What seasons bring IV
Published Mar 8, 2013

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Courtney looked at the picture of her and Yuyin sitting on the nightstand. Just the night before she and Henry got into a big fight over her disobedience to Henry and that she had been sneaking around going to see him. She walked over to the picture and ran her fingers over his face.

Courtney looked at the picture of her and Yuyin sitting on the nightstand. Just the night before she and Henry got into a big fight over her disobedience to Henry and that she had been sneaking around going to see him. She walked over to the picture and ran her fingers over his face. It had been a few days since the two had seen each other and they were to meet up at the diner for their usual weekend date. She stood waiting for him to show, he was running unusually late.
She was also nervous and hoped that this would be the one date that he missed. Just as she turned around, there he was.
Yuyin: Sorry it took me long, I couldn't decide on the perfect flowers to get.
Yuyin: I wanted to apologize for the other night. I didn't mean to upset you. I know how much obeying your mother's wishes are to you. I just really want to be with you. I guess I just need to be more patient.
Courtney smiled but did not say anything.
Yuyin: Are you still mad at me or something?
Courtney tried to speak but tears started to roll down her face instead. She lowered her face to avoid him seeing her tears.
Yuyin: Courtney? What's wrong baby? Talk to me.
Courtney's voice began to crack as she spoke.
Courtney: It's over.
Yuyin: What? What are you talking about.
Courtney: You and me.
Yuyin: Wait....are you breaking up with me?
Why? Because of the other day? Look, I'm sorry for what I said. I didn't mean to..
Courtney: It's not about the other day. I just haven't been focusing on my family and I've been sneaking around with you and it's not right. I can't keep lying and I won't keep lying. I need to do what's right for the family and this is what's right.
Yuyin: What's right? The family?
Yuyin paused for a moment.
Yuyin: I can't believe this. It's Henry! He found out about you and me didn't he? DIDN'T HE?!
Courtney didn't respond.
Yuyin: Unbelievable.
Courtney: You don't understand. Henry needs me. And I have to be there for him, take care of him.
Yuyin was fuming. He heard her speak but was not listening to her words. He was so hurt by what she was saying that he could not look at her. The more she spoke about them breaking up the more daggers he felt piercing his chest. He just couldn't take it anymore. He could feel his eyes water and took at deep breath.
Yuyin: You know what? Fine. I get it. It's over.
Courtney: Yuyin....
Yuyin: No....don't worry. I understand. You know it was good while it lasted. Besides, we were only together for a few months.... it's not like it was anything deep. Just two people having fun, right?
The words were a slap to the face to Courtney and hurt a lot worse than Henry's.
Yuyin jumped on his bike and drove off in a rage, leaving Courtney standing there in front of the diner. She held her hands up to her chest trying to stop from crying before walking back home.
Yuyin and Courtney didn't speak after that day. It had now been weeks since the break up and things in the house had gone back to normal. Or at least Henry's normal. Courtney had continued with her house duties and this time stayed in the house more, often staying in her room instead of going to the library or bookstore.
She threw away her makeup and a few of her clothes that she had bought.
Meanwhile, Yuyin kept himself busy playing at the Hot spots around town. He was focused more on work and to keep his mind off of Courtney he stayed busy, playing almost every night. The new attitude did give him the boost he needed for clientele and was soon playing a bigger venues and even opening for a few more celeb acts that had shows in Star Light. But no matter how much he worked, he could not get her face out of his head. He kept thinking about her. Although he did not want to admit it at the time, he was hurt by the break up and that she had to choose between he and Henry. A fight he knew he would lose, but hoped he would not. He tried calling her house several times when he knew Henry would not be there. But as soon as he dialed the numbers, he quickly hung up.
Sometimes he would wait to hear her voice but as soon as it was time for him to answer, he hung up instead.
What would he say? What could he say? She broke up with him.
Instead he tried writing her letters. But just as he was finishing it, he would scrap the letter or tear it up.
Yuyin: Face it Yuyin, she made her choice. You are never going to compete against Henry.
The more he sulked, the angrier he became, the more he worked.
Lisan had paid her son a visit one day. This time, she didn't call him ahead of time to say she was coming over. When he arrived home, she was in the kitchen making dinner.
Lisan: I hope you don't mind, I let myself in. I figured if I called you would find some reason and say you were busy as you have been doing for the past few weeks.
During dinner the two of them talked about everything from his latest gigs to what's going on at the house. But what he refused to talk about was Courtney. Every time she brought up the topic, he quickly shrugged and began talking about something else.
He had to admit, it was nice to have Lisan there. She was just as close to Yuyin as his actual mother and never treated him like a stepson. Plus, he loved her cooking.
After dinner, Lisan made coffee and the two of them sat on the couch and relaxed. It was nice to have her there.
Lisan: Alright, so are you going to continue to avoid my questions about you and Courtney, or are you going to finally tell me how you really feel about the break up.
Yuyin: I told you Ma-Li, it's nothing. We weren't together that long. She chose her family over me and that's that. Nothing else. I don't want to keep talking about old news.
Lisan: Yin, I raised you for more than half your life. You can't lie to me. She got to you. It's okay to admit it. Otherwise, you wouldn't be pushing everyone away the way you are doing. You did it with Sophia Allen and you are doing it again with Courtney.
Yuyin: Sophia was different. She met someone when she came home to visit during the summer.
Lisan: Yin. Courtney means a lot to you and she still means a lot to you. It's obvious. And if only knowing her for the few months you did made this much of an impact on your heart, then you know what you need to do.
Yuyin: But what can I do?
Lisan placed her hand on his hand.
Lisan: Fight for her son. Tell her what she needs to know. Tell her how you truly feel. And if putting it out there she still doesn't want to be with you...then let her go.
The next day, the sun was setting as Yuyin drove towards the house. He knew it was not time for Henry to leave for work, but he didn't care.
He had a lot on his mind, and kept going back and forth about what he would say when he walked to the door. The ride seemed much longer as he drove through town so he sped faster, hoping it would get him to her sooner.
He stopped the bike in front of the house. He never felt as nervous. He sat on his bike for few more minutes and took a deep breath.
Yuyin: There was a light on in the kitchen and living room so he knew someone was home. But he hoped it would be no one. He walked up the steps to the front porch.
But just as he was getting closer to the door, he was met by Henry.
Henry: I knew you'd try showing up here.
Yuyin: I am here to see Courtney.
Henry: No you're not! Now get out of here. She doesn't want you, she doesn't need you. Besides, she's not home.
Yuyin: Sir, I understand that we don't really know each other but if you give me a chance.
Henry: I don't need to give you anything. Now get out of here.
Henry pushed Yuyin back.
Yuyin tried again to talk to him calmly. But the older man was not listening.
Henry: I told you she is not going to see you. You really have some nerve coming here after what you did to her. Before you I had an obedient child and then she meets you and starts lying, sneaking around, when she should have been at home minding the house. Not out there with you treating her just like you would one of your hussy girls.
That was it.
Yuyin: Look, I never once disrespected your daughter, nor did I treat her like some hussy. It is you that kept her here like a slave, cooking, cleaning, after you... a grown man. If anyone was hurting her it was YOU!
Henry: That's it! I'm not listening to this. You leave here now or else you are going to regret it.
Yuyin was getting ready to say something else when he heard footsteps from inside the house.
Yuyin: Courtney....she is home!
Henry: I told you, she is not going to see you.
Yuyin didn't listen, he yelled out to her from the porch.
Courtney: Yuyin?
She peered out from the doorway where the men were standing. Yuyin pushed past Henry into the house.
Yuyin: Courtney! I came to talk to you!
Courtney: What are you doing here? Do you have a death wish or something? I'm surprised Henry didn't kill you at the door.
Yuyin: I don't care about Henry. I'm not afraid of him.
By this time Henry stood next to the two of them as Yuyin spoke.
Yuyin: I wanted to say that I am sorry for what I said. I was hurt and you do mean a lot to me. More than you know.
Courtney: Yuyin, it's alright.
Yuyin: No it's not. When you broke up with me, I gave up. I just left. I didn't fight for you. But I should have. This past month I have been miserable without you. Without seeing your face, being next to you. Courtney, I care about you so much. I don't want us to end. You need to come with me. Stay with me and be free from this house. Free from this...
(he pointed towards Henry)
Henry: I've had enough of this crap! Now you get out of here before I get angry. I am trying to control myself and be a gentleman but you are testing my patience boy.
Yuyin: All I want is for Courtney to come with me.
Henry: She is not going anywhere.
Yuyin: Why can't you let her choose for herself? Or are you afraid that her answer won't be to be here with you? That there is something besides being your servant is what she wants.
Henry: I said leave! Before I call the police and have you arrested. You've brought nothing but pain to this family. We were good before you came around and poisoned her. She's a good girl and I won't let you mess up my family again.
Yuyin: I can't do that sir. I love her too much to just let her go!
The words took Courtney by surprise.
Courtney: What?
Yuyin walked back over to Courtney.
Yuyin: I love you.
The words were so new to Courtney. She placed her hands on his face.
Courtney: Tell me again please?
Yuyin smiled: I love you.
Courtney took in a deep breath when the words left his mouth as if inhaling the words would make them last longer. She stood there for a moment.
Courtney: So this is what it feels like.
Henry: I HAVE HAD IT! I cannot stand listening to your lies anymore. Can't you see what he is doing to you Courtney. This is why you can't trust him. He will say and do anything just to have you to himself.
Yuyin: That is not true.
Henry: She made a promise to her mother, a promise that as the only daughter she will take of her obligations to care for the family. That is tradition and is what she has to do.
Courtney stepped between the two men.
Courtney: Henry is right. It is part of my family, and part of tradition that the eldest daughter takes care of the family.
Yuyin: What are you talking about. What tradition?
Courtney: I never told you because I was too scared. I can never marry, I can never leave my family. This is who I am and who I will be. My aunt did it for her family, and many of the women in my family before me. My mother prepared me for this before she died and now, this is who I am.
Yuyin: I don't understand. All this time-
Courtney: I never talked about my future because this is my future. I have to take care of the house. That is my duty.
Yuyin: But why does it have to be.
Courtney: This has been in my family for generations. And I must keep to it. I'm sorry I never told you Yuyin. I guess there was always a part of me that wanted it to not be true. That wanted things to be different for me.
Yuyin's face lowered as he realized that no matter what he said, she was not going to leave with him. That she refused to go against anything Henry said. And that she was forever committed to the home the two of them shared. He swallowed hard as he realized that no matter how much he poured his heart out to her, things were not going to change because they could not change.
He stepped back towards the door, keeping his eyes on her, hoping that this was just a dream and that she would leave. But she didn't.
Yuyin jumped on his bike and rode into the night.

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