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Published Jan 27, 2013

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Weeks before Christmas and the Peters house was lit just like the other homes in the neighborhood.

Weeks before Christmas and the Peters house was lit just like the other homes in the neighborhood.
Courtney Mils was busy in her tiny room in the back of the house with her new paintings. She loved to paint and did it as often as she could. When she wasn't painting, you could find the young woman deep in her books. She had a large collection, many of them she read more than 10 times since she was younger. Courtney lived in the small two bedroom house with her stepfather Henry Peters. He too had hobbies of his own. Henry's was chess. He would play it often. As a youth he won many tournaments and so he would sit in the living room and play himself until the late hours.
Henry was extremely protective of Courtney. He married Courtney's mom when she was 7 years old only to lose her in death 2 years later. Ever since then he took care of Courtney.
Henry was a loner and liked to stay to himself. For almost 10 years it was just him and Courtney. His reluctance to venture out and make friends also affected Courtney who became shy around others. In high school she blended in. Never making friends, never going to school dances. From school to home was her routine. And when she graduated, it was Henry who convinced her that she was not ready for college. So she put if off to take care of him. Her only companion was her cat, Kitlen. Henry hated animals but allowed his stepdaughter to keep the animal on the condition that it stayed out of his way. Kitlen was her best friend. She talked to her as if she was a real person and the two were bonded. Courtney had been keeping the house together since her mother passed away. She did the cooking and cleaning and was a good housekeeper to Henry.
She taught herself how to cook from reading books and loved trying out new recipes.
Henry made the money for the house. At night he worked for the Starlight Shores ghost hunting company. A government job that barely paid the bills, but allowed him to do as he pleased through the day. At first he would not allow Courtney to work, but as she grew older the young lady wanted to make her own money to buy things on her own. After much pleading he finally allowed her to take a part time job working as the elementary school librarian. It didn't pay much but it was enough for Courtney. Courtney's only escape from her life at home was going to the Starlight Shore library. Courtney loved going to the library and sitting for hours reading. She would become lost in the many adventures of each of the books she read. Her favorites were the love stories and poems written by authors of a different time. The shy woman would find a spot in the corner of the building, away from others, and get lost. Meanwhile, on the other side of Starlight, a stranger was coming back in town. They had been gone for many years and was returning finally back to the town they grew up in as a kid.
The motorcycle ran through the streets, weaving dangerously between the cars. But the rider knew how to handle things. They had been riding for years.
As the door opened to the home of the stranger, both Yukin and Lisan [Star Crossed Series] met the young man at the door.
Yukin looked stern as he stared at the young man. There was silence between the two of them as they looked at each other.
Yukin: Yuyin.
Yuyin: Father
Yukin's stare lightened and his pierced lips turned into a smile as he opened his arms to his eldest son. The two men hugged and laughed.
Yukin: My son! It's about time you dragged yourself home. Your mother and I were beginning to worry that you would never come home.
Yuyin: Once you leave the nest, it's hard to return.
Both of them laughed again.
Lisan held her arms out as well.
Lisan: Don't hog the boy Yukin.
Yuyin: Hello Ma-Li (his nickname for his stepmother)
Lisan: And how is your mother in China.
Yuyin: Good, she's good. My little sister is turning into a little terror, but all is fine. And grandmother sends her love to the family.
Yukin: Well you have some people that have been waiting on you as well.
Yukin called to the rest of the family. Akio was the first to come and gave his elder brother a big hug. The two wrestled a bit as always. This time Yuyin allowed his younger sibling to win before yelling uncle.
Yuyin: Man you've grown.
Akio: Yeah. I'm on the wrestling team now, varsity. First freshman to do it since your days at Star high.
Yuyin: Proud of you bro.
The two began to talk more about high school and girls when another set of footsteps could be heard coming from the other side of the house.
The youngest of the Yusomoto family, Jie was running from around the corner. The little boy almost tripped as he jumped onto the couch and onto his brothers back.
Yuyin swung the little boy around as he laughed more.
Jie: I almost got you that time.
Yuyin: You sure did.
They hugged again.
After all the greetings were done, the family headed to he kitchen where Lisan had fixed Yuyin leftovers from earlier that day at dinner. The young man scarfed the food down. He loved Lisan's cooking. Afterwards everyone went to the living room.
Yuyin went on to tell about his adventures in China and how life was like. After high school, Yuyin decided to go back home and attend college. He wanted to spend more time with his mother who was now living in China with her new family while attending school.
Yukin: I still think you left because of the break up between you and Sophia Allen [Best Friend Series].
Yuyin: No father. She had nothing to do with it. Besides we're just friends now.
We kept in touch here and there while I was gone. No hard feelings there. I just wanted to go away to college.
Yukin: So what are you plans now that you are done.
Yuyin: I don't know. After graduating, I did some traveling. Paid my way through Dj'ing and thought I would do it here. I was a big hit back there.
Yukin: Well now that you are home, take some time to relax first. We can talk more in the morning.
As the family all headed to bed, Yuyin found himself unable to sleep. He walked down to the garage. There where he left, was his music station. His father had covered it up and left it untouched. Yuyin played with some of the knobs and then placed a record on the machine.
It played just as he had remembered. He put the volume on low and played for hours, adjusting the knobs as he went along.
It didn't take long for Yuyin to get back into the swing of things. Within days of being back he was able to find work at the local hot spots Dj'ing. He also hooked up with a few old friends that were still living in town and the group would often hang out when he was not working. He lived at home with his family, as he wanted to save enough money to buy a house of his own. Both Yukin and Lisan gladly agreed. It was good to have the house almost full again. Late one evening after hanging out with friends at the local diner, Yuyin spotted a woman standing outside. It was the female he had seen standing there when he entered the diner over an hour earlier. She looked cold as she was standing at the stop. It was getting late and he knew things were soon closing around that side of town due to the storm that was coming. He waited a little while longer, watching to see if she was waiting for a taxi or a bus. He could see her shivering at times when the wind blew harder.
He was going to just leave but for some reason, he could not. What if it was Ma-Li or his sister Lia standing out there in the cold. Would he want them left out there.
He walked over to the lady, and called to her.
Yuyin: Excuse me.
But she didn't respond.
So he repeated again.
Yuyin: Excuse me miss.
It was Courtney Mils. And she didn't realize someone was talking to her. She was listening to her Ipod.
He finally tapped her on the shoulder and the she jumped when he touched her.
Both of them jumped. And when they finally composed themselves,Yuyin looked up at the young lady. She was beautiful. He couldn't stop staring at her.
She smiled back at him a little shy, then curious as he did not say anything.
Yuyin couldn't believe it. He was stuck. He couldn't say anything. He lost his train of thought as he looked at her.
Yuyin: I uh, uh, um.
Courtney: Are you okay sir.
Yuyin: Yeah, um.
Courtney went in her pocked and pulled out some change and placed it in his hand.
Yuyin: No, that's not what I wanted.
Courtney looked a little alarmed.
Yuyin was finally able to get his thoughts together.
Yuyin: I've been watching you and-
Courtney become more alarmed and began to step back.
Yuyin: No, I mean, I saw you from over there and noticed you had been standing here for a while. Are you waiting on someone?
Courtney was reluctant to answer the stranger.
Courtney: My father. He was supposed to pick me up over an hour ago.
Yuyin: You want to use my phone to call him?
Courtney: I tried but he had not answered it.
Yuyin scratched his head as the both of them stood out in the cold. The wind was picking up.
Yuyin: I know this may be a little strange and I know you don't know me. But....I can give you a ride home.
Courtney: I can't ask you to do that.
Yuyin: Honestly I don't mind.
Courtney: My father wouldn't like me taking rides with strangers.
Yuyin went into his wallet and pulled out his drivers license.
Yuyin: Yuyin Yusomoto. At your service. He held his hand out to her to shake it.
Courtney: Courtney Mils.
Yuyin: Well now we are not strangers.
Courtney: I still can't. I mean what if he is on his way now. He probably just lost track of time.
Yuyin: Or could be sleep or just forgot. Look, I would feel terrible if I left here knowing there was someone out in the cold that I could've helped.
Courtney smiled at him. His words were so sincere. There was a glow when she smiled and soon the weather did not feel as cold.
Yuyin: Please, I insist.
The car ride was quiet.
Yuyin: Mind if I turn on some music.
Courtney: No, go ahead.
Yuyin turned the stations till he found a nice jazz station.
Courtney: You listen to Jazz.
Yuyin: I love it.
Courtney: Me too. I like to play it when I am painting.
It was amazing how that one question made her open up so quickly to him. She began to talk on and on about art and how she loved going to the museum.
Courtney: But my favorite place is the library, I love getting lost in the books.
Yuyin listened the entire time. He enjoyed listening to her speak. Her voice was low and timid but there was a slight eagerness in her voice as she talked about art and books.
It was almost a 30minute drive as the car pulled up to the house.
Courtney: I want to thank you for the ride.
She went into her pocket to pull out more money.
Yuyin: Don't. It was my pleasure.
Courtney smiled again. There was a short silence in the car.
Courtney: Well thank again.
He watched as she walked to the small house and waved back to him from the front door.
Yuyin: Courtney Mils.
He smiled as he thought about her. The car slowly pulled off
Courtney arrived back home.
Henry: You're late.
Courtney: You said you would pick me up.
Henry: I couldn't stop the game. It was getting good.
Courtney was annoyed at his answer. He was playing by himself.
Courtney: Then how did you expect me to get home if you didn't pick me up.
Henry: You could've taken the bus.
Courtney: I would have if you told me.
She snapped back.
Henry stopped playing. She realized that she was snapped at him just as the words left her mouth.
Courtney: I'm sorry father.
Henry: I'm hungry.
Courtney: It will be a minute.
She put her coat up and walked over to the kitchen.
Yuyin laid in his bed that night.
Yuyin: Courtney Mils.
He smiled again as he thought about how she smiled at him.
For days he could not stop thinking about his encounter with Courtney Mils. He would often stop at the library or the art gallery hoping to "bump" into her. But he never did. And when he asked about her, no one knew who she was or said they had seen her before. It was as if she never existed. He wanted to talk to her, he had to talk to her again. It wasn't long before he realized that he was driving to her home. He remembered where she lived from that night. He had tried to avoid it. He didn't want to come off as a stalker. He sat on his bike in front of the home. At first trying to talk himself out of walking to the door.
Yuyin: This is crazy. She'll think you're crazy and get creeped out.
Finally he got off his bike. There was a small light coming from the inside the house. He looked around the neighboring homes before continuing up the door.
But before he could knock on the door, it swung open quickly. A nervous Courtney walked out.
Courtney: What are you doing here?
Her voice was barely over a whisper. Yuyin was caught off guard. He had not prepared anything. He didn't even think anyone would be home.
Yuyin: I
For the second time, he couldn't think.
He couldn't look at her. It was as if he was a school boy all over again.
Yuyin looked to the floor of the porch.
Yuyin: I thought maybe you'd like to see a movie or something. It's been so warm outside this winter and I didn't know if you were busy. I would have called but I didn't have you number.
Courtney's hard look softened.
Courtney: Thanks for the offer but I really don't go out much. Besides my father wouldn't like me going out.
Yuyin: Well maybe I could ask him. I've been known to charm a parent or two.
He began to laugh but Courtney covered his mouth with her finger.
Courtney: You have to be quiet, my father would flip if he knew you were here and I was talking to you.
Yuyin became confused. She had to be at least 20 years old yet it was as if they were teenagers sneaking out.
Yuyin: Sorry. I just thought that maybe I could ask you out....on a date. I really liked talking to you the other night and wanted to get to know you more.
Courtney never went out with anyone other than her father. She couldn't believe that someone was actually asking her.
Before she could answer, a voice bellowed from the inside.
She turned her head towards the door.
Courtney: Yes.
Courtney: Just someone lost, I'm giving them directions.
Henry: Well hurry up and get rid of them. I'm getting hungry.
Yuyin: I'm sorry to disturb you and everything. I just had a nice time and wanted to know if we can do it again. It doesn't have to be a date. Just two people talking. Enjoying company.
He smiled at her hoping to look more convincing.
Courtney was nervous but this would be her first time of getting out. She knew Henry wouldn't allow it, but there was a tiny bit of her that just wanted to feel what it was like.
Courtney: Okay.
Yuyin: Okay?
Courtney: Yeah. Tomorrow at 7.
Yuyin: Great!
She placed her hands on both of their mouths.
Yuyin: Sorry. 7 o' clock then.
Yuyin walked down the stairs with a big grin on his face. Courtney shut the door slowly behind her. She sighed as she walked to the kitchen to prepare dinner for Henry.

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#1Bo0GeRBELLJan 27, 2013

Love it already! \:rah\:
I hope Courtney can get away! It's not her fault Henry doesn't have a life outside of that house. He shouldn't stunt her growth as a person too! \:mad\:
Glad to see past characters! \:\)

#2AlessaFayeJan 27, 2013

What is up with Henry? I hope she rebels soon. Yuyin is pretty cute \:\)

#31980sarah VIPJan 28, 2013

That story was great it gets a 5 star from me. Keep it coming please.

#4fruitopiaVIPJan 28, 2013

I am liking this story. Happy to Yuyin again.

#5sweetiepie13Jan 28, 2013

i'm liking it!!

#6jadababy2003VIPJan 29, 2013

Courtney is really pretty. Yuyin is quite handsome! Can't wait for more!!

#7emaimilaJan 31, 2013

Very nice, cute and beautifulllll

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