What Happens In The FallsChapter 4 Part2
Published Mar 25, 2013

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Welcome to Part 2 of this story (finally) lol! I hope you guys are up to date on what's going on and I hope you enjoy this part and many more to come!

And let's begin!

Welcome to Part 2 of this story (finally) lol! I hope you guys are up to date on what's going on and I hope you enjoy this part and many more to come!

And let's begin!
"Ahhhh!" Megan screamed and screamed at the top of her voice. She screamed so loud it was like she could have woken up the whole town!

She kept on looking; trying to understand what was standing before her. But the less she screamed and uncovered her eyes, she realised that this was actually someone or something she felt she had a deep connection with!
The more she focused; it became much clearer to her. The tattoo she saw of the wolf and the one with what looked like the moon. "Sam.uel!" She stuttered. His name barely came out. He remained where he was. The secret was out. This wasn't the man she was about to spill her heart out to, this is a monster! A monster that led her astray. When she could take control of her feet and pick up the courage to run, she ran fast like she has never run before!

She pressed her remote for her Audi to let her in. She turned on the ignition but sat there to give her some time to catch her breath. Worried thoughts were running through her mind...

"What kind of town am I in? Werewolves are supposed to be mystical..fake..not standing right in front of me!....I gotta get out outta here! She stepped on the gas pedal and drove home to pack. I gotta go!....But where?" She thought, then a place came into her head.
Samuel wanted to run after her but remembered how he felt when he first saw himself as a wolf; he couldn't even look at himself in the mirror for quite a while! So he let her go to give her time alone so it could all sink in.

"Awooooo!" He howled. Though this wasn't how he expected to tell Megan, he was relieved that she finally knew. Now the only question is will Megan ever see him the same way, or forever see him as this monster.
It's been 3 weeks so far since Megan fled back to Bridgeport. Luckily the owners agreed to give her back her old apartment at a lower price, so now she is home, still having nightmares of that night when she saw the half of Samuel she never knew existed. For 3 weeks Megan tried to wrap her head around the fact that there is a real werewolf with all the hair and the teeth and the claws and the bright eyes and the fact that there are probably others in town; some that could be right under her nose.

But as the nightmares became more and more consistent, plus the fact that she spends all day stressing herself out while trying to come to terms with it, it was beginning to take its toll on her. She decided to get out of the house and do something that will at least distract her for a couple of hours, and she chose to go to the gym as she hoped it would relieve the stress she's been giving herself. Sadly though, things were not starting off so well!
When the elevator doors opened for her on the 10th floor of the gym, she unfortunately took too long to come out of the lift after a man who went out before her; the doors closed leaving her in between like a sandwich and then ending up on the floor after a bit of a struggle. Sadly, that same man caught her embarrassing moment.

He came back to help her like a true gentleman, but as embarrassed as she was she quickly assured him she was fine and scurried away into the female toilets. She remained in there for a couple of minutes before showing her face again. She definitely did not want to see that man again either!

After coming out from her not-so-good hiding spot, she went on with what she wanted to do and remained there for her planned set amount of time on the treadmill. Once she was all tired out (and she thought by now the man would have left) she went back round to the ladies room but bumped into him just before she got to the door.
He began making conversation with her by asking her if she was alright; he was a good looking guy but she was more interested in going to the ladies room to take a shower with her smelly self! But he didn't seem to mind! Maybe she was exaggerating a bit with her odour.

He introduced himself (his name is Kurtis by the way) to her where she then copied, but as much as she wanted to tell him she has to go; she couldn't resist taking herself away from him! But when the conversation seemed like it was coming to an end, he asked her out for dinner. She thought why not and agreed to his proposition. They agreed to have dinner at a nearby restaurant from the gym the next day.

Instead of him picking her up, they agreed to meet at the 'Scrumptious Nibble's Cafe' at their agreed time. Megan wore plain grey top and black trousers under her coat with her brown boots whereas Kurtis wore a white shirt and black bottoms under his cream jacket. Their dinner went well. It went so well that he offered to take her snowboarding; knowing Megan it did take some convincing but agreed to this up and coming weekend!
Since being in Bridgeport, today was the first day where she didn't have one thought and nightmare about Samuel. She hasn't smiled like this for a long time and she was actually excited about her snowboarding adventure. But first she needed to prepare herself and get the right clothing and equipment as she couldn't do it in her thin coat and boots! Saturday 19th January (In the morning)

Kurtis suggested and they both agreed to meet at the park on the south side of the city at 9am. Megan made sure to get there on time as she wanted to check out the other snowboarders, but Kurtis was already there doing the same thing!

"Well you look warm and ready to go snowboarding!" Kurtis said after looking at her from head to toe. "Well you can't ever be too prepared!" She said as she moved her goggles away from her eyes and rested them on her forehead. "That's true! So how about we go and hire a snowboard for you and I then show you some tricks I have up my sleeve!" He said inching backwards towards the concession stands.
When they got Megan's snowboard they headed to the snowboarding half-pipe and watched a few people perform their stunts. One of them (who Kurtis knew) greeted him and let him get a few stunts in to impress Megan.

She stayed near the corner and watched him slide side to side and perform a few tricks in the air. He made it seem so easy, but she didn't know what she was getting herself into when he gave her a brief lesson on how to stand and balance on the board for example.

After a half an hour lesson, a lunch break and some time for the food to go down, it was eventually time for her to hit the slopes!
Megan awkwardly climbed up the ladder with her rented snowboard in one hand. When she reached the top she held onto the closest pole near her and looked around to admire the view of the city.

"Are you just gonna admire the view or snowboard?" Kurtis shouted out to her. "Yeah!" She shouted back and cautiously turned around so she could sit down and secure her feet to the snowboard. Once that was complete she slowly stood up (still holding onto the pole) and closed her eyes. "You can do this Megan! It's easy! All I have to do is keep my balance, slide down and make sure I don't make a fool of myself again! She whispered to herself. One....two... But before she could say three Kurtis shouted "Go!" And this caused her to slide down.

Kurtis realised what he had just done and watched nervously hoping she wouldn't hurt herself. He shouted out instructions that would help her to keep her balance and surprisingly she managed to go from one side to the other a couple of time before she slipped and slid down to the corner.
Megan felt so alive and jumped on him and wrapped her arms around him. It was a good thing he reacted fast otherwise she would have had another clumsy moment under her belt.

"That was amazing! I can't believe I just did that!" She squealed with excitement. "Me neither! You were a natural!" He complimented. Megan moved her head away from his cheek and looked into his grey eyes. Their faces remained close; Kurtis was tempted to kiss her but she removed herself from his arms.

"Maybe uhh..maybe you could join me sometime when I have my snowboarding trip in Europe!" He suggested trying to rid of the awkwardness. "Maybe!" And things went quiet again. "Hey I know a cool spot to go ice-skating! Do you wanna go? It's not far from here at all!" He asked. She didn't want her time with him to end so she agreed to go. But he wasn't lying at all about it being far, as it was just behind the half-pipe.

Because they didn't have ice-skates, they ice-skated in their snowboard boots (which was quite slippery) and twirled around together holding hands. He had a lot of fun today so he asked if she wanted to go swimming at the beach next weekend. This time she had to think about it as it will still probably be snowing and she didn't want to suffer from pneumonia.
Next-week Saturday

It was 2 degrees and Megan was outside, at the beach in a black and blue diving suit, flippers and goggles, and she was standing by the sea bed watching Kurtis in the water waiting for her to join him. "What was I thinking? Stupid, stupid me!" She scolded herself. From all the interesting things he told her about diving in the heart of winter and the adrenaline rush you get made her decide to do this!

She put one foot into the shallow water and immediately brought it back out as a reaction to the freezing cold water! But she didn't want to seem like a wimp; she did what anyone else would do in this situation and took a deep breath and instead of walking in slowly, she splashed right in and began swimming.

And once again he was right about what he told her! For that moment when she made it beside him, she felt as if she accomplished climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro! It almost made her feel as if she could do anything and she liked this feeling a lot. They stayed in that spot admiring the view until Megan was beginning to feel chilly, so they swam back to the beach.
Unfortunately when they came back ashore, Megan found her things soaked (as she never left her things in the car). Now she had no choice but to go home naked (well not completely) as she had her coat and other stuff in the car. Kurtis offered to take her to his place and dry off, he felt it was the least he could do as it was his idea to do this! He also offered to cook something which definitely helped her with her decision to take his offer. So they grabbed everything and walked up the path to where he parked his car. Megan thought he lived nearby as this was also part of the reason why she agreed to go to his place. But when he turned left and onto the bridge, she realised she really could of just went home. As soon as he was off the bridge he speeded up just after a turn and never slowed down until he knew he came close to his house.

He drove up to the gated entrance of a cubed looking mansion to let himself in. When the gate opened his garage door automatically opened (as he used his key) and parked up inside. When they made it upstairs to the main floor, he continued to lead her up to his room where she could take a hot shower while he took her wet stuff to dry, then went into the kitchen to begin cooking!

By the time she was showered and in a long white dressing gown and his blue slippers, (and poking her nose around his bedroom) she could smell a nice aroma coming from downstairs. Megan went to find out what it was. And just as she turned the corner, Kurtis met her gaze and said: "You're just in time; my special hot & sour soup is ready! Take a seat and I'll be there shortly!" He told as he turned the cooker off and got two bowls and two spoons to bring to the table.
After bringing the soup to the table and serving it out, he sat down to enjoy his home cooked meal. I think the soup tasted that delicious that she couldn't give her spoon a rest and make compliments to the chef or if she was just doing this to avoid talking altogether! But she felt rude doing this and him watching didn't help.

She began with.. "This is delicious!" She said with enthusiasm. "I don't think a verbal compliment was needed as actions speak much louder than words! He smiled showing his perfect unstained teeth. Megan felt embarrassed and used a napkin to wipe her face. It's not too hot though is it?" He asked. "No!...It's just fine! But she was lying. She could feel the sweat forming on her face and her mouth was burning, but she was styling it out by not drinking so often but when she does she took long sips to cool her mouth. Let's talk about something else, (she suggested) let's talk about your..beautiful house!"

Kurtis could see she was suffering with the heat as he couldn't handle it too much himself! But he styled it out too and talked about his beautiful house. "Ok! Well uhh..I recently moved here about a month ago and as you can see (he pointed to the blue dining chair next to him with the white clouds on it) I've yet to style this place to my taste!..One day though, when it's complete, I'll give you a VIP tour of the whole house!" This made her blush once again to know that he wanted her in his future. (Of course not like that)
After completing their soup that felt like a challenge, when Megan had a chance she gulped down the whole of her drink which helped cool her mouth and brought the rest of the dirty dishes to the kitchen. He thanked her and assured her he'll be alright washing up, so she went to sit down in the living area (where the TV was already on) and watched a bit of it.

It took him less than 10 minutes to wash up and sit down with Megan. He took the seat beside her, but left certain amount of space between them. They watched TV in silence for a few seconds before Kurtis began to talk.

"So how long have you lived in Bridgeport?"
"All my life!" She answered. "Really?"
"Well until recently. Almost a year ago I moved to a town called 'Moonlight Falls', I don't know if you've heard of there."
" doesn't ring a bell and that is strange for me to say when I've been everywhere! He exaggerated. So why the move?" He seemed interested as he inched himself close to Megan. "....I wanted a change!'s a long story!"
"Well I've got all night!" He smirked amorously as he moved another inch closer. By then their faces were this close to touching.
Kurtis waited to see if she would move away but she didn't. So to him this meant that she was probably thinking the same thing! So he put one arm on her shoulder and the other holding her hand and went for it and kissed her.

He moved back to see how she felt about it; she had her eyes closed but slowly opened them back and then she went in to kiss him which turned to a full blown make out session! Megan was enjoying the moment but knew it would soon turn to something else that she was not ready for so she stopped and apologised.

"I'm sorry! I.I can't do this! Can you get my clothes please?" She asked then got up fixing her dressing gown as she went to wait in the bathroom for her things. (And she didn't care if they were still damp!)
As she rushed to put her clothes back on she thought about how disappointed she was of herself. But she knew she wasn't that type of girl who would sleep with a guy she hardly knew! But she also owed it to herself to just let loose for once and see where it takes her!

When she came out of the bathroom by the kitchen, she made her way to the stairs without saying without saying bye to poor Kurtis who was sitting on his two-seater, baffled wondering what just happened.

He got a text soon after from Megan that said:

"I'm soo sorry I left without saying goodbye, it wasn't because of u, it was me! But I hope you can forgive me as I still would like to hang out with you!"

This gave him some reassurance that he didn't do anything wrong and offered to start things fresh by inviting her to accompany him to a newly opened private lounge tomorrow night. She didn't feel ready to see him so soon but accepted the invitation.
That night Megan wore her white top, brown leather jacket, a grey scarf, black jeans and a pair of heels and let her hair down. Kurtis picked her up at her place then made their way to the lounge.

Once arrived, Megan followed Kurtis to the bar and he ordered drinks for the two of them. Though he was assured that it wasn't his fault, he still wanted to apologise for the kiss. "About last night.. But Megan stopped him as she didn't want to hear it. "Look, there's no need to apologise! I stopped..kissing you because I knew where it was gonna go!...Not that I didn't want to... Kurtis was smiling as she got all flustered when trying not to hurt his feelings. "It's okay I get it! I'm old enough to understand!" Megan smiled as she pulled some of her hair back nervously.

"I was thinking about hopping in the hot tub out back! Do you wanna join me?"
"In the freezing cold!"
"Oh come on! Says the girl who went swimming in the freezing cold sea the day before! It will be nice!..And hot!"
"But I haven't got a swimsuit!" Kurtis turned to the bartender to ask a question. "Hey, do you guys by any chance sell swimsuits?"
"Yeah we do!" And he told them where to go.
In no time at all they were both outside, in their newly bought swimwear (from a shop above where he had to bribe the manager to open), in the hot tub. "This is actually nice!" Megan admitted as she put her hands to the back of her head to rest. "I told you!" And they soaked in the water as they admired the view.

"In each place I've been, the night sky has a different story to it! It's just so beautiful!" He babbled. "And where have you been to see the different stories they've told?" She asked, still gazing at the stars. "I've been here, there and everywhere but to name a few, China and Egypt are my top favourite places I've been! I go there quite often between my other trips!"
"I would love to go there!...But the one place where I want to go is 'Champs Le Sims!" She yearned. "Oh France! I've been to some parts of France, it's quite beautiful there! (He leaned in to whisper in her ear) But the real adventure is in 'Shang Simla', China!"

"Well that's good to know! It wasn't Kurtis that answered, but she recognised the voice of the man who did which was what made her quickly stand up from her seat in the tub and turn to confirm her instincts. But who am I trying to convince, I've travelled there many times!" The man continued.
"Samuel! And she quickly got out of the hot tub. "What are you doing here?..In Bridgeport!" She asked as she wrapped herself in a towel. "My brother lives here! And I came here with him and his girlfriend! I could somewhat..sense your presence nearby so I thought I'd trust my instincts and see where they led me!" Megan fully understood what he meant by that and kept her distance as he was acting devious; not how she has seen him before.

Megan stood there staring, watching his every move, the exact same thing he was doing to her. Kurtis noticed how tense they were and got out of the hot tub and introduced himself.
"So you two know each other!" Kurtis stood beside Megan. "Yeah...we know each other! I'm Samuel, Samuel Black!" He said his surname a little louder and reached out his arm, initiating a hand shake; just as Kurtis was about to shake his hand Megan pulled his arms back to his side and politely asked "Do you mind giving us a sec?"
"You okay?" He whispered. "Yeah I'm fine! He looked at Samuel who gave him an 'up to no good' smile then back at Megan. "Well okay then, I'll go and get our stuff!" He then walked off slowly hoping he would hear a bit of their conversation.
They waited until he turned the corner to talk so his slow walking didn't work.

"What are you really doing here Samuel?"
"I could ask you the same thing! Megan in a hot tub, half naked with a guy! I'm quite surprised! He tried changing the topic. But do you know what I'm quite surprised about? (Megan didn't ask) I'm surprised..that.. He took a step closer which made her heart begin to race. are able to stand here, all alone, knowing what I am after you ran away screaming the last time!"

Megan moved back two steps before answering. "Because that wasn't what I was expecting to see! The one person I.. She realised what she was about to say but instead repeated her question. ...Why are you here?" He looked around and took a deep breath. "I wanted to make make sure you haven't, told anybody about..what I am!" He answered honestly.

She then took one step closer to him; Samuel could hear her heartbeat slowly returning to its natural pace. She was beginning to see the Samuel she knows.
"I would never tell anyone about that! It's not my secret to tell!" Samuel appreciated this, he already knew that Megan wouldn't say a word; he just needed a little reassurance. "You know I also came because I wanted to make sure you were alright! He smiled. And Haley is missing her best friend!" Megan felt bad about not calling Haley, but she needed to get out of town a.s.a.p. "I need time! I can't just forget about it all and go on from where we left off!..That's why I came get away to think!"
"And he's helping you?" Megan never answered, but her walking off was a good enough answer to him.
Since seeing Samuel, Kurtis was acting strange. He wouldn't return her phone calls or texts. For 3 days it was like this, she was tempted to go to his house but she felt it would make her seem desperate, so she quickly changed her mind until the third evening, when he decided to answer his phone.

On the phone, Megan kindly asked to meet up so they could talk, because that night she didn't say a word about what happened, and from then this was when Kurtis was acting weird. Kurtis was hesitant but agreed to meet at 'Eugi's' the next day after work.

Megan made sure to be on time to help get on his good side again as she felt he wasn't too impressed with her recently. He arrived a few minutes after but apologised, explaining his reason for his slight lateness.

The bartender handed them a menu each and within a few minutes they ordered their meal and took a seat at a table waiting on their food. It took about 5 minutes before one of them opened their mouth, but it wasn't to talk about the other night; just small talk.
They continued with their small talk about how work was and what they were up to until their food arrived; then Megan picked up the courage to explain.

"So *clears throat* about the other night,..things are complicated, I didn't want to ruin our fun night and bother you with my problems! She paused for a response but he kept on eating. Samuel is a guy, who is a friend of mine that I met back in Moonlight Falls!"
"So how come you didn't know he was in town?" Kurtis then asked after finishing what was in his mouth.

She couldn't tell him that Samuel is a werewolf so she had to lie. "Our friendship has gone through quite a bit of's complicated like I said..
"Do you two have feeling for each other?" This question caught her off guard. "He told me once about how he felt..but...I do care about him, but we're just friends! Nothing more!" She lied to him and was lying to herself; but to Kurtis he believed her! And from then on he was back to his bubbly self, planning on their next outing!
Sadly plans they made had to be postponed as Megan caught a cold which kept her inside her apartment, trying to restore her health. One evening while in the kitchen cooking, her doorbell rang; she had to turn the fire down before answering the door. She unlocked her door (as she hasn't left the house) and opened it to find no one standing there. "Hello! She called with her sore throat and looked around from her doorstep. Is anybody there?" Then a man came from around where the lift was and stopped in front of her.

"How do you know where I live? Are you stalking me?" She closed her door and crossed her arms.
"I have a great sense of smell! And amazing hearing! Was all Samuel said with a grin on his face. You know I'm surprised you’re still asking these kind of questions! Megan gave him one look and turned to go back inside. Wait please! He touched her shoulder. I want to talk to you!" He begged; after letting go she said "I need time Samuel, I already told you! And as she opened her door she then said, just go." She said softly while closing the door.

He turned and kicked the wall letting out his frustration. All he wanted to do was explain and tell his story and why didn't tell her. He called and came to her place day after day, leaving notes or waiting by the entrance of her apartment building. When she couldn't cope, she wanted to confide in her new friend she made to get some advice.
It was a good thing she was feeling much better, cause on Saturday they got together at the 'Flyin' V's Coffee House' for lunch. It wasn't long before she told her friend (Johanna) everything about what was going on between her and Samuel, so she could give her some friendly advice.

Of course she didn't tell her about him being a werewolf, but she did tell her about his surprise visit and the stalking situation. Megan had to ask "What should I do?" in the end to which Johanna responded saying "I think you should hear him out! Listen to what he has to say! It must be very important for him to be calling and coming to your place every day!"

Knowing Megan, she took her advice and decided to listen to Samuel and maybe afterwards he'll leave her alone to do what she wanted to do in the first place, which is to have a break from all the Moonlight Falls drama!
It took some time for her to pick up the courage to call Samuel, but she was putting it off doing other things like taking a trip down to the park to do ice-skating. It was peaceful and relaxing; feeling the wind blowing through her hair!

She skated around the rink a few times though, not noticing a guy standing there watching until he moved which caught her attention and made her look up. She sighed and stopped in front of him. "Please?" He said sounding desperate. She rubbed her hands together to heat them up. "Okay." She skated to the exit where he followed and asked "Could we go somewhere more..private? The park was practically empty. I know the perfect place!"

Megan took her skates off, handed them back at the concession stand and followed him to his car where he drove to this 'perfect place!'
Instead of driving towards the city, he drove the opposite direction, way out of town towards the graveyard. "This is the perfect place!" Megan thought to herself, but Samuel didn't turn onto that road, instead he kept straight and parked outside this small, house-like shop that looked just like the one in Moonlight Falls.

He turned off the ignition, opened the door and stepped into the cold, thick snow to go round and open the door for Megan, When she was out he locked the doors and led her up the path to the entrance of the shop.
As soon as Samuel opened the door they could feel the warmth from the recently lit fireplace which made them almost feel like they were home. He greeted the man behind the counter and pointed to the chair facing the fireplace saying "Take a seat!" as he went across the room to get the rocking chair he was eyeing, from when he came in.

He picked it up easily without a struggle, carrying it to place beside Megan. He sighed as he sat down so slowly and carefully after that workout. Megan wanted to say something but didn't bother as she already knew where he gets his abnormal strength from. So she just waited.

"Well... *he sighs again* when I was 16-17, I went to Starlight Shores with my father to learn the ropes in the family business! My father didn't stay long but, I was left with a good person who helped me become part of who I am today!"
"I was wild!..Like party crazy wild! *He chuckles* Sometimes so crazy that I either couldn't remember anything the morning after..or..cause I was so stupid that I went home one drunken night and now I become a blinkin' werewolf! He cursed and turned his head the other way, not wanting Megan to look at him.

"I'm sorry." Megan sympathised. "You know at first I blamed my father for this...but it wasn't his fault that I walked home drunk all alone for a monster to do this to me!...I was worse after that! I was in complete denial!..I even contemplated ending my life! And the funny thing is I was quite fine going to work, having meetings...but after I turned, I was a complete mess!

It was so bad that most days, the company didn't see me for weeks on end and when I did come in, I was so lost..confused!...I didn't know what I was doing and my 'mentor' (he used quotation marks) could see this!"
Megan was so engrossed in his story that she never wanted and never needed to say anything as speechless as she was!

"One day he came to me and was like 'I don't know what's gotten into you but you need to get your head straight and focus, cause your father went through a lot to get you here and you're just wasting it!...So from then on I had to control myself and somewhat get used to it!" Megan shook her head in amazement. "So you went through that all on your own?"

"For a while..until I met Tinker! Tinker and when I finally came home and told my brother!"
"You have a brother! Megan sounded surprised as she forgot he mentioned him before. I thought you were and only child!" She thought. "I have a younger brother and an older sister!..Why did you think I was an only child?" He then asked. "Well because that time..on our picnic, you spoke about your childhood as if there we no siblings involved!" She confessed. Megan remembered that day like it was yesterday as that was the day he left her alone in the woods!

"Ah!.. He also remembered. Yeah well...
"So the rest of your family doesn't know?" He nodded. "Like I said, only Tinker, my brother..and you!..And of course people back in the Falls! He reminded her. But do you know what I find funny?..The fact that you moved to Moonlight Falls, where most of the supernatural's are blatant and then you run to Bridgeport to get away from it all to be with more of us!" Samuel laughed to himself as he got up from his seat and watched the flickering fire.
"What do you mean to be with more of us? There are cre..supernaturals here too?" Megan looked worried; she was now beginning to feel unsafe. "Uhuh! Vampires! There are actually two clans that live nearby you! Samuel could see the worry in her expression and chuckled. You know for someone who is a supernatural fan, I would of thought you would be open and..comfortable with what I'm telling you!"

"I just wished someone told me!...I just wish that.. Megan got up from her seat. told me the truth!..It would've eventually been comfortable for me! She took a step towards him and then slowly and kindly said... Can I.. *clears throat* ..can I see?" He automatically knew what she meant. He didn't want to, but if it helped her to overcome the situation and come home, then he was willing to do it! "Turn around." Just as Megan turned around he did the same.
Samuel soon began to tremble as he clenched his hands until he couldn't any longer. His nails grew long and sharp including the hair on his body! (Not the sharp part) This was too much for Megan not seeing this so she turned around to watch the remainder of his transformation. After keeping his sudden anxiety under control, he slowly turned around to see Megan standing there, far away with her hand covering her mouth. "This is me! The other me!" And he waited to see if she was going to come closer or faint; but he wasn't the only one. The man behind the counter watched as if he was watching a movie! All he was missing was the popcorn!

Her nightmare briefly came back as she was seeing the monster she saw early that morning; but this wasn't a nightmare no more! This hairy, long nailed, slouched monster wasn't a was Samuel! She crept slowly towards him until he was close enough to touch. Megan raised her right arm and with care, she stroked his cheek which made him happy enough to close his eyes.
"You know you're actually quite handsome!" She complimented while keeping her hand rested on his cheek. "You don't need to make me feel better than how I already feel! He said, I've wanted you to know this from the day we had our picnic! But now that you know..
"Samuel...I have to take this slow! Megan moved her hand from his cheek and Samuel's smile disappeared. This is still a lot to take in! You just told me your story, you've showed me what you are..and you've even told me that there are a whole town full of you! And vampires here! (She waved her arms around.)

I came here to think and get away from what I saw that night and try to understand!...You have helped me with that but, now you've put more things in my head!....I'm gonna stay here a while, and uh..see how things go. And I hope you can respect that."
"I do respect that! I feel somewhat disappointed that I have caused you to stay away longer or even forever..but I understand. It's sort of like what I went through after I was bitten. I wanted to run away, and I did but, it didn't help! But matter what, wherever you are, I'm here for you!"
"Thank you." She smiled as she reached in to kiss him on the same cheek she not too long had her hand on, then turned towards her coat.

"Can I ask you one more thing before you go?" Megan turned around. "Sure!"
"Why were you at my house so early in the morning anyway?" This was the question she hoped would never come up. She turned back to pick up her coat and put it on as she came up with an explanation. "I uhh...I heard know I honestly can't remember! I was in complete shock that night, that's all I remember!" She lied, but soon wished that she didn't. As much of a fan that she is of the supernatural world, she wasn't like Bella Swan; she didn't feel comfortable about being more than friends with one.

It was almost 5 o'clock in the morning and Megan made her way home to her bed where she hoped she wouldn't have new nightmares to see! Samuel did offer to drop her home, but she kindly declined in which they then went their separate ways.
Samuel took a slow drive back to Riley's apartment, and a slow walk into the building and into his apartment. "Hey! You're back!" Said Riley in an enthusiastic tone. "Yup!" Riley scooted sideways so Samuel could get to the fridge. "So what happened man? Did you find and tell her?
"Yeah..I did!"
"And she still wants time alone!..I understand, but...
"I didn't need time alone when you told me what you was!"
"Yeah cause you're my brother and your weird! He said after taking a big gulp of the juice straight from the box.

But this is different. And as controlled as I am with my with feral side, I honestly don't know if I want her to be with me!..I'm a monster!"
"No you're not! You are the same brother I have known all my life! I know there'll be some..complications if you know what I mean! *he winks* But then sighs* whatever man, good luck to her cause she is missing out!"

Riley really wanted his brother to be happy, but he's already slowly giving up. Samuel is too! But there is something special that he sees in her and he can't let it go so easily!
The same day after hearing all this, Megan received some good news! Her friend Johanna got engaged! And 3 days later Megan was all dressed up and attending her engagement party!

She mingled and Johanna introduced her to many of her friends including her new fiancé! The party was nice but as it was dragging to a close, Johanna didn't want the party to end there. So she, her fiancé, Megan and some of her closest friends went out to continue the rest of the celebration downtown!
It was about 11 at night, but because the city was covered in snow, it felt like daylight and the many lights from the building wasn't helping! But they ignored the cold and remained in one club 'The Brightmore' and partied and drank all night (well for a couple of hours) until Johanna's fiancé wanted to take her home and Megan was all partied out too so made plans to go home and hailed for a taxi!

"Actually driver! Can you go to...

And the driver changed course and drove to her new chosen destination. It wasn't long before she was out of the taxi and pressing the buzzer, waiting for a response.

"Who is this?" The person answered sounding like they was just forced out of bed. "Honey I'm home!" Megan said beginning to giggle. "Megan is that you?" The person let her in and made their way down to open the door.
Megan didn't have to wait long in the snow as they were already there opening the door. "So tell me who else could it be buzzing in saying that?" She asked flirtatiously grabbing hold of his hand. "No one! But..are you drunk?"
"I may be drunk..but I know what I'm doing!" She leaned in for a kiss that quickly turned into something more (like the last time). He picked her up and carried her all the way to the top of the house where his bedroom's situated.
Within minutes they were on his bed and Megan was in nothing but her striped underwear. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked one last time. "I'm sure!" He then reached in for another kiss and made their way, under the sheets for a night that I'm not sure if she'll remember!

And this is where I'm gonna end it! So until next time you guys! But I hope you enjoyed this long awaited chapter and please rate and comment on what you thought about it! Part 3 will be out soon!

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