What Happens In The FallsChapter 4 Part3
Published Apr 6, 2013

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Welcome to The final part of Chapter 4! Yay! I hope you have enjoyed the previous chapters (if you've read them) and I hope you enjoy this one!

Very quick recap

- Megan went to Johanna's engagement party where it continued at a club
- Megan got drunk and decided to change courses and pay a visit to Kurtis

Let's continue!

Welcome to The final part of Chapter 4! Yay! I hope you have enjoyed the previous chapters (if you've read them) and I hope you enjoy this one!

Very quick recap

- Megan went to Johanna's engagement party where it continued at a club
- Megan got drunk and decided to change courses and pay a visit to Kurtis

Let's continue!
"It was nice under these warm sheets. I wanted to stay under them all day. Though there was snow on the ground the bright warm sun was out and beaming through the sheets so I had no choice but to get up. As I removed the sheet from my face, the brightness forced me to keep my eyes closed.

*she moans* Damn! Why have I got this pounding headache?.....Oh wait! It was Johanna's engagement party!...How much did I drink?" She continued to ask herself. She didn't know what told her to open her eyes but she did, and it wasn't the view she was expecting! Then it all came back to her. Flashing images of her and Kurtis being intimate under those same sheets she didn't want to come out from.
Even while she took a shower those fond memories replayed in her head. She couldn't believe though that it took a lot of drinks in her system to give her the courage to finally loose her virginity! Kurtis was bringing the best out of her and she was beginning to see this!

It's only been 5 weeks and x amount of days, but Megan has been more open and has been enjoying life than she did with Jules and Samuel put together! (Though she hasn't really given Samuel much of a chance.) Things were complicated, but now things are all clear! She was happy and willing to see where things go, depending on how Kurtis felt.

When Megan freshened herself up and put on the same dress she had on last night, she crept down the stairs with her shoes in one hand while looking for Kurtis. When she reached the bottom step and looked around he was nowhere to be found; but she then heard the sound of food sizzling on a pan and made her way to the kitchen.
"Morning!" She said all bright and cheerful. He turned and came over to wrap his arms around her where he then gave her a kiss. "Morning! Did you sleep well?" He asked. "Very well!..Well until the sun woke me up!"
"Ah, that's the best part of the day! He removed his arm from her waist and went back to tend on the food. Anyway, I'm cooking us some French toast!"
"Umm! Yummy! Well I look forward to it!" She said as she went over by the cooker to watch him. "Well you don't have to wait any longer as breakfast is ready!"

The fruits and the orange juice was already poured and on the table along with the cutlery. So all Kurtis needed to do was serve the food out! Kurtis hadn't even sat down yet and already Megan was eating away! "You must be really hungry from last night aren't ya?" He joked as he watched her munch on the toast. Megan's cheeks went red.

"...You don't feel like you made a mistake do you?" She stopped eating and took a huge long sip of her juice. "Of course not! Why would I?..Do you?" Megan quickly shook her head. "Not at all! That's why I'm asking!" Her shyness came back to her as she put her head down and continued eating. "It was amazing! You were amazing! It was one of the best nights I have ever had!" He boasted as he gently put his hand on hers. "What is your other best night?" She asked. "The first time I met you in that elevator!"
"Oh gosh!" She answered which made them both laugh.
And that morning they agreed to take things slow and see where things go. And from then on they have been inseparable going out almost every day, getting to know one another. Kurtis has also been working out with her so you'll catch them most days at the gym.

Megan has also been in communication with her BFF Haley back in Moonlight Falls. She caught Haley up with what's been happening and how she knows about the towns secrets. Haley also apologised for not telling her but she explained the reason why. Ever since, they have been chatting up the hotline!

"So how are you and the new beau?" Asked Haley. She was sad to hear that she wasn't living happily ever after with Samuel as she thought he was the perfect man for her, but she was happy that she was with someone who made her happy, that's all she could ask for, for her friend.
"Things are going well! We're just at the gym!"
"And he's with you right now?" He voice rose. "Nah! He's around the corner doing some strength workouts, I'm on the treadmill!" She explained. "Oh okay! Haley took a breath of relief. So when are you coming home so I can meet this guy?" Megan didn't know how to answer that question because she was now considering staying in Bridgeport.

"...I don't know Haley. Cause things are going so well between us, I don't want to move back and complicate things!"
"So you're saying there is a 50/50 chance that you could come home but he's in your way!" Haley tried to get an understanding. "He's not in my way, I just like how things are at the moment!" Haley shook her head. "Okay fine, I get it! When you meet a person for the first time and you have this, connection with them! A connection that makes you, forget about the world and be in the moment!" Haley described. She described this as if she knew that feeling.

"You know the feeling?" Megan was so excited because Haley seemed to understand how she feels. "..Yeah, I guess I do!....
"Haley! Are you still there?" Megan thought the call disconnected. "I'm still here!..It's just; I didn't want to tell anyone because I don't want to jinx it!"
"What are you talking about?"
"I met someone!" She announced. "Ahh congratulations! I'm happy for you! Megan praised. What's their name?"
"Her name is Jodie!" Megan already knew about Haley's sexual preferences so it didn't come as a surprise to her. "Well I hope things go well for you two and hopefully we'll be able to meet!" She said. "Yeah..when I get to meet yours!" Haley reminded. "Oh Kurtis is coming! I'll speak to you later!" They quickly said their byes and ended the call. "Who were you talking to?" He asked while wiping the sweat off his face before stepping onto the treadmill beside her. "Oh..nobody!" And she giggled to herself.
Because Megan was still in two minds about returning to Moonlight Falls, she wanted to do something special for her newly engaged friend and throw her a bachelorette party just in case she misses any other events. She has never organised one before so she did a lot of research and hired out 'The Brightmore' (as it seemed like the perfect, spacious place to use) and set the date for a week's time!

All week she was planning and was up and down looking for the perfect decorations and hiring entertainment! By Sunday afternoon everything was set and ready for tonight and hoped Johanna will either always remember or forever forget!
Sunday Evening (The Bachelorette)

So far things seemed to be going well! All of Johanna's close friends made it and really dressed to impress, the music was perfect, the food was perfect and the bride-to-be was enjoying herself and that was the important thing!

Especially when the entertainment had arrived Johanna had an even wider grin on her face! "Woo hoo!" Johanna along with the other women yelled to the male dancer as he showed off his moves in a fire fighter suit. He tried to dance up on Megan but she wasn't having it and very nicely told him to dance with the guest of honour as it was her night!
Soon enough it was time for Megan to make her speech. She wasn't good at making speeches so she made sure to keep it quick and simple. She raised her glass and used a knife to gently beat it to get everyone's attention, and once everyone was gathered she then began her speech.

*clears throat* "Tonight is a special night for someone who I'm glad to know! I am so surprised at myself as I am a shy girl, but we've only been friends for like less than two months and I already feel like I have known her forever! *they ahhed* Now I know that your wedding isn't too close, but I just wanted to do this as a way of thanking you for your support and just in case I'm not here for any other up and coming celebrations!

So let's raise a glass to the one and only! Johanna King!" Cheers!"
"CHEERS!" They all copied, raising their glasses. "Now I've been told... One of Johanna's friend handed her a bottle of nectar. ..that it is a tradition, that the guest of honour.. *bottle pops* has to be sprayed WITH FIZZY NECTAR!" Johanna tried protecting herself but it did no good!
She knew and understood the guest code, but she wanted her beau to accompany her and he swore he wouldn't say a word! They all were having a great time! It was a great group of people who got along very well! And Kurtis of course loved the attention he was receiving from the women, but his eyes remained on Megan mostly the whole night which made her feel special. This has been her second night so far being out after midnight! It was after 6 when the party ended. (Well when they got kicked out!) The sun was beginning to come up and they were parting ways, going home to the beds that were calling them. But before Johanna left she wanted to thank Megan.

"Megan! For a shy girl, you know how to throw an amazing party! She dragged Megan in for a hug. Thank you soo much! I had a blast! She eventually thanked. "You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!"
"If anyone didn't enjoy it then they have lost their marbles okay!..But wherever you better make sure you come back to Bridgeport for my wedding! Okay?" She demanded. "Okay." Johanna blew her a kiss before she went into the taxi; Kurtis wrapped his arms around her from behind which made Megan somewhat relax.

"And where are you planning to go without telling me?" He whispered in her ear. "Nowhere but my bed! She kissed his cheek. I'm knackered!"
"Well here's a suggestion, how about we go back to your place and stay in bed all day!"
"That sounds pretty good!" She turned to face him to give him a kiss. They then made their way to his car and to her apartment.
A few minutes later and they were already in the lobby waiting for the elevator to come down. "Are you thinking about moving back to Moonlight Falls?" He asked as he swayed their hands back and forth pace-fully. "Well I wouldn't be moving back as I wasn't planning on staying here permanently!...I'm not..
"I guess it won't be too bad then as I'll be travelling soon near the end of March!"

*DING* The elevator doors opened and they stepped in but with their hands to themselves. You're travelling? And you..forgot to mention this?"
"I never forgot, I was just waiting for the perfect moment to ask you to come with me!..But as you have other plans then..that's fine by me!" But he wasn't alright with it. And he was lying about the travelling part. Megan kept her mouth shut and never said another word just in case she screwed things up even more!
When they woke up after 4 in the afternoon, poor Snowie was starving and was in need of a long walk. So she quickly threw something on and put her warm outerwear on, got her leash and went downstairs to let poor Snowie do her business.

When they came back in she poured out food into Snowie's bowl, then went to the fridge to cook something for herself and Kurtis..if he plans on staying!
It's been 2 days and no form of communication since he left after eating. She's called a couple of times but no response and she's been couped up in her apartment contemplating whether she should go or not once again. But it was too cold and was snowing badly to be making her way up there. To distract herself, she had a mug of hot chocolate and snuggled up on her couch to watch a movie.

She was halfway into the film when a knock on the door caught her attention. She paused the film and quickly dashed to answer it thinking that it was Kurtis!

When she opened the door, it wasn't was Samuel. "Can I come in for a sec?" He asked. He didn't wait for an answer, he sort of slid pass.
"Nice place!" He complimented. "Thank you! Then she quickly asked.. So what's up?" Samuel had his hands behind his back as if he was holding something that he didn't want her to see. "I uhh..I'm going back to Moonlight Falls tomorrow!"
"Oh!..Well I hope you have a safe flight! I appreciate you coming!"
"Thanks!...I just wanted to give you this!"
Samuel took a white box with a red ribbon from behind him and presented it to her. "I found this on my..trip and I thought of you!" She didn't know if she wanted to open it in case of what it meant to him. But curiosity got the best of her and opened it!

With care she took the ribbon off and tore the paper which revealed a black box. And when she opened the box she found a blue stone shaped like a heart. "It's a moonstone! I'm sure you understand the meaning of it!"
"Yeah.. She understood the heart part, but not the moon. But then it clicked. ..yeah I understand, thank you!" She thanked with a gleaming smile as she went to give him a hug.
It has been a long time since she's had one of his hugs; so nice and warm; she always thought it was just him but from recent knowledge she now knows it's actually because of what he is!

"Well I think my minutes up so I'm gonna get out of your hair and I hope to see you soon!" Samuel said as he waved stepping backwards before turning around to open the door.

"Ahh well thank you for the gift and I hope you have a safe flight tomorrow!" Said Megan. At this point she didn't want him to leave but it wouldn't be a good idea to have someone that she has strong feelings for (and the other who has the exact same feelings) in her apartment! So she let him leave which has now given her the yearning to return back to the Falls!
The Next Morning

It was soon time for Samuel to make his way to the airport so Riley and his girlfriend Benni made sure to be in to say their byes.

"I'm gonna miss you man! You should stay longer!" Riley said as they gave each other their usual brotherly hug. "I know but, my job is done here!..Well almost! Plus I got business to take care of so!"
"I understand! You da alpha!" Riley added, giving him a wink as he stepped back from their hug so Benni could say her byes.
"Ahh! It was nice to meet you Samuel! Come back anytime!" Benni said giving him a similar hug as if they have that kind of relationship. "It was nice meeting you too! My brother is a lucky guy!" Benni blushed while ahhing.

"Well I guess it's my cue to leave!...So thank you both for letting me stay and I'll call you when I land!" He thanked. They said one last bye as he picked up his luggage after opening the door.
Tuesday 12th March

As March slowly came, spring was around the corner; the weather was changing and getting warmer which was finally melting that everlasting snow. Everything's changing! But it's not just the weather that is changing! Some new refurbishments have been made and were just completed!
Because Kurtis had the best people on the job, he got his place done to his taste in 3 weeks tops and he's never been happier! And when it was complete, Kurtis did give Megan that VIP tour he promised! But that's not the only thing that has been changing and heating up! 3 weeks went by and already it's been 2 months to this day (12th March) when Megan and Kurtis met in the elevator gym and began their whirlwind romance! Which means that Kurtis began talking to Megan again and he came to realisation that Bridgeport isn’t Megan’s home anymore; it was to get away from personal issues! So if she chooses to return home he shouldn't be the one to stop her.

Though he felt this way about the situation, he did think that things would've changed since things started heating up between the two of them. He never bothered to say anything and just let things be!

Surprisingly Megan thought while his house was being quickly refurbished he wouldn't have time for her, but it wasn't true at all! They spent their time together going out to eat, visiting the art galleries, going to lounges and spending their time at the Spring Festival!
Megan was happy! And so was he! They were so happy that he even encouraged her to get a matching tattoo with him! But don't think Megan has not been thinking about mentioning the other secret love in her life who's thousands of miles away! It was nice that she was comfortable to talk about him which made Kurtis less and less suspicious about her relationship with him, so he wasn't too bothered about this. But for what he had planned to celebrate their anniversary, he didn't think she would be calling his name anymore! On Friday evening, they took a flight to 'Champs Le Sims, France! The one place that Megan has always wanted to go! Many hours later and a drive into the country they had finally arrived at the hotel. "I can't believe I'm actually here in France! I never thought I would ever make it here! She said as she wrapped her arms around him and looked into his eyes. And you're the one who made it all come true!" They automatically leaned in for an embracing kiss!

And it didn't take them long after putting their luggage in their room and were off taking a stroll, seeing where it led them which was the town square!
It was a good thing they brought their money with them as they went into every shop, looking around, already buying souvenirs and books! They went into the bookstore and Megan's heart sank. This is where you would probably find her everyday if she lived here; reading all the French classics and romance novels!

"Oh! A fishing book on how to catch frogs, snails and crawfish! She said, flicking through the pages. I'm sure Samuel would love this! Though I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem!" She told Kurtis. Kurtis looked at her in disbelief cause already; she mentioned his name but chose to ignore it.

They spent a little while longer as Megan was buying up the shops books, then had a bite to eat at their petit café and made their way back to the hotel to get some rest as they had a big day tomorrow!
The next morning they were up bright and early and ready to start their sightseeing around town. They hired a scooter and drove around and stopped at some places to take a picture or two.

Once they felt they had enough pictures of the country for the day, they had a bite to eat then made their way to the Art Museum.
By about 1:30pm they were at the entrance of the museum in line, waiting to get through as there was a small queue. Once inside, they started off looking in the Chinese section where Kurtis spoke about some of the ancient items and art he has actually seen in China!

Megan was fascinated by how much he knew about it and was happy to listen. They took a couple of pictures and then made their way to the Egyptian area.
They had to go back to the front and up the staircase to that part of the museum. They continued to take pics (some with them in the frame) and looked at all of the amazing relics! "Oh Samuel would of loved this!" She said studying the Anubis statues. "Really!" Kurtis replied sarcastically but Megan didn't notice. "Yeah! Let me take a pic to send him later on!" And Megan took her picture; Kurtis walked off into the other room.

When Megan finally caught up to him, he was where the sarcoughagus' were; Kurtis was surprised she never made a comment about whether Samuel would like it or something he owns. When they were ready they continued on until they were downstairs in the French section, viewing France's most proud arts they had to offer.
They walked down the hall separately looking at the artwork on the walls as Kurtis did not want to hear another word about Samuel. This getaway to France was supposed to not get her to forget about him, but for a chance for the two to enjoy their time together as a couple!

However, he became quite attracted to a painting so he was a bit disappointed when Megan caught up to him. "Hey! She raised her voice but quickly stopped herself before she got some looks from the other people. "Hey!" He whispered. "Oh sorry I meant hey me and Samuel saw a painting similar to this at the gallery in Moonlight Falls!" Kurtis did not look impressed. "Does Samuel see and know everything?" He asked, again in a sarcastic tone.

"No!..What's the problem?"
"Can we just go? We have to check into the Nectary by 6!" Kurtis begged, storming out of the museum without another word.
It was a good thing that Kurtis had enough and stormed out when he did because if they left a few minutes later, they probably wouldn't have made it on time! They arrived with only a few minutes to spare to check in before they gave their room to someone else.

When they were all sorted out they took their things to their room, freshened up and changed into something different, had a meal and for the rest of the evening nectar tasting.
And was this her luck or what? The artwork she mentioned earlier was right there on the wall! But Kurtis didn't seem too happy as he hasn't spoken to her since leaving the museum.

"Today was nice! Commented Megan trying to get him to talk to her, but he just laughed. What! Was it not?"
"You know sometimes you can be so naive!" Megan choked on her drink. "Excuse me!" She smiled in disbelief on what she just heard.
"Throughout this trip, I have constantly heard you talk, and talk and talk about how 'Samuel would like this' and how 'Samuel's got that' And I can't take it no more!..This...getaway was to celebrate our two month anniversary! Two amazing months when you aren't talking about a guy many miles away!" Megan was too shocked to reply so he continued.

"Tell me, would you like it if I spoke about a girl friend of mine and about when we did this and how she's got that each time I see something that makes me remember her?..Would you? Cause I sure don't! I have tried and tried to ignore and move on! But you.. He knew what he wanted to say but didn't know how to word it politely.
"Uh..where is all this coming from?" She asked as she made an arm movement. "So are you telling me that you don't realise that you mention that man like 10 times a day?"
"Oh come one now, I don't mention his name that often!" Kurtis laughed again. "Since we've been here, you have mentioned his name at least 3 times since being here, but I have heard his name so many times before, I can't even count it with my fingers!"

"I'm surprised you're even complaining about this when you wouldn't even talk to me for how long when I didn't tell you about Samuel the first time!"
"Yeah fine! I appreciate you telling me that but you don't need to be mentioning his name like 3 times a day telling me about what he likes! I'm not interested!" His voice rose which made heads turn. "I'm going to bed!" Was all Megan said before finishing her glass of nectar.
The first place she went when she got into the room was the bathroom to get ready for bed. By the time she got out, Kurtis entered the room. She never gave him any eye contact, she went straight to bed and Kurtis knew he'll be sleeping on the couch.

He felt bad about raising his voice to her as if he was scolding his daughter, but it was all true! Yeah he was exaggerating a little with some things, but he didn't have to be so harsh! Megan had her back towards him so all she could hear was his footsteps walking around the room and then the door closing. He knew he wasn't wanted so went back downstairs to drink.
In The Morning

Hours later, the night sky disappeared and dawn was breaking. It was a beautiful day to make nectar from scratch. But because of recent occurrences, Megan and Kurtis were both unsure how things were gonna go as the other side of the bed was still neatly made which meant to her that he never came to bed.

Though she was angry, she was disappointed he didn't come and apologise, so she got up, washed and dressed to go down to look for Kurtis. Just when she made it down the stairs ready to begin her search, Kurtis was walking casually towards her.
"Oh Kurtis! She called as she went up to wrap her arms around him to apologise. I'm sorry for the way how I've been acting! She said so calmly. I promise I won't mention anything about him again!" Kurtis then wrapped his arms around her and said "Alright! Alright! But please, please keep your promise! I know he's your friend but you don't have to mention him so many times!" He gently pressed his lips on her forehead.

"And I'm sorry about the way how I spoke to you, I could have said things in a better manner!" He rested his chin against her shoulder. "That's alright! You had the right to act like that, you were upset..but let's not talk about this anymore, we have nectar to make!" She moved away. "Yes we do!" He replied.
They went to meet the rest of the group for the nectar making by the front of the building where they were told about the history of the nectary along their way to where they were going to pick the fruits. They were first taken to the grape farm (that's what I'm calling it) where they spent a while picking lovely, fresh and sweet grapes, then they were off to the orchard to pick other fruits from the trees!

It was fun, they were having a good time and Megan was in her moment once again as she loves the great outdoors! The tour guide soon ended the picking session as they would need their energy for the next step in making their own nectar.
Once the group had all their fruits sorted and knew what they wanted to use; as there weren't much machines available, the group had to split up in small groups and take turns a few at a time depending on the machines available between them.

In Megan and Kurtis' group there were two machines, so they went first while the others had something to drink as they waited. Megan squished through hers, letting the juices burst out of the fruits as she made her own personal flavours in her bulky beige boots. A person who worked there asked her how she wanted her nectar and gave her a demonstration on how to do it. When she did this she went over to the other side to see if Kurtis had finished.

But he hadn't. He was still squishing the fruit. "How ya doing? She called out which made him lose his balance and slip. *she giggles* Ahh! I'm sorry! She quickly apologised still giggling. "I'm sure Samuel could do better than that!" She mumbled under her breath. Kurtis got up, brushed the fruits off him and flicked the rest off his fingers and stepped out.
"How would you like you nectar made sir?" The same man asked. "I don't care!" He barked at the man and stomped his way over to Megan. "You think I didn't hear that didn't you?"
"Didn't think you would get caught huh? You promised me Megan! Does promises not mean anything to you?" People began to gather around and Megan was feeling embarrassed so she kindly asked him to keep it down. "NO I WON'T KEEP IT DOWN MEGAN CAUSE I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS RUBBISH! If you don't want to be embarrassed, then don't make a fool of yourself and talk about another man to your partner!"
She wanted to walk away rather than be an interesting piece of gossip when they tell their people about it when they return home, but she was frozen, just like how she was when she saw Samuel as a wolf.

"And I feel like this is not gonna end with you! But do you know what? I think the reason why you talk about him so much, it's because you love him! You talk about him enough, and I'm sure you compare me to him" So why don't you go back to Moonlight Falls and be with him; whatever it is that stopped you before, don't let it stop you now cause once we get back to Bridgeport, I think we need to go our separate ways!"

And at that note, although she was crying on the inside and pretended to have her dignity on the out, Megan turned around with her head high to her room to pack her things and get ready to leave.

She guessed it was good timing that today was their last day cause she was sure that she wouldn't have been happy returning home on her own. She didn't necessarily want to leave with him now, but she would rather the awkwardness than the solitude she would have on the flight.

Just before she left the Nectary, the man behind the desk called her surname so he could give her the nectar she made as she completely forgot about it. She thanked him then made her way to the cab Kurtis was already in and began their journey back to Bridgeport.
10 hours later and they had their luggage, and were in Kurtis' car driving to her apartment. The flight and drive was awkward, but it gave her time to think. Megan never said a word about how she really felt about Samuel, but he could see it from just talking about him.

He was also right about having something holding her back. She loves Samuel, and he loves her! This is what she always wanted; what she has been looking for from the first time she knew about love.

Kurtis stopped outside her apartment building and still never said a word. She opened the car door, got her luggage from the back seat and before she came back to close the passenger seat door she said "Happy birthday." and continued on to her little apartment upstairs.

As there was no reason for her to stay in Bridgeport, she packed hers and Snowie's things and loaded them into her car. Once everything was in, (including Snowie as she asked Johanna to look after her there) she drove off on her way back to Moonlight Falls!

The End.

And this is where I am going to end the final and third part of chapter 4! I hope you enjoyed it and I am soo glad and excited that this chapter is done so I can continue playing my Megan and take pics for chapter 5 (though I already have some)

Please rate and/or comment and you'll be seeing Megan with her drama soon!

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