Starlight, Starbright - Chapter 13
Published Jan 19, 2013

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Okay! Here we are, Chapter 13!

There's only two chapters left until the end!!

Make sure you visit my simblr, I'll be on there more often than not!

Hope you enjoy this chapter!

Okay! Here we are, Chapter 13!

There's only two chapters left until the end!!

Make sure you visit my simblr, I'll be on there more often than not!

Hope you enjoy this chapter!
The judge took his seat, and the other followed suit. “Okay everyone, I’ll hear once again from Mr. Hardgrove first. We’ll present evidence first, and then when both sides are done, we’ll call witnesses if necessary.” He said sounding kind of bored.
‘He doesn’t want to be here either.’ Joanna thought to herself.
Demi presented his case for almost two hours. Joanna watched him intently; he was so serious, so passionate about what he was saying. Somehow, watching him made her feel better; all the nervousness left her. She felt confident that he would prove to the judge that she really was the victim in this situation. She smiled slightly. After Demi, Samantha went. As she spoke, Joanna could tell the lawyers heart wasn’t in it. She listened to what she had to say; about the labels song selection process, and how it was common knowledge that songs that weren’t selected are often given to other artists.

Something quickly hit Joanna, “She knows she’s lying.” She said to herself.

Demi looked at her, “Hmm?” he asked absently.

“She knows she’s lying!” she whispered to him with a smile. Demi chuckled quietly and nodded.
Soon it was time for another recess. It was 4 in the afternoon, and the judge gave everyone an hour for lunch, then they would come back and question witnesses. Demi, Joanna and Tessa all sat outside the courtroom to talk.

“So what do you think Dem?” Tessa asked him.

He shrugged, “If the judge is half as smart as I think she is, she’ll know Samantha’s feeding her lies. There’s no way Miranda told Joanna about the songs being free game to any artist on the label. That’s the only angle they’re going with. They don’t even have anything on paper to support the fact…”
That made Tessa smile, “So we could actually win this thing?” She looked at Joanna.

“Yeah, we might.” He turned to Joanna also, “Joanna, Samantha’s probably going to pull you as a witness. Are you okay with that? She’s gonna try to poke holes in your story to make them bigger than the ones in her own.”
Joanna nodded, “I think I can do it. Anything you want me to say?”
He shook his head no, “Just tell them the truth. I’ll probably pull Adonis. This couldn’t have been his idea. He never even heard your songs. If I can get him to implicate Miranda we might be able to get her to pay from her estate as well."
“Cha-ching!” Tessa said with a laugh.
Joanna couldn’t help it, she laughed too. Demi soon joined in.

“Thank you guys,” she said once they got ahold of themselves, “thank you for sticking with me through this. I know I was difficult…”

“You can say that again.” Tessa interrupted.

Joanna shot her a look, “But now that it’s almost over, I feel a little better.”

Demi and Tessa both smiled and Joanna. They both saw a difference in her since the trial started.

“Okay girls, let’s get back inside. We got a case to win!”
The girls smiled and followed Demi back inside.
“Okay everyone. Let’s start with witnesses, this time, Ms. Url, you call first.” The judge said motioning to Adonis and his lawyer.

She cleared her throat, “I’d like to call Miss McFadden to testify please.” She said calmly.

Joanna stood up and headed over to the stand. She sat down and steeled herself for the questioning.
“Okay, Miss McFadden, can you tell us your version of events that brought us here today? From the beginning, if you don’t mind.”

Joanna cleared her throat, “Okay, well, I won an Open Call in Performance Park a few months back. The prize was $25,000 and a chance to record a single with the label. Once I recorded the single, I had a debut party where it was presented to the public. After that, Miranda gave me a chance to record an EP and told me that I would get a full contract with the label following the success of it.”

“A EP that you…didn’t finish. Correct?” Samantha questioned somewhat smugly.
Joanna could hear Tessa suck her teeth in aggravation. She used all of her might to suppress a laugh. She cleared her throat,

“Um, yes. It is unfinished. I have no intention of finishing it.”

“And why is that?”

“Because I have to desire to work with a label full of liars and thieves.” She said smoothly.

“Your Honor, that’s speculation.” Samantha said to the judge.
“Miss McFadden, let’s keep it clean, shall we?” the judge said in her bored voice. Joanna smiled slightly and smiled.

“Okay, Miss McFadden, tell us how you came to hear Mr. Alexander perform the music in question?” Samantha asked.
Joanna sighed, “Well, my best friends’ sister lives in Bridgeport. She works for the venue Adonis was having his concert at. The place was starting to become run down, so for people who couldn’t get tickets, they paid ticket prices online and had access to a live stream of the show. Tessa paid the money, and got the code.”

“Mhm.” Samantha mused. Joanna could tell she was stuck. She had nowhere to go, she was reaching. “So this was the first time you heard the music since you presented the songs to the label.” Joanna nodded. “And what did you do afterwards?"
“Nothing. I was so hurt I didn’t know what to do. I decided I wasn’t going back to the studio. I stopped talking to Adonis and Miranda. I wanted nothing to do with them.”

Samantha paced the court room, “So you bailed on your responsibility with the label for your own selfish reasons. Because of some assumption that what my client did was wrong?”

Joanna’s eyes went wide, “What?! What he did WAS wrong! Those songs were mine, and he recorded and sang them without telling me. Had I never seen the concert, I would have never known!”

Samantha rolled her eyes, “No further questions. Your witness.” She said over her shoulder to Demi.
Demi approached the bench, “You okay?” he asked quietly. Joanna took a deep breath and nodded.

“Miss McFadden, at any point during you time at the record label, did Miranda, Adonis or any label employee tell you about the inner workings of presenting music?”

Joanna shook her head, “No, the only thing I was asked was to write music for my EP, present it, and that I could record once they selected the songs they wanted.”
Demi nodded, “So nobody told you about this supposed policy about what happens to unselected songs? No one gave you any paper work to sign or look over?”

“No, Miranda told me to give her my song lyrics. I didn’t hear anything else about the two songs that weren’t selected.”

“Okay, you can step down. I have no further questions.” Demi said with a smile. Joanna smiled back.
Adonis groaned to himself, “It is so obvious that they like each other, this is so stupid.”

“Shut UP about those two okay?! You’re going up next, and you better have something good to say, or grab that fat little checkbook of yours.” Samantha said irritably.
I hope you all enjoyed this chapter!

I can't believe it's almost over!!

See you in 14!

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