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Published Apr 28, 2013

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With only 8 weeks left before the semester was over, Courtney went back to work in her classes. She thought by consuming herself in her art pieces that she would not have time to think about Yuyin and his return back to Starlight Shores in the summer. Her final project piece was taking longer than she expected. She would begin, then stop, then just trash the entire piece all together and start on something fresh. A new idea. Was she just being particular about her final project or was her thoughts truly affecting her.

With only 8 weeks left before the semester was over, Courtney went back to work in her classes. She thought by consuming herself in her art pieces that she would not have time to think about Yuyin and his return back to Starlight Shores in the summer. Her final project piece was taking longer than she expected. She would begin, then stop, then just trash the entire piece all together and start on something fresh. A new idea. Was she just being particular about her final project or was her thoughts truly affecting her. Cheryl: So you're not going home?
Courtney: I didn't say that
Cheryl: So you are going home?
Courtney: I didn't say that either.
Cheryl: So what are you saying? I am truly confused here.
Courtney: I don't know. One minute I am going back home and the next thing, I get cold feet and change my mind. I mean I would like to be back home, see how the town looks now. Spend time with the Yusomoto's. But the thought of seeing Yuyin again just makes me nervous.
Cheryl: I think you're making more of a fuss than you need to. You and Yuyin broke up almost 3 years ago. It's probably water under the bridge.
Courtney: If you were dumped by someone you poured your heart out to, how would you feel.
Cheryl: Okay, maybe there would be a slight flood to cover the bridge every now and then. But eventually I would get over it. He's a guy. They always do.
Courtney: I don't know why I listen to you. You have more men than I have shoes.
Cheryl: And I am devoted to each one.
Cheryl: All I am saying is that it wouldn't hurt for you to finally spend a summer with the Yusomoto's. They have been like your family since you got here. Always sending gifts for the holidays and food. You can at least repay them by going to visit.
Courtney: And what if I see Yuyin. I wouldn't know what to say, how to act. To spend time with your exes family just seems weird. Plus I don't want to put him in an uncomfortable spot. I mean what if he hates me and I am staying with his family. Then he doesn't want to visit them.
Cheryl: You think too much Court. You just need to go out there. It's better than sitting here all summer like you did last year.
Courtney: That's the same thing Lia said.
Cheryl: Well if more than one person is telling you, we all can't be wrong. Face it Courtney. It's a win situation. You get to go back home and visit. You broke up with Yuyin 3 years ago. There is no more harm that can be done.
Cheryl: Unless you still have feelings for him...... (she looked up at Courtney)
Courtney: I don't know how I feel about Yuyin. It's impossible for him having any feelings for me after all these years. I just haven't been the same since we broke up. I don't know...I just don't know.
Cheryl: What about Deward?
Courtney: Like I said, I don't know.
Cheryl: Well, you better figure it out before you leave.
Courtney had to be honest with herself first. Yes, she thought about Yuyin more often. But she didn't know if it purely because she cared about him or guilty how she treated him.
In the meantime she continued her on again, off again relationship with Deward. He was a hard person to say no to. Known as one of the most eligible bachelors on campus, Deward was persistent with Courtney. Every time it seemed like she was drifting away from him, he would do something to woo her back to him. During breaks, he would take her on trips to different places, opening her eyes to different cultures and life beyond what she was used to. And although Courtney did appreciate all the attention she was getting from him, she was a simple girl. She was new to learning about the finer things in life, and Deward was eager to make her his pupil and his lover.
But Courtney was not ready for everything Deward had to give. So with two weeks left to go, she knew it was time to make things final between them.
Courtney: It's not you, it's me.
Deward: Seriously? We've been through this Courtney. We break it, and then I win you back. So let's just stop this and stay together. Whatever you think is out there is right here.
Courtney: Deward, I'm going home. And I need to know what is out there.
Deward: If you're waiting on him, after all these years.....
Deward stopped before he could say more. He looked in her eyes. He had always enjoyed looking at her innocent eyes. He wanted to be angry with her. He wanted to shake her and tell her to wake up from the dream guy that she was holding on to. This false relationship and be with what was real. He was real. But he couldn't.
So instead, he held back. He took her hand.
Deward: I'll see you in the fall.
She hugged Deward tightly.
Courtney: Thank you.
Deward: Yeah. Well we have a few weeks left before the summer. I know you want to be friends but we can at least make the best of it.
Her final project was done. She backed away from her painting. She looked over the large artwork and soon became surprised. After working on the piece for hours and through the surge of energy she had to finish it, she hadn't paid any attention to what she had created.
It was not just any painting. It was the Peaks. A place her and Yuyin often visited and shared their thoughts and dreams. It was "their place".
So when it was finally time for classes to end Courtney packed her things and headed back to Starlight. The painting was a sign, if she wanted to admit it or not, that she needed go back home.
She had convinced herself that she was doing the right thing.
Courtney: I'll only be there a week. Then I'll come back. Nothing more. Just enough to say hello and then come back for a summer job.
Courtney waited another day before going to the Yusomoto's. Partly because she was still a little nervous about staying with them for an entire week. She was afraid that Yuyin was already there.
So the next evening she arrived at the Yusomoto's house.
Lisan greeted the young woman at the door and gave her a warm hug.
Lisan: I'm so glad you're here. I was beginning to worry when I realized you were supposed to get in yesterday.
Courtney: I want to thank you again for inviting me here for the summer.
Lisan: Think nothing of it. I'm just glad you're finally here. Yuking took the boys out for ice cream so it's just us girls.
Courtney: Oh?
Lisan: Yeah, Jie and Akio wanted something sweet for dinner so they decided to go get something from the store.
Courtney: Oh.
Her voice sounded a bit disappointed as he realized Yuyin had not made it back yet.
She walked into the rest of the house and sat her bags down. There sitting on the couch was Lia. The two women embraced. Courtney was happy to see her. Lia had always been like a big sister to Courtney and giving her advice while she was in school. Courtney: You didn't say you were going to be here.
Lia: I figured I would take a break and come home as well. Mom convinced me.
Courtney: She's good at that.
Lia: Tell me about it. Besides, you need another woman touch with all this testosterone. My little brother's can be a handful. Lia grabbed her bag and both girls headed to Lia's old room.
The next morning the house was filled with the smell of sweets in the air. Lisan had been in the kitchen making breakfast. She had used the fresh fruits from her garden to make the home cooked meal for her family. Although she refused to have Courtney to help, she did appreciate her setting the table for the rest of the family. The boys woke to the smell of bacon as always. After breakfast, the boys left the table to go out that Saturday morning. Meanwhile, the adults sat at the table and talked about Courtney's many adventures at college.
Lisan: So, I know I never asked because I didn't want to pry. But have you met anyone while at the university.
Courtney was taken back from the question. But she wanted to be honest.
Courtney: Yes, but no one special.
Lisan: Good
Yuking: Lisan!
Lisan: I just wanted to know.
Yuking: And if she was still dating someone.
Lisan: It wouldn't be long
Yuking: Women you are something else.
Lisan: Now back to college.
Yuking couldn't believe his wife. But he knew Lisan was only being honest. He too hoped that Courtney had not found someone while at school.
The four of them continued talking and laughing at the morning was settling.
Courtney: I hope you don't mind. I had only planned to stay for a week before going back to school. I figured I would find a job and get a head start on next semester classes.
Yuking: Nonsense. We thought you would be with us the whole summer. Surely there is nothing back there that is as important for you to go back so soon? Vacation should be a vacation.
Lia: Besides it will be another week before Yuyin comes home.
Courtney's heart skipped a beat at his name.
Lisan: LIA!
Lia: Oh come on! Let's just address the elephant in the room. We all want them back together. I talk to the both of them almost every week and although neither of them mention it, I know they miss each other.
Lia went on to talk more about Yuyin.
Lia: He took the money our grandmother left us and started his own club in Miami. The Frost Bars became such a hit. It only took a few months but then he began opening a few more in different states. He just became this workaholic. I think he has about 6 of them now.
Courtney smiled as she thought about him and his businesses. Yuyin had followed his dream.
Lia: His latest one is being built here in town. It opens up in two weeks and as always he is coming to make sure that opening runs smoothly and the first few months are successful. That is why we all want you to stay the whole summer. Give you two time to re-meet. Get things out in the open. And whatever happens.....happens!
Lisan: Girl you can't hold water.
Lia: Well it's better that she find out now than later.
After breakfast the girls left to go shopping. Lia had stopped in front of the day spa her mother still owned.
Courtney: What are we doing here?
Lia: No offense but before Yuyin comes I figured we would get you all dolled up.
Courtney: You can't possibly be serious. I didn't come here just for Yuyin.
Lia: Sure you didn't. But in the meantime it wouldn't hurt to pamper ourselves. So come on.
It was now one week before opening and the family received a call from Yuyin who was flying in from Hawaii where he was staying for the past years.
Yuyin: I have surprise for you all. I never wanted to talk about it over the phone but now that I'm coming into town, I figured I would show you.
Before he could unlock the door Lisan met him with open arms. And grabbed him tightly.
Yuking: Let the boy come inside the house first Lisan.
Lisan: Oh hush. I haven't seen him in over three years and you want me to take it easy on him.
Yuking: Well at least let him breath.
She released her hold.
Yukin and the rest of the family walked around her and also greeted his son.
Yuyin: Dad.
Yuking: Now do you plan to stay a little longer this time. I feel like every time someone hurts you, you go run off to find yourself.
Lisan: Now we don't want to push lots of questions on him now. Let's wait for him to get settled in first. You are staying right? We have a surprise for you.
Yuyin: I do as well. It's been a while and so much has happened over the past three years. Did some traveling, opened by clubs.
Lisan: So what is this surprise you have for us.
Yuyin: Well, while I was gone. I thought about my life and where I was headed. And so I did some traveling, and felt I needed to do more, be more stable. Sooooo.....
Yuyin walked back outside and gestured at the person sitting inside the car. The person on the other side got out of the car and then walked towards Yuyin. The house stood still as the woman stood in front of them. She was holding a small toddler no older than two. He held on to her tightly. She patted his back and she held him in his arms whispering in his ears.
Lisan searched her face and then the woman looked up and smiled at everyone.
Yuyin: Dad, Ma-Li, everyone, you all remember Sophie Allen.
Lisan: Oh dear.

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#2piimkyApr 28, 2013

But..? But what about Ryan?!

#3belaraApr 28, 2013

I was thinking the same thing, where's Ryan? Great twist I love it \:\)

#4babygirl15526Apr 28, 2013

Whoa Whoa!!! Wait hold the phone! What happened to Ryan?! I thought her and Ryan were an item. Please tell me that is Ryan's baby and he just found her and they hung out. Yes, yes that has to be it. He did say Sophia Allen, meaning they didn't get married. Omg!!! can't wait for the next.

#5rdsdabestApr 29, 2013

Where Was Ryan When All This Happened??????

#6AlessaFayeApr 30, 2013

I love how your stories come together! I'm equally shocked wondering where the hell Ryan is! \:eek\:

#7jadababy2003VIPMay 1, 2013

NOOO!!! Why? Great cliffhanger! Totally unexpected!!!

#8socajadeVIPMay 6, 2013


Next installment.........

#9daphney1230May 7, 2013

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHHHHHAT!!!!!!!! No no no no no!!! this cant be happening!!!!

#10fruitopiaVIPMay 8, 2013

No, that kid is not his that little boy is Ryan's. \:eek\: Great chapter.

#11FutureAuthor524May 24, 2013

AHHH, I never saw this story before now, when I saw that you told me about it. This is amazing! PLEASE UPDATE!!!
And please tell me that it is Ryan's baby, it looks like Ryan's baby. I say it is Ryan's baby!

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