The Wicked Wait
Published Mar 18, 2013

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Hi everyone! This is my new story! Please let me know what you guys think so far! Thanks to everyone whose cc I used and hope you guys enjoy it!
XOXO Alessa

Hi everyone! This is my new story! Please let me know what you guys think so far! Thanks to everyone whose cc I used and hope you guys enjoy it!
XOXO Alessa
It was another warm night, there was no cold wind, and standing by the fire wasn't making me feel less uncomfortable. If it hadn't been for Sophie begging me to come, I wouldn't have been here. This isn't my thing. Idiots dancing too close to each other, to a song that repeats the same word over and over again. Not to mention getting hit on by sloppy drunks. I should've just worked on a new sketch, but I hate having to worry about Sophie, if she'd cheat on her newest boyfriend, and bring yet another loser back to our room. I feel something sticky getting splashed on me, and turn to find Sophie had spilled her drink, on her way stumbling towards me.
"Woops! Sorry Evie!"
I give her a forced smile, she was drinking too much again.
"I just met the dreams of my man!" She yells, slurring and mixing her words.
What? Oh, man of her dreams, or week, I think wanting to correct her. She was being extra perky that night, and I wasn't in the mood to deal with this again. I guess she was cheating on Mark after all, and it truly fascinated me how every week she found another guy. Though they usually left her after spending the night with her, and I would have to comfort her once again. I don't know why she's attracted to the same jock-type jerks.
"So where is he?" I ask, wondering if the guy cared she had a boyfriend.
"He's getting me a drink," she answers, swaying to the music.
I look around for her usual football player type, that I assume the guy approaching wasn't the one she meant. I kind of hoped it wasn't him, because he was so gorgeous. So I skim over him, pretending I wasn't too interested, and spot a buff guy making his way towards us. That's probably the one.
"Evie? Hellloooo? This is Aiden." Sophie says wiggling her fingers in front of my face with a laugh. The gorgeous guy was standing next to her, handing her a drink, but kept his eyes on me.
He wasn't at all her type, but then again, he looked like a model. He must be everyone's type. Tall, with an athletic built, jet black hair, and the most unnatural piercing blue eyes that I had ever seen. He studied me, his eyes glowing with the reflection of the fire. I mutter a "hi" and he slyly smiles.
"I didn't think you'd be here," he says in a deep, raspy voice.
I blink twice, partly because he has the hottest voice I've ever heard, and partly because I know I must have misheard him. He doesn't even know me to say something like that.
"So you two met last semester?" He asks, and I nod slowly, unsure why I suddenly start to panic. How much had Sophie already told him?
"Yeah we live in Henry Hall," she answers, with another sip of her drink. He turns to her and asks, "I thought you'd be in a sorority," to which Sophie frowns. I didn't have to listen to her response, so instead I snuck a glance at Aiden, besides I knew the story all too well. Sophie had made the mistake of stealing the man of THE sorority girl. The one who ultimately decided who joined, and who didn't. I think her name's Ashley or something. Aiden soon ignored Sophie, as if he too knew the story, and looked over at me.
"I didn't get you a drink, sorry. I didn't think you'd be joining us."
I cringe slightly, knowing that sounded like he wanted me gone, but I wasn't going anywhere. I was here because I didn't want Sophie bringing some weirdo to our room and there was something odd about him.
"It's fine, I'm not much of a drinker anyway."
"She's a cheap drunk," Sophie says laughing, and once again, giving him too much information.
Aiden's brows raise. "Why are you at this party then? There's nothing but drinking and dancing here. And hooking up. No offense, I mean."
"None taken, Aiden. I'm just here to look out for Sophie. Make sure she doesn't bring another creep back to our room. No offense, I mean." I reply, trying not to scowl. Who did he think he was judging me like that? He was right, but still, how rude. He only stared at me, in silence, before turning to Sophie, who wasn't even dancing any more, just stumbling around.
Noticing I was watching him, he quickly flashes me a smile. "How good are you at that?"
What the hell kind of question was that? My whole body now screamed that this guy was trouble, and I saw red flags flashing through my mind, but I've always been stubborn, and I wasn't going to show him he was frightening me.
"I'm awesome at it. Besides, she has a boyfriend. Big, wrestler type, a bit of a hot head."
"Really? She didn't mention a boyfriend."
"No duh. Look at her, she probably won't remember you either in the morning. Anyway, I'm just going to take her home."
"Let me help you then."
"Nope I got this. Sophie? Ready to go?"
"Go where?" Sophie asks, with a burp and a giggle. "Woops! 'Scuse me!"
"What's the rush Evie? Sophie's having a good time, let's all just hang for a bit." Aiden offers with that same sly smile, as if he doesn't have any other expressions.
"No, I got classes early, and I need to go to bed. SHE needs to go to bed." I say looking away annoyed.
"I doubt you'll get much sleep, besides I'll make sure she gets to bed," he insists.
"Ok dude, I'm just going to be straight with you. I don't know you, I don't trust you. You'll understand why I'm not inviting you into our room right?"
He watches me with his eerie eyes before nodding. "I understand, but you're going to need me."
"Yeah, I doubt that."
I speak too soon, when Sophie out of no where stumbles, and falls. Aiden helps her up automatically, giving me an I-told-you-so look.
"Do you lead or do I?"
Great. Now this weirdo is going to find out what room we sleep in. There was no way I'd be able to carry Sophie, even with her small frame.
I frown, but he smiles as I sigh and lead him to Henry Hall. We walk in silence, though I can feel him staring. A chill goes down my spine, and the hairs on my neck are on end. I turn to him, and he looks at me a little surprised, as if I wasn't supposed to feel him looking. He gives me a small nod, and i gladly continue walking, a little faster this time. I force my paranoid thoughts away the closer we get to our dorm, repeating Sophie's words in my head.'You need to open up to people! How do you expect to make friends with that attitude?' My mother has always told me the same thing, perhaps there's a reason for that. We reach our room, and I'm mildly impressed at how he didn't even break a sweat carrying Sophie, even up the stairs. I unlock the door, and enter, peering at him from the corner of my eye. He just grins, as he lingers in the doorway. He studies the room, and I was surprised he didn't react as others who enter. Sophie's side was covered in hot pink and zebra stripes, with shoe boxes and clothing bags all over. Neat, but very girly. Compared to her, I'm a pack rat, I hate cleaning. I have a mess everywhere, with my posters and drawings covering my side of the room, and paint spills all over the floor. I'm not sure why I suddenly wish I had cleaned up a little. I get extremly emberassed seeing my clothes on the floor. And oh no! Are those my granny panties? I only use those when it's laundry day! Mortified, I walk quickly to it, kick it under my bed, and pretend I was just going to check my emails. I don't even want to turn and know if he had seen that, so I don't even invite him in. Also, as a precaution, because what if he's a vampire? Not that I really believe in that stuff, but I do love my paranormal romance novels, and I'm not going to lie it'd be pretty sweet meeting a vampire. Prefferably one who sparkled in the sun, and didn't chew on my neck for my delicious blood. I sigh, always getting carried away with my thoughts. Aiden walks in, and gently places Sophie on top of her zebra comforter, who mutters something about not wanting to sleep. So, he wasn't a vampire, which was actually a good thing, since he's creepy enough as it is.
"Uh thanks. I'll just tell Sophie to give you a call tomorrow. Bye."
He ignores me, and walks to my side of the room, stuyding my drawings.
"Aiden? She has your number right?" I ask, a little louder this time.
"Nah. I'll just drop by later."
I immediately get up from my chair, and turn off my computer. ""
He turns away from my self-portrait, and smirks. "You don't trust me?"
"And you don't even know me. You're more intuitive than I thought."
"What?" I spit out. did he just agree that I shouldn't trust him? Where the hell did Sophie leave her baseball bat? I will totally knock out this creep.
He quickly apologizes, once he sees my eyes scanning the room for a blunt object. "I'm sorry you don't trust me. I've heard I come off too strong, and a little weird, especially the hotter a girl is."
I must be a freakin ten then. I shake my head, focus Evie.
"Look Evie, you don't know me, but I'm sorry that you're going to have to. I really am sorry about that, but I want Sophie, and you're her roommate, we are bound to cross paths, don't you think? Besides, I'm just like you, a hopeless romantic."
"Why did you call me that? You don't know me."
"Your books, movie collection, records. I'm very observant."
I smile, feeling my guard slowly drop, and I feel ashamed, making assumptions about him. I don't even know him either, and he was probably just like he said he was, looking for that someone special. Sophie wasn't really girlfriend material, but who was I to tell him that? That's their business, and he should know by now that if she leaves her boyfriend for him, what makes him think she won't leave him for someone else too? She's a good person though, just lost, and I love her as a sister, no college experiments with me. I like men too much. Damn their broad shoulders, sexy forearms, huge biceps, among other glorious things I've only heard about. Never gotten past second base, I could only imagine what they were.
"You'll learn to trust me, everyone usually does," he says and I can't be sure, but I detect a hint of sadness.
"So you're a good guy right? And a guy? One can never be too sure here. I found that out the hard way, when I almost agreed on a date from a...sorry getting carried away."
He laughs once, eyeing me curiously. "I promise I'm a natural born male, as for being a good guy, well we all have a little bad in us."
"I hope you're just messing around, because you're being weird again," I say shoving my foot in my big mouth, not literally mind you. I start apologizing, but he shrugs, and scratches his head nervously.
"So do I have your trust?"
"You're serious? You, sir, have to earn it."
"Earn it?" He asks, baffled, as if it's the most ludicrous thing he's ever heard. He catches me staring at him and stutters, "I-I mean yeah. I agree. I like a good challange."
I nod, my eyes darting to Sophie who was snoring softly, hoping she'd wake up soon, and agree that it's not just me who thinks he's strange.
"Honestly, Evie. I'm glad I pursued Sophie instead of you. She's more trusting, more my kind of girl."
Was he calling her dumb? Hold on, did he just- "Ok sorry. That came out wrong. I mean she can trust people. It's a trait I find appealing, something you might want to work on."
"And you need to work on your rudeness, Aiden! It's not a trait I find appealing."
"Fortunately for me, I'm not trying to appeal to you."
"UNfortunately for you, you should. You're trying to date my friend, and you might want to start brown nosing if you ever want to get anywhere with her," I retort, and watch as the corners of his mouth lift.
"How do you do that Evie?"
"Do what?"
"Leave me speechless, you're so honest, and I have to think about everything I say in front of you, I've never had to do that before."
"Anyways tell you what Evie, if I can gain your trust, will you...," he stops as if searching for the right words, before adding,"let me be in your life?"
"First of all, you're assuming she's going to take you seriously, good luck with that. And just to be clear, I'm not really in her business, I just worry about her, that's all."
"I guess I can respect that, so we should shake on it. Do we have a deal?"
He extends his hand out to me, and I sigh. He nods encouragingly, strangely. Yet, I find myself placing my hand in his strong one, and shaking it. It wasn't that his hand was freezing, or some other unnatural reason for why my blood suddenly ran cold with dread. It was the grin on his face, that was startling. It was as if he had just won my soul, but was rueful by it. I quickly try remove my hand from his grasp, but he holds on letting my fingers slip off slowly one by one, and his icy eyes pierce mine. Apprehension fills me, I think I just made a deal with the devil.

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#4martoeleMar 18, 2013

That's very nicely built up. One can feel the tension! Congratulations on the feature! \:wub\:

#5^Cupcake^Mar 18, 2013

Hmm..What a mysterious start!\:\)
Definitely the type of story i read so i'm gonna stay tuned for the next chapters for sure!

#6kelleyj17Mar 19, 2013

Great chapter! I can't wait to find out what's going on with him and why he knows so much about her. He's creepy but intriguing.

#7oldmember_maritza320VIPMar 20, 2013

Nice story :] ..hes super sexy can i download him??

#8megabug7Mar 20, 2013

Amazing story as always. Can't for the next chapter!!!!! I still feel like I'm reading out of a book. Great work.

#9applecakesMar 21, 2013

Nice I will be waiting for chapter two.

#10fruitopiaVIPMar 23, 2013

Great story, is Aiden the Devil in disgiuse \:D

#11SimmerForeverMar 24, 2013

The story is fantastic and creative. I'm really easy to impress and a gigantic bookworm, so this story is wonderful.

#12AnchieTkd Jun 3, 2013

I really like this story,I cannot wait to read other chaptes \:wub\:

#13Katherine1091VIPAug 16, 2013

i think this is going to be a great story \:D

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