Strangers in a Strange Land -- Gen 3.1
Published Mar 5, 2013

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Generation 3.1 ... Chairman Daniel Cosgrove.

Generation 3.1 ... Chairman Daniel Cosgrove. "Étienne? …"

"Étienne? … where are you?"
“Sweetie, what are you doing out there? It’s so late … honey … what are you …” "… oh my god!"

"… no!"

"Coretta … wake up. You're dreaming." It took Coretta a few minutes to realize that Étienne was in fact lying right beside her, holding her close. He ran a hand up and down her back. "What’s wrong?" he finally asked. “Bad dream?”

"… it was horrible," she sniffled. She was afraid to open her eyes. "I dreamed … that you were abducted."

"Abducted? … who would want to kidnap me?"

"I don't know, it was like you were taken by aliens …”
Despite himself, Étienne chuckled as he got out of bed. "Did I come back pregnant?"

"Not funny."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Well, don't worry. No strange man is forcing a baby on me. Guess I'd better get to work."

The standard water-cooler whispers stopped as soon as he came in the door. Everyone stared at him; several people looked sad. Oliver peeked at him from his cubicle and gestured to him to come over.


“Hey man … you know Dorene’s pregnant, right?”

“Sure didn’t.”
“She says it’s yours.”

“Well, then, she’s gonna have to prove it.”

Oliver went pale. “Étienne, geez louise, man! She’s a chairman’s niece! You can’t say stuff like that out loud!”

“I just did,” Étienne said flatly. “Tell anyone you want I said so.”

Apparently Oliver did, because the word got around and quick.
Within twenty minutes Étienne had an email from the head of his department, directing him to come to the boardroom on floor 10 at 11:30 precisely. Not one to shrink back from the inevitable confrontation, Étienne wrote back to ask if he should bring along an attorney. Once it became apparent that the man wasn’t going to answer him, Étienne decided to call his best friend and former roommate Rick Mahoney. Rick was the newest member of the public defender’s office.

“What’s up, boss?”

“I think I’m being set up.”

“Yeah? What's going down?”
“There’s a girl at my job—she has a bit of a reputation, to put it nicely. She’s been after me for a while now.” A sigh. “We finally hooked up about a month ago, but it was a one-night thing at best. Now that I’m engaged, she’s suddenly pregnant. And it’s absolutely, positively, no-doubt-about-it, my baby.”

Rick laughed. “Niiiiiice. What’s her name, you even know?”

“Dorene Cosgrove.”

“As in ‘sitting chair Daniel Cosgrove’s niece’ Dorene Cosgrove?” Rick whistled. “Damn, buddy. You sure know how NOT to pick ‘em. So what do you think she’s up to? She doesn’t need your money, I’ll bet. Think she’s just trying to break up your engagement?”

“I have no idea. I haven’t read a single email she’s sent me since that day.”

“Ohhh, woman scorned. God knows why she’s doing it, then. Alright, man. I’ll help you out. Be there in an hour.”
Rick showed up right on time. Étienne showed him the entire email trail and sent a copy of it to Rick's iPad for him to browse at leisure. Rick laughed out loud more than once while reading. “Oh my god. She was dumb enough to write this? Does she not realize that anyone else in the office could have had seen this? And she even sent it from her work email! This is totally freakin’ me out just reading it. Cuckoo much, babe?"

“Could be worse,” Étienne smirked. "You could have dated her."
The two old friends were reminiscing about school when a security guard came into Étienne’s office's without knocking to inform them that they needed to make their way to the small boardroom on floor 10, please. And as this office was now considered sealed and would be under guard until after the meeting concluded, could they please make sure that they had everything that they needed with them. “Damn,” Rick muttered as they walked to the elevator. “I thought we were just going to hear the allegations. Are they planning to change the locks on your door while we’re gone? The way that guy was acting, it’s like you’re already fired!”

“It sounds that way, doesn’t it?”
The smile on Rick’s face was pure nervousness. “Étienne, bro … you sure you got a leg to stand on here? This ain’t looking good for you. I mean, even if we can get them for wrongful termination, you’re not gonna be able to work anywhere in town. This place has a non-competition clause—nowhere else in town can hire you. And you already know that whatever happens is going straight to the media and they eat this kind of drama with a spoon. By the time it’s all over, you might not even have a fiancée to worry about.”

“I guess we’ll see, won’t we?”
Rick laughed a little and shook his head. “You always were pretty damn good with a bluff. Alright, man. Just don’t say anything too stupid once we get in there.” They entered the boardroom, where several people were already there, waiting for them to arrive. Étienne nodded at his visibly nervous department head, Satish Pradheep, and the HR administrator, Sue Anna Miller. Dorene was there, of course, and dressed rather demurely for a change. She stared at him with silent contempt for several seconds before looking elsewhere. To her immediate right stood a woman that Étienne didn’t recognize. Judging from the cordial, if brief, greeting that she extended to Rick, she was Dorene’s attorney. To the far left sat an older man with silver hair and a cold stare. If the familial resemblance wasn't obvious enough in the pale skin, the glower in his eyes would have removed all doubt.

This was Daniel Cosgrove himself.
“Oh, man,” Rick moaned. “Étienne, man … this is bad if he’s here.”

“Well, he’s here,” Étienne muttered back. “And we exactly can’t make him leave.”

Mr. Pradheep cleared his throat. “… alright. Thank you all for coming. If we could all be seated and state our names for the record?”
“Dorene Cosgrove.” “Belinda Keene, attorney for Ms. Cosgrove.” “Étienne Shin Yi.” “Rick Mahoney, attorney for Mr. Shin Yi.” “Sue Anna Miller, Human Resource administrator for Murchinson & Yost.”

“… Satish Pradheep, head of research and marketing.”
Everyone turned to the other end of the table to look at the man sitting there in silence.

He did not introduce himself. Clearly everyone was expected to know his name already.
After an uncomfortable moment, Mr. Pradheep proceeded with, “Again, thank you all for coming. It has come to my attention that there is a formal complaint against one of my team members.”

He looked at Dorene. “Would you care to state the nature of your complaint?”
“There’s no complaint,” Dorene snapped immediately. “I just expect him to acknowledge that I’m having his baby, that’s all.”

“Mr. Shin Yi, are you prepared to acknowledge paternity?”

“No, ma'am.”
The look in Dorene’s eyes could not have possibly become more hate-filled. There was a moment of brittle tension before Ms. Keene asked, “And why is that, Mr. Shin Yi?”

“Because I have good reason to believe that I am not the only possible father of Dorene’s child.”
The thud of one of the faux leather chairs hitting the floor startled everyone. Sue Anna actually jumped. Dorene was on her feet now, seething.

"You …! You little …! You’re calling me a tramp in front of my own family? Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Dorene, sit down, please,” Ms. Keene urged. But Dorene ignored her, her burning gaze solidly on the man across the table.

“So I made this baby all alone, huh? You think you can get away with blaming me just because you’re engaged? I guess some other guy knocked up your fiancée, too?”
By now Rick was on his feet, and doing a better job of restraining his client, which was fortunate for everyone involved. Mr. Pradheep had to shout to be heard. “Could we contain ourselves, please? Please. Let’s act like adults here—“

“Shut up!” Dorene shrieked. “I did not go to Princeton to be insulted by some trailer-park lowlife in a suit and bossed around by some nobody manager! I am an intelligent woman, and you are not going to tell me what to do!”
“… then I will.”

The sound of Daniel Cosgrove’s irritable rumble brought the argument to an immediate halt. His eyes were directed piercingly on his niece, who had gone scarlet under her uncle’s scrutiny. “May I remind you, you’re in an office, not a bar. If you have to trot your college degree out for everyone to see, perhaps you could act like a college graduate and not a preschooler. Now sit down, act your age, and let that attorney next to you earn her paycheck.”

Dorene sat down sullenly, but without further protest. Both Ms. Keene and Rick Mahoney let out shaky breaths.
“Mr. Shin Yi,” Ms. Keene finally ventured, “would you care to explain your position that you are not the only potential father of my client’s child?”
Now Rick leaned forward. “Let’s see … we have here … oh, about ten days’ worth of email from your client, before and after the night at issue. She sent him a minimum of eight emails daily, which increased substantially after their encounter.”

“It’s a corporate office, Mr. Mahoney, and she is a secretary.”
“These emails consist of inviting my client out to social gatherings, solicitations for dates, harassment about why he isn’t accepting her dates, etc. The volume increased significantly after their first date—“

“This is hardly making your case, Mr. Mahoney.”

“—and the tone significantly changed. Now Ms. Cosgrove regularly informs my client that she could ‘have any guy she wanted in the entire office’ and that ‘she’s had better lovers than him anyway and that he wasn’t all that great.’ Not exactly the words of an innocent, naïve young Princeton graduate, wouldn’t you agree?”
“Hyperbole. Over-exaggeration. Something men do on a regular basis. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“We are also able to produce character witnesses who will affirm that your client was well known for bragging about her multiple conquests, and particularly vindictive towards men who rejected her advances.”
“You’re calling my client a liar.”

“As I stated, we can produce witnesses to show that she was well known for her harassment.”

“Yes, men in the office whom she refused to date, and women envious of her position. These are not exactly impartial observers.”
Daniel Cosgrove stood up abruptly, and both of the attorneys fell silent as they met his stern gaze. But he wasn’t looking at either of them; he was looking at Dorene. She shrank away from him.

“I think I’ve heard more than enough of this to last me for the rest of my life. So this is what you wanted your freedom for, Dorene? This is why you went to an Ivy League school? So you could just find new ways to act like a bimbo?”

“Uncle Danny! …”

“Be quiet. You’ve already admitted that you slept with this guy after one date, there’s nothing else I need to hear from you."
The last time this happened, you swore it would never happen again, and I promised you then if it did, we were shipping you back to Jersey. And now here we are. Exact same circumstances, exact same situation. I don’t want to hear another word out of you. Go home, right now, and start packing. You’re going to be at your father’s house by 9 p.m. tonight, and don’t even dream of lying to him about what’s happened this time.” Dorene left the room with tears streaming down her face. Daniel Cosgrove then turned his attention to Étienne. “You want your test, son? You’ll get it. As soon as Dorene is three months along, they’ll be able to determine paternity. I have absolutely no problem getting a court to order you to submit to testing, so don’t get any bright ideas about leaving town. And it shouldn’t take more than two days to get the results. I’ll give them to you personally in your office, if you want.”

“In my office,” Étienne repeatedly slowly. “… wait … I’m not fired?”
Now Mr. Cosgrove smiled maliciously.

“Well, that depends on the results of the test, now, doesn’t it?”

"Okay, dear, let me see your dress … oh my."

"My sentiments exactly," Coretta sighed. "I hate it."
Xiu sighed as well. She wasn't a shopper by any means. Coretta, on the other hand, loved shopping.

The problem was that nothing she wanted to wear fit properly, and everything that could accommodate her belly was genuinely ugly. It couldn't be helped though. The wedding dress that Étienne had ordered turned out to be too small, and there wasn't time to wait for a replacement to arrive.
He had decided to have a new dress shipped by overnight mail, but once Xiu heard "§100 shipping" that idea went straight down the drain. Her son might be the family's head now, but she wasn't about to let him needlessly waste money. So here the ladies were, at the consignment shop.

"What about this one? I hadn't seen you try this one yet?"

Coretta pondered Mrs. Dutiel's choice before slowly nodding. "… I'll give it a try."
They were both staring it for quite some time. The fleur-du-lis pattern shimmered in the dim store light. Coretta's expression gave Xiu no help. Finally she asked it, "Do you like it?"

"Yeah … I guess it's more of a prom dress, but still, it's nice. It's not revealing, it's classic, it's not tight or short. This is great. It's doesn’t cost too much, does it? I can pay for it."

"No, no … it's fine. Now … did you want to wear a veil? Or a hat? Or … anything at all?"

Coretta shook her head, smiling. "I'm not worried about that anymore."
"You know, Mrs. Shin Yi, I've had a dream for a long, long time of wearing the fluffy white dress with the floor-length veil, ten bridesmaids, golden roses, and of course the perfect reception afterwards. But I've had a few months to really think about whether or not that's even important to me anymore. And it's not. The fantasy makes pretty pictures, but right now I just want to marry the man who loves me."

Four more weeks passed.

Xiu carefully helped Coretta dress herself the evening of the wedding. The usual lacy unmentionables, of course, had to be dispensed with.

To make up for it, Xiu lent Coretta her 'something borrowed' … an elegant stone-encrusted necklace. "Just try not to break it, it's fragile. Our family get-togethers are usually more than a little outrageous."
Nonetheless, the evening went on swimmingly. No one lost the rings, no uninvited guests burst into the small chapel to interrupt the ceremony, no one spoiled the kiss by heckling or booing. This was quite an accomplishment. It was, in short, a perfectly normal, sweet wedding. The guests moved downstairs afterwards; some, to dance, others, to dine. Coretta found herself sitting next to a woman who was actually tacky enough to come to the festivities in a white formal dress. Try as she might, she couldn’t hide her look of horror.

"Meh," the lady shrugged. "It's the only nice dress I own anymore, all the others are covered with beer. Didn't mean to upstage you or anything, but seriously, if you could see the state of my closet, you'd be glad I didn't come naked."

"Yes … I suppose there is that." Coretta smiled weakly. "I'm Coretta. Who are you?"
"Mei Shin Yi, I'm your new aunt."

"Oh dear god," Coretta blurted out before she could stop herself. But Mei just laughed. "Honey, once you get to know me, you'll understand. Like I said, just be glad I wore clothes at all."
More than one person congratulated Étienne on his new bride, his father in particular. Directly after the toast, Rémy concerned him and spoke to him for nearly ten minutes straight, telling him how proud he was that his son had persevered through such a difficult time in his young life and come out stronger for it.

And Étienne wondered how proud his father would be in a month, when he would most certainly be jobless and quite possibly the father of two children by two different women.
It was with a guilty, sinking feeling that he realized that he hadn't told anyone in his family about the situation with Dorene—not his father; not his mother, who had told him repeatedly in the past few days that he had really grown up into a fine young man; and certainly not his brand-new wife, who even now was shedding tears of joy that she was finally married and the whole wretched prospect of being an unwed, single mother was behind her. "Rick," he pleaded in between whisky cocktails at the open bar, "what the hell do I do? How can I let them all down?" Rick Mahoney looked at him and sighed.

"You can probably hide it from most of the people around town. You can probably hide it from your parents. But you're going to have to tell her. Whether it's yours or not, you're going to have to tell her one day."

"How you do it is up to you. But you better find a way, because you messed up, man. And you gotta pay for stuff that you mess up."

Rick gestured to the room of dancing, happy people. "They think you're a good man, Étienne. So be a good man."

He told them. A week later. At breakfast.
His confession, of course, put an abrupt end to the meal. More than one person shed tears. But to his great surprise, they all nodded slowly as he told them the story. They understood.

His father explained that he could have returned from France immediately the first time he found out that Xiu was pregnant, but hadn't—out of fear. Xiu told him that more than once during her pregnancy, she had thought about giving him up for adoption—out of fear. And Coretta reminded him that they still didn't know the parentage of her child—again, out of fear.
"None of us are going to judge you for being scared, Étienne. I mean, it's not like we weren't scared too, right?"

"Yeah," he agreed, and tried to smile. "Yeah, you're right."

"When will you find out?"

"At the end of this week, at work."

"Okay." She stopped him before he could walk out of the door and held him close. "No matter what happens, Étienne, I forgive you, and I still love you."

If the tension had been smothering before, it was positively suffocating now. Word had leaked that this was the week of the results of the fateful paternity test. Oliver dropped by Étienne's office to inform him that the current betting pool was 3-to-1 that he was the father of the child.

"3-to-1?" Étienne echoed. "Frankly, I'm insulted."

"Well, y'know, people ain't sure. I mean, yeah, we all know you did her, but other guys did her too. Probably hooking up with guys around town too. The girls that worked with her said she was a month along, but it’s not like Dorene never told a lie, y’know?"

"Thanks for the vote of confidence."
Oliver leaned in close, his usual way of prying for more information. "Hey, man. So what are you gonna do if it really is yours?"

"Well, I can't exactly marry her, can I?"

"Funny. You know I ain't asking about that! The baby, man. What are you gonna do?"

"Ask me on Monday."
"Are you even gonna be here on Monday?"

The smile fell away from Étienne's lips. He looked vulnerable and sad.

“I don’t know."

Friday morning was sunny. The birds sang sweetly in the trees. The sun shone, the breeze blew. It was a nice day. Étienne came in to work right on time, no earlier, no later. He said hello to everyone who dared make eye contact with him. He got coffee. He fist-bumped Oliver.

“Never let ‘em see you sweat, man,” Oliver called after him by way of encouragement.
Then he went into his office. And he waited.

At ten minutes after 10, his office line rang. "Mr. Shin Yi. I'd like to come into your office, if I may."

“Of course.”

Mr. Cosgrove came in, accompanied by security. Étienne noted this, as well as the envelope in the chairman's back pocket. It had been opened. He was quite certain that Mr. Cosgrove had already read the results, though he could not tell from the man’s face whether the news was in his favor or not.
“I’d like you to step out with me, if you’re not busy.”


“We won’t be back for a while. I’ve already informed your department head. And your office will be sealed until I give the word, so make sure you bring along anything you can’t live without.”

Again with the sealed office. Étienne shrugged and took his keys and his cell phone. If he was being fired, those were about the only things he was going to need, anyway.
They walked through the office. Étienne could feel the eyes on his back. Then into the elevator, where they rode to the ground floor in complete silence. Then to the front of the building, where a limousine waited.

Again, Étienne felt eyes watching him from behind. Most likely everyone was crowded against the building’s tinted windows. He resisted the urge to turn and wave.
The limo was hardly in motion for three minutes before Mr. Cosgrove opened the mini bar. “It’s not too early for a quick nip, is it? What’s your poison, son? Vodka? Rum? Tequila?”

“… scotch, if you have it.”

“Good man. You better believe I got that.” Mr. Cosgrove poured out a finger of the expensive liquor for both of them and carefully added ice. “Now, to business.”

Étienne tensed involuntarily.

“… you play golf, Shin Yi?”

Étienne was familiar with the Ironwood Golf and Country Club; everyone in Riverfront Meadows knew of it, though almost none of the townsfolk held membership. The club was terribly exclusive, as most old-school courses tended to be, and terribly expensive. It was, perhaps, only natural that Mr. Cosgrove should be a premium member and be able to schedule tee times as he saw fit. “I wanted to get you out of your office for a reason,” Mr. Cosgrove explained as he selected a club.“Too many eyes and ears in that damn place. Those damn security cameras give me the willies, I tell ya.”

His voice, while still gruff, was far less intimidating today. The limo driver, acting as caddy, helped Étienne choose a club as well.

The chairman swung. The ball vanished down the green.
Étienne took a calculated gamble and responded, “I’m going to guess that I’m not the father.”

“What makes you think that?”

“You wouldn’t bother bringing me to an exclusive golf course and treating me to your good whiskey if I was responsible for publicly shaming your niece.”

“How do you know I’m not just planning to beat you senseless with this here golf club and leave you in the woods?”

Étienne pointed to a tree directly across from the three of them. Mr. Cosgrove and the limo driver turned to look. Then Mr. Cosgrove laughed.
“… a security camera,” he said, shaking his head.

“You’re a sharp kid, Shin Yi. I like that about you. I been digging around to find about a little about you, there’s a lot about you I like. Especially that wine-making business you got, you really need to start puttin' some muscles behind that.”

Étienne smiled, but he didn’t quite relax.
Mr. Cosgrove patted his shoulder in a friendly way and motioned at the tee. “Your shot, son.

"You’re right. You’re not the father. And at this point, we’re not going to find out who is. When the test results came back, Dorene said that it could be one of three other people. She didn’t even have enough grace to blush.

“I brought you out here to make a proposal to you. Again, not real keen on the office walls listening to everything I have to say, I want to keep this as quiet as possible.”
I understand you’re a newlywed, Shin Yi. Your wife like kids?”

“… sure.”

“Good, real good. Listen, you were man enough to cooperate with the whole shebang, so I’ll level with you. I can’t do a lot for my niece. The money only goes so far, it can’t change who you are, and she’s pretty much her mother’s child, she’s got her habits. This isn’t the first baby she’s had, you know.”

“… no sir, I didn’t know that.”
“I’m sure it's no surprise. Anyway. Her father and I wanted her to marry a family friend of ours in Jersey who's old enough to look after her and keep her out of trouble. But she begged her daddy to let her start a career. ‘Be her own person,’ those were her very words.

"Within two years of starting college she was pregnant. Same situation as right now … could have been at least three different guys. And not a one of them wanted her."
“Her daddy was ready to pull her out of school right then and make her get married. But she cried and swore that she’d learned her lesson and it wouldn’t happen again. And he went for it, she’s got him wrapped around her pinky like always.

"She’s not a dumb girl, mind you. When she can keep her hands to herself, she can get a lot done. She made up the term of school that she missed and got her degree right on time. Then she had the bright idea that she was going into business and she needed to get her MBA. So he sent her here, to work for me. And now here we are.”
The expression in Mr. Cosgrove's eyes began, almost imperceptibly, to harden again. "This is my deal for you, son. It's a one-time offer. Whatever you decide, you have to stick with it. No do-overs, no reneging, no buyer's remorse."

Étienne leaned on his club, waiting.

"As I'm sure you've guessed by now, Dorene's not going to be able to raise that baby. Even if she was the mothering type—which she is most certainly not—that family friend is in his late 30s. It's a safe bet that if he's gonna raise any kids with her, he's going to want them to be his own. Money doesn't exactly change a man's mind when it comes to his pride. But I've got still got enough legal pull to make a baby disappear."
The two men looked at each other. Étienne's eyes suddenly widened.

"If you accept the deal, the baby is yours. Change its name, raise it how you see fit. You won't have to worry about any interference from us. No one will mention Dorene's name in your earshot again.

"And if money's the problem, when you go back on Monday, you'll be the company's newest vice-president. I'll make sure that you're grandfathered into the company by-laws. It won't matter if they downsize, change hands, change business focus, whatever. You will remain a vice-president of Murchinson & Yost until the day you die. The only way they'll get rid of you is to declare bankruptcy and get rid of everyone else too."
"What if I refuse?"

Mr. Cosgrove shrugged. "Eh. Maybe you're like our family friend—only want your own spawn hangin' around. Maybe your wife has a touch of the jealous in her blood. Maybe your folks are the moral type who can't handle a little innuendo. No matter. If you refuse, that's fine. I won't have you fired for it."
"But know this, son. If you have any sort of moral compunction about it, or think that you might possibly want to meet that kid later in life, I'd advise you not to refuse. Because if you do—" He snapped his fingers— "that kid is going to vanish. Like, poof. Thin air. I know enough judges to make sure that baby will be adopted by the end of the month.

"And you'll never find it once it's adopted. I'll make sure of that. It doesn't take that much effort to make records disappear. A five-figure donation at a fundraiser is usually all it takes."
Étienne swallowed hard as he attempted to set up his shot. The club shook in his hand. "And I have to decide right now."

"… well, you got until the 9th hole. Then I need an answer."

"I'm sorry, sir. I can't do that."

Mr. Cosgrove looked at him sharply. "… is that your final answer?"
"I need twenty-four hours, sir. I need to discuss it with my wife."

"… ah, that's right. The wife. Forgot. You're new-fangled, you modern husbands do that sort of thing." Mr. Cosgrove smiled.
"Alright, have a chat with her. Then call this number—" and he handed Étienne a business card. "And remember, son. No do-overs if you don't like the way things turn out, no matter how you feel about it in the future."

"Yes, sir."

The limo dropped him off at home promptly at 4:30, but it was quite some time before Étienne could bring himself to go inside.

~ to be continued

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#1martoeleMar 7, 2013


#2martoeleMar 7, 2013

I was marked as spam! \:rolleyes: I guess that's because I started the comment with 2 smilies.... I just couldn't believe my eyes! First I was relieved he wasn't the childs dad... but then... that offer.... OMG! I know it's not the baby's fault but it could be a burden for life... depending on who the baby takes after... We don't know anything about the roots of the real dad and how baby's mom is... well... we know already about that.
I really am curious to know what's going to happen! A fantastic update, April... and I didn't expect otherwise!

#3jadababy2003VIPMar 9, 2013

I love the artisty of your writing. What an offer. I agree, he has no idea what he is getting into. I'm glad he is not the father. I wonder what choice he will make, or what his wife will say. This story continues to peak my interest! I just LOVE how long the chapters are. Don't make us wait too long for the next one!!! 5 all the way!!

#4fruitopiaVIPMar 9, 2013

Wow, what an interesting twist.

Will Etienne morals come into play and do the right thing, or will greed win out? \:\)

#5fredbrennyMar 17, 2013

I bet he's going to take up on the offer.... and regret he is not the real father... or maybe he is after all? GREAT update. I am a HUGE fan of your stories. This has such a neat twist to it. Great screenshots too with great poses! \:wub\:

#6staceface2009pMay 15, 2013

I was so relieved to learn that he was not the father of Dorene's baby! I'm also anxious to know what Ettie's decision will be.

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