ErgoFlux - Chapter 14
Published Jan 14, 2013

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ErgoFlux is finally BAAAACK!! *Sounds the bells*

I know, freakin finally, right? It's been forever. You can blame my low graphics laptop for that. It can barely handle the game anymore and it continuously crashed. And then it was full of bugs and glitches. I was having so many problems uninstalling and reinstalling that I thought my sims and my characters were gone forever. Then, by some miracle, I remembered that I was smart enough to save my characters on a thumb drive so I retrieved them and here we are. The next chapter in my ongoing story!

Anyways, I really hope this chapter will be worth your long wait. And as always, thanks for reading! :3

'K Ima shut up now :x Carry on.

ErgoFlux is finally BAAAACK!! *Sounds the bells*

I know, freakin finally, right? It's been forever. You can blame my low graphics laptop for that. It can barely handle the game anymore and it continuously crashed. And then it was full of bugs and glitches. I was having so many problems uninstalling and reinstalling that I thought my sims and my characters were gone forever. Then, by some miracle, I remembered that I was smart enough to save my characters on a thumb drive so I retrieved them and here we are. The next chapter in my ongoing story!

Anyways, I really hope this chapter will be worth your long wait. And as always, thanks for reading! :3

'K Ima shut up now :x Carry on.
Charlie was tired of being cooped up in the house. Ever since she had arrived at Hidden Springs, she had not been allowed to leave the comfort of her room. Due to the injuries she had received earlier, Charlie was under strict orders from her "boss" to stay on bed rest until he felt she was completely healed up. So while she laid around, unable to do anything, the rest of her team was already out, investigating another recent string of Ergo Flux phenomena. However, after nearly three days of bed rest, Charlie was becoming stir crazy. She tried he best to obey orders and stay put as she was told. She read her father's book over and over again to keep herself occupied, but all to no avail. Eventually, Charlie couldn't take it anymore. She figured taking a little stroll outside couldn't hurt anything as long as Chase never found out about it, of course. So Charlie got out of bed and quietly crept down the stairs, being careful not to be heard by anyone. Sneaking past Adam Wiess, Charlie was able to make it outside undetected. As soon as she stepped out onto the deck, a tremendous amount of bright, warm sun rays poured down upon her. Charlie hadn't set foot outside in quite a bit, so it took a while for her eyes to adjust to the brightness of the sun.

As soon as she was able to see, Charlie started her walk, taking slow, careful steps as she made her way down the long stretch of wood and planks.
Charlie looked around, carefully soaking in her surroundings. She had been so far unable to do so in the short duration of her stay. So she took full advantage of her first time outside.

And the place was beautiful. The yard was surrounded by luscious green plants and colorful flora.
Off to the side was a trickling pond. Charlie had grown familiar with it's sound through her bedroom window. And now she was able to see it for herself with her own eyes. Off to the other side Charlie took notice of a small vegetable garden, planted in perfect rows. She was impressed at how green and lush the plants looked. They were obviously well taken care of. Someone clearly had a green thumb around here. Charlie was then taken a little by surprise when she caught a glimpse of the person who had evidently been taking care of this garden. "Rhoen...?" she murmured to herself. Charlie stopped moving, and stood still, secretly watching the odd young girl gently tending her garden. Rhoen was hard at work. She was so focused in on her plants she didn't notice Charlie's presence at all.

Charlie still couldn't get over how odd the girl's appearance was. Rhoen was so small and fragile looking with long, spindly limbs. Her complexion, her hair, her eyes... Everything about her was so green. It was unnatural. Looking at her, Charlie couldn't help but wonder who or what this girl really was.
And it seemed that in all three days of her stay at Dr.Wiess' house, Charlie had truly only seen Rhoen just a few brief moments. And even in those rare cases when she actually presented herself before Charlie, the teen had not spoken a word to her or even acknowledged her existence.

So, for some reason, the thought crossed Charlie's mind that she could get the reclusive teen to speak to her. She leaned over the railing of the deck and called out. "It looks beautiful! You're definitely a natural." Charlie smiled warmly, hoping she wouldn't be too off putting to the girl.
Startled by the sound of Charlie's voice as it echoed through the garden, Rhoen shot to her feet surprisingly quickly. Then Rhoen just stood there motionless as if paralyzed by fear. Her large, unearthly green eyes stared back at Charlie's. They were full of fear and confusion. "Don't worry," Charlie spoke gently to the girl. "You don't have to be frightened." Charlie stared deeply into the teenager's eyes, trying to get a glimpse of the girl's soul, and maybe trying to understand her a little better. But it appeared that Rhoen was not having any of it. Without saying a word to Charlie, the teen turned on her heel, ready to bolt. "Wait!" Charlie begged. "Please don't go." Charlie really wanted to speak with this strange girl and find out more about her. She wanted to make friends with her if possible. But despite Charlie's pleas, Rhoen didn't stick around. She ran out of the garden as fast as her thin legs could carry her. "Oh well..." Charlie sighed as she watched Rhoen disappear around the side of the house. The least she could do was try, right?

Charlie stood there quietly, wondering why Rhoen was so afraid of her... Why she was so afraid of everyone. Did something happen to this girl in her past to cause this irrational fear? Charlie wanted to find out. Though she was probably not going to get any answers out of the girl herself. Maybe if she asked Dr.Wiess about it. Rhoen was his daughter after all. He was bound to know something.

Charlie didn't know how long she had been standing there, but soon her thoughts were shattered in an instant.
"So I see you're defying orders," Charlie heard the voice of Eddy Slick directly behind her.

Charlie was so startled she nearly fell over the side of the deck.

"Ah-ha!" Eddy laughed. "Busted."
Charlie instantly knew she was in trouble. She had let herself get too distracted by that mysterious teen and let her guard down yet again.

"Please don't tell Chase!" Charlie begged Eddy. She knew Chase would keep an even closer eye on her than ever if he found out about her sneaking out.
"Too late," came another familiar voice, taking Charlie by surprise once again.

Chase strolled up to the two nonchalantly, and eyed Charlie directly. She didn't know why, but she was unable to return his gaze. Instead Charlie's eyes darted down and to the side, looking at a random spot on the deck floor.
"Defying a direct order from your boss?" Chase asked in a strange tone of voice which Charlie was unable to decipher. She couldn't tell if he was displeased or amused... or even a little of both?

"Look, I'm sorry, Chase." Charlie answered. "I'm just so tired of doing nothing all day. All I do is lay around while the rest of the agency goes out to research. I want to get out in the field too! I came here in search of answers... Not for a babysitter."

"So it's going to be the hard way, is it?" Chase said almost to himself, as if he had heard nothing Charlie just said.
Before Charlie had a chance to ask him what he meant by that, Chase hoisted her up into the air. And then Charlie screamed rather loudly as he threw her over his shoulder.

"What are you doing?!" Charlie screamed again, struggling against Chase which turned out to be a fruitless effort. He held onto her tightly.
"How dare you!" Charlie was fuming.

"You are not ready to go out." Chase explained calmly as he began to carry Charlie into the house. "When you're all healed up then I can let you go."

"What is wrong with you?" Charlie yelled. "You some kind of doctor now or what?!"

"I'd listen to him if I were you." Eddy advised. "He knows what he's talking about. He's the one that diagnosed you with the concussion before he even examined you."

"Whatever, just put me down!" Charlie demanded, pounding her fists against her kidnapper's back.

"You can fight all you want, miss." Chase smiled. "I'm not letting you go."
And his words were true. It didn't matter how much Charlie struggled and fought against him, she couldn't win.

By the time Chase made it up stairs Charlie was tired of fighting. Angry as she was, all she could do was lay limply over his shoulder and wait for Chase to eventually drop her off in bed. And soon enough they arrived back in the bedroom.
"And here we are." Chase announced, rolling Charlie off his shoulder and dropping her into bed. Then he turned around and headed for the door. But before Chase made it out of the room, he stopped suddenly and turned around to face Charlie once more. This time there was a huge grin on his face. "By the way, the team is heading out to gather more evidence, so I won't be here all day. I expect you won't try anything while I'm gone.

"It's my job to watch out for my agents and make sure they're taken care of. You won't want to make my job more difficult than it has to be, will you?"
And with that, Chase was gone. Off on another adventure with the group leaving poor Charlie all alone to think by herself. She really didn't want to disappoint her boss, but she was so just tired of bed rest. Suddenly she realized that right now would be the perfect time to ask Dr.Wiess about his daughter. By now, Charlie knew that Dr.Wiess spent every chance he could on his computer in the library. He was constantly researching. He was completely obsessed with the Ergo Flux phenomena.

So Charlie made her way down stairs to the library, and sure enough she was not surprised to find Dr.Wiess right where she had anticipated he would be.
Charlie wandered gingerly through the doorway but was hesitant to enter the room. Dr.Wiess was so focused on his work that Charlie felt more like a disturbance than anything else. She really didn't want to interrupt, but she needed answers. Getting answers, however, was her specialty. She was a former journalist after all, wasn't she?

Charlie cleared her throat, finally speaking up from where she stood underneath the doorway. "Um.... Excuse me...? Dr.Wiess?"
"Oh, hello Ms.Murphy." Dr.Wiess answered without bothering to take his eyes off his computer screen. He didn't sound bothered by the inturruption, though he did sound a little occupied. "Is there something you need?"

"Just... wanted to talk..." Charlie blurted awkwardly.

"Then come in and take a seat. I'll only be a moment." Dr.Wiess replied simply.
Charlie did as she was asked. Quietly, she entered the room and took a seat where she waited patiently for Dr.Wiess to finish his work. After that the two did not exchange any more words between each other. The room grew quiet. The only sound that could be heard was the swift ticking of the computer keyboard as Dr.Wiess' fingers flew.

In order to distract herself from the awkward silence that grew over the room, Charlie had a look around at all the shelves, books and nick-knacks that surrounded her.

The silence grew painfully long and Charlie soon began to wonder if the doctor was even going to get back to her at all.
But then finally, Dr.Wiess shut off his computer and turned his swivel chair around to face Charlie. "Alright then, Ms.Murphy" He smiled pleasantly. "What did you need to speak with me about?" "Well actually..." Charlie started. She didn't exactly know how to go about asking. Rhoen was Dr.Wiess' very own daughter after all. Charlie didn't want to upset him by asking questions that might be offensive or too personal. She realized she was probably treading on thin ice here, but her curiosity was very strong now. And she actually had the doctor's attention at this moment, so she was just going to go out on a limb and ask.

"I'm curoius... A-about your daugh- About Rhoen," Charlie struggled, trying to find the right words to say. She couldn't really ask the more pressing questions like 'Why does your daughter look weird?' or, 'Why is she so green?' So Charlie stuck with a more tasteful route. "Why is she so frightened of people? Um... If you don't mind me asking?"
"Oh, Rhoen?" Dr.Wiess answered becoming more serious than Charlie had seen him thus far. Then he grew silent for a while, causing Charlie to worry that she had indeed offended him in some way. She didn't know what to do or say at that point. She waited for a response from Dr.Wiess which she began to feel was never going to come. But then, thankfully and to her relief, Dr.Wiess spoke again. "Hm. I knew you would come asking questions about Rhoen sooner or later." Dr.Wiess let out a deep sigh as if preparing himself for a long, painful story. Then, when he was ready, he began. "Rhoen is a very unique, very special girl. She may not be related to me by blood, but that does not make her any less daughter. I have loved her as my very own from the moment I first came in contact with her. And I've done my best to protect her and take care of her ever since. But her life was not always full of kindness, compassion or love. Before I took her home to stay with me, Rhoen existed in a world where none of these feelings even existed." By now, Dr.Wiess had Charlie's full, undivided attention. She slowly leaned forward in her seat, her eyes fixed right on Dr.Wiess as she waited for him to continue. Which he did.

"I used to work at that facility, you know. The one you and your agency broke into just last week. And judging by your location just before your capture I'm assuming you saw them... The rooms, I mean."

Charlie nodded slowly in reply. She knew which rooms the doctor was referring to, and she remembered them quite clearly in her mind.
"Well it was in those very rooms," the doctor went on to explain, "That they kept the "special" ones. The ones like Rhoen.

"These strange "green people" are very unique... Very rare. Only twenty-three have ever been found in the entire world. And no one knows exactly what they are. They say these people are the product of the Ergo Flux. Some have even gone as far as to call them "The Children Of the Ergo Flux."
"So the twenty-three that were found in the world...?" Charlie inquired. "They were all put in the facility?"

"Yes," Dr.Wiess answered with a hint of melancholy in his voice. "Sadly every one of the "children of the Ergo Flux" that were ever found were sent to that facility for tests... I worked at that very facility, it's true. But I was in a different department. I was not authorized down into the second basement level. I swear to you, I had no idea what they were planning until it was too late..."

"Until what was too late...? What happened to those people?" Charlie blinked, slightly confused. "When I was down there every one of those rooms were empty...?"
"Ah, yes... That is truly the saddest part of all." Dr.Wiess replied. "I don't exactly know how or why, but when the government officials were done with the "green people"... They were taken away, never to be seen again. I don't know what they did with them... Where they took them, but what I do know is that Rhoen was the only one left behind." "Even though I was working there at that time, but I didn't know they were going on at first. After a short time I began to suspect and then after further research I caught on rather quickly. By that time I was too late to save them all. Rhoen's cell was the last one on the last row so she was the last one they came for. I sneaked into her cell before they came for her and smuggled her out of the facility. From that day on I never returned." Charlie thought over her next question carefully. "Well... are there any more out there...? Any more like Rhoen?" she asked slowly.

"Who's to say?" Dr.Wiess shrugged. "Maybe there are."

Charlie didn't have any further questions for Dr.Wiess at this moment although she knew she would have a million of them later. Right now she was just trying to process all the information she was given. Charlie never suspected that the mystery of the Ergo Flux could actually be so complex. An overwhelming sensation washed over her body as she realized she was only just beginning to unravel all of the secrets it had to offer.

--- Chapter 14: End

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#1TeenStyleGirlJan 15, 2013

I was waiting for this! Amazing chapter. \:\)

#2siladanFeb 8, 2013

I love your story. I can only imagine the time and effort that goes into a story like this. Your screen shots of sims and their world are amazing. The story keeps you hanging and you can't wait for the next installment. Keep up the good work and know that there are many who appreciate what you are doing.

#3Daizzie21Oct 7, 2013

Interesting I wished there was more chapters and for your computer to stop giving you trouble. Hope to read more. :-D

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