the twenty first day of February. My parents were King Nathaniel and Queen Helena, I have one sibling- a sister, my twin- and I grew up right here, I spent the majority of my youth in this very Palace"
"It's all looking good, Doctor. He knows who he is"

"This really is remarkable" he answered. "You will have to pardon me now, I must arrange for a messenger to travel to the Queen as soon as possible and update her of her brother's condition"
"He said he has to send a messenger?" Grantley asked as the Doctor left the room, "To where? Where is my sister?"

"She's about 900 miles away right now" the nurse answered, "she's on holiday, she won't be back for another 17 days"

"What do I do until then?" he asked.

"You work on your recovery, of course"
Nine hundred miles away Grantley was far from anyone's thoughts. The mood was bliss at the Royal family's tranquil holiday home, seldom did they get the chance to visit it.

Relaxation was number one on everybody's minds as they basked in the mild afternoon air in one another's company.
It was quite a surprise to the Queen when her butler approached her with the words “I'm sorry to have to interupt" as he stood over the women's table, "I have just received a Royal messenger on horseback. He awaits here for your response. He requests that you tend to this matter swiftly so he can return, it has after all taken him the best part of three days to reach you, your Majesty”

“...Oh. Yes, of course” Vivienna answered. As she rose from her chair she couldn't help but to fear the worst.
“Good afternoon, my Queen. I come bearing important news. Your brother, Prince Grantley, has...”

“Oh no. He didn’t make it, did he?”

“Quite the contrary. He’s very much alive, Madam. He’s even walking around and talking...well, hobbling”

He looked at her as she stood silently, stunned. "Madam?" he urged "is there a message you would like to me relay back again, or any instructions?"

"I...yes...I...could you just give me a second to decide what I need to do?"

"Of course"
"What unexpected news" she said, "I should return home, I know, but..."

She looked at her family.

She found that yet again she been burdened with a tough choice, and yet again her brother was the cause of her dilemma.

The relief she felt on hearing of his recovery was soon overshadowed by the frustration of being placed in yet another tug of war. Even in sickness Grantley somehow found a way to upset the applecart.
"But, no" she continued, she shook her head as she watched her husband and their son by the pondside, joking and contented in one another's presence.

Within a few minutes she was forced to make a quick choice, she wasn't prepared to tear their holiday asunder. Grantley would have to wait.
"Do you know what,Sir?" she asked as she turned back to face the messenger, "When many people think of me as Queen, they see the luxurious homes, the expensive dresses, the glamour, the buffets and the garden parties and the fine jewellery. What they don't see is the massive responsibility that I undertake every day of the year"

The messenger replied with a half nod, a little confused.

"So what I'm saying is this; I'm on a much needed holiday and I am going to put my family first. They have looked forward to this trip for weeks. I won't be back at the Palace until our holiday is over. Grantley will just have to wait. I will deal with this problem on my terms and in my own time, not his. Mine.

I want him put under house arrest, make sure he's comfortable and has all he needs of course"

"If you're sure Madam" he responded.

"I am, my friend, have a safe journey home" she answered, and with that they parted ways.
Has Vivienna made the right choice in not returning home? Will she and Grantley finally patch up their differences or will the struggle for the crown cling linger on? Can he finally change his ways, has he finally learned?Read the next chapter to find out...


(The next chapter is coming soon and it will be the last, I have almost finished writing it and will try to upload it more quickly than this one. Thanks for reading)


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WOW.....this has been a remarkable story........thanks for sharing it with all of us.....

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