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When Nothing is Left V
Published Apr 14, 2013

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Hello. Again I hadn't written for a long time. But I am determined to finish this story.

Hello. Again I hadn't written for a long time. But I am determined to finish this story. Sharlotte's POV:

I finally felt real happiness for the first time in a long time. Like I had been asleep for a while and only dreaming. And in our dreams we can’t feel even if they are full of great events.
-I missed you very much.- I heard myself saying this to Matthew keeping him tight in my arms. We know each other so long but I still feel happy with him.
-I missed you too.- Matthew said.
But it felt strange. Something was out of its place. I saw him smiling but I couldn’t see his joy. Had anything bad happened to him?
The park just in front of his new house was wonderful. The only problem was – I didn’t know how to skate. It had been me who suggested this kind of activity. Because just a picnic and a photo session wasn’t enough for me.
-Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea?- I said trying to keep myself on feet.
-It will be fine. – He had an amazing voice. That kind of voice that news’ anchors had. – I’m right behind you if you need me.
-Where did you learn to skate so good?- I asked jealous.
-I didn’t. – He laughed.
Matthew’s POV:

She was so beautiful. If I could just get her in my arms again… But she liked someone else. How could I ever compete with Peter. He had everything a girl could ever want until he got bored with them…
-So how did it go with Peter?- I spat out his word. How could I hate someone so much even if I hadn’t got to know him?
-You know?- She asked a little bit shocked. – Well.. His house is amazing. And we had a little visit from my dear friend Anne . – I heard anger in her voice. Did she know something?
Then she turned around and put her hands in mine. They were as soft as silk. I looked in her eyes. If only I had returned faster. Maybe then I could call her mine? And then my sight turned to her beautiful lips. I could only imagine how wonderful it would be to feel them pressing against mine. And for a moment I really thought I could do it. We stood so close and I felt my heart racing. But I was a coward. I knew she thought of me only as a friend. Why had I agreed to join Anne’s little plans? If Sharlotte knew, would she hate me? How could I let her down like that? Stop it Matthew. This will never happen again. I wil never let her down again. -What are you thinking?- She asked starting to spin. Her smile… It was like sunshine on a cloudy day. Something I could never forget. I had a feeling she could see right through me. But she wouldn’t smile then.
-I just.. – I couldn’t say that I had been thinking about her. How much I wanted to kiss her. – I am happy I have a new house just for me again. – Smooth. Now she will think that you disliked living with her. Even if it had been the best time in years.
I saw her smile disappearing a little but I didn’t know what to say. Just then I lost the grip of her hands.
I tried to catch her but didn’t succeed. I was a failure because trying to catch her I landed on my back as well. But I didn’t care about myself. All I heard was her gasp. And soon she was lying on floor next to me.
-Are you okay?- I asked.
She didn't answer.
At first she looked at me confused and then started laughing.
-I am okay. – She smiled. – Are you?
Yes, I was okay. Everything was wonderful. I finally got to see you again. I could have said either of those things but I didn’t. I had been felling awful ever since I couldn’t see her every morning. I felt that all my manliness had gone when I saw her. Maybe it was time to give her up. She will never be mine. She waited for my answer but nothing came out of my mouth.
She moved closer to me. And brushed my cheek with her finger.
-Hey, did something happen while I was away?- She asked worried. – You seem a little off today. You know you can tell me everything. I am your… - She stumbled. I was her what? Was she confused about this too? - … your best friend. I will always be there for you whatever may happen.
My best friend… This was what she thought of me. Then it was time to let her free. I couldn’t make her be someone she didn’t want.
- I will call a taxi for you.- I stood up abruptly.
-I thought we would get some food together …- She was confused.
-I have somewhere else I need to be. Sorry, I had forgotten about that.- I finally told her when her taxi pulled up. –But it was nice seeing you.
-Oh, I wanted to spend more time with you.- She started.- And you looked a little bit sad there… I just thought that…
-I am fine.- I cut her off. She was taken aback. I had been such a long time since I had raised a voice while speaking to her.
-Then bye Matthew… - She said her soft lips touching my cheek. Slowly she got into taxi and rode off.
I stood there confused for a while and touched my cheek where her lips had been. It was something I had wanted for a long time even if it was only my cheek.
I put up our new picture in my new house. Why would she kiss me when I was so determined to let my feeling for her vanish? Her light hair and sky blue eyes was everything I thought about since we started our friendship. Maybe now after so many years it is time to leave past behind.
-A fool…- I said to myself. And so after I called Anne and said that I didn’t want to be a part of her plans anymore I turned off my phone. I wanted to be free too. Of these feeling that kept me in cage. Free of the girl who has never loved me… Sharlotte’s POV:
And so I was in Anne’s parents’ house and drank a hot cup of coffee. I had never liked my coffee black, but she said there was no milk. All I wanted after seeing Matthew was go home. Home which I so much loved. But instead I needed to visit Anne because she got all of my stuff I had taken with us. There was a strange silence around us. While I waited for her to speak I studied her house. It looked very cosy and I wondered why did Peter ever leave this place?
-So how was your date with Matthew?- Anne finally spoke. I could feel her anger, but didn’t understand why she felt that way. I should be the one who is angry. How dared she call me a friend and plot something behind my back?
-It wasn’t a date. We are just friends. Real friends who don’t plan anything behind each other’s backs.- I said frustrated. Why couldn’t I just get my stuff and leave?
-Yeah, you think so. Sometimes your friends can let you down.- Was she speaking of herself?
-I know. So what did you want me to tell?- I wondered if it was an apology I would get or another lies to cover up the previous ones.
-It is bad news I have to tell you. So it is not easy.- She said but I thought I saw a shadow of smile on her face. – I am afraid that you cannot live in your grandmother’s house anymore.
I was confused. What did she do now?
-What do you mean? Are you going to keep me locked in somewhere so I won’t see your brother?- I was angry.
-No, sweetie. There just is no place for you to live. I tried to call you while you were with Peter but you didn’t answer. Your house burnt down last night.- She finally finished.
-My house what… - I mumbled. – You are lying!- I spat.
-No, my dear. It is true and I am so sorry for that. I know how much you loved your grandmother’s house.
I looked into her eyes. And I saw that she was telling the truth. I had nowhere to live… I was homeless now.
-How?- I managed to get out of me this small but painful question.
-I don’t know really. They called me when they said they couldn’t reach you. They think it had something to do with the gas pipe… - She tried to explain. – I know you must feel awful but remember I will always be there for you. For now you can stay here. My parent’s will be gone for months and you can take my old room. All your stuff is there already. Well… all that is left of it.
I didn’t know how I got here but I was lying on bed in Anne’s old room. How could my life change so fast? Only a month ago I was happily living in my house. But now… Now nothing was left. Matthew was angry at me, Peter and I just couldn’t be together because Anne was always in our way. And I was now doomed to live with my best friend who likes to see me in pain. Anne on the other hand had everything like she wanted. Oh, but I will not let her win. I have to be tough. I can’t live here for ever. I need to get out of here as soon as I can. Tear rolled down my cheek. I felt empty. All I want now is… I am afraid to admit… But I want Matthew to hold me and say that everything will be all right. I got up and made my way to my suitcases. This was all I had left. Some pieces of clothing and my favourite books. I took out my phone and tried to call Matthew but his phone was off. Oh, if he knew how much I needed a real friend right now. More tears rolled down my face and suddenly I felt dizzy. I went back to bed. Before I fell asleep I promised to myself to keep strong. But even then I knew that I was far from strong…

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andrianinpApr 22, 2013

the details decoration in your sim's room is amazing.

SmoothMarbleApr 16, 2013

Another Amazing Chapter! \:\) I love your story! \:D

svitlansApr 15, 2013

Interesting story, lovely screenshots! \:\) \:wub\:

annawalshApr 15, 2013

Its good yeah

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