The Struggle of a Wife CH.16
Published Apr 8, 2013

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Hi everyone,

I'm back with another chapter...
Hope you enjoy.. remember to


sorry for any mistakes(rush job)

Hi everyone,

I'm back with another chapter...
Hope you enjoy.. remember to


sorry for any mistakes(rush job)
Things were good in my household; my family and I were living happily. I donít think life could get any better. When word got back around about Evin being home, Thomas, Molly, and Jordan came to visit for a day, but had to leave the next day. When Evin saw Jordan (age3), which they had never met, Evin began to pestering me about having another baby.

Evin: Love please, letís have another baby, so I can watch every moment I missed with Everlynn.

I smiled

Cheryl: Ok, anything to make you happy.

A couple of months later, I was pregnant once again.
One day, Evin decided to have a party to celebrate us having another child, and he also wanted to hang with our old friends.

Evin: Hi Love, howís my beautiful wife doing (He said as He kissed me)

Cheryl: Iím okay (I smiled) Iím just a little nervous.

Evin: Nervous?

Cheryl: Yeah, Iím nervous about how Iím going to look in a bathing suit.(I said staring at my belly) I mean look at me; Iím huge.
Evin chuckled

Evin: There is nothing on you huge; you are beautiful. (He said pulling me and holding me)

Cheryl: Youíre just saying that (I blushed)

Evin: Yeah, youíre right (He joked)

I playfully punched him in the chest
Evin: Iím just playing Love; you are breath taking, so relax. You look amazing like always.

I smiled

Cheryl: Thanks Baby (We kissed) now, let me wobble down stairs to pack our bag.
Minutes later, our door bell rung-

Evin: Iíll get it.

Evin went to the door to greet David.
David: Hey Stranger (he said giving Evin a hug) Where have you been hiding?

Evin: Awww man, I havenít been hiding, just busy catching up with my family.

David: I understand. So how is everything?
Evin: Everything is great. Everlynn is growing up really fast and Cheryl and I are expectingÖ.
David: Expecting? Expecting what?

Evin: Another baby bro.
David: Well congratulations.
Evin: So how is everything with you?
David: Everything is everything (He said humping his shoulders)

Evin: Whatís wrong? Is Vera giving you a
hard time?

David: How can she when she doesnít even
speak to me?

Evin: Why not?

David looked confused

David: Why would she? I mean Iím the one who messed up again.

Now Evin was confused
Picking up on Evinís facial expression, David realized that no one had told him about their divorce.

David: Cheryl didnít tell you about me and V?

Evin shook his head

David: I messed up and cheated on Vera again, and now we are going through a divorce.

Evin: What!?! You cheated on Vera? Why? And you said again, youíve done it before?
David began to tell Evin the stories of him cheating on Vera.

Evin: Wow man, I canít believe it.

David: Yeah, I messed up big time. (He said sadly)

Evin: Well Iím sorry bro, we all make mistakes.

David: Yeah, too bad I made this mistake twice.

Evin: Well letís forget about all of the negative stuff and move on (He said leading David into the house)
Cheryl and Everlynn are in here somewhere getting ready for the water park.
Minutes later- Evin was greeting Vera and Dawn.

Dawn: Uncle Evin (she said running to hug Evinís knees)

Evin: Hi Dawn (He said picking her up and hugging her) Howís my other little girl?

Dawn: Iím fine (she said as he puts her down) Is Everlynn home?

Evin: Of course, she is right in her room waiting on you to play with her doll house.

And with that being said, Dawn took off running into the house.

Vera: Hi Evin, glad to see you again. (They hug)

Evin: Glad to see you too. Are you ready for the water park?

Vera: Yeah, I have our things in the car. Where is your wife? (Walking towards the front door)
Evin: Sheís in the house, but before you go in, I need to talk to you. (He said stopping her)
Vera: Whatís wrong- is everything ok?

Evin: Yeah, in a way.
Vera: So whatís up then?

Evin took a deep breath

Evin: I didnít know you and David werenít together.

Vera: OhÖÖ Yeah, weíre getting a divorce.

Evin: Well I didnít know that until just a few minutes ago. I canít believe he cheated on youÖ Twice!

Vera: Yeah, well its water under the bridge now. Iíve moved out and on.

Evin: The reason why Iím bringing this up is because heís in the house now and will be going with us to the water park.
Vera: Really?

Evin: Yes, but if you feel uncomfortable then I can tell him to leave, so the rest of us can have fun together.

Vera: You would do that?

Evin: Of course I would; yes, David and I are cool, but I wouldnít want you in a position that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Vera smiled

Vera: Thanks Evin, but its ok, I can handle it. (She hugged him and then went in the house)
Once in the house, Evin and Vera found Cheryl in the workout room.

David: Congratulations, hopefully itís a boy.

Cheryl: I hope so too, Evin wants one so bad.

Evin: Really really really bad (Said Evin as he and Vera entered the room)
Vera: Hi Cheryl (She said walking up and hugging Cheryl) I canít believe you are having another little one.

Cheryl: Me either; out of you, me and Whitney, I was the one who said they would never have kids. (They giggled)
David cleared his throat and all eyes went to him.

David: Hello Vera, itís nice seeing you.

Vera said nothing

David: You look really gooÖ

Vera: David can I speak to you in the kitchen (She said cutting him off and leading the way out of the room)
It had been a while since I saw David. Yes, I was letting him see our daughter, Dawn, but he was to only pick her up after school and drop her off at home. He was to not pass the first step of my house, and so far he did what he was told. I made it my mission to never speak to him again; when it came to Dawn spending the night over his house, he would have to ask her to ask me if she could go. I know it sounds crazy but I was hurt from Davidís actions AND I REFUSE TO FORGIVE HIM FOR THEM!!! So like I said, it was my mission to not speak to him again, so thatís why I am very shocked to see him here on Evinís outing, knowing that I donít care to see him or speak to him. I waited in the kitchen for him.

David: So I guess Iím in trouble for speaking to my ex-wife? (He said looking at his feet)

I began to explode, but I kept my calm.

Vera: Why are you here?

David: The same reason you are, Evin invited me.

Vera: And? (I said knowing there was something else)

David looked up and looked right into my eyes.

David: I wanted to see you.
Vera: Too bad the feeling isnít mutual. (I said coldly) David, if I would have known you was here I would have never come.

David: Itís like that?

Vera: Yes, itís like that and a little bit more.

He just sat there looking at me, which made me mad. I am not going to lie, every now and then I find myself missing my ex-husband/ex best best best friend. When David cheated on me it really hurt me, he made me feel like I wasnít enough for him. His infidelity made me feel like I was lacking something that he had to find in other women. To this day I cry, because again I thought I was spending forever with this man; this man thatís standing right in front of me.
David: Would it be best if I leave?

Vera: Yes, it would (I said without any hesitation)

David began to say something and then stopped. He just shook his head and agreed that he would just leave the outing.
I began to walk pass him but he grabbed my arm, which made me stop in my tracks.

David: I miss you, V.

I said nothing

David: And I still love you.

I pulled my arm away from him and kept walking.
Before I could go back into the room with Cheryl and Evin, I stopped at the door.

Vera: Ditto (I said walking into the room)
When I arrived home, I found myself alone. I waited up for Neko as long as I could but end up falling asleep. When morning arrived, I found myself in bed with Neko right beside me. I wanted to hurl a pillow at him. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face to calm down. By the time I came back into the bed room Neko was up. Mohala: Iím glad that youíre up (I said starling him as he was making the bed)

Neko: Good morning My Flower

I wanted to jump down his throat then, but I kept it calm.

Mohala: Oh, Iím Your Flower? So who is your keiki (REMINDER: mean baby in Hawaiian)?
He looked confused

Neko: You are Mohala, youíre my baby

Mohala: Thatís not what your phone says. (I say throwing the phone on the bed)

We both stared at the phone on the bed in silence and then I spoke
Mohala: Yesterday, I must have accidentally grabbed your phone off the table instead of mine, thatís the problem of having the same looking phones. Anyway, while I was at the park getting some fresh air, your phone ringed, the caller Id addressed the caller as keiki. (I began to tap my feet)

Neko: Mohala I canÖ

Mohala: No there is more (I said cutting him off) I picked up the phone and a female voice began to speak. I didnít have to say anything, because SHE was doing all the talking.
He said nothing as he put one hand to his face.

Mohala: Oh, did you go by her house (I said sarcastically) because she wanted you to go by the store before you got there.

Neko: OkÖ Iíll come clean.

I stood there waiting for him to answer me
Neko: Let me start off by saying Iím sorry and if I could take it back I would

I began to tear up

Neko: A couple of months ago, when I was Dj-ing at club Sky I met this girlÖ.

Mohala: Donít leave out any details Neko! WHATíS THE GIRLíS NAME?!?
Neko: I met Kimberly at Club Sky. You were not there because you were over your sisterís house helping with your nephew like always. Anyway Kimberly was with her friends that night; the whole night they were flirting with me, I told them I was married, but that wouldnít stop them. The next night Kimberly came alone and she kept coming every night just to see if I was working. She and I became friends. Then one night she was too drunk to drive home so I gave her a ride, which was a mistake. She asked me to come in to make sure everything was ok since the neighborhood she is living in has had a lot of crime going on.

Anyway, I went in and checked the house and was on my way out the door, but she stopped me.
Kimberly: Thank you so much, you are truly a nice guy.

Neko: No problem Kim, Iím just being a good friend.

Kimberly: Thank you friend (She said
hugging me)

When the hug was done she never let me go.
I began to pull away, but she began to kiss me. At first I tried to stop her Mohala, honestly I did. (He began to drop his head) I guess I stop fighting and let go. One thing lead to another and we upÖ. (His words trailed off) I stood there taking in the story my husband just told me

Neko: Mohala speak to me

I began to cry

Mohala: How could you do this to me Neko? Why didnít you just come home?

Neko: Iím sorry Baby; I promise I didnít mean to hurt you.

I didnít know what to do; I wanted this all to just go away. I was so angry at Neko for cheating on me that I wanted to fight him.

Mohala: Neko, baby, why me? Why would you do this to me? Of all people, Neko? (I broke down) All I did was love you and you go out and cheat on me.
Neko tried to touch me

Mohala: Donít touch me! Please donít touch me!

Neko: Iím sorry My Flower


Neko: She is not my keiki Mohala.

Mohala: Thatís what you listed her in your phone.

Neko: There is a reason
I stood there waiting for answer

Neko took a deep breath and began to speak

Neko: She is not my baby, my son is.

I looked confused. Is this man telling me what I think he is telling me?

Neko: Kimberly has my son.

My tears immediately stopped. If my heart was not shattered into a thousand pieces from him cheating on me, I know for a fact that it is now.
I stared him in his eyes and could tell he was not lying.

Mohala: Get Out!!! (I said as I walked to the bathroom without another word)

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