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What seasons bring II
Published Feb 11, 2013

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Like clockwork, Henry got ready for work and was out the door by 6:15pm. He worked until the afternoon every other day. This allowed him more freedom and his shifts required very little work or little contact with other people. It was just how Henry liked it.

Like clockwork, Henry got ready for work and was out the door by 6:15pm. He worked until the afternoon every other day. This allowed him more freedom and his shifts required very little work or little contact with other people. It was just how Henry liked it. Courtney tried to act as though it was a usual night for her as well. But in the inside she was nervous. She had agreed to go out on a date and had no idea how to act. Being raised without a mother meant missing out on those mom-daughter talks and so she relied mostly on the books she read and watching the girls primp and get ready in high school. She waited by the window as time went past. The butterflies in her stomach getting worse at the time got closer. Then finally, right at 7, Yuyin's motorcycle pulled up. She smiled but tried not to be too overly excited as she put on her coat. She met him at the door again, before he could knock on it.
Yuyin: Wow. I never met someone that would be ready. I'm usually waiting a few more minutes.
Courtney: Well I'm not like everyone else.
Yuyin: You sure aren't.
They walked over to his bike.
Yuyin: I figured since it's not as cold that we could ride by bike. If that's okay with you.
Courtney was excited: Yes. It's fine.
Yuyin took Courtney to the Ice park near his neighborhood. It was often populated during the day and barely anyone went at night.
Yuyin: Have you ever ice skated before?
Courtney: Not since I was a little girl.
Yuyin: Well you are in the arms of a champion.
Courtney: Really.
Yuyin: No, but I did watch champions on ice a few times with my sister. I know enough to not fall. Come on.
He held her hand and led her out on the ice. She was extremely nervous but was able to relax a bit under his guidance.
Yuyin: See. Piece of cake. They say it's like riding a bike.
At first they started out very slow as they talked more about themselves.

Yuyin told her about his big family and how his father Yukin and stepmom Lisan were actually college sweethearts. He tried to explain that out of the four children he was the only one that was the half sibling but that his father never cheated on his stepmom. [Star Crossed series]
Yuyin: Enough about me, what about you? You talked about your stepdad....
Courtney: My mother died when I was 9. She was ill. It's been me and Henry since then.
Yuyin: Must have been rough for you.
Courtney: I've had my moments. We moved away from my mother's family shortly after she died. I've never had contact with any of them since. Henry doesn't like a lot of people around so we pretty much keep to ourselves.
When she realized how sad her story was compared to his, she smiled to lightened the mood a bit.
Yuyin: Gosh you have a beautiful smile. I can get lost in it.
Courtney blushed in his compliment.
Yuyin became embarrassed. He had never just gushed over someone like that before. To blurt out something like that.
Yuyin: I'm sorry. I usually don't just come out and say things like that.
Courtney: No, don't apologize. I think what you said was sweet.
Her words eased him and soon they both smiled at each other.
For almost an hour they both skated side by side. She was getting the hang of it and he was trying to make sure she didn't fall over.
When she was finally more relaxed they held hands as they circled the arena.
She was too scared to try snowboarding so instead she watched as Yuyin went a couple of rounds on the board. He wasn't on there long as he wanted to continue his date. After hanging out a little while longer, he took her to the cafe for some hot cocoa. There they talked more about their past and their interests.
Afterwards he brought her home and walked her to her door.
Courtney: I really had a great time.
Yuyin: I'd like to do it again some time. Is there anyway I could call you or something.
Courtney: How about I call you when I will be free?
Yuyin: uh..okay, I guess. I just never had a female tell me that.
Courtney: It's just there are certain times Henry doesn't like to be bothered.
Yuyin tried to understand the rationale but gave up. Instead he gave her his number.
Yuyin: You are going to call me right? You aren't just trying to let me down easy.
Courtney: Promise.
Her smiled reassured him.
They stood there for a moment. He wanted to kiss her but thought it would be too fast or ruin the moment. So instead said his goodbye again and got on his bike. He watched as she entered the house before driving away.
For the next month Courtney and Yuyin had a steady routine. They went out at night on days that Henry worked his shifts. It felt dangerous and exciting to Courtney all at the same time. She knew her stepfather would not approve of her going out with people and would be livid if she knew she was going out on dates. So she kept Yuyin a secret. On the weekends when she would usually go to the bookstore, library, just around town, she met up with Yuyin instead. Each time was like a new adventure with him. At times he would bring her something special. From flowers, to special candies or just something he saw that reminded him of her. She was always touched by how much he was doting over her. As the time between them grew longer he began to wait for her after school. There she would greet him with a hug and they would travel off somewhere around town. She felt like she was back in high school. Only this time, she had the cute boy to date. For Yuyin, he didn't care what he was doing. As long as he was doing it with Courtney. Every experience for her was almost new or relived from when she was young. She was always happy and she made him happy just to be around her. Even just laying in the snow making Sim Angels.
Courtney: So what are you going to do next?
Yuyin: Get some warmer underwear because I think the snow has gotten in my pants.
Courtney: No, I mean now that you are done with school (she laughed)
Yuyin: I don't know. My grandmother wants me to come back to China and take over the family business. My father did it for a while but he always wanted to be a pediatrician instead. So he left the business to follow his heart. In more ways than one.
Courtney: But what do you want to do?
Yuyin: I don't know. My sister is following in my dad's footsteps. She loves working with children and went to study medicine. I like to Dj. I love music, I just don't know if I wanted to make it a career just yet. I majored in the business and minored in music. I thought about teaching but I just haven't made up my mind. What about you?
Courtney had always wanted to go to college or travel. She knew she wanted to but Henry thought it would be too much for her. She quickly changed the topic.
It was later that week that Yukin called his son to the living room one night to talk.
Yukin: Ma-Li has been a little worried about you.
Lisan: Excuse me?
Yukin: Alright, I have been too. But she more than me. You've been hanging out almost every time with this Courtney girl and yet we really don't know much about her.
Lisan: What your father is trying to say is, we would like to invite Courtney over to dinner one night. It seems like you are getting pretty serious with her and we felt that it's about time we met her. But if she isn't the one then we are alright if you don't want to. Yuyin sat in thought for a moment. The "one". Up until that moment he never thought about it. He liked her and knew she liked him, but they never talked about anything official.
Yuyin: I guess I never thought about inviting her over. I would like for her to come over and meet the family. Maybe and early dinner this weekend?
Lisan: Great. I know just what to make.
Yuyin: But I do have just one request.
Lisan: What?
Yuyin: I pick the menu. And no baby pictures.
Lisan grinned: I promise not to show baby pictures.
She crossed her fingers behind her back.
Yuyin brought Courtney over for Saturday dinner. They were met at the door by an anxious Lisan who hurried to greet them before he could even put his key in the door.
Lisan was the first to say hello, followed by Yukin who was a few seconds behind.
Lisan: Hello, hello! You must be Courtney. It is wonderful to finally meet you.
She gave Courtney a big hug.
Courtney was caught off guard by the wonderful greeting.
Courtney: I've heard so much about you both. It's nice to put the faces on the many stories I've heard.
Yukin: Stories? Well if they make me sound bad then he lied.
Lisan lightly slapped her husband on the shoulder. Don't scare the girl. Come on into the house you two.
Lisan led Courtney into the rest of the house.
Courtney had so much fun eating and talking to Yuyin and his family. She loved watching how they reacted to each other, completed each other sentences, and just their family jokes about things that have happened in their lives.
It also made her sad. Sad that she could not remember a time where she had that kind of a relationship in her own family. Up until that moment she had not truly realized how much she was missing.
Courtney: It's amazing how you all act with each other. And talk. It's not the typical families you see on old tv shows but this is just so, so real.
Yukin and Lisan looked perplexed for a moment.
Yukin: Well we'd like to meet your stepfather as well. You are more than welcome to bring him the next time you visit.
Courtney: I don't know if this is his thing. He is more of the homebody and we usually keep to ourselves.
Yukin: Well you are more than welcome to come back any time. We have really enjoyed you. I can't say that Yuyin brings a lot of his female friends over so it was good that you came. I was beginning to think my son was never going to date again.
Yuyin: DAD!
Yukin: Just kidding.
Courtney admired the Yusomoto family. Not only did they live in a big house, but it was filled with so much love in it. As a child, she had only wished for the moments they had together. She never knew her father. Her mother raised her and when she was 5, her mother met Henry. To Courtney, he was the only family she knew.
Lisan interrupted her thoughts.
Lisan: Who's up for dessert?

Just as they were continuing to talk the door opened and there was a voice calling into the living room.
Lia: I am home!
Surprised, all of the family walked towards the door. They crowded around the eldest Yusomoto, hugging and kissing her.
Yukin: I didn't think you would be coming back home for a few more days.
Lia: Well with your birthday coming up soon I didn't want to miss it. Besides I heard Yuyin brought home a girl and I didn't want to miss it before she decided to run away.
Yuyin walked over to his sister. And gave her a big hug.
Yuyin: You are not funny Li-Li.
Lia stepped back to look at the young lady standing next to her brother.
Lia: So are you going to introduce us or are you going to let me guess?
Yuyin: Courtney this is my sister Lia. Lia this is Courtney, my girlfriend.
Courtney looked over at Yuyin.
Courtney: Girlfriend?
The title took her by surprise. Up until that moment they had not made their relationship official.
Yuyin: Well...yeah.
Yuyin smiled at her, brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. The touch brought goosebumps down her arm.
Lia: Well alright. We may have a winner then. It is nice to meet you. I've heard so much about you through my brother's emails to me.
Yuyin: Is there anyone here that doesn't want to to embarrass me?
Lia removed her coat and headed to the living room where the rest of the family were sitting.
Lia and Lisan were leaving the kitchen and began whispering quietly to each other. Every now and then they would begin to giggle as they looked over at Courtney.
Yukin: Now ladies. If I know my wife, I know she is up to no good.
Lisan: Oh hush Yukin. We are just going to have some fun. Girl fun.
She called Courtney over to where they were.
Lisan: You know, my daughter and I would had these bonding moments when she was younger. When I owned my salon, she would stop by and we would have these mini makeover moments. I thought it would be nice if I could do the same with you.
Courtney: I don't know.
Lisan: Trust me. We always had fun.
Lia: It's something mom likes to do. Take it as a right of passage into the family.
The ladies led Courtney to the back bedroom.
Moments later, Lisan and Lia walked back into the family room where all the men were playing a video game.
Lisan coughed but no one responded. The next time she coughed again, this time louder. Slowly the men stopped playing to look at Lia and Lisan.
Lia: May we present to you...Ms. Courtney Mils.
The door open and out walked Courtney. Lisan had made up her hair and face while Lia changed her wardrobe. At first she was a little shy as she walked out into the living area. She had always covered up and hid her face under her hats. Akio whistled.
Yukin: Well will you look at that. Lia, you've done it again.
Jie: She's pretty.
Lisan: She's always been pretty Jie.
Yuyin walked over to Courtney.
Yuyin: No, not just pretty.
Courtney: I've never looked like this before. I've never felt so, so, beautiful.
Yuyin: You've always been beautiful Courtney. Mom just helped put the finishing touches on it. Like putting the perfect frame on the Mona Lisa.
Courtney shook her head shyly.
He placed his hand on her chin to lift her head up.
Yuyin: Look at me.
She looked up slowly and their eyes met.
Yuyin: You are beautiful inside and out.
Yuyin's words were like music to her ears. It played in her head over and over.
Living in her home with Henry she was rarely told that. And his small words helped build a bit more of self confidence in her. She was not going to be the same after that moment.

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fruitopia VIPFeb 26, 2013

Like putting the perfect frame on the Mona Lisa.

Love that line

jadababy2003 VIPFeb 12, 2013

I have been waiting for this!! I LOVE your stories and have read them more than once!! I am soo happy to see this. Don't leave us hanging soo long !! Great job!!\:D

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