The Rainbow Girls
Published Jan 14, 2013

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This is about six girls who represent each color of the rainbow. I hope you like it.

This is about six girls who represent each color of the rainbow. I hope you like it.
ďIím the color RedĒ
ďAnd I classify myself as a proud and self-confident girl.Ē
ďNot only that, Iím also always up for any encounters that come my way, no matter how dangerous it is. This is because I love a good voyage, AND Iím physically active too, so throw me a dangerous challenge and Iíll do it! I dare you!Ē
ďAnother thing about me is that Iím very compassionate about achieving my goals, short and long ones. Not to mention that Iím very competitive, Iím no weakling, so I want to win every time. If I ever lose, or fail to achieve a goal, I donít think I would be literally sane! I HARDLY TOLERATE FAILURE!Ē
ďAs for social skills, I do have. In fact, I always love to be the center of attention! Lots of it, I donít care if itís positive or negative attention I want it!Ē
ďBut, if you cross me, in other words make me angry, I will tear you up limp from limp, NO MERCY! Thatís right; I have a sharp temper, DEAL WITH IT! If you want MY respect, YOU gotta earn it by respecting me. If you donít, weíre gonna get along very poorly!Ē
ďI said before, and Iíll say it once more, Iím the color Red. If Iím personally your favorite color, thatís great! Iíll tell you my actual name and my story soon, but until then, ciao!Ē
ďHey, whatís up readers! Iím the color Orange!Ē
ďAnd Iím very grateful to have a warm heart and a lot of friends!Ē
ďAnd because Iím very nice to people, Iím loved wherever I go. Iím no sad sack or a stubborn grumpy goat; I tend to bring joy to those around me!Ē
ďI rather hear from others perspectives, you know? Iím an agreeable gal, Iíll never put you down, because I believe if you hear from others point of view, youíll find out whether you have the same one or not and you can talk them through. Besides, Iím fascinated by everything, so you donít have to worry about me putting you down!Ē
ďThen again, I do tend to speak my mind. So, I do say things that I donít mean sometimes, but thatís because I have a carefree attitude! Donít judge me!Ē
ďIím also a party girl! I love to party night and day! I know how to lift the spirits in the room very quick, so thereís no party where Iím uninvited! Seriously, there isnít, yes I am that popular, I know!Ē
ďOther than my high level of being very social, my love life is very active as well, which means I donít want to be in a relationship TOO long! This is because I want to meet other interesting people and not get stuck with just one for the rest of my life. Thereís a whole LOT of fish in the sea, I need to move around, you know? I need some space! So, until I actually DISCOVER the right one, Iím gonna move around.Ē
ďThe color orange is who I am, but NOT my actual name; Iíll tell you that and my story soon! So, if Iím your favorite color, I would be thrilled!
ďHey there, Iím the color Yellow.Ē
ďAnd Iím a just an average happy girl!Ē
ďWell, most of the time. I describe myself as a perfectionist!Ē
ďThatís right; I like to keep things in order, because it really helps me find stuff.Ē
ďIím also very quick to discovering things and solutions to problems; Iím kind of like a detective, I know, cool right? And most female detectives arenít stylish, like me!Ē
ďI love receiving new stuff all the time. If I see something I †want, Iíll buy it or have someone buy it for me! Iím a spoiled brat and Iím proud of it!Ē
ďYellow is the color I am. If Iím your favorite, Iíll be very happy!Ē
ďHi there readers, Iím the color Green, and Iím all about saving the environment!Ē
ďYou probably heard the phrase ďgoing green.Ē Well I AM the color green after all, so that means I love to clean our planet! I also love to explore the outdoors, thatís one of the things that make my days go super great!Ē
ďNot only that Iím good with the environment, Iím also a saint, an angel to those in need! I love helping others, because my heart is always filled with love and care. Whenever youíre feeling down in the dumps, have no fear! The green angel is here to brighten your day! No matter how long it takes to cheer you up, AND no matter what your background is! Even if youíre an evil witch or something related to that, I can change the way you think!Ē
ďIím a perfect angel to my friends and family too, and I always wanted to get married, AND I always wanted to have children someday because I am good role model. You see, Iím waiting patiently for that someone who I have a strong connection with, who I wanna grow old with! Iíll never be a disloyal love partner!Ē
ďOnce again, Iím the color green, and youíll know more about me soon!Ē
Hi! I represent the color Blue!
ďAnd I do tend to help those who have a problem, but hereís the thing, Iím a little cautious around strangers and associates, in other words ďIím a little shy.Ē But that doesnít mean I donít help friends and family that are in need of my assistance.Ē
ďBecause of my high level of self-control skills, I donít fear the people around me. Iím much well-organized and have a tendency to receiving compliments from others for my cleverness. Thatís right; my brain is like the size of a watermelon, but NOT literally! Iím very smart!Ē
ďWhen I say well-organized, I mean that I also have a high level of discipline. Meaning Iím well skilled in meditation, which helps me to not get angry.Ē
ďI know that to some of you, it may seem like I sound so blank, but I DO have a sensitive side. Even though I donít really have anger problems, I do get all emotional and cry a lot when something bad happens, even some things that are not a big deal! Iíll admit that I can be a crybaby, but not in front of strangers and associates! Like I said Iím a shy person!Ē
ďI represent the color Blue, and Iíll tell you my name later on!Ē
ďHello, I represent the last color of the rainbow, Purple.Ē
ďIím a very creative person, even though Iím impressed with all ideas from others. My hands can create beautiful art, and people are always amazed at my art skills.Ē
ďDespite the skills I have with my hands, my social skills are low. I keep to myself most of the time, Iím like a loner. But, I do like paranormal situations for some reason. It always interests me to see something very strange happen. I wish it could happen every day! I know it sounds weird of me saying that, but it keeps me from being down!Ē
ďI am sensitive about negative comments towards me, but I tend to hide my emotions, this is because I donít want to be a coward and let people see me cry! I wonít say much, but Iím willing to try.Ē
ďIím the color purple! Thatís it!Ē
Each girl is different in their own way, and they all have their individual stories. Feel free to rate and/or comment. These girls will tell you their story soon!

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starmoonlightJul 20, 2013

im red and ill aloways be red cause not afaird to pimp slap a bitch and beat that ass also becuz im just like her

Poppcorn123Apr 25, 2013

Good story!
Can't wait to hear the rest!
Loves and hugs, Katniss Everdeen (I call myself that lol)\;\)

SmashBoxBeautyFeb 5, 2013

im def red.

Poppcorn123(Spam) Jan 21, 2013

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