What Happens In The FallsChapter 3 Part2
Published Feb 11, 2013

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Welcome to Part 2 of Chapter 3 of 'What Happens in the Falls! I hope you enjoyed the 1st part and now, here is the 2nd.

But before you read on let's have a quick recap.

- Because Megan didn't join Samuel in Sunlit Tides, Samuel has not been on talking terms with her.

- We got to see the side of him that he's been hiding (The wolf side) during a fight with Jules,

- Megan eventually confronted him about the fight but things didn't end too well.


It has been rather calm since her confrontation with Samuel. She's just been enjoying the autumn weather as much as she can when she's not working and looking for a costume for Haley's up and coming party.

Welcome to Part 2 of Chapter 3 of 'What Happens in the Falls! I hope you enjoyed the 1st part and now, here is the 2nd.

But before you read on let's have a quick recap.

- Because Megan didn't join Samuel in Sunlit Tides, Samuel has not been on talking terms with her.

- We got to see the side of him that he's been hiding (The wolf side) during a fight with Jules,

- Megan eventually confronted him about the fight but things didn't end too well.


It has been rather calm since her confrontation with Samuel. She's just been enjoying the autumn weather as much as she can when she's not working and looking for a costume for Haley's up and coming party.
While Megan is using her time wisely, Samuel has had a rather calm life too! As Tinker is always away with her boyfriend, Samuel has been catching up with his other friends. And Argus was one person he hasn't seen in a long while, so one day they agreed to hangout.

They hanged out drinking and eating pizza, playing video games when they weren't running to the loo and talking about good places to hunt in the area. They stayed like this all day from the late morning to the late evening non-stop.
Even at 8 in the evening they were so engrossed in their game that they didn't hear the front door open or close. When Alice came in and closed the door, she heard one voice that was familiar, then another that wasn't. She quietly walked towards the living room.

When they came into view she saw who owned the unfamiliar voice. It didn't take her long to recognise him. But could he recognise her? She didn't know but acted natural just in case. "Hey babe!" She greeted Argus by giving him a kiss on the cheek and sat beside him.

"Oh hey babe, I didn't even hear you come in!"
"Yeah cause you got the TV up high!"
"Argh, you know you get more of an effect when the volume is high, it makes you feel like your actually in the game!" Said Argus.
"Ah. Argus rested his game control beside him and wrapped his arm around Alice. You two haven't officially met have you? This is girlfriend who I always talk about!" Alice tried to keep her face forward so he couldn't quite tell who she was, but from the moment she came in, he was onto her. "Hi! Samuel kindly greeted, waiting for her to turn her head. That's a shy girl you got there!" Samuel told Argus.

"Shy! Please, this is the most outgoing girl I have ever met! Go on, show yourself, prove him wrong!" Argus put her on the spot. As she had spun around Samuel had a flashback.
It was a flashback of that night when Jules shoved him to one side. That woman, that woman he made out with right in front of him; the same woman who he's giving eye contact to right now! "Don't I know you from somewhere, cause you look familiar?"
"No! She quickly replied. I've never seen you before!"
"You sure? Cause I swear I saw you the other night and I (he laughs) never forget a face! Especially an attractive one in a dark red, thigh length, backless dress with a small flower just underneath your breasts!" He went into detail.

"That dress surprisingly sounds familiar; isn't that the dress I got you for your birthday?" Argus asked but Alice laughed it off. "The only time I have worn that is on my birthday alright! So whoever you saw was someone else!" Alice stood up.

"But if this is the same dress that we are all talking about then why did I see you wearing it the other day at 'Varg's Tavern' just before I got into that fight?" Samuel rose from his seat. "What ever you are trying to accuse me of you'd better shut your mouth!" She threatened.

"Hey, hey! Where's this coming from! And I thought you were at your friends house that night! Cause that was the same time when Samuel called me about that and when you stood me up!" Argus confronted her.
"Are you serious? Your believing him rather than your girlfriend!"
"Alice, Samuel is not the type of person to forget a face, and it's not only because he's a wolf."
"So now your defending him!"
"No I'm not defending him Alice, I'm just confused." Things were now blowing up in her face and it happened so quickly! One minute he was playing games with Samuel and the next, a heated discussion.

"Let me explain clearer for you then. That night when the fight occurred, Alice here was there with the man I fought, making out with him right in front of me when he was supposed to be with Megan. She was there screaming and crying when I beat him up, and she was still there when I left.

The things you've been hearing around town about this mystery woman, but didn't know who she was with...mystery revealed!...I'm sorry mate." He apologised. He couldn't keep something like that away from his friend.
"Is this true?"
"I don't believe this! I have known you longer than he has and you believe him!..I love you!"
"Is this true or not!" Alice was frightened. She noticed he was trembling. "Argus.."
"You lying, cheating..cow! Arghhh!" Argus lost it and transformed out of anger. There was no going back now.
"How long?"
"How long we're you cheating on me!"
"Argus please! She begged. Argus continued to give her a mean stare until she cracked. a.a couple of months but it didn't mean anything!"
"If it never meant anything then why so long Alice? You don't love me...cause if that is what you call love then I don't know what it was that we had!"
"Argus don't say that! I love you, you know that! Everything we've been through was real!"

"It was for me...but I can't say the same for you!....I need you to leave." Argus requested. "Babe we were meant to be! And your letting this..mangy mutt ruin our relationship!"
"Excuse me!" Samuel took a step forward but Argus blocked him. "So I'm a mutt too?"
"No of..
"That was a rhetorical question! He whispered. Goodbye Alice and I don't want to repeat myself again!"
Alice remained in the same position in disbelief that she was being kicked out by the one person she claimed to love.

"GET OUT!" He then growled.

Alice jumped in shock from his growl and left the house in tears. Argus was panting so Samuel tried calming him down. He then suggested that they go hunting so he can release his anger out on something else other than a human.
They ran into the woods on the west side of the neighbourhood until they found a good place to hunt. In all the time of knowing Argus he has never seen him so ill-tempered. He felt he had to get him outside and away from reality for at least a few hours because he wasn't sure how capable he could be.

Samuel gave him his space, by not talking; they just ran around, hunting, acting like the werewolves that they truly are.
Nearby there was an ancient stone they have heard of, some have read about in the history of Moonlight Falls. It is believed to be called the 'Weather Stone'. They looked at each other and they both knew they had the same idea in mind so they went for it.

In the 'Vault of Antiquity' there is a whole chapter about this weather stone, that talks about the benefits supernatural's are suppose to receive when interacting with it. Whether they believed it or not, Samuel & Argus decided to do some research of their own and tested it out.

According to the book it said that wolves have to howl at the moon to activate it. They began howling at the stone. They howled and howled, stopped for a few breaths then continued until a flash of lightning came from the sky and down onto the stone. By then this gave them the encouragement to continue growling as snow, metals and a few rare gems began to fall and settle on the ground.
Their happiness from the disbelief of this actually working and the small hunting trip, relieved him from his anger and took all the mean thoughts and feelings away.

And because of all this happiness they were experiencing, they gave each other a great, big, hug. When they both released from the hug Argus said:

"Thank you Samuel, this is just what I needed. Your a good friend!"
"It's no problem, I'm sure you would of done the same for me!" Argus then thought of Samuel's situation with Megan. "You know you have to tell Megan."
"Me, I've already tried once and you and I both know that it didn't end well. Besides, me and....Megan aren't really on speaking terms as you also know."
"Well I'll come with you then. She's my friend too! We can't keep this to ourselves!...You know we have to do this!
The next day, Megan just got home from work and was cooking herself some hot & sour soup but was shortly disturbed from someone ringing the doorbell. She was lucky as she was just about to put it on the stove, but as she didn't, she put the pot on the surface and brushed the food off her hands while she went to answer the door. Argus and Samuel were standing at the door in their almost matching grey jackets almost like the men back in the days in the army who come to give the wife some bad news.

She didn't know what was going on and she wasn't so keen on having Samuel in her house so she asked.. "So what's the problem?" Argus looked to see if Samuel was going to explain but he didn't flinch so Argus began to explain.

", you know my....Alice. You remember Alice right?"
"Yeah, your girlfriend and Haley's roommate what about her?"
"Well she's my ex girlfriend now...
"Oh I'm so sorry to hear that, what happened?" Megan was sympathetic but interested.
"We..broke up..because...she cheated on me...
Megan then spoke over him. "Oh Argus I'm so sorry. The way how you spoke about her I would never of thought she would do that!" She thought. "Yeah...I loved her seemed she didn't entirely feel the same way!"
"Your damn right about that! She was definitely hiding things from you!" Megan kept her gaze on Argus, she wasn't interested in what he had to say.

"...But..but...." He didn't know how Samuel could tell her (or try to tell her) the last time but this was hard for him. Samuel was hesitant but stepped in.
"Alice was cheating on Argus with none other than your current boyfriend Jules."
"Are you joking! You're going through all this again!..Yeah you were right the first time but he said it was one time and it was a mistake okay!"
"Oh so that's what he told you! Okay cause I wondered why you could be so stupid and take him back!"
"Okay, okay I think things are getting a little heated here, why don't we just calm down." Said Argus.

"How am I stupid Samuel, why would I mess up something that is fine and jet off to Sunlit tides with practically a stranger who says that I don't know them! And like what you also said to me, I don't like being shouted at in my own home and I think you know where the door is!"
"With pleasure! He bowed and walked of mumbling under his breath saying "Like I wanted to come here!"
Megan kept her focus on Argus and Argus was looking at Megan until Samuel was out and the door was slammed shut. She then sighed. "I'm sorry you had to see that!" She apologised. "It's alright...He's right though..we're telling you this because we don't want you to get hurt. I understand if you don't trust him...but you know he does care and you are like my best girl friend and I mean well!"

Megan knew this was true. Other than Haley, Argus has been a good friend to confide in in some cases. A part of her knew he was telling the truth but was in denial after when Jules told her that he regretted it ever since! She believed him. So was it all a lie?
The autumn festival had already come around but as people were getting excited for 'spooky day', more people were going to the park.

On one Sunday afternoon/evening Megan agreed to go there with Haley (mostly because she wanted her advice on the whole situation.
They took part in quite a few activities such as apple bobbing (that Haley won), a pie eating contest and when it got darker they went into the spooky house. Even after eating (nearly) all of the pie Megan was still feeling a bit peckish (Haley wasn't) so they went over to the concession stand and when she received her food, they went and took a seat nearby. Megan was eating her food nervously waiting for the right time to talk to Haley about Jules. She didn't want to hear her say 'I told you so!' But she needed her opinion on whether to even believe Argus and Samuel. Haley was gazing at the night sky, blinded by its beauty.

"You sure you don't want a drink or anything to keep you warm?" Megan kindly asked. "Nah..I'm alright!...Thanks for asking though!" Megan waited to take another bite and swallow it down to speak again. "You looking forward to your party?"
"Yes!..Why wouldn't I be!..Are you?..You better be! Haley stopped looking at the stars and watched Megan scoff down some food. How big is your stomach? Wow!" She commented. "I didn't eat as much of that pie as you did you know!" She defended herself. "I know..cause if you did, you might have beaten me! They both laughed. But seriously, you are looking forward to having some fun aren't ya?"

"Of course I am! I've just got a lot on my mind recently; I don't think it's the right time to be partying."
"What do you mean? What has happened now that you aren't telling me?" Haley frowned when asking. "It's not something I've been keeping from you cause it's something that I..came upon just yesterday." She explained. "Something like what?" Haley moved her chair closer to Megan.

"Yesterday evening, Argus and..
"And..... Said Haley waiting for he to continue. "And Samuel, they both came to my house!"
"What! Why?"
"Because Argus has broken up with Alice and..apparently.. She felt as if she wanted to cry, so she tried to hold it in. it she was cheating on him with... A tear fell from her eye and she quickly wiped it away and hoped Haley didn't notice.

"Oh Megan!.. She reached in and gave her a cuddle. I told you that man is no good! You shouldn't of taken him back!"
"Look I don't need your I told you so's okay!"
"Okay I'm sorry...But I am going home to kick that girls a..
"No don't! Leave it. Cause I don't know whether it's true!" She sobbed.
"What do you mean you don't know whether its true? Samuel and Argus would never lie to you Megan and you know that! You just don't want to do what you need to do!..for the second time in a row. Do you want to make it a third? Megan shook her head. Right then!...I'm sorry girl, I know it's hard but, trust me you'll feel much better afterwards...Do you want me to come with?" Haley wiped her tears.

"No. She sniffled. I've got to do this on my own....I thought maybe..just maybe he loved me!..Samuel is right! I am so stupid for taking him back!" She continued crying as she hid her face in her hands. "Oh no your not! You made a mistake, everyone makes them. We all go crazy when we feel we are in love, so your not the only one!" Megan raised her head and wiped the tears away. "Thank you Haley, you are the best friend I have ever, ONLY had!" And a small laugh came from them both.
Wednesday 31st October 2012

Halloween had finally arrived and hasn't started out too well. It's been raining since last night but there are hopes that the weather will clear up later on in the day. Right now it's about 3-4 in the afternoon.

The rain isn't the only thing that has dampened things today, it's been 10 days since she told Haley and has been putting off going to Jules' house to break things off. But this has lasted too long and she can't take it any more so she and Snowie hopped in her car (as she needed some fresh air) and speeded down the road as it was soon time for her to go and help Haley out before the party.
"Just as she arrived Jules was outside his house. She got out of the car and slowly walked over to him. Jules looked confused until when Megan said:

"We need to talk." And he wasn't confused any more cause deep down he knew what this was going to be about.
When Jules let her in she didn't bother to sit down as this was going to be quick. Jules looked at innocent as ever but Megan finally had enough.

"I'm breaking up with you Jules and there is nothing you can say to make me change my mind!"
"I think we both know why Jules, were not stupid!"
"So who told you this time, lover boy?" His tone quickly changed. "Actually it was my friend who was going out with the one you have been cheating on me with!"
Just before she opened the door she asked him:

"Did you even love me?" He didn't answer right away. "Love is a strong word Megan, even when I didn't get any from you! I bet it wasn't even going to be good! All you were interested in was spending time with him! And I know you weren't so innocent yourself in all this either!"

Megan wiped her tears away, opened the door, called Snowie and drove. But as she drove she wasn't driving in the direction to Haley's house, it wasn't to her house either. She was making her way to Samuels.
Driving the same speed as before, she made it to Samuel's house within minutes. She parked up badly but didn't care and ran up the steps and rang the doorbell. She kept on ringing and ringing but no one was there, not even Tinker. Then she remembered, Tinker was her guest to the party so probably she was on her way there!

She dashed home to drop off Snowie and made her way to Haley's.
The house looked quite amazing as Haley had done it all without her help so she did feel guilty. But what she was about to tell Haley would make her forgive her, but she also made sure to keep Jules' last comment to herself.

Hours later the guests had arrived and the party had started. Haley and Megan were already in their costumes ready to party. (Well Haley definitely was) While Haley was mingling with her well costumed guests Megan was looking for Tinker. You would think that it would be easy to find her as she's got wings, but she was not the only one here with fairy wings.

A short while after giving up on looking for Tinker, Tinker found her! She surprisingly hoped that Samuel would of came too but what did she expect. They chatted for a bit until Tinker felt the need to dance, Megan didn't feel like it so she let her go on her own.
Megan stayed in the same place where it was a little less crowded and drank her drink as she watched everyone have a good time.

"Some party huh!" A voice said coming from behind her. She smiled as she knew that voice and turned around. "Wow! What a costume! She looked closer at the details of his face. It looks so real!"
"Well I'll take that as a compliment!" He said. "You should it's amazing! What are you suppose to be?"
"Your knight and shining armour that has been unfortunately cursed to look like this during the night sky!"
"Wow! Very imaginative!"
"I do try!"
"So what are you suppose to be?" He then asked. "Isn't it blatant? I'm a damsel in distress!" She spun around in her dress.

"We'll you don't seem to be in distress to me! You are looking as beautiful as ever!" Megan blushed. "I'm so sorry Samuel, I should have listened to you and Argus. I'm such a fool." She then apologised.
"Your not a fool Megan and there's no need to apologise! I was the fool here, I shouldn't of acted how I did! You mean everything to me and...I care about you soo much! He rested his hand on her cheek and caressed it but before Megan could get carried away she moved it away.

"Well uh..if there's no need to apologise then I want to at least thank you and Argus for telling me! I really appreciated it! I just didn't want to believe it!"
"I know...Friends?" He reached his hand out. "Friends." She shook his hand. They were both glad to be friends again; with this rekindled friendship, his feelings were all coming back. He reached in to kissed her but Megan pulled back and scurried out of the room with Samuel as per usual following behind.
"Megan! Megan! He called, until he finally caught her arm. I'm sorry I..I don't know what came over me! He quickly apologised. But..but I don't see why we can't.. Megan quickly cut his sentence as she knew what he was about to say.

"I know your happy about getting what you have always wanted since the day you found out (She said waving her arms around) but it doesn't mean I am ready to jump into a next relationship! I just want to be alone for now. I know it has felt that way for quite a while but, this time I will actually be on my own and not have to think about anybody and anything else so I hope you understand.

Besides, I don't want to be the one on the side after what Jules did to me so, why don't you go back to your girlfriend and be happy!" Megan went to find her car and went home.
"Girlfriend!" Samuel repeated. He wondered where she was getting that from; he wanted to ask but she left so quickly leaving him to still take it all in.

The winter air has slowly been easing in since late October and now that the leaves have fallen on majority of the trees, winter is officially here. Soon it will be thanksgiving, feasting on some lovely food, then December will be knocking on their doors and it will be time to celebrate Christmas.
The 1st week of November hadn't even ended and already there was thick snow on the ground which really put most of the town into hibernation mode.

The only time most residents left their homes was for work, school or grocery shopping. Megan was one of them. The only ones who could be out all day and night were the cold-blooded few or the overheated.
Even though Samuel had extra coating to keep him warm he mostly remained indoors sitting by the fireplace in his favourite green jumper, contemplating and waiting for a phone call from Megan.

He promised himself he wouldn't do this but as the situation has changed, he is feeling hopeful that this time round things might come his way. It would be better if it happened sooner rather than later as he'll be leaving town for a few days to spend thanksgiving with his parents.

Well I hope things does work out for Samuel as he has gone through a bit. Unfortunately this is where I am going to end part 2 of this chapter, I hope you enjoyed reading it, comment and let me know what you think of the story so far and Chapter 4 Part 1 where you'll be able to officially meet the parents (plus some others) will be out soon! See ya!

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Amazing story! Great chapter! I hope it will work out for Samuel!

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