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The witch of Twinbrook, part 1
Published Feb 8, 2013

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Heather is the kind of girl you see next door. She has no particular properties and is kind of a plain Jane. She just lost her grandmother, Willow, and now she owns the house her grandmother left her in Twinbrook. It was recently redecorated, the furnitures was getting old and the walls tired. She remembered back when she was a child, how she would love to visit her grandmother. Now all she has, is memories.

She had lived in the house for about a week, when she discovered mysterious noises from the second bedroom.

Heather is the kind of girl you see next door. She has no particular properties and is kind of a plain Jane. She just lost her grandmother, Willow, and now she owns the house her grandmother left her in Twinbrook. It was recently redecorated, the furnitures was getting old and the walls tired. She remembered back when she was a child, how she would love to visit her grandmother. Now all she has, is memories.

She had lived in the house for about a week, when she discovered mysterious noises from the second bedroom.
"Well, at least the fireplace works like it should be," Heather thought to herself. It was the oldest thing in the house. While she rested her eyes on the burning flames, she sworn she could have seen something move in there. "What the..?" She moved closer to the fireplace, but when she was about to discover the thing moving in the fireplace, her cat meowed at her. Heather brought her cat, Mittens with her. She was good company for Heather. "So, Mittens, do you like it her? Personally I think its kinda creepy," she said. Mittens meowed back at her, like she agreed. Heather had forgotten about the movement in the fireplace.

"Well, maybe its time I went to the town. Might as well let the people who live here know that I'm alive. And maybe I can get some answers about what is going on with this house..."
The park wasn't exactly sworming with people, it was quiet in the town. It was a hot summers day in the middle of July, so Heather started to wonder where all the people were.

Suddenly, she saw a man getting closer. "Hey, Heather right?" the man said. There was something familiar about this guy. "Yes, I just moved here actually."
"Well, I'm Charlie Brown. I teach at the university of "the odd things"", he said, smiling a bit funny. "The odd things?" she asked. "Heh... just a thing I like to call it. Its the research center. I do research there. You know, we discover things."
"Ah, well, thanks for the information, Charlie." "You're old Willows grand daughter, arent't you?" Heather nodded. He seemed almost surprised, but then suddently smiled at her. "She was such a sweetheart, sad that we lost her..."

Heather came up with an exuse that she had seen someone known to her, so she said goodbye and left him thinking that he was hiding something. Intuision, probably nothing to worry about. But still, the look in his eyes freaked her out...
"Well, hello there. You must be Heather!" Heather looked at a man carrying a toddler, probably his daughter. "Hey, there. Well, yes. Surprisingly most of you Twinbrook'ers know who I am." The man laughed. "Yeah, well, you probably have seen that we aren't that many citizents, and we all know, uh, KNEW your grandmother very well. She was such a..." "..sweetheart, right? Yes, I just met a man named Charlie Brown, and he said just the same as you." Heather couldn't shake the feeling about Charlie Brown. This man seemed nice. "I'm Neboisha Fleur, by the way," the man said smiling. "And I am..." "...Heather Levingsbrook, yes. I know." They both stood there for a few seconds, before Neboisha said he had to go meet up with his wife, Helena. Heather smiled politely, waved goodbye to him and his girl. Funny he didn't mension the toddler he was carrying. "Oh, well," she tought, "he must have been in a hurry." Heather browsed the park for a minute, before she heard her named beeing called. A woman called her name, and Heather saw a person she did now expect to see in Twinbrook. It was Penny, her long lost bestfriend from the city she grew up in. "Heather! What a great pleasure to see you here! I heard that you moved here, but I have been so busy with my own things I totally forgot to come by. How are you? How are the house? I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother!". Penny had always been the kind of girl who talked way to much, but Heather liked it. "Hey, Penny. Long time, no see. I'm fine, the house is amazing. Exept its a little bit scary," Heather said, laughing. "Whaat? I'm sorry, Heather. Should I get my housband to take a look for'ya?" Penny laughed, mockingly. "Ha-ha, Penny. Funny. I'm sure its just me, easily spooked." "Yeah, well, I remember the days when you and your dad loved scary stories by the fire," Penny said. Heather was surprised Penny remembered those days. It seemed so long ago when all she had, was her Dad and his horror stories. "Yeah, well. My dad died a few years ago. I actually remember those days, too. I miss him..." Penny looked at Heather with sad eyes. "Hey, how about I come over to your house later today? I have soo much to tell you!" Later that day, Heather got on her computer. She had intensions about finding out more about this Charlie Brown. "Charlie... Brooown, who are you?" As she was to type in his name on google, her phone rang. "Riiiiing, riiiiing" "Hello?" Heather asked. No answer. "Helloo-ooh?" Still no answer. Suddenly, a mans voice said; "Hello, Heather. So nice of you to move into your grandmother's house. Is it good there?" Heather didn't answer. "I'm Ethan, I'm sure you don't remember me." Ethan... he had a deep voice. Almost like... "Well, Heather. Maybe you and I meet some day. Its not much to do around here." And then he hang up. "Unknown number," it said. "Mittens, its too much mystery around here. It seems like the whole town is hiding something..." Later that night, after the creepy phonecall, Penny arrived. Heather saw her coming in her brand new car. When she walked outside to meet her, she was talking to a guy Heather had never seen before.

"Hey, there is the girl I was talking about. Heather, this is Eric Snow, he also just moved here!" Heather looked at Eric, and he looked at her. There was something about him that gave her the feeling of worry. "Hey," he said with a greeting voice. Every man in this town was now a potensioal "phoneringer". "Hey, you..." she replied, "eh, Penny? Would you like to come in? It was nice to meet you Eric, but I have an apointment with my friend." He smiled understandingly.
"Well, Eric. It was very nice to meet you. VERY nice. I might see you again sometime?" Penny asked, with a flirty voice. Typical Penny. "Well, eh, yeah. I guess?" Eric said. "Oh, Penny. Don't get yourself in trouble," Heather thought. "OH, HEATHER! What a beautiful house!" Penny almost ran around in the house, looking at every detail. "Thank you, I just wish grandmother was here too," Heather said. "But what is the deal with that Eric dude?" Penny smiled; "he is so handsome, don't you think? I mean, did you see his bodayh??" They both started to laugh. "He was kind of cute," Heather said. "Now, what shall we do this fine evening?" Penny and Heather had cooked dinner togheter, told each other everything about their lives. Penny had married a real estate agent, and was four weeks pregnant. When Penny had left, she wished to meet her at the park the next day.

Heather took out her favorite book, the book about witches in the forest, when suddenly her door bell rang. "Mittens, will you protect me if its Serena, the wicked witch?!" Mittens looked funny at her, and Heather couldn't help but laugh.
"Eric?" Heather looked out the front door, which happened to have glass in it. Eric saw her, and waved at her. "What a lost boy," she thought, "but what on earth is he doing here so late?" "Eric..? What are you doing here?" Heather asked. He looked sad for some reason. "Well, you and Penny are sort of the only people I know in this god forsacen town. And I thought, well, I know its a bit late, but maybe I could come in?" Heather looked funny at him, thinking he must be a nut case. "Well, it is late, aand I... eh, well. I have laundry do to," she said, randomly coming up with something. "Laundry? This late?" "Yep, soo, I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Byyee," she said and was just about to walk inside when he grabed her arm. "Sorry, Heather!" He dropped her arm as it had been boiling water. "Look, Eric, you seem like a nice guy and all, but I don't know that many people here and maybe you and I can become friends. But not elleven PM in the night. I'm going to the park tomorrow, maybe I'll see you then?" Heather said, encouraging. He smiled, nodded and walked away from her doorstep. "What a funny guy," she thought to herself. The next day, Heather walked down to the park. It was a beautiful day, just like the one before. She could feel the breeze touching her cheeks. "Heather," she heard, whispering in the wind. "Heather, don't trust Eric...." Heather opened her eyes, and looked around her. "Hello?" She asked. No answer. No one was there. "What the...? I could have sworn it was grandmother who told me to not trust Eric. What a silly thought!" She shaked it off, thinking it was her mind playing tricks on her again. "Well, hello there Heather!" Heather turned around to find Eric standing right beside her. "Eric! Oh my, you scared me!" Heather yelled. Had he heard her? She was talking pretty loud. Eric started to laugh. "Oh, I'm sorry i scared you! I was just taking a walk down to the park, and then I saw you. Wow, you look beautiful today," Eric said. Heather laughed. When she got nervous, she always had a hidious laug and looked like a pig squeling. Eric smiled at her, moved a little closer. "Why, thank you Eric. You look, nice too," she said embarrased. Was he wearing the same clothes as the day before? She looked at him, what beautiful blue eyes he had. "You don't need to get so embarrased, it was only a compliment," Eric said. "It was really nice to see you today. May I get your phone number, I can't stay I'm afraid, but I can call you some time?" Heather was blushing. She gave him her number, and he was on his way. At the same time, she started to look for Penny. Where was that girl? She had gotten Penny's phone number, and called her. No answer. Suddenly, she heard her name beeing called. It was from an old lady. "Well, hello Heather. I am Ginny, the old librarian around here," the old lady said. "I was your grandmothers best friend, you see. I was meaning to drop by and say hello, but I have been so busy," she said. It was the same exuse Penny had when they met the day before. "Well, I have no hurry in meeting everyone at the same time," Heather said, "but everyone here has been so welcoming!" Ginny smiled. You could see she was old, but at the same time she didn't seem old. "Have you found the alchemy station your grandmother used, yet?" "Alchemy station?" Heather asked. Now she was really cuorius about what Ginny meant. "Oh, dear. I was wondering if Willow had told you before she died. She was planning on telling you." Heather was taked off guard. "I can see that you are confused, deary. You see, your grandmother was a witch. You didn't hear it from me," Ginny said and gave her a short hug before she walked away. Suddenly, Ginny turned around, and said; "Do not trust anyone in this town, you hear me? Do NOT trust ANYONE." And she was gone. Hello, readers. That was the ending of part 1, I hope you enjoyed! I'm actually from Norway, so exuse any grammar faults. Rate and comment :-)

Why haven't anyone told Heather her grandmother was a witch? And who is Eric, really? And why haven't Penny arrived to the park, when they agreed to meet there? And the key question, why is everyone in the town acting like they are hiding something?

To be countiued...

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Ramonna VIPFeb 10, 2013

Very interesting start! I love it so far! Keep it coming! \:\)

sweetiepie13Feb 9, 2013

interesting start! cant wait to see why the town people are acting so weird \:rah\:

betta91Feb 9, 2013

AlessaFaye: thank you! :-) This is kinda new to me, and writing in another language.

AlessaFayeFeb 8, 2013

Great chapter!! Heather is so pretty! \:\)

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